With the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly, Gov. Larry Hogan declared Tuesday the cavalry is on the way.

At an afternoon press conference from the State House, Hogan and some of the state's top medical leaders outlined plans to distribute the highly anticipated COVID-19 vaccine, with the first doses possibly arriving in Maryland as soon as Monday.

Front-line health care workers and the residents and staff of nursing homes would be first in line to receive the initial batch of 155,000 doses from drug manufacturers Pfizer and Moderna, which have been shown through clinical trials to be more than 94 percent effective and could receive emergency-use authorization from the FDA later this week.

Hogan said the state would continue to receive more vaccine each successive week, and as many as 300,000 doses could be administered in the state by the end of the year.

But it will take months before the vaccine is widely available to the general public.

It will be administered in two doses, with the booster shot coming three weeks later for the Pfizer vaccine and four weeks later for Moderna's. Hogan said the state will have enough supply to account for both doses.

After front-line health providers and nursing home staff and residents receive shots, first responders, essential workers and those most at risk to severe illness will be next in line. 

The Maryland Department of Health issued an emergency order Tuesday that allows any licensed health care provider with the proper training and supervision to administer the vaccine. That includes doctors, nurses, paramedics and pharmacists.

"This is by far the most massive undertaking by far of this pandemic," Hogan (R) said.

The vaccine news was delivered on a day when Maryland reported more than 2,000 new COVID-19 infections for the eighth consecutive day, including a record spike of 3,792 cases last Friday.

Maryland reported more than 50 deaths Tuesday for the first time since May 22 and its highest number of coronavirus-related hospitalizations (1,653) since May 9. The number of patients in intensive care (396) reached its highest level since June 7.

Elected leaders expect the numbers to get worse over the duration of the holiday season.

"It's critical we continue to fight this virus with everything we've got," Hogan said.

Clinical trials have shown the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to be effective in preventing severe cases of COVID-19 in nearly all cases and with few or no side effects.

The most common side effects were experienced one or two days after receiving the shot, according to Dr. Jinlene Chan, the acting deputy secretary for public health at the Maryland Department of Health. They included mild fever, headaches, pain at the site of the injection, as well as muscle and joint aches.

"This shows the vaccine is working," Chan said of the side effects. "The body's immune [system] was responding to be able to produce protective antibodies that would ultimately protect that individual from getting the disease itself."

Chan said it's unclear how long immunity provided from the vaccines will last and whether it is safe for children. Clinical trials only involved adults, and more testing will be necessary to determine whether it is safe for young kids.

It is also unclear whether people will need to continue to get immunized year after year, Chan said.

"Our vaccination effort will continue until all Marylanders that want a vaccine receive it," she said.

In order to improve public confidence in the vaccine, Hogan and Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford pledged to receive their shots publicly.

The Frederick County Health Department is currently conducting an anonymous survey that asks people if they intend to receive the vaccine. Results could be announced sometime next week.

"We are going to engage people in every community to try and help with that convincing [about safety]," Hogan said. "We have got to convince people to do it or we are not going to be able to stop the spread."

Hogan said he had no intention of requiring anyone to take the vaccine. 

"But we are going to do everything we can to encourage," he said.

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I meant all you said was beyond comprehension of a few characters on here.


I'll just put this here: https://news.yahoo.com/former-israeli-space-security-chief-135211193.html


Awteam2000, you must be kidding. Have you seen any other comments by these people before? Their boy lost by a mile and Biden will be president; it's too much for their belief system to deal with. Trump and the vaccine? Two vaccine companies gave Trump the finger and didn't show up because he is not remotely a part of any of it. Don the Con is facing a world of hurt out of office and he knows it. Also, Biden won by a mile.


Jth7100, not sure what I said, but I entirely agree with you.


The Coronas have gotten way too political. All these politicians screwing with it. That’s why we’re losing the battle here in America the United states.

Wersh your handz. Ware your masks. And pretend you love your spouse


Nobody knows the long term side effects of this vaccine. If you're over 60 or 65, in poor health, obese, etc. I guess the benefits of taking this vaccine early outweigh the risk. For everyone else it should be a wait and see approach at least until summer which will mark about one year from when clinical trails in humans started.



We still don't know all of the long-term side-effects from COVID, but as we learn they are pretty bad. I would rather take my chances with the vaccine than getting COVID.


Can’t be any worse than these energy drinks!


I hope these aren't batches he is flying in from Korea.....


Health care workers are among the first scheduled for the vaccine. I hope these are done on rolling basis. With the side effects mirroring the flu in some test recipients, workers might not feel up to showing up for their shift the next day. Who will cover them?


Thanks, President Trump. If it were not for your leadership the vaccine would still be three years away. Well done.


pdl; you do realize that Pfizer did NOT take government money for this. It has zero to do with Trump.



Not only that, but he under-ordered the Pfizer vaccine by half.


Agreed pdl, 100%! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


There you go CD - put some of that Trump salve on your guilt for supporting a president that doesn't give a care about America. Keep sending him money to pay off his upcoming legal bills.


Still with the salve line I see, huh hay? Well, after all you've been using for the last four years, I guess if anyone knows about it you'd be the one.



Marks can't even tell they are being grifted right up until the end.


Um...sure. Whatever you say.


Pdl603, You should also give a “shout-out” to the commitment by genetic technology researchers over many years that has led to these potential vaccines. Specially synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) research, a variation on the natural substance that directs protein production in cells throughout the body.




Trump had nothing to do with the vaccines. At all.


There you go pdl - put some of that Trump salve on your guilt for supporting a president that doesn't give a care about America. Keep sending him money to pay off his upcoming legal bills.




He did all that while playing golf and watching Faux News pdl?..lpl


so tired of seeing hogins face and name every day


I'm not a big Hogan fan, but he is handling the pandemic very well, and I trust him to organize vaccine distribution. Rupublicans: Please pick someone competent and decent - like Hogan - in 2024. I beg you not to pick Trump or one of his spawn.


Yeah, it was wasn’t like before the pandemic the country was thriving. I still don’t understand how anybody could vote for going back to the malaise that Obama said was the new normal.


pdl; apparently you are unaware that GDP growth under Trump was about the same as under Obama. But I expect you to be unaware of such things.


Feel free to thank Obama was pulling the country out of a Republican crested recession and then handing a robust economy to that incompetent orange moron to destroy.


Boy dufus5x, you've really out done yourself with that clueless crack. Here, check this out. I picked it just for you because it has lots of pictures. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-45827430 You may note the the only downturns for Trump were a result of a virus that originated in China, and the strong economy he created is returning to it's pre-virus levels.


CD; the GDP growth, the change in unemployment and inflation rate were unchanged under Trump after Obama. Though Trump did grow the debt faster.


I voted for him twice, but never again. It was reported little here at the Frederick Nonews-Post, Uncle Fester wasted 10's of MILLIONS of $$$ when he purchased testing kits from South Korea. Then ranted about how instrumental Yumi was in closing the deal from her birth county. One little problem, THEY DID NOT WORK! Recently it was reported that reliable testing kits could have been purchased domestically. That manufacture had offered the test kits at a price point that was lower than SK. Uncle Fester was hell bend on purchasing from SK regardless of price and/or reliability.


Why the new handle jersey? Did you apply for a life membership in QAnon yet?


And the media went mum on the issue. And hogin went silent too


So, you throw in an ad hominem about a man whose appearance was altered by chemotherapy, and is a cancer survivor? How classy! Shame on you.


Wow, such a classy and mature comment. Come on girlpolitic.




[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] three. Hogan has done a great job during his tenure.




I think Republicans should pick Trump. With the current Republican cult no other Republican can win a primary

And that's good because Independents, a few Republicans and Democrats will never vote for a jail bird. Which is what Trump will be in 2024.


Then simply don't look at the article and and don't follow him.


Plumbum simply isn't happy unless she's whining about something......anything!


So like you, you mean?


OK Mr. Sunshine.


And yet another, well thought out, highly intelligent comment from our very own dufus5x. [lol][lol][lol]

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