This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.

Frederick County is one of 12 jurisdictions in Maryland considered a hot zone for COVID-19.

Being declared a hot zone means the counties need more federal attention, Gov. Larry Hogan said during his press conference Tuesday.

Cases of COVID-19 have rapidly increased in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, Hogan said. There are nearly 9,000 cases in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia region, with a total of 189 deaths.

About 47 percent of the 103 deaths in Maryland are in either Prince George’s or Montgomery counties. Prince George’s County has 26 deaths, Montgomery has 21, according to the latest numbers from the Maryland Department of Health.

There were 4,371 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state, as of 10 a.m. Tuesday. It was an increase of 326 in 24 hours, a smaller increase than the previous five days.

Case data provided by the state does not currently include a racial breakdown. However, Hogan said Tuesday that he authorized the state health department’s Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities to take necessary action to be able to provide information on race in regards to hospitalization, cases and mortality rate.

Available information will be published on the Maryland Department of Health’s website. Approximately 90 percent of tests are done by health care professionals who send samples to private labs that are not keeping such data, Hogan said.

Frederick County now has 151 confirmed cases and four deaths. Another 38 potential cases are being investigated by the Frederick County Health Department, according to a press release from the Joint Information Center Frederick County. Cases increased by four in 24 hours.

While cases have increased slowly over the past two days, Rissah Watkins, director of planning, assessment and communications, with the Frederick County Health Department, said that numbers in the county are anticipated to increase for “a while longer.”

With more cases in Frederick County, the health department needed additional staff to help with the response. The lag in numbers is due to training the new staff, Watkins said in an email.

Cases have been reported at four nursing homes in the county, with both residents and staff testing positive. Three of the deaths in the county have been linked to cases in nursing homes. Cases have been reported at Frederick Health and Rehabilitation Center, HeartFields Assisted Living at Frederick, Ballenger Creek Center and, most recently, Country Meadows Retirement Communities.

The health department is investigating other potential cases, Frederick County Health Officer Dr. Barbara Brookmyer said in an email.

Carroll County continues to see an increase in deaths, with 16 reported as of Tuesday morning. Nearly all of Carroll County’s deaths are linked to an outbreak at the Pleasant View Nursing Home near Mount Airy.

In addition to measures previously announced by the Hogan administration, Hogan said the state is creating strike teams that can bring triage, emergency care, supplies and equipment to nursing homes.

There will be three types of strike teams: testing teams, assistance teams and clinical teams.

Testing teams will identify those who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, as well as collect and send out samples for rapid testing. They will also provide guidance on keeping confirmed and suspected cases among staff isolated.

Assistance teams will be staffed by the Maryland National Guard, which will triage patients and determine equipment and supply needs.

Clinical teams, staffed by health care professionals from hospital systems, will provide triage on site and will help stabilize patients at the nursing home to prevent the need to transport them to the hospital.

“The goal here is not to replace a nursing home’s medical and clinical team, but to provide immediate support and assistance to help protect residents of these facilities,” Hogan said. “The state teams will provide assistance and care to patients immediately, in order to slow the spread of this virus among our most vulnerable Marylanders.”

Nursing homes, the local health department and infectious disease experts within the Maryland Department of Health can request these teams, Hogan said.

Additionally, local health departments can now order businesses, establishments and construction sites to modify their operations or shut down if deemed unsafe or a potential risk for spreading the virus, the governor said.

Social distancing and spreadMembers of the state’s coronavirus response team flanked Hogan as he announced former FDA commissioner Scott Gotlieb joined the team.

Social distancing measures are in place to continue to slow the spread of COVID-19. And it may be working as the number of new cases was much smaller than it had been since April 1, said Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

It is only one day of data, Inglesby said, but if it continues, it could be a good sign.

Without social distancing measures, one person could likely infect another two to three people. Those people would then each infect two or three people, Inglesby said.

“Without a vaccine or a therapy to stop this disease, the only way to slow this virus down is through the social distancing measures that the governor has put in place in Maryland,” Inglesby said.

Inglesby said he hopes the peak time will come soon, possibly as early as within 10 days, according to a model from the White House. Another model has it coming a bit later.

“But models are only best estimates, and models don’t necessarily take into account how seriously Maryland has put social distancing measures in place, so we do hope our peak date will be sooner,” he said.

Once the peak hits and cases start to decrease, Maryland will still need to practice social distancing, Hogan said. The state will make decisions based on facts and start inching into normalcy.

Hogan said he cannot flip a switch and have life become normal again, even if cases are low.

“Look, we’re anxious to get everybody back to their normal lives as quickly as we can, but the last thing we want to do is bring them back too fast where we just ramp this thing back up and have the virus spread,” Hogan said.

There is still a period of time where Maryland will continue to deal with COVID-19, the governor said. That is the nature of flattening the curve.

Pushing the curve down means a longer period of time for dealing with it.

“So while we’re not going to have this overload of the state system, it also means it’s going to be a while for us to get back [to normal] ... it’s going to be a longer period of time, but not be as bad,” Hogan said.

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Heather Mongilio is the health and Fort Detrick reporter for the Frederick News-Post. She can be reached at

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Once the MAGA rats start realizing life in a cage with thugs ain’t worth it they’ll be flipping more than Trump has on Covid-19


Come Jan 2021 We will have new AG and FBI Director laser focused on Trump’s ability to influence the private sector to commit felonies


You regarded us as crazy, paranoid and eccentric. You thought that we were dumb and anti-social personalities. Now YOU have come to understand our basic, primal ideology that you don’t comprehend or that you deny.

Preppers. They call us preppers.

There are countless news stories now about how both citizens and the news media understand why people that prepare for catastrophe were right to do so from the beginning. IN recent past years, major networks aired stories and a television series documenting so-called preppers. The bottom line that we were intelligent and forethinking.

The problem with modern American ideology is selfishness and political corruption. But not with the prepper community. We thought his think through well in advance. It took weeks, months and years for us to pay for and gather essential items like food, toilet paper, bleach and self-defense items. The real problem – and it has been exposed now – is the people that thought they could gather up everything they needed at the last minute before, and in the middle of, a crisis.

These people have, in fact, created a depletion of critical resources across the nation. Not just for individuals and families, but for our much-needed first responders. If it wasn’t for our military, police departments, fire-rescue departments and hospitals, you’d most likely already be dead. The reason you’d be dead is because you have not … and will not … heed advice and common sense. For that matter, you continually violate rule of law regarding order to stay at home unless absolutely necessary (ie; in order to obtain ESSENTAIL supplies).

The deadly toll that this virus has had on our country to date solely lays in the hands of those that failed to heed common sense and both Constitutional and legal orders. YOU are at fault. Not the virus.

Joey Pesto

There is a big difference between sanitizing, such as wiping shopping cart handles before giving the cart to a customer standing in line and disinfecting. To disinfect properly, which kills SARS, HIV, Flu, Bacteria, Viruses, and COVID-19, you must use the proper EPA approved disinfectant ( then make surface thoroughly wet and let it on the surface 10 minutes. (Some products may be as little as five minutes. Read the disinfectant label for additional information.) If you just spray and wipe, you are only sanitizing and not killing CoV-2, etc.

For those looking for basic facemasks, laboratory goggles, touchless thermometers, etc. Go to There are also a lot of folks in the area who are making cloth facemasks, with ($4.00) and without ($2.00) filter. Just go on to find someone to help you.


Whether Black, White, or Red, We all know who is playing the blame game. Did anyone ever think about this happening right here during the Voting year? Who paid who this time?

Comment deleted.

And accuse everyone else of what they are guilty!


81 comments so far with 21 from one person. Maybe make the comments all at once instead of one sentence back to back ones?


It's easy to scroll past that one particular person, but he does clog up the page.


Who could that possibly be?


Yes, a Pathological liar, what about him saying "I did not receive that memo"

Frederick may be a Hot Zone, It only has One Hospital, what about that? can you image if Frederick gets much worst?

Comment deleted.

You are obviously filled with hatred and ignorance. Trump 2020


Covid-19 is Gods answer to the Antichrist.


Republicans said global warning was hoax

Republicans said Coronavirus was a hoax

Pope Francis has said the coronavirus pandemic is one of "nature's responses" to humans ignoring the current ecological crisis.


Next Trump will likely blame the Florida governor who admitted he was waiting on Trump’s direction. Sit back people and watch the ShytShow staring Donald Trump.


Half of America with mortgages haven’t paid April’s mortgage yet. #TrumpDeprssion


Trump is blaming governors for the poor response to Covid-19 and Gov Hogan head of the National Governors Association.


Hogan’s performance protecting MD is lackluster

That Guy Garcon

Of course this county will become a hot spot. Especially when you have people out buying trees when we are only supposed to be out buying the essentials.


What is wrong with buying trees? If it is available, why shouldn't you? Not that I am buying trees.


I do believe Garcon’s point was that going to a nursery to buy a tree means one isn’t staying home, Feel free to substitute any non-essential item into the sentence if that helps you understand the issue. For example, “when people are out buying Fourth of July decorations when we are only supposed to be out buying the essentials.”

Get it?


Here’s one that might be more relatable: “...when people are out buying back-up rosaries when we are only supposed to be out buying the essentials.”

See, there is nothing wrong with rosaries. The notion here is that one shouldn’t be out buying anything that is unnecessary. Like a spare rosary.


Trees can be harvested and used to make toilet paper which seems to be in short supply and in my neighborhood with neighbors (behind and across the street riding their annoying ATVs, I suddenly have a need for a better privacy screen to mitigate the noise and the fumes.


The Coronavirus Task Force Daily Press Conference is the new Trump Rally. DJ Trump did not say one truthful thing today. He makes up a new story every day to answer the questions of the Press they are not allowed to finish asking. He won’t let the Press ask the experts a direct question. Why are these folks up there every day humiliating themselves? Why does the Press keep attending these Sideshows, they know they won’t get an answer worth reporting to the Public? Let DJ Trump LIE to an empty room.


Hogan has started his campaign for President 2024.


Unless he becomes a democrat he wont win MD


Maybe, maybe not, he would be far better than Trump right now.


None of this would be occurring if US voters would have elected a qualified white man.

The Grape of Wrath

Dr, Dotard is now demonstrating his pathological liar tendencies. "I didn't know", "I was not told", "I did not hear" and "I did not see". These along with "WHO lied." and "The impeachment made me fail." Stay tuned for more.


The head of the WHO actually did lie and covered for the lies of the communist Chinese. If you are truly an FCPS principal, as biased and petulant as you are, please let us know where so I can make sure my kids never step foot in your school.


Thank you for pointing out that parents have choice in which public schools their children attend.


It's being reported as if it's a "cool thing" to be considered a hot zone. If people weren't so stupid and abide by common sense and precautions, this thing would be nixed quick.


There are 151 cases in Frederick County (7:15, April 7th). What stupidity or lack of common sense are you referring to?? .06% of the population? You speak like this is spreading like a wild fire. Check the data, and stop listening to the biased media. Think for yourself!


FBoard ... I speak like it's spreading like wildfire? You're either out of your mind or can't read. Read what I wrote ... it was in English. As for biased media, it certainly is ... especially an outlet like the FNP in recent years. As for thinking for myself, I do that daily. Unlike most posters on this sub-par news outlet, I'm very well educated and experienced in dealing with crisis.


Boarding, there are 151 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Frederick County. There are many, many more asymptomatic or presymptomatic people walking around. There are also many who have nothing more than cold symptoms. Lev is correct, many are still not taking this seriously. Unfortunately, they become a part of a chain where someone is hospitalized, or dies.


Unfortunately, they become a part of a chain where someone is hospitalized, or dies.....just as with the seasonal flu, a cold, or any other communicable disease.


I disagree about FC being a hot zone". The majority of the cases come from ONE nursing home. I understand the numbers are the numbers. But, is the county as a whole really a "hot zone"? I do not think so,


Habitual liar Trump falsely claims he 'inherited' the faulty coronavirus test. It was developed this year.

The Grape of Wrath

Correction: Pathological liar.


I stand corrected

Trump thrives off the un-informed.

I find it hard to believe so many people don’t understand what’s going on. Now, in less then 5 weeks - 12,000 deaths. China has a population four times the size of America but a quarter of the deaths. By the end of the week, we will exceed all nations in the number of fatalities. If you think the local jurisdiction - city, county or state, should have been in a position to address a pandemic, you have to be an idiot. And it’s not worth explaining why.

It’s simply not working.

I guess Trump isn’t quite a “Commander in Chief”. We will need to look to others to get use out of a pandemic crisis affecting 182 countries.

Trump has another deferred to his resume . ‘Missing in action in a national crisis’.

Would you like to see the White House memos to Trump in January and February predicting the catastrophe? Ignored by Trump. It’s all documented.


Oh, they know exactly what’s going on. They don’t care. As long as DJ Trump keeps hating Anyone of Color and LIBERALS a.k.a. DEMOCRATS they will defend him. Ask any RRR(RadicalRightRepublican) to list the reasons they support Donald John Trump. It was the ECONOMY, a list of one. Now it’s a list of none that they will admit to.


I am in disbelief reading this comment. “Missing in action in a national crisis?” Say what you will about Trump’s response, but “missing in action?” He has been giving lengthy press briefings every day and staying to answer as many questions as these reporters can think of. Every single day!!

Second, if you look at the models on which we based our economic shutdown, they have all proven to be far off. Either that means these shutdowns were unnecessary, or Trump and the governors have done an excellent job in lessening the impact from this virus. You can’t have it both ways. This is not the plague, as much as people seem to think it is. 3 deaths in Frederick County and we are a “hot spot?” Ha! All it takes is a little common sense to realize that this doesn’t quite pass the smell test.

In January, if you’ll remember, the Democrats in Washington were still conducting a ridiculous impeachment trial. Trump did, though, cut off travel from China back then, and was called a racist for it (by the same people who now say he didn’t act quickly enough).

In 2009 during the swine flu epidemic, 11,000 Americans died before Obama declared a national emergency. 60,000 Americans ended up dying from it. I wonder why not the same mass hysteria??


Your numbers are off. Only a little over 12,000 died in the U.S. and this was over the course of a year, April '09 - April '10. A public health emergency was declared about two weeks after the the first case was reported. A national emergency wasn't declared until months later. Your number of 60K is completely wrong. Check your sources again.


Yes, I actually did last night and realized these numbers I had heard were wrong and the 60k must have included normal flu deaths from that year. I tried editing my comment and apparently you can’t do that...I stand corrected and should have checked the numbers before I wrote them.


Your facts are incorrect. I'm tired of lies being pandered to protect such an inept human being. Obama's administration declared an emergency on April 26, 2009 prior to any US deaths. Between April 2009-April 2010, there were 12,469 deaths in the US due to H1N1. As of today, there are darn near 13,000 deaths in less than 3 months and those numbers are climbing considerably each day after the illegitimate president said we had 15 cases and those would magically disappear. Why is it so hard to see the sharpie writing on the wall?


Yes, I tried changing my comment last night and apparently can’t edit a comment. I should have verified before I are correct.

I think when you start typing “illegitimate president” (and the comment that I replied to referred to Trump as “missing in action,”) you are showing yourselves to be clouded and biased by your hatred of the man.

Look up quotes by Fauci in January- he also downplayed the idea that this would turn into a major problem for the US. From Sept to the end of January, the only thing the media and democrats were fixated on was impeachment.


I appreciate you for editing this comment (below) as you did [thumbup]


Why won’t white republicans governors protect their citizens?

Critical care physician Dr. Vin Gupta singled out Missouri for making poor decisions about the safety and security of the state.

Speaking on MSNBC Tuesday, Dr. Gupta said that Gov. Mike Parson (R-MO) for refusing to order a shutdown of the state.


Trump’s doing a better job exterminating Americans than Islamic terrorists and his base is thrilled


Trump’s SECNAV was forced to resign today because the crew publicly shamed him after he berated a respected white captain. Trump’s flip flops more than an Olympic gymnast.


It's amazing, how quick miracles happen...this clown says no stores are requiring face masks or gloves, I guess Walmart read his post and immediately issued everyone or required all to wear gloves and a mask.....and who told you MD has 250 million people, that simple Pres elect Sleepy Joe.....I will admit that Obama could have prevented the virus from affecting our military....he had almost closed our military down.....Obama didn't say anything to Trump at the sworn in ceremony, he was too busy consoling poor Hillary......


I'll have ranch dressing on my word salad. Thanks!


Statehood makes a response to a situation like this very difficult. The US is not Germany, South Korea, or Norway. We have states with governors who make the best decision based on their states conditions, it's like having multiple middle men. As much as I pride myself in being a Marylander, statehood should be done away with since it's such a hindrance to a national crisis.


Republicans now blaming low wage staff in long term care facilities for Covid-19 infestation they’ve been defunding for years. If it wasn’t for democrats nursing home staff would be making 7.25 an hour with no healthcare.

Republicans are silent on Covid


At least 5,000 firefighters across the U.S. are under quarantine because of the coronavirus.

Thank You Trump

Comment deleted.

You...can't be serious


Frederick County has 151 cases, out of population of 250 Million. How does that make it a hotspot? The state has 4371, out of a population of 6+ Million. The spread has slowed. While I disagree, the current state should remain for the majority of April. But the actual facts do not support the action being taken. Yes, this is serious. Yes, we should change many of the things that we have been doing. But keeping business shut-down is going to cause significantly more damage than the virus.


250,000 not 250 million


Your are correct! My error.


Math is hard.


Frederick County doesn’t have 250 million residents Russia only has 125 million


You should probably head back there


I totally agree, FBoard- there is so much lack of perspective and common sense in all of this. People hear “hot spot” and get scared without even taking a second to think about whether it makes sense.


Frederick, 250M? I stopped reading your comment after that.


I watched the governor's news conference and was shocked to see Fran Phillips, a trained physician and deputy director of the state health department, remove a mask she was wearing by sticking her finger inside the mask at her mouth and nose area and pulling it down to her neck. No wonder health care workers are getting sick if this is how they are trained to doff a mask.

PPE worn willy nilly is worse than no PPE and just using universal precautions such as social distancing, washing your hands, and keeping your hands away from you face.

Comment deleted.

How about its the Chinese that allowed the virus to impact the world by not permanently shutting down their wet markets. They have taken lessons from the bad side of capitalism and influence peddlers. Just goes to show that federal agencies like the CDC and FDA actually provide a useful service to all those who think that the federal government bureaucracy is worthless. How many more problems would we have without them and their regulations? It does get harder to social distance as long as people continue to grow the human population and thus force an increase in population density. Mother Nature might just be doing a little spring cleaning.


How very sad


It’s migrating to rural area including Hampshire County WV

Joey Pesto

Here is a start of businesses deemed unsafe: Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam's Club, Wegmans, Weis, Giant Eagle, all of which do not provide and require all their employees to wear a basic facemask, disposable gloves, and laboratory goggles/glasses. Can you imagine the risk each of those employees faces every day with hundreds or even thousands of customers coming in and out of their stores daily? Shame on them. Substantial multi-million dollar companies who should have made their employees safe from day one of this pandemic. Everyone needs to take note of those companies, banks, auto industry, etc. that take care of their employees and work with all of us to help us through these challenging financial times like the taxpayer did during the great recession.

Alice Jones

100% agree. Well written. Stay safe.


Can you provide any grocery stores that are deemed safe?


Common Market


They can't get those items. They're impossible to find and when they are available they go to the hospitals.


Costco has done a reasonably good job. They wipe down all cart handles and make those entering stay 6' of separation. They limit the number in the store to 500 and wipe down all checkouts after each use. The clerks at the exit door are behind large

transparent glass and you hold up your check out list for them to see. As far as the masks are concerned, they protect others, not the user. Can you name one other store doing as much?

Alice Jones

Wegmans does the same but I imagine the law of averages is not in their favor, or ours.

Yep, good question. There hasn’t been any nationally response until march 23rd and that was wanting. I guess private business should supersedes the national government directives, (if we had one). It’s all left up to states and local jurisdictions to fight a pandemic. The current administration has defaulted on taking the lead. There is plenty of shame to go around but the ”Commander in chief” has been hiding under his desk .

The incoming president, ‘Trump’ was briefed 7 days before his inauguration by the previous administration the potential of a pandemic. But he chose to illuminate the pandemic defense directive office in CDC. Now 3 1/2 years into his administration it’s others fault. The new guy, with no experience has run its course, the probationary period is over. When does he take responsibility for his actions rather than blaming others? Where is his plan? You are saying, Under the Trump administration Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam's Club, Wegmans, Weis, Giant Eagle, set their course rather then the government.


There are counties that haven't had 1 case, why do we need federal regulations? It should be up to the states and counties to set the standards

Alice Jones

We can have a long conversation about Fed and states rights but historically, in times of national crises, leadership comes from the fed. In this case, since 1600 has so miserably failed, states are taking the lead. So in that regard, yes, I get your point.


Taking your argument to its logical conclusion, then you must support any surrounding counties, states, etc. when they blockade any town, county etc. behaving in an irresponsible manner since it should be up to those governments to act as needed without federal interference. How well do you think that would work? How much information do you think stores have on who has entered their store while carrying the virus? Have you really thought your position through?

A pandemic? ‘Pan’ means all!

Like Trump, you think the pandemic should be at your door step before you take action.

Okay. Frederick County was just declared as a ‘hot zone’. That means the infectious numbers in the county are exceeding national numbers. It’s here.

Rbtdt5, Which counties in Maryland haven’t had a case?

No - all US states and territories have positive cases, all Americans have been affected. It’s now 2 months plus without a national response , too late to change the course, but even now, Trump is the wrong person to lead a coordinated response. He’s simply incompetent - doesn’t have the “where for all” to lead, totally irrelevant.

check out how widespread it is in America:


AW-our numbers are exceeding national numbers, so the county should put rules in place or have the state do it. The number of cases is still minimal at best.


AW - again if every county in the state has a case the state should take action. Does every county in the US? Is every state the same? And still very minimal numbers here


That's exactly what the states have been forced to do because of a void in federal leadership.


No Cheeto, it is what the states are mandated to do under our Federal form of government. If they become overwhelmed, then they call on the Federal government to back them up. There was an article in the FNP last week on why the President could not mandate a Federal policy for this. They could only issue guidelines for states to adopt, if they so chose. The President wanted to isolate the greater NYC area, but was unable to do so. Do you recall the stink that Gov. Cuomo raised about that, and also when other states refused to let cars with NY license plates into their states? Dr, Fauci understood this, and had CDC issue the guidance.


"Then I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president."


Thinking about it, it should be up to the stores. You don't think they are safe, don't go to them. If you think they should treat their employees better, don't support them. If the employees don't feel safe, quit.

Alice Jones

No where near that simple, rb. Not even close.


By what authority were these businesses "Deemed unsafe"? Is there an official government list of such businesses, or is this your opinion? The Governor has given local health departments authority to make such determinations, and even to close unsafe businesses...are you a spokesperson for the Frederick government agency?

Alice Jones

Made an apiary the other day, Mr. bkeepr. off topic but it's cool.

Alice Jones

I would imagine they are deemed unsafe when employees start dropping dead. Sad, but true. Amazon is the worst of them all. No regard for life.


And, Joey, what good do the gloves do? There is no information that Covid-19 is a skin contact hazard - that is to say absorbed through the skin?


People can contract and spread it by touching contaminated surfaces, then touching their face or other surfaces.


Yes, so again, what good do the gloves do? The gloves do not have magical disinfecting powers. I am suspect of anyone handing me anything while wearing gloves. Is that object contaminated in some fashion?

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