While American students studying abroad spent the last few weeks scrambling to return home amid growing concerns over the coronavirus, Alessandro Mameli has been focused on staying put.

Mameli, a 17-year-old from Sardinia, Italy, has spent the last eight months living in Frederick County with a host family and attending Oakdale High School. He came here on a program through EF Exchange — a company that places international high school students with U.S. families for cultural exchange opportunities.

Mameli has spent the last few months improving his English language skills, learning about American culture and getting involved with activities at Oakdale High such as joining the tennis team.

When the coronavirus began to spread around the globe in early March, EF advised its host families and students that the company would make arrangements for students to return home if they wished.

But by that point, the virus had already put Italy into nationwide lockdown, and Mameli, his parents in Italy and his U.S. host family decided it was best for him to stay in Frederick.

But then EF changed its stance. On March 19, an email was sent to all host families alerting them that EF would begin making arrangements for all students to return home — including those from Italy.

Amanda Braun, Mameli’s “host mom,” said she couldn’t understand the decision and that the whole experience has been frustrating.

“This is a no-brainer to me. You don’t put thousands of children on planes ... to everywhere in the world right now,” she said.

In the email, EF said families could apply for an exception for the student to remain in the United States if they feel there are extenuating circumstances. On EF’s website, extenuating circumstances are defined as “those that would be of significant risk to the safety or well-being of the student should they return to their home.”

Braun said she immediately applied for an exception for Mameli to stay due to the conditions in Italy.

“We [applied] but more or less they [EF] don’t care about the exceptions. ... EF started booking all these students flights, even though we applied for an exception,” Braun said.

Mameli is booked on a flight for Thursday to Rome, even though he, his parents, and his host family all feel he should stay in the United States.

“I’m sad about this situation. I didn’t expect the company to make me return this early,” Mameli said. “My parents did not want me to come back, but now they are being forced from the company. I would rather just stay here.”

Not only are Mameli and Braun concerned that he could contract the virus by traveling, they are also concerned about how he will make it home to Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy.

All ferries have been suspended and Alitalia, Italy’s national flight carrier, has guaranteed flights to Sardinia only through March 25, a day before Mameli arrives in Rome. According to Braun, EF is guaranteeing only that students make it to their home country, not to their actual home.

“His parents did book him a flight [to Sardinia] that evening ... but we aren’t even sure if he can get there,” Braun said. “I’ve relayed all this information to EF. ... They are pressuring everybody into being forced to get on the plane.”

EF has provided information and answers on the website to questions regarding their decision. According to the website, EF is asking students to return home because many countries have urged for their citizens to return and there is uncertainty surrounding many student’s host family situations and later travel possibilities.

“We no longer feel it is appropriate to ask our host families to continue to host during this uncertain and stressful time,” the website reads. “Additionally, restrictions to both domestic and international travel are being implemented regularly, and we do not know what additional restrictions in the future could prevent our students from traveling home.”

Braun said that she understands some families may be hit harder by the pandemic than others, but that she and her husband are in a stable situation to continue providing for Mameli.

“This isn’t a burden. This is me protecting the student that is signed up to take care of. ... I assured EF that we both have an income, it’s guaranteed, it’s not going away. ... His life here would continue, just in a different way,” Braun said.

Mameli also said that EF told her Mameli could lose his visa status and health insurance if he stays in the United States. Braun said she understands but feels the company is not focusing on the safety of students.

She is certain there is a bigger liability for EF making students travel at this time.

“You have the WHO, the CDC, you have our government and every other government saying don’t travel,” Braun said. “Thousands of kids in this program are flying and are going to be in contact with the virus that are going to bring it home and somebody is going to get sick and somebody will die. I full-heartedly believe that.”

Mameli agreed and said he is concerned about getting the virus and spreading it to his parents, who are both health care workers over 50.

As of Tuesday, Braun said EF had denied her application for Mameli to stay in the States. When asked why she was told by an EF employee that exceptions are being offered only in extreme circumstances, such as if the student’s family in their home country had COVID-19.

A spokesperson for the company told The News-Post that they are “strongly encouraging” students to go home but that no one is being forced and students have the option to stay. When asked why Mameli was denied an exception, the spokesperson said the company was unable to comment on specific cases.

A member of EF’s communications team also provided a statement, the last paragraph of which read, “While we are saddened by this abrupt goodbye, we believe we are making the best decision for our exchange students and host families and we are encouraged by the cross-cultural bonds that were built and that will last a lifetime.”

Braun said she has no choice but to put Mameli on the plane, but she is hoping U.S. airports get shut down over the next few days, which would force EF to allow Mameli to stay.

“We’re taking it day by day, because there’s nothing else we feel like we can do,” she said.

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If a host family were to lose their jobs during they would become ineligible to host the student. The organization would need to find and screen a new host family. (Department of State has rules they have to abide by.) How disruptive this would be for a student.

The virus is spreading here too. If a student were to contract the virus here, dont you think his/her parents would want to be close to their child. As a host parent of a student who returned home just a few days ago, I would think refusing to take a student to the airport and keeping them after the visa has expired could jepardize future entry to the US. I am grateful I didnt resist and cause more fear and anxiety for my student.

Hosting with EF has been a rewarding experience. We feel well supported and the staff has been amazing through all of this. Thanks to EF we have children and extended family is several countries including Italy.

We love them just like they are our own and we will miss them.

You have to trust that it will all work out in the end.

EF is not the Enemy.


Its the marxists all or nothings who have a biotry towards euro americans. Them awfulpeople who just brought us the language we speak, flight, the combustion engine, harnessed electricity, them little neat phones we take for granted, the tax base for all them welfare programs, etc etc. CHeers


Perhaps the host parents can contact their representatives in Washington? Reducing exposure and flattening the curve are definitely national priorities right now. Sending exchange students “home” to countries all over the world certainly violates all of the advice from the CDS and the WHO.


This would be insane if true. The EF facts were not checked. If this seems illogical to you that everyone is so heartless is because it is. I do not work for EF, but please know that he is getting taking care of. What poor journalism!


"Braun said she has no choice but to put Mameli on the plane, but she is hoping U.S. airports get shut down over the next few days, which would force EF to allow Mameli to stay."

Ms. Braun, you do have a choice. Forget visas and red tape and scolding from a private enterprise focused on bottom line and liability. What you need to consider first is what is in the best interest of this young man's health, and second, how you will live with your decision.


This is a reckless, outrageous decision, there is no reason for this young man to be forced to return to Italy at this time. Please keep the community informed on this situation.


This is great journalism. And if ever there was a time to break the rules, it's right now. With the parents consent through a video call, tell that morally bankrupt organization to go fly a kite and keep that kid here.

dancing donna

Just stay put. There are times to break stupid rules and this is one of them IF the both the host parents AND the parents in Italy are in agreement. Clearly, this organization, like many, are fearful of liability and also have never been faced with situations as this. Document who the rep was that the FNP spoke to that said "no one is forced to leave and that it was voluntary". Host family: try to contact this rep from the organization. International flights should have been cancelled long ago. This continuation of cruises and flights are much of the reason we are in the position we are in currently. If I were you, I would keep the young man put and make it clear his parents want this too. Certainly his parents have contacted the organization and voiced this. Impress on them the higher risk through travel. In some situations, we have to be the wise decision makers when those around us are not.




Exactly, nobody is going to come and throw him on a plane. Not now, he is low priority. ICE is way too busy and the Italian government has no pull.


This doesn't make sense. This organization should be investigated for this, send a kid back to his country but can't say he will actually get back to his home??? Another thing that makes no sense to me. Just like letting all the people in NY just leave and go wherever they want to spread the virus.


I hope the FNP keeps us updated on this. If the host family needs any financial help to keep him here on their own, and then pay for his flights when it's safe, maybe there is a place where we could send donations.

The Grape of Wrath

What a bunch of stupid mofus running that organization. Fire them all. Everyone needs to stay put for now. Every family is connected to their children through Facetime and similar apps. Ground all the planes.


An absolutely thoughtless decision. This young man is safe now so keep him that way. Even his parents who haven't seen him for eight months want him to stay safe in the United States. To send this young man back to Italy without even confirming that he could make it all the way home is reprehensible.


Its the all or nothing marxists. Frankly they show a bigotry towards Euroamericans who onl brought us things like Flight, the automobile, Saturn 5 Rocket, harnessed elctrcity, the copper wires to bring it, micro processors, the tax money for welfare, etc etc.


What a shame. We allow criminals and repeat flouters of our Federal Immigration law stay and are aided by the courts...and yet this young man is from Italy and so they punish him. Priceless. Cheers

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