Frederick County full-time farmers, small businesses and micro businesses will be able to apply for a COVID-relief grant starting next week, County Executive Jan Gardner announced at a press conference on Thursday morning.

The JumpStart grants were funded by the county’s CARES Act money, which was received this week. Full-time farmers will be eligible for $6,000, small businesses will be eligible for $10,000 and micro businesses will be eligible for $3,300.

“The back bone of our economy is certainly our small businesses,” Gardner said, “and we certainly in Frederick County value our agriculture community and want to see them thrive after this virus experience.”

Small businesses have a physical location and between 10 and 50 employees. If the business has less than 10 employees, or is a sole proprietorship, it is considered a micro business. The employees can include 1099 employees — those considered independent contractors — in addition to W-2 employees. Employees can be full-time or part-time, and nonprofit businesses are also eligible for the grants.

“So really the differential is the number of employees because we believe that a portion of the grant could be spent on paying their employees to keep them employed,” said Helen Propheter, Director the Frederick County Office of Economic Development.

In order for an individual to be considered a full-time farmer, at least 51 percent of their income over the last two years must have come from farming.

The grants, unlike many government grants and loans intended for small businesses, will not be administered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Propheter said after speaking with their peers, the Office of Economic Development found that first-come first-serve is easy for those reviewing the applications. The time stamp of when the application was submitted provides an easy qualifier.

But the office also found that many “sophisticated” businesses with Human Resources departments were receiving more grants, while smaller and family-run businesses were not. These smaller businesses might not have had the resources to have the applications ready first.

The application will open on Thursday, May 28 at 7 a.m. and close on Friday, June 5 at midnight. After the application has closed, the county will begin reviewing the applications. The county will use an approach based on businesses’ needs to to determine who will receive funding.

“So there’s no need to rush the very first second the grant opens,” Propheter said.

The application itself is very simple. It consists of a round of qualifying questions, followed by about 15 questions for the application itself. Propheter said businesses will not need to print out their tax returns or any other documentation in order to fill out the applications. They will need to make sure they are in good standing with the state of Maryland, however, and are up to date with their taxes.

The application can be found at The web page also features frequently asked questions in both English and Spanish.

“I’m so excited to be able to jumpstart our economy and to support our local bsuiensses and help them thrive again,” Gardner said.

At the press conference, Garnder also addressed her decision to keep hair salons, barber shops and houses of worship closed despite Gov. Larry Hogan’s implementation of Phase One, which allowed for the opening of these spaces with restrictions. Gardner explained that county governments could choose to move slower in reopening than Hogan, but not faster. The opening of churches for indoor services was originally part of Phase Two of Hogan’s plan, and Gardner does not feel it is yet safe to reopen an indoor gathering space.

She also heard from several hair salon and barber shop employees who are scared to go back to work, in fear of contracting the novel coronavirus. But if their employer invites them back and they refuse, they could lose their unemployment benefits.

“We are not returning to normal, we’re really trying to strive for a modified way to work and conduct our daily lives so we can do more, help restore our economy but also keep our community healthy,” Gardner said. “But we can only accomplish that if everybody does their part.”

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Another last straw:


I wonder how many of those that say they are afraid to go back to work are getting unemployment plus the additional $600 a week are spending any of that at Walmart, Lowe's, etc.


Should they risk their lives, and family for less money 💰? Isn’t the point of the stimulus package is to get dollars into the economy through businesses like Walmart, Lowe's, etc? The whole point is to extend money’s that will go back into the greater economy while reducing the extension of the pandemic, reducing risk and saving lives. Clearly you feel workers should be placed in unsafe conditions at a lower incomes. You are in opposition to the national strategy? Trump could have vetoed the congressional funding.

The $600 dollar weekly unemployment supplement expires in July. With the staging process let’s hope folks can go back to work safely to support themselves and their families.

I find it refreshing that someone is looking out for the underserved at the highest risk for a change.

Nancy Day

I wonder why you care so much.


I second that!




And Gardner just kissed her career good bye.


Why? You know she can’t run for County Executive again, term limits. But I feel she will be sought after to run for other political offices or appointments. She is well thought of across the state and region. Executive Gardner has proven herself not to be a partisan politician hack but a strong ‘doer’. She has a proven track record of getting things done. You couldn’t ask for a better steward of the county.


Are you high?


Alert, you have left your home, leaving the home causes increased risk for hazards leading to death. If you do not voluntarily re-enter your home, a drone will be dispatched to euthanize you for the public good. Thank you for remaining home for the public good! Our sensors detect you may have heart disease, at your current age, your treatment is not efficient for your further contributions to society, thank you for serving the public good by accepting euthanization by a drone we have dispatched. Your body will be incinerated and used to fertilize the elite class gardens, whose continued existence and prosperity is vital for the public good. Thank you for your participation!


Soylent Green, thump1202, Soylent Green!


Some day all of you critising Jan will realize how wrong you are.

Ignore the ignorants, Jan


Wuhan Jan! If you are so concerned then DON’T GO OUT!!! A prime example of the “cure” being worse than the disease!


[thumbup] DickD!


If she can't handle criticism, then she shouldn't be in public office.



Remember what she replaced - ugg

Comment deleted.
Nancy Day

Pot, meet kettle.

Comment deleted.

What type of person makes fun of someone who has (mostly) overcome a childhood stuttering problem?


Trump Supporters. The unEducated and the Deplorables. Birds of a Feather.

Comment deleted.

Wow. So cool lil' jacko...I can imagine what kind of person you truly are and I pray you get your just dessert.


Those who say we should still stay at home and not open businesses, are most likely still getting paid and/or their income has not been interrupted. As soon as the Federal, supplemental unemployment money dries up, many opinions will change. So to those who say the decision to open is driven by money, the same is true for some who are getting as much or more by not working. BTW, CDC is now reporting "The virus does not spread easily in other ways" i.e. "It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads...". Clean surfaces and personal hygiene and let's get back to work.


Quote from FBoard: "BTW, the CDC is now reporting 'The virus does not spread easily in other ways' i.e. 'it may be possible that a person can get Covid-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes. That is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads."

The previous version on the CDC website already stated this:

"It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but we are still learning more about this virus.” (source:


The CDC removed the surface transmission as a primary source of transmission, that is the change being referred to here. Obviously their research shows surface transmission is minimal or insignificant, which is consistent with all other respiratory viruses.


The later version, although worded the same or similar, seems more prominent. Or perhaps it just seems that way as major media is now spreading that thought.


Fboard, I wonder how long before the media starts reporting on the change in CDCs position about the virus on surfaces? They've had more time to study the issue, but that's provided more time for the "wipe down everything and wear gloves everywhere" concept to become entrenched and people will be afraid to back away.

Can anyone explain how a rubber glove gives anymore protection than a bare hand?

Back to basics - wash your hands and keep them away from your face.

And, get back to work.


There is no appreciable change in the CDCs position.






Oh, I forgot, I can get a job as a government snitch !!


I am tired of people who are drawing a paycheck telling me I can't.


So to recap a couple of Jan’s hairdresser buddies are scared to go back to work because they will loose their employment. So the whole county suffers economically. What a terrible leader


I'm sure that is the only determining factor. What a goober.


People don't want to go back to work in hairstyling since they are getting paid more on unemployment


most can't claim, they didn't have enough reported intake.


I can understand the delay opening of business that require hands on - barbershops, hair salons, etc. But why not let the other businesses get back to work that don't require hands on - department stores and churches. Just put a mask on and let them go back to work.


There may still be some concern about transmission in church. Services vary from congregation to congregation and between faiths; but nearly every type of service involves recitation of passages or singing. I suppose the format of the service could remove all of that, but then I guess it would be much of a service.

One case studied by the CDC involved a super infection at choir practice. Source:


Keeping everything closed while 2 boarding counties open up is pointless. As if the virus cant cross the county line?


I’ve been in Richmond for the past week. Back in “Free America”! Got a haircut, went into stores, Governor Northam made masks “optional” except for store employees. And their death rate has not increased ALL WEEK! What is Wuhan Jan waiting for?


Maybe she's waiting until there are zero new cases - which ain't happening as herd immunity increases and testing increases. I would probably test positive for polio since I got the live vaccine back in the 50s.

Notice how the media focus is slowly shifting from deaths to cases?


Polio has been around humans for thousands of years. An Egyptian carving from around 1400 BCE depicts a young man with a leg deformity similar to one caused by

the virus. Polio reached epidemic proportions in the early 1900s in countries with relatively high standards of living. It was finally declared eradicated in the USA in 1979. But the vaccination effort hasn’t stopped. in the last 40 years there have been zero cases in the US. Unfortunately polio does still exist, although polio cases have decreased by over 99% in the world since 1988, there have been reported cases in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. There is no cure for polio, it can only be prevented. Polio vaccine, given multiple times, can protect a child for life.

Let’s hope a vaccine that stops Covid-19 is discovered faster then that.


their death rate hasn't decreased either.


Where have you been - you Do understand that here is a lag time between getting infected and showing and signs of possible illness. Up to 2 weeks. Richmond and other places not been open long enough to tell what the results will be..


But Georgia has been open for 3 weeks and their cases are still declining.


Re: Georgia...

The data is a bit of a mess. Officials in Ga. have been conflating antibody tests in the data which can create confusion about what is actually going on with the spread.

Evidently, per my source linked below, there was a jump of 1,500 cases Thursday.





Gardner spent a half hour presenting statistics and data. Surprised that is completely skipped by the reporter.


"She also heard from several hair salon and barber shop employees who are scared to go back to work, in fear of contracting the novel coronavirus."......this is about as valuable as all of the call Trump says he gets about the success of hydroxychloroquine. Anecdotal information to shore up a weak defense. [ninja]

It's time to reopen.


Of course they don’t want to go back to work while receiving unemployment, plus $600 bucks. Did Jan really think we fell for that excuse? I keep telling myself only 18 more months till she’s gone!![spam]




most don't have enough reported to even claim unemployment.


I will relish every minute of Jan's term - and then work for Roger W. campaign....


then those salons can remain closed, they don't have to reopen when they relax the phase.


Good point, steelersfan2005. It's the being prevented from reopening by the nanny state that really rankles. Let We The People choose. Life is full of dangers. I ride a Harley and I'm not going to stop because someone else crashes. I rafted class six whitewater rivers. I've traveled in Africa and remotes parts South America where all sorts of viruses can kill you - but I took precautions and got every immunization available. I've camped in the bush in Australia where there are more poisonous critters than on any other continent. I've camped in Alaska and Canada where a grizzly might get me - but I always kept my rifle at hand. My point is, if you want a life deviod of risks, you'll be devoid of life itself.

It's time to reopen and get back to living.

Nancy Day

Getting back to living may just make you sick. If it is worth the risk for you, more power to you. Just wear a mask and be courteous to others around you. Good luck


Thanks Nancy Day. I think I'll be ok. I'm fastidious about handwashing and I'll wear a face covering when required. I think the fear of Covid-19 fueled by the media will increase the numbers of people with agoraphobia.[ninja]

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