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Syringes filed with doses of Moderna vaccine are prepared on a table of a downtown Frederick pop-up COVID-19 clinic recently.

Frederick County’s COVID-19 positivity rate is trending downward as nearly one-third of the local population reached full-vaccination status over the weekend.

Slightly more than 81,200 Frederick County residents, or 31.3 percent of the population, were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Sunday, up from about 71,500 in a week, the county’s website showed.

The county’s seven-day positivity rate stood at 4.2 percent Sunday, down from 6.2 percent the week before. Maryland’s rate was 4.76 percent, a decrease from 5.61 one week ago, Maryland Department of Health data shows.

In the county, there have been 19,304 COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began — up from 19,088 the week prior — and 310 deaths, an increase of 10 from one week ago, as of Sunday’s reporting. Maryland had confirmed 443,257 cases and 8,475 deaths.

Gov. Larry Hogan tweeted Sunday the state had reached approximately 4.35 million vaccinations. On average, 65,013 shots are going into arms each day in Maryland, he said, down from 65,135 the week prior. About 58 percent of adult Marylanders have received at least one shot, Hogan said, up from 52.9 percent one week prior.

Approximately 41.6 percent, or 108,091 Frederick County residents, had received the first dose, up from 37.7 percent last week, according to Frederick County’s website.

Those that have received the second dose comprise 26.6 percent (69,123 people), up from 23 percent in one week. About 4.7 percent of Frederick County residents received the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, or 12,096 people, up from 4.6 percent in a week.

Most Marylanders are getting the two-shot vaccines, while 180,584 people had the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine as of April 24, state data showed. There were 1,835,942 Maryland residents fully vaccinated, up from 1,601,331 the week prior.

Hispanic residents have contracted 13.5 percent of local cases, though Hispanic or Latino people make up about 10.5 percent of the county’s population, according to the most recent U.S. Census data. They represent 3.7 percent of deaths.

Black residents represented 10.3 percent of cases and 11.1 percent of deaths, while Black or African American people make up approximately 10.7 percent of the county’s population. Asian residents had 1.5 percent of the county’s cases and 0.6 percent of deaths, while they represent about 5 percent of the local population. White residents, which make up about 80.7 percent of Frederick County, represent 74.3 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the county and 52.9 percent of cases.

COVID-19 patients occupied five intensive care unit beds and 22 acute care beds at Frederick Health Hospital as of Sunday’s report. Across the state, 1,145 Marylanders were hospitalized.

Inside local congregate living facilities, 314 staff and 294 residents contracted COVID-19. Sixty-eight residents died. There were no staff deaths as of Sunday.

Clarification: This story has been updated to clarify the percentage of COVID-19 cases and deaths among white residents in Frederick County.

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Unfortunately, the county may be running out of Democrats to vaccinate.


I plan on wearing a mask in stores for some time still. Here's the thing; the way this stuff works means that you have to stomp it out thoroughly or it will just return. As a country we have failed at this over and over since this pandemic started.


Once we hit that mark of everyone having received a vaccine who wanted one, masks are coming off. There will be no justification for authorities to mandate them. If you still want to wear one fine, but by that time you'll be like looking like a doofus or hinting that you're not vaccinated.


Speaking of doofus, wonder how long Hidin' Biden will wear a mask?


Yea I don't understand why he's still wearing a mask, it's virtual signaling I guess. Essentially everyone he comes across is vaccinated.


It also helps to muffle whatever he says so that Psaki can walk it back later.


This year’s data on flu has persuaded me to wear a mask next winter when in indoor, public spaces.


How about a flu shot and then you can smile at folks?


Are you suggesting that everyone who gets a flu shot never gets the flu?

I get a flu shot every year. A flu shot and a mask are more effective than a flu shot and no mask, wouldn’t you agree?


Not at all. In fact I never got a flu shot until I turned 50 and Mrs Bosco suggested it was time. Had the flu once in around 1973, never after that, so I never felt the need. My physician said I probably had a strong immunity from 1973. I don't get colds or sore throats either.

I also practice good handwashing and other sanitation practices to break the chain of transmission. I'm the guy who was getting on airplanes for years and wiping down the surfaces I would be touching. I'm the guy who carries a small bottle of hand sanitizer and uses it just after I hand the menu back to the waiter.

I have had just about every other immunization known to man and am a proponent of immunizations and good hygiene.


So why are you against someone wearing a mask to protect against contracting the flu?

Greg F

No side effects at all after 2 shots and hardly even felt them...2nd one not at all.


July 4th. Independence Day. Burn your mask and get back to living life. Let the anti-vaxxers take their chances.

Greg F

At only 90% effective rate, mask wearing will still be needed in some places thanks to the moron crew anti-vaxxers. Many are conservatives fed the diet of misinformation and others are those who think some god cares enough to spare them.


Sadly, yes. Those who are smart enough to wear a mask and get the vax are bearing all the weight of trying to end this.


Once we reach the so-called tipping point with the vaccine where supply exceeds demand, how much longer should we be required to wear a mask? The CDC director admitted there is no data that shows vaccinated people can spread the virus. So, if the vaccine is available to anyone who wants it and vaccinated people do not spread the virus - what's the point for a mask mandate?

BTW, anyone who contracts the disease after the tipping point will be de facto admitting they have not had the vaccine and have not been following protocols to protect themselves. If they ain't worried, why should I be?

July 4th, burn your masks at your Joe Biden Backyard Gathering.


Right on, I'm vaccinated and I know once the vaccination rates start to come down with about 20-25% of the population left to vaccinate, I'm not wearing my ask anywhere. I did my part, if that remainder of people want to take the risk, so be it, but I'm getting back to the normal of good ole 2019.


No vaccine is 100%, is all. If you get covid, chances are you’ll live, hopefully so will anyone else you might infect. “No data” means “don’t know yet.” Anyone can join the test group.


Bosco; why do you hate masks so much? I find it puzzling.


Shiftless, part of it is because of Fauci's flip flop on masks last year - remember when on 60 Minutes he said there was no reason to be wearing masks? Part of it now is the hypocrisy of Hidin' Biden's continued mask wearing after he was vaccinated - signalling that the vaccine is not effective. Plus, I have hearing loss and trying to understand someone wearing a mask behind a plexiglass barrier is more than just difficult. It's like they are talking through a pillow.

I'm vaccinated and nothing in the science has shown that I am a danger to others.

I'll still mask up as long as indoor venues require it.



Your statement, "BTW, anyone who contracts the disease after the tipping point will be de facto admitting they have not had the vaccine and have not been following protocols to protect themselves" is totally and completely incorrect. There are multiple reports and documentation that people who have been vaccinated have become ill from Covid. The one that pops to my mind right now is the Congressman from MA that was one of the earliest stories.

Your comment about the vaccinated not being able to spread the virus is not supported by current science. The CDC, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt University, and others say that there is not sufficient evidence to support this claim.

All that is truly accomplished by receiving the vaccine is to protect yourself from a severe infection and give a lot of government tax money to the pharma companies.


@Asian19. More and more data is coming in that people who have been fully vaccinated do not spread the virus.

The vaccine protects you from severe disease, hospitalization, and death at an efficacy of 100%.

This last point is the key, if you look at the chart in the link, let's say you take the Moderna vaccine. You have a 6% chance of contracting Covid, however your chance of becoming severely ill or dying are 0%. This results in reducing Covid to nothing more than the common cold. The unknown is how long does the protection last for, if it's a year we'll soon find out as trial participants will begin to lose immunity.


@bosco you do realize that Dr. Fauci's "flip-flop" on masks coincided with new science right? As the science evolved, so did the guidance...when he said masks are not necessary, that was where the science stood at the time. After studies were conducted on aerosol spread and masks, that guidance evolved. The public needs to understand that science can change, therefore the message/guidance changes with's not a good reason to criticize policy makers, it's a reason to praise them, they listen to science!


geotracker, That has been explained to bosco before. It isn't clear whether or not he knows it.


geotracker.....then why not follow the newer science about the effectiveness of the vaccine and that we don't need to sanitize every surface because the virus doesn't sprout wings and fly up your nose off a doorknob? How about following the science that shows there's no data that vaccinated people spread the vaccine? How about the science that shows the death rate continues to drop as more people are vaccinated.


bosco, So how do you decide when to follow the science and when not to? It’s hard to keep track of your flip flopping.


bosco; anytime someone accuses Fauci of "flip flopping" I know they are just a right-wing shill with no understanding of science. That is not surprising, however, because at the time we had a leader who was not leading so he did not help to explain all of this. And yes, Fauci IS following the new science (remember, however, that one paper from mathematicians at MIT does not make a consensus that leads to policy).


It is indeed hard to follow the science when the science has become so politicized. Follow the numbers of cases and compare those to the lockdowns and mandates.

Chew on this:


So you decide when to follow the science based on politics? Sounds right, given your comments.


@bosco, actually the science currently stands that we don't know if vaccinated people can spread the virus, so you need to check your science

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