A 59-year-old Rockville woman participating in a charity cycling event was killed Sunday afternoon while riding on a road near Woodsboro.

Diane Centeno Deshields was traveling on Good Intent Road at approximately 10 a.m. when she collided with a 2018 Chevrolet Malibu that was traveling south on Md. 194, according to a press release from the Frederick Barack of the Maryland State Police. Deshields died from injuries suffered in the crash, despite attempts from emergency medical personnel who were called to the scene, police said.

The intersection of Md. 194 (Woodsboro Pike) and Good Intent Road was closed for about four hours Sunday after the collision.

Deshields was participating in a cycling event called “Firefighter 50.” According to their website, Firefighter 50 is a bike ride that raises funds for the Pleasant Valley Community Fire Department in Westminster. It has been held annually for the past eight years and, last year, hosted between 600 and 700 riders, according to David Yonkoski, member of the 2019 Firefighter 50 Working Group.

Registered bikers can choose from five different bike routes ranging in length from 30 to 100 miles. Each route starts and ends in Pleasant Valley.

According to information posted on the website, “All routes were designed and tested by local cyclist and utilize low traffic roads in Carroll and Frederick County, Maryland and Adams County, Pennsylvania.”

Yonkoski, who is involved with the organization and running of the event, said Deshields was biking the Metric Century route, which is 63 miles long and is designed for more experienced riders. It is also a brand-new route that was introduced to the event this year.

“We’re just trying to raise a little money for a fire company and have some fun,” said Yonkoski. “It’s terrible that this happened, it’s just terrible.”

He said this is the first time a rider of their event has been in a collision or received any sort of injury.

The occupants of the Chevrolet did not sustain any injuries and the investigation is ongoing, said the press release. At approximately 1 p.m,, the intersection was reopened.

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In response to “archerdude’s comment...if you read the article it stated she traveled down Good Intent Road and collided with a vehicle headed south on Md 194. For that to happen she must have pulled out and made a left into oncoming traffic. Whether she actually stopped at the SS or not she failed to yield to oncoming traffic and unfortunately paid the price! What we use to see a lot of on US 15N and Hayward road.


According to the WDVM Hagerstown website "... She was reportedly biking across the road when she was hit by a car..."


First and foremost, it is terrible that this woman was involved in a fatal accident. I'm sure everyone posting here sympathizes with her family and friends.

I enjoy both cycling and driving -- in good conditions, which generally means "not in this area". I don't have any particular agenda. I will say though that while we cyclists have every right to ride on essentially any public road (except limited access highways) -- having the 'right' to do something does not necessarily mean it's a good idea.

The sad truth is that due to all of the greed-fueled development, there is now too much traffic -- even on roads that used to be "back roads". Allowing so much sprawling residential development has ensured that FredCo is no longer the bucolic farming community it once was. In addition to traffic volume, drivers are more distracted than ever before. Phone calls; texting; maps; GPS, etc, all make it more likely that a driver will not see a cyclist. Safe cycling is another casualty of allowing developers to build thousands of ugly boxes.

I know some cyclists who are understandably upset at the situation. They are adamant that they have a right to ride on public roads (absolutely true). In their mind it is a "battle" -- bikes vs cars. That's a stressful game, and one cyclists ultimately cannot win.

What makes the most sense are more dedicated hike/bike trails.


[thumbup]. Rest in Peace.




I pray for her family and friends who are grieving for her. Speculating is just wrong when someone dies. It's unkind.


No surprise, the large packs of cyclist that come here to ride are an accident waiting to happen. Terrible that she died but they are a hazard to themselves and others.


Cycling...cyclist...biker...rider. Bicycle or motorcycle?


It's a bicycle event according to the event's website.


According to information posted on the website, “All routes were designed and tested by local cyclist and utilize low traffic roads in Carroll and Frederick County, Maryland and Adams County, Pennsylvania.” So Rt 194 is now a low traffic road? Since when??

William Smith

It is not possible to do a ride of such length without making use of or crossing a road that may carry substantial traffic.


Then their statement is wrong then


Rt. 194 north of Woodsboro has nowhere near the traffic that it has south of the town. Ever think that may have been what they meant by "low traffic road?"


Must have come off Good Intent Road and blew through the stop sign. Unless there’s a cop halting traffic on the Pike all traffic, to include bikes, all traffic must stop! See it everyday cyclists ignoring road signs. Maybe people will learn by her accident.


You certainly don't seem to have good intentions in that assumption.

William Smith

I have bicycled that same spot a number of times. The location is on a fast downhill with a SS and "T" intersection at the bottom. No bicyclist in his/her right mind is going to purposefully blast through something like that. More than likely, we are looking at a case of human error.

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