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It’s early last Friday afternoon at The Great Frederick Fair. Even before the gates officially opened at 5 p.m. people were milling around trying to grab some food and seeing some of the open exhibits.

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With the arrival of The Great Frederick Fair this week came some great food options. Of course, you can still go to the fair and get your typical fair fare — see what I did there?

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The second year of Frederick High School’s LYNX — Linking Students to New Experiences — program has come to end and w…

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He declared them dead. He stole their money. He lied about his name, career and criminal history. But now they've bonded together. If not to bring him to justice, then to at least ensure he doesn't do it to anyone else. 

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He lied about his job, his criminal record, his ex-wives and even the home he told her he bought. And she says he stole more than $3,000 from her. Her family intervened, but he's still out there.

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Stephanie Furr was giving her son a bath and dying her daughter’s hair on May 31, 2018, when police knocked on the door of the home she shared with her husband in Berkeley County, West Virginia. She told them her husband handled her finances. He could explain the discrepancies. Months earlier, she said as much to the state trooper investigating the case when he came to speak with her. But still, law enforcement arrested both Stephanie and her husband, Kurt Williams. It was the last time she would see her husband.

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The private investigator had been hired by a couple in West Virginia. Curtis Williamson had stolen money from their mother, and they were not sure if Williamson’s wife was involved. Monica Gabriel was scared. What happened to her was happening again. Another wife, a fifth wife, Monica wanted to help. She might have learned something that could help. She was willing to help anyone in a situation similar to hers. The private investigator wanted to know who Williamson is. But who Curtis Williamson is depends on who is talking.

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Monday marks eight years since Monica Gabriel’s death. No one knows what killed Monica on April 15, 2011. No one except, perhaps, her husband, Curtis Williamson. Her marriage was less than 2 years old when, in early 2011, Monica noticed something weird. Two months later, Patricia Gabriel learned that her daughter was dead. Monica was never buried, never eulogized, never mourned. Most people didn’t even know she died.