In a recent editorial, “Calls for local boycotts ill-advised,” attempts to apply economic pressure to the Frederick County Commissioners and their supporters are criticized. The editorial implies that voters should not be upset because these commissioners were “candid about their political philosophy and how they planned to proceed if elected.”

They were not candid about how they would proceed. Had they been open about their plans to privatize the county workforce, sell Montevue, cut county support to Head Start and attempt to loosen ethics rules, they would have never been elected. The editorial states that some boycotts would be reasonable such as those conducted during the civil rights campaigns in the 1960s — “When the political establishment and powers that be are resolutely unresponsive to reasonable change, a boycott may be justified and necessary.”

I believe that is exactly the situation we face in Frederick County. On issue after issue citizens have organized, demonstrated, and given solid, reasoned presentations, and they have been ignored, disrespected and abused by this board.

These commissioners have given up all pretense that they care what the public thinks. This colossal arrogance was on display when Commissioner Paul Smith announced before the required public comment meeting that he would vote to sell Montevue, before he had even heard from the public! Voting these guys out is an option, but their four-year term gives them even more time to do irreversible damage to the county infrastructure.

We need the ability to recall public officials, but unfortunately do not have that right in Maryland. These commissioners have left us with no other choice. I support and urge other voters to support the boycotts.



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Ba'Lane Young has zero chance of being re-elected/elected to anything. And he knows it.

Come the next county election round, how much you wanna bet that Ba'Lane suddenly wants to "take time off to spend time with his family"?


munchie wrote : "You did not answer my question - will you and your fellow boycott supporters PLEASE boycott Frederick and move to MO County should Blaine and Co win their re-election?"

hey munchie, we choose not to leave Frederick and leave it to the crooks. We prefer instead to expose the crooks and run them out of office.

Oh, and about that re-election stuff ... Frederick migrates from Commissioner form to Charter form of government in 2014. Blaine Dung, Billy Sneeze and Kirby Nolonger will not be included in the new county government... period.


I wanted to post first thing this morning, but real life has a way of interfering with our desires and distills our intents into what we can really achieve in our short lives.

Sometimes, the most appropriate thing to do is leave well enough alone, especially when messing with Frederick County heritage. Make your issues clear but remember, always remember, you are the People's representative make flesh, not a college professor implementing policies and doctrine.

The current BoCC are behaving like college professors, flunking a portion of us out of their class because we express that this cutting has gone too far, and has made our lives miserable.

I-270 has been an eyesore for most of this year and only recently got the attention it deserves. But the back roads are still riddled with pot holes and soft spots where heavy machinery damaged the road surface. Faded road marking is rampant. Several of our schools require severe remodeling and cooling system repairs. Hasn't Linganore suffered enough in that department? And I thought there was an agreement to repair the Linganore road system agreed to by Comissioner Hoke's administration - so, where's the second entrance to that community?

No, I'm not impressed by politicians whom pretend they know better that I.


A lot of yellow cabs are seem to be missing their ads. I saw a yellow cab with a Clagget ad board. I never really paid attention before the boycott.


I'm boycotting the boycott.


How can you boycott something you never patronized in the first place?


The trouble doesn't rest solely on Blaine Young but on the much larger (and national) Republican philosophy of anti-government regulation(pro-development/ weakening ethics regulations), anti-social services for the poor and elderly(Montevue/Head Start/Citizens, etc), anti-government workers (privatization), and anti-environment (waste incinerator).

When Frederick County voters decided during the last election to vote in an All Republican Fred. Co. BoCC ....why should anyone be surprised at the results?


Well we have seen how "well" Obama's regulation nation and the Dems 50 year "war of poverty" has turned out

Both have killed off jobs and made generations of people dependent of governemnt handouts. I have always thought of most liberals as the local drug dealer. Out to get as many people hooked and dependent on him for ther next "fix". In this case the "fix" is the next government check

Dems continue to use the tax code to trasfer wealth and punish their political opponents.

How could anyone be happy with that?


Use tax code to transfer wealth? Are you getting confused with the Romney/Ryan philosophy? The one that states the we need to give the rich many more tax cuts, and put the weight on the middle and lower-income folks. Maybe I did not get that you belong to the one-percent income bracket being "punished" by not getting more tax cuts. Or maybe you would like to give them the tax cuts, while you and I make up the difference.


Actually the war on poverty was only meant to control a lower class population. it was never meant to end poverty.


The war on poverty was meant to artifically create a middle class which gave an illusion that there was a path from poverty into the upper class.


Making a difference, effecting a change begins locally. [smile]


Hear hear! In a capitalist society we have the right to spend our money where we like based on the criteria of our choosing.


If only liberals thought it ws OK for people to KEEP more of the oney they EARNED instead of thining uop new ways to TAKE more of their money away from them


If we eliminate taxes can be also eliminate the minimum wage and deflate wages and go back to a capitalistic labor market?


A fresh voice speaking out about the boycott.
This person is JOINING the boycott.
Either way, welcome to Frederick County!


Yesterday, Blaine said on his show that 'charity begins at home' then why did he de-fund most of the county's charities ???...Perhaps he meant 'charities we want your home'...This goes along with their campaign pledge was 'less government regulation creates jobs'...They forgot to mention LESS JOBS...Were these mis-representations or lies ???...Let those that choose to support those advertisers that condone these actions...Those that support the boycott prefer truth and honesty from their elected officials and businesses...Let the dollar spent be the judge...Actions have consequences and truth will win out in the end...Me


Like taxes, regulations impede the growth of the private sector and cause less ecojomic growth

Your knowledge of economics equals your knowledge of Economics 101

It is clear your hate for Blaine is endless and has clouded your already poor judgement and ability to reason

The American people are the most generous people on the planet and people do take care of their own


Blaine means ask your mom, dad, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers; your blood relatives. County government is not your family or your home. County government are the strangers on the street who don't know you or give a hoot whether you live or die.


Mr. Lewis,

Add this to the list of travesties from this from the Rancid Tea crew. The BOCC will be holding three meetings to discuss the proposed taxi voucher program. Here is an excerpt of how the county explains it: "instead of the passenger paying for the full cost of the taxi, the passenger pays a small share of the trip cost and the County pays the remainder." This is INCREDIBLY IRREGULAR. It reeks of blatant corruption. Who owns the largest number of cabs in Frederick? Who will be getting richer if this appalling program gets underway? Yeah, this BOCC is all about fighting for themselves. Bet you they didn't run on this platform either.
Here are the meeting times:

Wednesday, July 17, 2013, at 1:00 C. Burr Artz Library Community Room,

Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. at the Frederick Senior Center, 1440 Taney Avenue

Friday, July 19, 2013, at 11:00 a.m. at Winchester Hall, First Floor Hearing Room, 12 E. Church Street


I predicted taxi vouchers in 2011. I made a list of the most outrageous, self-serving, pocket-lining, corporate welfare transfers of taxpayer money to elected official schemes I could think of, and taxi vouchers was on the list. Of course Yellow Cab can't participate until after the next election, but then they'll get the lion's share of our BOCC's largess. After all, what's the purpose of being on the BOCC if not to enrichen yourself and your friends?


Armillary. Yeah, like that will happen. City will be making money one way or another. Say a new company pops up. Even if they don't participate now, they are still self-serving. Nothing like making sure you get money from the county coffers after you leave. He will give you some hogwash or another, but in the end he makes money. [thumbdown]


armillary : I agree. The taxi voucher plan was intended from the beginning to be a money maker for Yellow Cab after 2014 ... and any "new" cab companies that can be legitimized behind the scenes prior to that time frame.

Also, factor in that the voucher plan adds value to the sale of Yellow Cab which Blaine and his partner have been working on.


Bob, right you are , we have been lied to on the important ( read big money) issues since this bunch came to town and we need to put them on a fast train out of town next year if not sooner, they are nothing but opportunists who are looking to spend our tax dollars on big ticket (totally unnecassary) items including the $ 3 Billion garbage burner which will force Frederick to import 350,000 tons of garbage every year while we fork over thru our SBC taxes, millions to keep it operating...lasy year the Mont. Cnty taxpayers forked over $41.5 million to keep its dickerson facility, similiarly sized to the Frederick facility, operating...and their bonds are only half of what ours will be so one easily see the dollar impact on frederick taxpayers ...and when it hits our tax bill the fab five will have a giant case of amnesia and when that fails they will tell you Gardner did it ,,,which to some extent is true...she signed it but these characters could undue it if they chose just as Carroll is doing ...but that takes common sense, integrity and courage and that is very much in short supply at Winchester Hall these days.


People that own businesses and choose to make it very clear what people and policies they support have to be prepared to deal with backlash. I would imagine that many people that are against gay marriage/homosexuality would steer clear of a store displaying a pink equal sign or a rainbow in the window and would get irritated when the left criticized their decision to do so. Criticizing people for deciding where they choose to spend their money seems to be a direct violation of capitalistic dogma and a direct violation of consumer choice. And yes, this is critical of people on both sides of the aisle, because criticism of boycotts is not unique to the here and now.


Excellent letter, Bob. I agree with everything you say and intend to boycott those businesses that advertise on the Blaine Young Show. My goal is not to force the companies to close that advertise on the show, but to force them to stop advertising on WFMD and cause Blaine to lose HIS job. Maybe then, he will begin to have a little compassion for all those he hurts day after day! And, I am not a sore loser, I am an angry citizen who has no other option. The BOCC repeatedly refuses to even listen to the public. Let's face it, Blaine's respect for the voters is so low that in a huge public meeting, he sits there eating peanuts and licking the salt out of the bag with a wet finger. Have you ever seen an elected official do that in a public meeting? It was not only rude but revolting and spoke volumes. I get it, Blaine, and I intend to respond in a like-manner. BOYCOTT!!!!! Jean


So libs now demand we all bow, yield and kneel

Then and only then will those business owners be permitted to do business without harrassment.

As as far as liberal comassion for the workers who have jobs with those businesses - sorry but the left's thrist for political power outweighes your need for employment


Paid by the post? Interesting astroturf effort by the Whoremonger and his Sycophants to influence local opinion as if the bloviating radio nattering weren't enough.

You keep using free market. I do not think it means what you think it means.



Here's a third fresh voice speaking out about the boycott.
This person is also JOINING the boycott.
No matter how anyone votes, welcome to Frederick County!


Is this another fresh voice speaking out about the boycott?
This person is also JOINING the boycott.
Vote either way, still, welcome to Frederick County!


Boycotts are market forces at work. Consumers voting with their dollars. Pure capitalism. Conservatives practice it every day in the choices they make, as do liberals, and everyone in between. To argue against boycotts is to argue against consumer choice. Empower yourself, and choose who you do business with, using whatever criteria you like. And don't think they're not listening, because in capitalism, money talks.


But the business owners are not politians making policy - they simply support those making the decisions.and voted for them

You are ducking the logical outcome and my question however. What about the working class folks you would put of of work?

I wonder how many of them vote Democrat and oppose Blaine. Not that you or anyone else backing the boycotts cares about those working class folks


In capitalism, a business owner who doesn't listen to his/her customers might not be in business long. It's a cold but efficient system, and our nation is built on it. For those employees unfortunate enough to work for a business owner who doesn't listen to the customers, capitalism can be hard on them too. Fortunately, most business owners know, or hopefully learn eventually, that the consumer is king. Money talks!


So now business owners may not express their political opions in public? You mean business owners must not upset the thin skinned liberals who are easly offened by anyone who offers up a different opinion on the role and size of government

I am looking forward to the next local election. Should Blaine and Co be re-elected, will you and your fellow boyocott supporters PLEASE boycott Frederick and move to MO County?

I am sure you will be much happier there


Business owners may do whatever they like.

Consumers may do whatever they like.

You really don't understand capitalism. And you call me a liberal. I don't know whether Blaine is paying you by the post or by the hour, but I'm not helping you to earn your pay anymore. Sorry, that's capitalism.


You did not answer my question - will you and your fellow boyocott supporters PLEASE boycott Frederick and move to MO County should Blaine and Co win their re-election?

I am sure you will be much happier there

I also find it funny you rant about the will of the people when Blaine and Co were soundly elected by the voters

Or do you mean the will of the liberal peple?


It is amazing the hate and rage liberals have for the anyone who has a different opinion on the role and size of government. the hate has reached a point where the left wants to not only silnce their political opponents but to ruin them financially and take away the jobs of those these people employ

I guess the "logic" of the lieft is "hey you may be on welfare but at least you will have Obamacare"


Again to those who want to put people out of work and out of business......

and if you get your wish Lucy and put everyone of those companies out of business what will you tell the working class folks who depended on that business for their paycheck? what would you tell them as they possibly lose their home and car since they no longer have an income to make the payments?

Is this that liberal compassion I have heard so much about?


My wish is NOT to put people out of business. If that happens, it would be pure market forces at work. Adapt and evolve your business, or prepare to be obsolete. There is always room for competitors; nobody is losing their job because skill and experience are the most valuable commodity.

Pass that message on.


Bravo for a wonderful letter. Dump the rancid tea ASAP in 2014.
Vote with your wallets, it works!


I'm counting a fourth fresh voice speaking out about the boycott.
Again, this person is JOINING the boycott.
No matter, because we welcome to everyone to Frederick County!


Blaine Show Sponsors as reported by Blaine Young on his Annual Ethics Form April 2013 (You'll notice he forgot to add IMA - Interstate Mobile Advertising, wholly owned by Blaine R. Young - customers: Drees Homes, Frederick County Bank, Columbia Bank and others)
Blaine Young's Taxi Companies (States he is 50% owner)


Thank you Bob Lewis! We all boycott products and services everyday in our own small way on any number of social, political and environmental issues. Our Commissioners and those who solidly stand and financially support their mandates and Blaine Young's show, misused daily as a microphone to attack opposing citizenry, must hear in return, that we are equally dissatisfied and responding in kind, spending our dollars elsewhere.


Sore loser seems to be an easy excuse to justify why so many here are questioning the actions of the BOCC. The same holds true to the decision made by the BOCC, excuses and decisions that aren't supported by fact and tend to be shortsided and self-serving. Munchie try using a few more of those unused brain cells and think a little deeper. What is happening in Frederick county is a microcosm of our state and federal governement. We don't have to agree with the decisions, but we sure have the right to question and protest those decisions.

These business owners won't simply close their doors and layoff staff. In fact Blaine Young will be the first to change his tune once he feels it in the pocketbook. It's as simple as changing political parties. I'd love to debate Blaine and will spot him 30 IQ points. But I suspect I would be in the back of a very long line.


Doesn't this make the fifth fresh voice speaking out about the boycott?
Surprise! [scared] this person is JOINING the boycott too.
We really do welcome everyone here to everyone to Frederick County!


There's nothing left to do but vote them out at the earliest opportunity, and elect individuals who have the ability to undo the damage that they've done, and that they will do in their remaining time in office.


Bob Lewis, another democtar,can't get over their loss.Just get over it Lewis,your posts are like many dem losers. They won with the majority of votes and most do approve,just complainers like you comment here.Why don't you dem protest Obama and kerry lay of Americans and give billions to foreign countries help the USA,not foreigners as they do, demmie.


I gave you the amount of dollars given to other countries yesterday. Today, I'm giving the numbers of employment by year between Bush and Obama. You might not like it, but those are the facts. Not just Democrats lost, the whole of Frederick County did. If you stick around long enough, you, like all of us democrats, will be regretting for a long time the election of the Rancid Tea fellows.


Ultimately, the liberal goal is government ownership of everything. Boycott all you want. The people in power were legitimately elected by a majority of voters and legally empowered to act in the peoples' best interests. The real POWER of the PEOPLE is at the ballot box -- not liberal mob rule. Government is not a bottomless pit into which taxpayers throw money.


It is clear that Mr. Lewis understands the POWER of the PEOPLE and we on the Shame the Blaine Campaign FB page would like to thank you Bob for your letter.

Please stay-tuned to the Shame the Blaine Campaign FB for the latest breaking news on Blaine and Co and the shameful things they have done and are doing, the latest being poster gate and of course the master boycott list.

Take a few minutes and let each company, sponsor and / or supporter know they are being boycotted. If desired, use the BOYCOTT MESSAGE text as your template.

Please visit each company website and / or FB page and leave a private message letting them know that they are on the boycott list.
Please do not post anything directly on a FB timeline (Wall).

Bob Miller "Morning News Express" radio show on WFMD ...
... Bob Miller promotes Blaine Young and provides air time for Blaine Young "sound off" rants...a county official pretending to be a private citizen.
Buckingham's Choice ...
Catoctin Mountain Orchards ...
Dixie Electric ... ... email :
Drees Homes ... 3 local locations
... 7210 Corporate Ct., Frederick ... (301) 620-6104
... Hemingway Dr., Frederick ... (301) 663-0671
... 1900 Belford Ct., Frederick ... (301) 694-0755
Engage, LLC ...
Flamingo Pool Supply ... ... email :
Fountaindale Auto Center ...
Frederick Air ...
Frederick County Bank ...
Frederick Equipment Company ...
Frederick Jewelry and Loan ... ...
Frederick Shell and Car Wash ... ... email :
Interstate Mobile Advertising, Inc. ... ... email :
Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant ...
Jimmy John's Sandwiches ... 2 local locations
... 5221 Presidents Ct., Frederick ... (301) 695-4669
... 3321 Worthington Blvd., Ijamsville ... (301) 874-0700
Little Sparkie Electric ...
McCaskill Financial Advisors ...
NZ Cramer & Son ... ... email :
Premiere Dental Arts ... ... email :
Putman Plumbing & Heating ... ... (240) 356 - 4455
Red Wing Shoes ... Evergreen Plaza Shopping Center ... 5831 G Buckeystown Pike ... 301-815-5430
Sylvana Institute Med Spa ... ... email :
Terrace Lanes Bowling Lanes ... ... email : ... 301-662-2777
WFMD Radio Station ... ... email : (Program Director)

Source : Annual Financial Disclosure Statement for: Blaine Young Provided April 30, 2013
Source : Blaine Young "Sponsorship money is paid to Interstate Mobile Advertising, Inc., which I own 100%," Blaine R. Young April 30, 2013
Source : Citizen spotters reporting advertisement placards and / or signs on Yellow Cab Co. vehicles.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Some people may want to contribute to this boycott list, but desire to keep their name out of public view ... we completely understand.
For these people, just send your information in a private message and we will add it to the list ... keeping your name private...ROCK ON....and keep on boycotting...


and if you get your wish Lucy and put eveyone of those companies out of business what will you tell the working class folks who depended on that business for their paycheck? what would you tell them as they possibly lose their home and car since they no longer have an income to amke the payments?

Will you blame them for working for the "wrong" employer?

Will you blame Baline?

Or will you simply ignore them as you strut around with your nose so high in the air you get a nosebleed?


It is clear Mr Lewis is another sore loser who still cannot accept his candidates lost an election.

So far Blaine and the Board have kept their promise to downsize local government and reduce the cost of that government. Which is something the left will never tolerate since the bigger government is the greater their power of the people becomes

As far as recalls I do enjoy reminding those sore losers of the recall efforts in WI where the Gov won his recall by a wider margin then he won the election by. I suspect Blaine and Co would do the same

As far as boycotts, all the sore losers will do is harm the working class folks who depend on those businesses for their income. Of course the left never did really care about the working class folks -they only want to believe they do

Mr Lewis like I have told others like you who still have a problem accepting the results of the election - stop sitting in the bleachers having a temper tantrum and run for office. Have a debate with Blaine on the issues and let the voters decide who has the better polices and ideas. But I suspect you would rather spare yourself the embarrassment of defeat as most people prefer not to have a fat, bloated, and expensive government as you apparently seem to want


No problem accepting any election.

Certainly a problem with the BOCC not listening to their constitutients.

I am sorry if that bothers you. So much so that when you woke to go potty and checked your smartphone you felt compelled to type a negative rant.


Pat, I've counted yours as the sixth fresh person posting an opinion about our current Board of County Commissioners.
If I'm not mistaken, you are also boycotting those advertisers supporting our most certainly honorable Blaime Young.
I am always glad to read anyone's perspective on this matter, whether pro or con.
No matter how your feelings on this, or any matter, your voice is most certainly welcomed here in Frederick County. Glad to meet you!


Have a debate with Blaine Young?! He does not debate. I suggest you change that to read 'listen to Blaine rant on and on about how he's in charge and voters have no say', or perhaps you should say, 'state your concerns to Blaine so he can sit at the dais and talk to the other commissioners rather than listen to you because anything you say will always fall upon deaf ears....unless of course, you are a supporter of Blaine.'

Don't bother with the 'liberals' label, I'm a lifelong and true Republican, something Blaine Young is not and never will be. Sad that some are so easily fooled by the use of a label, obviously you are one of them.


Yea, one of those Jihn McCain type R's right? I bet you want to be known as a "maverack" as well and want to "get along with your friends on the other side of the asile"

Based on your post, it is no wonder you would run away from a one on debate with Blaine. You would give up and run away on your way up to the stage


Yeah - I would be proud to be associated with John McCain. He and Al Cranston originated the Golden Fleece Award, which predates the revived "Tea Party" by 30 years. That man WAS tea party before it existed!

Now, the libertarians have hijacked the GOP, then perverted it to mean NO government (did I just make you Smile?) and so - yeah - I wonder how a contemptible spirit to divide any cooperation helps our country?


My mistake. I saw Senator McCain on the television back in the 80's speaking out in favor of Senator Proxmire's Golden Fleece award. This was the first time any senator caught my full attention, and as Senator McCain was speaking, he was holding a fluffy material that looked to be from a sheep. I mis-attributed the Golden Fleece Award, but I can see that the legacy of Wisconsin citizens would be wrongfully usurped if an Arizona Senator continued the practice. That would be appropriate of another Wisconsin senator.


BTW, you sound like on of those life long country club R's who sees conservatives as a threat that must be silenced. After all if conservatives take over your party you would no longer be invited to the liberal cocktail parties and get glowing coverage from the the liberal media (aka The Fredrick News Compost)

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