This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.

Deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19 rose Tuesday — both in Frederick County and across the state — a day before Gov. Larry Hogan is set to make an announcement on his roadmap to recovery.

Hospitalizations increased by 19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of COVID-19-related hospitalizations to 1,563, according to the Maryland Department of Health. Of them, 590 are in intensive care.

The increase in hospitalizations broke a six-day streak of declining hospitalization numbers, according to state data. In Frederick County, the number of people hospitalized increased by one.

The number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care has been trickling up, with 590 people currently in the ICU for COVID-19. ICU numbers fluctuate, usually rising for a few days, falling for a couple days and then rising again.

But the numbers the last three days have been on the higher side. On Sunday, the number of COVID-19 related ICU patients, spiked to 611, the highest the state health department reported so far.

The numbers fell back to 585 on Monday, which is still higher than usual. Numbers trickled up to 590, as of 10 a.m. Tuesday. Excluding the spike two days ago, the last time ICU numbers reached 590 was April 30.

Hogan has said one blip won’t reset the clock, and up until this point, current overall hospital numbers were decreasing since Hogan’s last press conference. It is likely that Hogan could announce the first stage of his reopening plan Wednesday during his 5 p.m. press conference.

It is unclear if the rise in ICU beds for COVID-19 patients will affect the decision. Michael Ricci, spokesman for Hogan, reiterated what Hogan said in an April 24 press conference when asked.

Hogan said then that when the state sees a downward trajectory or consistent plateauing of hospitalizations and ICU numbers, the state would be in a position to consider lifting the stay-at-home order.

ICU numbers had been decreasing when Hogan announced early steps last Wednesday that relaxed the stay-at-home order, such as allowing non-emergency medical procedures, golfing, hiking and camping.

But since the announcement, the state saw two days with the highest numbers of COVID-19 ICU patients.

Deaths also continue to rise. In Frederick County, deaths rose by two, bringing the county to a death toll of 81. The two deaths reported Tuesday are two women in their 80s, said Rissah Watkins, director of planning, assessment and communications for the Frederick County Health Department.

Maryland Department of Health is reporting 70 new deaths from COVID-19, a larger increase than was reported Monday. At least 1,643 Maryland residents have died from COVID-19 in just over two months.

There are 113 probable deaths, which means COVID-19 is suspected but the death certificate is awaiting laboratory confirmation. Of the confirmed deaths, nearly 100 do not have county information.

These numbers very likely include some Frederick County deaths, as the county health department consistently reports higher deaths due to differences in reporting methods between the county and state health departments.

Nearly 100 people were released from isolation, bringing the total to 1,563 as of Tuesday.

Overall, confirmed cases rose in Maryland, but at a smaller increase, with 688 new cases. The state has now seen a total of 34,601 cases.

Testing update

One of the requirements for Hogan’s Roadmap to Recovery is increased testing.

Meritus Medical Center is now offering testing for people who may have been exposed to COVID-19 even if they are asymptomatic, the News-Post previously reported. A doctor’s note is not required.

Frederick Health, which operates a drive-thru testing location across the street from Frederick Health Hospital has relaxed the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Johns Hopkins, said Dr. Manny Casiano, chief medical officer. But the health care system still requires evidence of at least one symptom in order to be tested.

“If we had unlimited testing supplies [swabs and reagents], we’d open our testing to everyone,” Casiano said in an email. “We are continuously working to get more testing supplies from our distributors, but allocations are restricted at the state and federal level.”

If the hospital gets enough supplies that would allow it to test people regardless of if they had symptoms, it would, Casiano said. But for now, it needs to reserve tests for those who are sick, delivering moms, people undergoing surgery, first responders, health care personnel and hospitalized patients.

“Ideally, we’d like to see everyone in the Country be tested eventually; but we are nowhere near that point at this time,” Casiano said in the email.

He also pointed out the situations in Frederick and Washington counties are different, as Frederick County has far more cases. Washington County also has a state testing site at a VEIP station, which reduces some of the hospital’s load.

“So we have more citizens with symptoms, and fewer choices of test location – both reasons why we are not yet using our limited supplies to test asymptomatic persons,” Casiano said.

Frederick Health has done a total of 5,400 tests, with approximately 3,500 done at the drive-thru alone, Casiano said. Some of these tests are on the same people. Of the tests, 970 have come back positive. Just looking at the number of drive-thru tests, 730 have come back positive, he said.

Nearly 4 percent of Frederick County’s population has been tested between Frederick Health, other health care offices and the health department, Casiano said.

“This is a significant accomplishment by a lot of very hard-working people,” he said.

Follow Heather Mongilio on Twitter: @HMongilio

Heather Mongilio is the health and Fort Detrick reporter for the Frederick News-Post. She can be reached at

(66) comments


Please tell me, since Frederick county is the 8th most populous county if Baltimore city is included.. that we won’t be as reckless as our governor has chosen to be. Blindly following other states reopening.. even though MD has become a regular in the top 5 of new cases.


I have no idea, what’s your point is. Can you be more precise?


yogi berra had it right.....'it ain't over 'til it's over"


Frederick County, MD will not lift stay-at-home order until mid-June, at the earliest. Virus now spresding out to rural areas from urban centers. Plus, as soon as rural areas open up, urbanites still under lockdown will flood these areas for a break, rest, relaxation, vacation or whatever. Overseas, places opening up are shutting down. Flare ups are being seen 30 to 50 days in areas thought to be rid of this pestilence.

We may be in lockdown until after the July 4th week.


Places overseas that opened up, aren't shutting down again.


Read the reports steelersfan. It is indeed happening.


Nonsense. I thought everyone decided Covid was over? [innocent]




What are your sources for Frederick Co. not opening up until mid June?


Mid-June? Why? Is that your supposition? Staying in the current state has become nonsensical. Hogan stated that the determining factor for a phased re-opening would be drop in hospitalizations and deaths. Both have happened, yet we are still restricted. This state of, whatever it's being called, is not sustainable. When do we move on? When there is a vaccine? The virus dies? There's a treatment? All of those things are months, or years away. We have to define a new normal, move ahead, and open up a restricted manor. The government can not and SHOULD not, continue to prop up the economy. Time to open up, and stop with the ridiculous restrictions. Made sense in March, maybe. Does not make sense now.


Unfortunately, I’m not as optimistic as you. I haven’t renewed my Ravens tickets for this season. I would like to when safe. Cancelled ‘outer banks’ family vacation, and not visiting dear friends in Texas.


Unfortunately, you are correct Happy. There are reports out today that South Korea, the model for handling the pandemic, is facing a resurgence of the disease after loosening the restrictions, and will be re-instituting their restrictions. Same for Wuhan China, the origination point of the epidemic. In Wuhan, the city was quarantined, nobody in, nobody out. All persons with a cough, or who tested positive, or were in contact with a positive person were apprehended and put into "concentration hotels" where they could be monitored and prevented from coming into contact with anyone else. After the disease died out in the city, they reopened, and now the virus is back. Singapore faces the same issue in areas of the city of mostly immigrant workers. Unfortunately, and as previously reported, the second wave is predicted to be more deadly than the first. The issue is that we cannot hermetically seal ourselves away from the rest of the world. So, do we continue the lock down until there is a safe and effective vaccine (could be years, if ever) or take the Swedish approach? Heavy is the head that wears the crown...


"Nothing more despicable than respect based on fear." - Albert Camus c. 1940

What is emerging is a coherent pandemic doctrine. It can be called - Screen New Deal. Hi-tech unleashed surpassing its role during previous disasters, a future that is being staged for implementation as the bodies continue pile up treating these global past weeks of physical isolation not as painful necessity to save lives, but as a living laboratory for a permanent – highly profitable – no-touch future.

Anuja Sonalker, the CEO of Steer Tech, a Maryland-based company selling self-parking technology, recently summed up the new virus-personalised pitch. “There has been a distinct warming up to humanless, contactless technology,” she said. “Humans are biohazards, machines are not.”

Behavioural Modification - Yum. Yum.


According to Washington Post, Frederick County will be one of the Counties kept on stay at home order bc of the local officials don't think were ready to reopen bc our numbers are to high. When out numbers are nowhere near Montgomery and PG County.


I will freak out. Aren't nearly all our deaths from living facilities? And our hospital was nowhere near capped out. It is not the government's job to stop me from ever getting sick, the point of the emergency order was to let hospitals get ready for a surge. Our county is fine, and I really hope we do not all get punished for the spread in area facilities.

Steve Neilsen

Where the F do you think the disease in nursing homes is coming from?!?

I guess it just magically effing appeared there.


From workers and visitors, plus the people are allowed to leave some nursing homes to go shopping. Keep the facilities for the vulnerable population locked down, no visitors, and with enhanced hygiene (PPE, booties for workers, keep people in their own rooms). Almost all of the rest of us are fine, if we do get sick the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor for a full recovery. I don't even know anyone in Maryland that's gotten sick, just a couple of people in New Jersey who all recovered (with minor cold symptoms). This lockdown, closed business nonsense only makes sense if we are battling something like Ebola. CoVID-19 just isn't that, and it's beyond time we focus our efforts and resources on protecting those in vulnerable situations only.

Greg F

Um...funshine..then where did those workers get it? From unicorns? They got it from being out with others in the area..symptomatic or asymptomatic. THEN they carried it in to where there were more vulnerable people. Now we are finding out even kids can't escape it (100 deaths from crazy types of symptoms from Covid19). The more we are learning of this plague, the worse it is...from clotting, heart issues, attacking the entire system and blood vessels. This isn't a joke. Go ahead and freak out.


Keep in mind, Frederick County has a quarter of the population of either Mont. or PG County. There populations are both over 1 million residents where Frederick County is roughly 260 thousand.


grocery workers have been working with masks from the beginning and you don't here of them all coming down with the virus. Put on a mask & let us go back to work. If you are afraid then stay home.


exactly, enough is enough.

Steve Neilsen

Get an essential job.


why, so you can keep sucking up the unemployment?

Steve Neilsen

More than 5,000 grocery workers out due to Covid-19. You can “here” about it here:


You might want to go back and read that article, it wasn't all just grocery workers.

Greg F

This was in April...and now we're a month later and it is far worse.

Steve Neilsen

Split hairs much?


it helps to read articles before blindly searching for something to post.

Greg F

Is your head still in the sand? There are numerous reports of that....even back in April. Then there's the meat packers too. What world are you living in? The Fox "News" one? Here's just ONE article....there are many more. Go read something else somewhere else.


They're going to go up and down all the time. It's just how it works. A rise doesn't mean we're automatically back in a bad situation. And honestly, if they think they aren't going to rise when we reopen things, then they're fooled. The thing is we are now better prepared to handle it than we were 2 months ago.

Greg F

It's not up and's a rise and a very slightly less rise...then a rise again. The trend is not downward at all.


tell that to NY.


You know, when people "die of AIDS", they don't ACTUALLY die of AIDS. They die of a wide range of unrelated infections that their immunocompromised bodies simply can't defend against because of the damage done by the HIV Virus. We never say of an AIDS patient, "so-and-so died of a common cold". ...even if that's what finally killed them.

So, why are we treating Covid 19 so much differently when it comes to the way we're labeling things? We know it isn't fatal for the vast majority of healthy people who get it. Just like the flu and the common cold. But every person who dies "with" it, almost all of whom had other serious health problems, seems to get listed as a Covid 19 death. In many cases, nobody ever mentions their age or underlying health conditions.

Steve Neilsen

I must have missed where you stated your credentials.


Well, Dr. Fauci doesn't have any credentials in Economics, or countless other topics that are in play here, but we're listening to his advice on practically everything. Why should it be any different for me? Just like him, I'm an expert on....something.

I do understand the appeal of the 'shut up and obey' mindset though. It's way easier than taking the time to ask questions and apply logic.

Steve Neilsen

Scapegoating. That was predictable. [rolleyes]

Greg F

Dr. Fauci does not advocate anything on policy...he states what the virus will do to people and what happens when they get together in a busy place. He is one of the best experts we have, versus that clown who would have us injecting bleach and his counterpart that doesn't wear masks into the Mayo Clinic so he can make eye contact better.

Greg F

Not once has Dr. Fauci gone on about economics. He has made no such claim as any sort of expert on that. He is, however, a top-end scientist in the epidemiology field.


Quote from jakereed: "Well, Dr. Fauci doesn't have any credentials in Economics, or countless other topics that are in play here, but we're listening to his advice on practically everything."

Yesterday on Fox, all of the usual suspects (Ingraham, Carlson, and Hannity) all unloaded on Fauci. Saying nonsense like: "No on elected him to anything" and "He favors what the Democrats want".

And here you are today, Jake, saying very much the same thing. How odd. [rolleyes]


I have missed where you stated yours also.

Greg F

Earned from the prize in a cereal box.


Jakereed, if the number of deaths is dramatically higher then for the same time period or in recent months, wouldn’t you want to know the distinguishing factors ? The coronavirus is far more contagious than influenza and has a higher fatalities rate. The world hasn’t seen anything so devastating since the 1918 influenza.

Here’s a pretty good article that you might be interested in reading:


That article is from March 26. the mortality rate is no where close to that. If it was like the Spanish flu we'd end up with 150,000,000 dead worldwide, +/- Currently 294,325 have died worldwide. Thats many orders of magnitude less. This virus, while more virulent, is actually much more like the seasonal flue than the spanish flu in who it affects. The Spanish flu took a large toll on the young and healthy. Covid 19 overwhelmingly affects the old and those with underlying conditions. Another interesting fact, according o the CDC, so far this year the US has experienced less overall deaths

even including Covid 19 than would normally be expected,


Can you direct me to where you got your CDC numbers? The latest statistical comparison I could find was from 2017. I did find their stats on Coronavirus cases by week.

badronald you have to scroll to middle of page, theres a chart. obviously many factors go into it- I would guess there has been fewer auto accidents with less traffic. Still, statistically you would think there would be more than normal


Awteam Looked at your link and I have come to the conclusion that there has been either more or less deaths this year depending on what page you look at on the CDC site. I give up


Badronald , not sure what I’m missing but if you are referring to table 1. That states 54 thousand Coronavirus deaths in comparison to 6,100 influenzas deaths in the same period... I don’t see anywhere ‘less people have died this year, ‘year-to-date’ compared to last year’. But I’ll take your word for that.

We both can agree 187 nations around the world are taking this as more devastating then the ‘seasonal flu’, responding by shutting down their economies. Cutting off international travel, and shelter in place regulations. Even Sweden recognized the pandemic, taking a different approach but putting in social distancing regulations. Note: Sweden has more mortalities then the other three Scandinavian countries combined.

So here we are... no public sports events, no concerts, no plays, churches are performing services over zoom, schools closed, airlines with no place to go and if you reopen restaurants at 25% of capacity, even worse, no patrons.

I can’t recall ever, when ever Maryland used auxiliary space, a ‘skating rink’, as a morgue because they didn’t have enough space in hospitals to handle the number of corpses, can you? Yep, the ‘Civil War’.

Unless the general public feels there is a Community, State, National if not worldwide plan to contain the virus, the country won’t get back to close to normal. No matter whether it’s no worse then the flu or not things won’t be the same for along time. That’s a fact we both should be able to agree.


awteam its column 4 on the chart, column 3 is deaths from all causes and column 4 is percent of expected deaths. I didnt mean to imply that the flu is as virulent as Covid, only that those affected are demographically similar. But also to say that this is in no way comparable to the Spanish flu.

I think you can reopen with proper precautions. There is no guarantee you wont have spikes. But I also dont think we can wait forever and possibly drive the country into a depression. There is always a risk/reward. Every time you get in your car, you are saying the social and economic benefits of driving are greater than the risk you pose to yourself and others by driving (not saying this is like driving, just putting risk into context) I saw where the state has leased the rinks, but have they been used? I cant find that either way. Hospitals were going to overflow too; that didnt happen. We greatly expanded capacity and put up auxiliary facilities which werent used. Came no where close to reaching capacity

Agree there is a lot of fear out there and not sure we'll ever get back to normal


1918 flu was worse that COVID in some ways however. One, it affected younger and older alike. Two, healthcare and science back then was nowhere near as good as it is now. I would also add disinfecting measures and PPE is better now. You have to consider all of this as well.

Steve Neilsen

If only we had sufficient PPE and a robust contact tracing, testing program in place.

Greg F

Say that to the kids who are dead from all mannerisms of COVID manifesting now as Kawasaki disease like symptoms. How about others getting organ failures, blood clots, rashes that all indicate and end up being the worst of the cases? Are you a doctor? Do you work with health professionals? Do you work with researchers? No?


The disease you mention has not been scentifically lonked to Covid. It is possible but to date no link has been established. No, not a doctor or researcher. Doesnt mean I cant state the facts theyre easy to find. You may want to try that instead of falling back on insults


Not definitive link between COVID and Kawasaki disease, it's only speculation at this point. There are many deaths where COVID is being listed as the main cause of death, where in reality the patients had a litany of comorbidity's.


In life many people have “a litany of comorbidity” (multiple heath issues) especially over 51 years of age. Humans (animals) die because a vital organ or organs fail. If I stab you in the back and you die, did the knife kill you or was it because you had an underlying condition leading to heart failure? A foreign object (coronavirus) was introduce that exploited the underlying condition. Look at the Coronavirus as the “knife” that leads to ones demise, especially for those struggling with heath ‘comorbidity’ most often the elderly or those with underlying fragility.


Ms. Mongilio needs to stop mis-representing data. "The number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care has been trickling up"; not true according to this site, in fact the opposite. "But the numbers the last three days have been on the higher side." again, inaccurate according to the same site. And most of all, STOP saying people are dying OF Covid, and state they are dying WITH Covid. The statement is misleading, to say the least.


The alarmist headlines sell papers, views, clicks, whatever. Very often when something rises they like to say "skyrocketing" and when something drops they say "plummeting". Standard words in the press thesaurus.

Greg F

The numbers are not "down"...they are steady...and overall there is not any downward trend, at least anywhere near here. Down is relative...down from 600 to 590...that's hardly down. Down from 600 to 50...there you go....that would be a clear signal...but there hasn't been anything even remotely like even down from 600 to even 400...wear your mask already...and stop believing in Trump's miracles, bleach cures and snake oil treatments.


So what do you suggest doc? Keep it locked down until a vaccine is found which could be in a year, two years, three years, never? How many would die of other factors during that time? We know this virus could be around for a long time, we should learn to adapt and live with it like we live with other everyday risks. I know sitting around watching Netflix on your couch all day and collecting unemployment is tempting, but come on man.

Steve Neilsen

What to do? How about just stop reporting on deaths in places like meat packing plants, like the state of Nevada is doing.

Or maybe just bury CDC guidelines, like the Trump admin has done.

That way we can all go back to “normal”.


Steve Neilsen. That's not what I asked, don't waste your time politicizing this and try to come up with a realistic solution. Normal will not be back for a long time, but no reason we shouldn't strive to head in that direction.


More nursing home deaths?


Open er up and cull the herd Governor

Greg F

You first, by all means. There's gotta be a nice tall cliff for a lemming like you.


It's confusing when you leave one story up that says hospitalizations are down and then post another that says they are up. Get rid of the older story when you post a new one, whatever the stories say. We are looking to you for accurate information.


It's a marginal up tick, still trending down! Typical sensationalism!

Greg F

Trending down would be like going from 600, then 590, 580, 500, 400...not 611, 590, 600, 590..580, 590, 590.

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