Walkersville High School DJ aiming for musical dominance

Walkersville High School student, Diamante Blackmon, 17, will be traveling to New Orleans this week to record a music video for a song he and others collaborated on.

Diamante Blackmon wants to take total control or, better yet, kill the music scene with overwhelming beats and rhythms.

When the Walkersville High School junior is not in class or on the football field, he's hatching his musical world domination under the name D.J. Carnage.

And he is doing it all from his bedroom with the help of MySpace and Facebook.

"A lot of people are going to tell you, you aren't going to make it," he said as he rapidly clicks through recording programs on a computer that sits below a shelf of high school textbooks, Guinness Books of World Records and a volume of Harry Potter.

Two years ago, Blackmon, 17, said he got no respect from the online music community, where similar mixmasters post songs to their social networking sites.

But after honing his skills and building a network of at least 30 singers and rappers from California to Europe, Blackmon said he's now getting the respect he deserves.

"I know for a fact I'm better than most of these guys out there," he said.

Later this week, he's traveling to New Orleans to help collaborate on a music video he hopes will be a hit on websites like Vimeo and YouTube.

Earlier in the morning, before school, the finished track reached his inbox. On it were vocals from an artist in California. A group of Loyola University music and fine arts students will direct and film the video.

Despite his foray into the world of music videos, Blackmon recognizes the importance of making a name for himself locally.

"You can't go big without going big in your own city," he said.

Chances are that some of Blackmon's musical creations can be found on the iPods of some Frederick County high school students. At least 30 of his songs are available for download through iTunes, a virtual music store.

His music has also been featured on satellite radio.

After high school, Blackmon said he wants to enroll in a music and arts program and continue his creative pursuits.

"I want to take it to the utmost," he said. "To the maximum."

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