The state of Maryland can see "a much longer list" of non-essential businesses reopen starting Friday as Gov. Larry Hogan announced the state is ready to move to stage 2 of the Roadmap to Recovery. 

The state can move to that stage starting at 5 p.m. Friday, Hogan said during a press conference Wednesday. 

In stage 2, personal services like nail salons and tanning salons can open at 50 percent capacity, Hogan said. Face coverings are encouraged for all businesses that have face-to-face interactions, he added.

Businesses that can reopen include, but are not limited to: large and small retail shops, specialty vendors, wholesalers, warehouses, banks, real estate offices, travel agencies, auto dealers, tattoo parlors and showrooms, Hogan said.

Hogan said businesses should establish public health protocols, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the state's Health Department.

"Just because Marylanders can return to the office doesn't mean that they should. And employees who can telework should continue teleworking whenever possible, and safety must remain a top priority for every single business in our state," Hogan said.

State government will resume more operations starting Monday, Hogan said. That includes a transition back to more normal transit schedules and more child care centers reopening.

If trends stay the same, Hogan said the next step would be to open some outdoor amusement options. That also could include opening up more larger event spaces and lifting dining restrictions on bars and restaurants, according to the governor's Roadmap to Recovery.

He said gatherings of more than 10 people are still prohibited, but that many states including Maryland, have not enforced that in recent days and weeks.

"It's still not really safe to be gathering with more than 10 people closely together, but most people are not following that ... I think every state still has it in place and nobody is following it," Hogan said.

He encouraged young protesters statewide, who likely are in groups of more than 10, to get tested for the coronavirus.

"I would also encourage particularly a lot of the young people out there in that crowd to just be careful," Hogan said. "I wouldn't be hugging grandma until you get that test."

Heidi Keeney, a spokesperson for Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner, said Gardner will hold a news briefing Thursday or Friday to discuss the county's plans regarding Hogan's announcement.

Steve Bohnel is the county government reporter for the Frederick News-Post. He can be reached at He graduated from Temple University, with a journalism degree in May 2017, and is a die-hard Everton F.C. fan.

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Read the democrat bad mouthing Gov Hogan......I will say this, Not once did I ever hear Gov Hogan demand anything from us.....the statement he made that I remember was "No one will be arrested for disobeying the guidlines......only be issued a stupid, check what other gov were doing thinking they were kings and Queens......Hogan was looking out for us Marylanders......

Greg F

Well, if you made it this far, good for you. Many didn't. Many still have what they caught back in March or earlier and still aren't over it. Many have gotten very sick near death and came back...some don't notice a thing wrong. This is an interesting read on those who caught it and still have it months later.


Thank you, Your Benevolent Little Emperor, granting, out of your mercy, us the privilege of taking another step to get back to earning a living. We cannot express how grateful we are for having such a wonderful, caring, all gracious father like you as our merciful, benevolent guardian and you as the source of our permission to live.


“Were I a poet I wouldn’t allow Nero to go unavenged. I know something about the melancholy of mad emperors. Without the likes of Nero, the deaths of empires lack style, decadence is uninteresting.” - E.M. Cioran from ‘Tears and Saints’ Translated by Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston. University of Chicago Press. 1995 p. 97 /// But really, Hogan an emperor? He is a common developer, with eyes on a trillion dollar highway/toll system.

Greg F

I'm gonna guess you applied for the emporer's assistance funding or those that the orange guy said were available or unemployment that was available even for gig empoyees.


What is your problem? Are you a Trump cult member?


Wonder what Queen Wuhan Jan will allow?


If the government was really serious about people staying home and keeping the curve flat, they would crush the protests with brutal force. Obviously, they realize there was an overreaction to Covid-19 in terms of lock downs, we went above and beyond to flatten the curve as a society and it seems like it's slowly going away.


Crush the protests with brutal force. Ever heard of Kent State? And flattening the curve doesn't mean we're out of the woods with Covid-19. Who will you blame when round 2 of it comes? This isn't a red vs blue issue. It only has become so because of the orange-haired one. He only cares about himself. Too many people have fallen for his lies and twisting of the truth. Dealing with Covid-19 properly is one of the most important things we will ever deal with. Death is final. The 107K citizens who have died won't be coming back.


When round 2 of the virus comes the protests will very much be blamed, and how can you really argue with that? The other day healthcare workers in NYC were outside applauding the protesters, the same healthcare workers which were pleading with people to stay home just a couple weeks ago. If lives really matter, many more like you have stated die because of the virus than because of death at the hands of cops. Now is the time of common sense.


I guess there is a risk calculus: suffer the effects of Covid-19, or help put an end to the suffering of blacks at the hands of some overzealous law enforcement officers.

Greg F

Tedsr...I was thinking that same thing...."four dead in ohio." SMDH.


It's an intended peaceful protest with merit. Several dictators of the past crushed these.


Not during a global pandemic.

Greg F

Anniversary of Tienanmen Square...coincidental.


Peaceful protest are fine, but how do you reconcile the chant "No justice no peace?" The justice system takes a long time. What will the continued protests accomplish? Those who really want justice and peace should protest during the day and go home at night. Better than protesting (or in addition to protesting), all those who protest should write their politicians at all the levels and demand changes by the politicians or they will change the politicians through the polls. Any politician that gets enough of those letters will have to make changes or risk losing their cherished position.


COVID-19 is not gone. That’s exactly what they thought when it diminished in 1918. They got complacent and it came back and killed millions. It is on the rise already in the South where it’s impact was slight. The vast majority of the U.S. population has not been infected visibly, we can only guess at the number. But it is millions. We will hope for the best but we must plan for the worst, and we are not doing that.


Were you in favor of crushing those "protesters" with brutal force who stormed the Michigan legislature?


I'm not in favor of crushing any protests, merely pointing out the government making exceptions for them during a pandemic implies the lack of severity of the pandemic.


Just one major difference....we’re they rioting? We’re they looting? We’re they destroying private property? We’re they desecrating memorials? Guess not.


"we're" is the contraction for "we are". You're looking for the word "were".


There's a difference between protesting, and rioting. You're referring to the latter which of course needs to be addressed swiftly by law enforcement.

The "protesters" against stay-at-home orders in Michigan were threatening Gov. Whitmer and state legislators while wielding weapons. All because they were annoyed by a state directive; which is an abomination of the 2nd Amendment. 2A provides gun ownership for the purpose of self-defense. D.C. vs Heller states this. A person has the right to own a gun to protect himself or herself, family, and property. That's about it. Armed rebellion is definitely not covered by the 2A, unless the government strikes first, then it is self defense.


The fact that many of them were carrying firearms was frightening. A spark could have created a bloodbath.


Or perhaps it is subsiding because of the lockdowns. Watch out for a new surge in cases because of carelessness.


Protests alone in its nature would be carelessness in regards to spreading the virus. Not getting into reason or purpose for a specific protest.


Still waiting for that big surge after spring break, the big surge after Mother's Day, the big surge after Memorial Day, and the big surge after the Lake Of The Ozarks pool party and I'll be looking for the big resurgence in the fall.[ninja]


Jury is still out on Memorial Day outings, FL is seeing some local spikes so that could be due to spring break. Big spikes weren't seen after the lock down protests in MI, WI, etc., which is encouraging. If the current protests don't cause a spike, I would think something fundamental has changed with the transmissible aspects of the virus, or with the virus itself.


Yep, vodalone, I was thinking the same thing. There is an article here on the FNP website about massive testing in China and very few positives - if China is to be believed. [ninja]

Greg F

There is a point of diminishing returns both ways. The point was when more people died of suicide or by not getting in to doctors for treatments they could not do in the current/past situation. When thousands are getting sick, not just dying, there is no rationale to open up and force people, if they didn't die from this, to pass on to so many who would, or who would end up with lifetime disabilities from it (there have been serious leftover impacts if one did not die...holes in lungs, brain damage, personality disorders, confusion, and more) and the mountain of bills any patients may face when or if they got out to cure what could have been prevented by staying the he11 home. We have one orange moron to thank for declaring the whole thing a "democratic hoax" and tearing up the 69 page plan for pandemic preparedness and disbanding the response team as well, and also flouting any sense of presenting himself as a leader of preventative measures vs one who thinks he was immune (and thus not wearing a mask, ever, in public...or anywhere anybody is aware of) and went off on wild ideas of injecting chemicals and taking quack and unproven cures and even who has gone so far as to defund W.H.O. and hold of on involving producers of PPE way back when they were begging for help. So...Donnie Damage now puts in that brute force and goes out for a photo op once he realized hiding in the basement wasn't presenting well. Hmm...


Take the politics and cause of protests out of it, and based on pure data and science gatherings of large people together is helping the virus spread. Doesn't matter if its BLM or RW MAGA supporters.

In other words, “take the pot off the stove before it burns down the house”. Clearly, clearing Lafayette Square violently, of peaceful protesters, then marching up to a church with his cronies all “locked in step“. St Johns parishioners was in the mist of serving the protesters and didn’t want his assistance. Did I mention he held ‘bible, above his head? Followed by his cronies posing for a photo op. That isn’t democratic leadership. That’s authoritarianism.

Not a good move, especially in the middle of a national social crisis. It only turned up the divisiveness. The pot is boiling over.

Followed by building a “wall” around the ‘People’s House’.


awteam - Okay, great. You done? I'm speaking about the spread of the virus, the political issues are beside the point. I could be very well talking about the MAGA people in MI a few weeks back. I think it's encouraging those protests didn't start some huge spike in cases in MI, WI, etc. I hope the current protests don't either. Maybe it suggests as some Italian researchers have said that Covid-19 is weakening or losing its potency, which happens to viruses when they are extremely contagious at the beginning and burn themselves out.


Just wait until a little over a week from now and see the “spike” then back to square one! And guess what...Martyr Floyd had coronavirus when he was killed. Wonder if his death will be counted in the stats?


We will be at phase/stage 3 by the last week of June as we get nearer to July 4th and that is the $$$ maker for many counties... just listen to Hogan yesterday dance around his comments and answers to questions - the CEs wanted the power and the clout - now act like leaders and open up the counties again.... it is funny no one is going after protestors and rioters for breaking the rules of the pandemic, but if a local business dares to defy a CE - well say hello to the authorities.


Wait and see what tomorrow brings with the “protest” in Frederick tomorrow. Social distancing? Masks? How much coronavirus will be spread with all the yelling tomorrow?


It has been amusing to watch conservatives all across the US blame the nearest liberal they can find for restrictions while deflecting all blame from fellow conservatives. I mean, they aren't even pretending to be honest about it. The President is conservative so they will blame a liberal governor. If their governor is liberal they will blame a county executive. If they are liberal then the health person gets blamed. Weird.


It has been amusing to watch liberals all across the US blame the nearest conservative they can find for the pandemic while deflecting all blame from fellow liberals. I mean, they aren't even pretending to be honest about it. [lol][lol][lol][lol]


Just depends on whose ox is getting gored!


So right. [lol][ninja]


Trump may not be guilty for the pandemic, he is guilty of downplaying the seriousness and not coordinating at a federal level which has caused many more deaths than what could have happened.


Possibly true, we'll never know for sure, but he took heat from some when he banned travel from China. I wonder if a democrat was in office if it would have been done as quickly? Again, we'll never know. Both political parties have plenty of blame coming to the. I wish they'd both grow up and start acting responsibly.


Again, not true Dick. The President cannot dictate how the States should handle health issues within their states. As I said before, remember when DJT tried to quarantine the greater NYC metro area, but was hammered by those governors for proposing it, stating that he has no legal authority to do so, and they would file suit if he did? It is up to the governors to handle such matters, and ask the Federal government for assistance if the State can no longer handle it. That is exactly how FEMA is supposed to work. The Feds are the back-up, not the primary. Mayor Bill DiBlasio is responsible for the death toll in NYC after he urged all New Yorkers to resume their daily lives despite the raging early outbreak of COVID-19 in New Rochelle NY, a commuting suburb of NYC where everyone takes mass transit into the city. Next, the virus doesn't magically appear in a victim, so a victim had to come into contact with a carrier. If folks stayed home as their governors told them, it would have greatly slowed transmission. Did folks stay home?


DickD....didn't Pelosi downplay the virus in her famous hug and kiss tour of Chinatown in late February? Had she been listening to the state of the union address instead of pre-tearing the pages for her standing rip up at the conclusion, she might have heard about the virus.

WHO declared there was no channce of human-to-human transmission of the virus on January 14 and Trump closed the border to travel from China on January 29 after only one death in the US and to calls of xenophobia from Biden and racism from the usual suspects.

What would you have done differently based on the information at hand?



Bosco, as with any good weaselly mouthed politician, Biden did not directly tie the statement of xenophobia with Trump's travel ban. However the timing of the statements make it suspect as to the intent which was probably to tie the two together.

From ( "The White House press office said Trump’s claim is supported by a tweet Biden posted Feb. 1, the day after the Trump administration announced travel restrictions on people who were in China 14 days prior to their attempted entry into the United States.

Biden tweeted: “We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.”

But Biden did not explicitly tie xenophobia to the travel restriction. His tweet reflects coronavirus remarks he made during a campaign stop in Iowa Jan. 31, the day the travel restrictions were announced.

Biden said: “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, and fear-mongering to lead the way instead of science.”

Biden again used the word “xenophobic” in March — once at a press conference and once in response to a Trump tweet. In the first, Biden was criticizing Trump for labeling coronavirus a “foreign” virus. In the second, it’s not clear whether Biden’s use of the word was in direct reference to the travel restriction.

During a March 12 press conference Biden said, the United States should not be overly dismissive of the outbreak, “but neither should we panic or fall back on xenophobia, labeling COVID-19 a foreign virus does not displace accountability for the misjudgments that have been taken thus far by the Trump administration.”"

While I'm not a fan of Trump (I haven't been a fan of most of our recent presidents), I disagree with the statesman's article's ultimate assessment of the "fact" being mostly false. I'd say when considering the intent, the fact is mostly correct. For something like a potential pandemic, you can wait for all of the facts to come in. By that time it is probably too late and at the very least you'd have more lives that would have been lost that the deaths could have been avoided with early decisive action. If the democrats were in power, they may have done testing earlier (good), but restricted travel later (bad). So I don't believe either party comes out of this with clean hands (pun intended). Their political ways have helped spread the virus more than needed to have been and the economic impacts would probably have been less with faster action earlier on.


When you consider all the protests and violence is in blue cities in deep blue states with Governors that say “let them play”.


It would be great if we had a permanent recommendation that states if you can work from home 3 days a week, please do so. If you can bike, roller blade or walk to a nearby destination, that's the best! Help save our environment. Not just during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Why would they need a recommendation for that? You do realize a recommendation isn't a law, right?


Francesca_easa - Nothing prevents the public from doing their part to protect the environment from their actions except they put personal priorities over global priorities. For example, how many people choose to have children thus contributing to climate change versus those who try to reduce their carbon footprint before adding to it by having children? Maybe we do need regulations on the behavior of the public or at least not fund their private choices that are bad for the planet and other species.


Staying home should have been an option not the rule. Use of Ppe, distancing , heightened cleaning etc mandatory.


I thought we where in stage 3 already. No issue with protester's no social distancing and chanting...but Jan says we can't sing in church. Hypocrites all of them.

Greg F

I’m sure your Jenus will protect you...after all the virus is fake and Jenus is real, according to most xtians in the Oval Office and GOP senate. Trust them.


So are you or are you not going out these days? Please stay home if that is best or you. We were told we are all going to get it, just need to make sure the curve is flat. We have done that.

Greg F

Jebus...stupid autocorrect.


Actually Jan didn't say people can't sing in church. That is a recommendation from the Governor. Get your facts straight. Jan shares the Governor's rules and recommendations so people know them. Go on the county webpage and read the information!


That is really a recommendation by the Federal and the CDC.


Baloney. I read the executive order, which she put in for Frederick County and it is not anywhere in Hogan's executive order.


"Religious leaders must enforce the seven-foot distance rule between family groups and individuals at places of worship, occupancy must be limited to 50 percent, temperatures must be taken of congregants at the entrance and there must be no singing or hymns or songs, Gardner said. Congregants must also wear face coverings, she added."


Jan is great.


Singing INSIDE is VERY risky and is based on Scientific data collected so far as we learn more about this virus. Outdoor transmission OTOH has been found to be low, though gathering in huge groups in close proximity is also NOT a good idea and could be very risky


Music is very dangerous indeed. Hell, look what folk rock did in the 70’s. Stopped the wonderful war in Vietnam


Oh it's one, two, three, four, what are we fightin' the first on your block to have your boy come home in a box......[ninja]


Shouting and singing are forms of more forceful exhalation.[thumbup] Unfortunately, grandma still wants to hug you, maybe wants to march beside you, because you learn as you age you don't feel any more vulnerable. You just feel like you. Silly grandma.




Enclosed area.


Your fellow churchgoers appreciate you not being allowed to sing at services.


Your fellow churchgoers.

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