This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.

Maryland saw its second consecutive day of increased hospitalizations from COVID-19 as Gov. Larry Hogan announced additional openings Wednesday as part of the first phase of the state’s reopening.

Hospitalizations had been on a 10-day decline before Tuesday, when the Maryland Department of Health reported an increase of 36 hospitalizations. On Wednesday, the state health department reported an increase of 23.

Hospitalizations at Frederick Health Hospital also ticked up Tuesday, with the number of acute beds increasing by two. The intensive care unit numbers did not change. Hospitalizations are reported on a one-day lag.

The rise mostly comes in acute care numbers, which saw an increase of 23. Intensive care numbers did not change. Overall, 102 people were reported hospitalized Wednesday, which means that there were also some discharges.

In addition to increases in hospitalizations, the Maryland Department of Health reported the largest increase in COVID-19 deaths in eight days. Deaths rose by 53, bringing the total number of deaths to 2,270.

The Frederick County Health Department reported an additional death. The county’s 106th death was a man in his 70s, said Rissah Watkins, director of assessment, planning and communications.

The county now has 1,827 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 55 in the last 24 hours. It is the highest increase since April 24.

Comparing it to the 2018 Vital and Statistics report, which has the most recent information on the leading causes of death in the state, COVID-19 would be fifth, after it surpassed the number of deaths from chronic lower respiratory diseases.

It has been less than three months since the first case of the disease was reported.

At least 56 percent of the deaths from COVID-19 were residents of long-term care facilities. However, the state health department only lists nursing homes with active cases, said spokesman Charlie Gischlar. That means the percentage of deaths could be higher.

For example, in Frederick County, the Maryland Department of Health reports 64 deaths among long-term care residents. But that does not include deaths in four facilities that no longer have active cases. One of the facilities no longer listed is Frederick Health and Rehabilitation Center, the site of the first outbreak in the county.

In Frederick County, deaths in long-term care facilities account for 79 percent of COVID-19 deaths. There have been 83 deaths from nursing home facilities and 105 total COVID-19 deaths.

There were 314 confirmed cases in residents of long-term care facilities, with 270 currently active cases. There are a total of 217 cases among staff, with 68 currently active.

The state and county health departments continue to see discrepancies in data when it comes to deaths. The Frederick County Health Department reported more deaths than the state health department.

The state health department has 61 deaths without county data available, meaning the missing Frederick County deaths fall into this category. However, it is also possible that due to reporting lags, the state health department has not reported all deaths in Frederick County.

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Frederick is in a very precarious position. Being a cross road in the state we get neighboring traffic from all directions. Routes 340, 15, 270 and 70 intersect in Frederick with many travelers stopping here, along with a large number of residents work in more populated surrounding area that dwarfs our population makes us more vulnerable to ‘ones’ bringing the virus into the county. We are not isolated from things going on around us.

If Executive Gardner feels we need to be more precautious, I think her carefulness is well founded.


Are they all Covid related?


Oh oh! Wuhan Jan is NEVER going to let us open!!!


"Maryland saw its second consecutive day of increased hospitalizations from COVID-19..." first line.


We need facts! And facts we can trust. And it is urgent. Politic posts highly distort.

How many people locally currently have the virus? As the testing has ramped up recently who is being tested? If there is random testing what % have the virus? Knowing this can determine its pervasiveness. And as we continue to test randomly will a % increase or decrease be a good monitor of the spread?

There are many, many valid questions. The potential for death and sickness is real as is economic calamity. The confusion in numbers and reporting is becoming inexcusable. If we can't get the information from our local government or our local media let us hope some good investigators step in to fill the void.


Additional questions contact -

State Office Building

201 W. Preston Street

Baltimore, MD 21201




You can also reach out too:

Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

For current and accurate information about COVID-19, visit For questions, call 866-411-6803 for the local 211 center.


And without clothes too!!! (before the spelling Police arrest me). Peace. ✌️


Tell me folks, when you leave the privacy of your homes, do you wear cloths? Why? Because it’s mandated by the Government?? It’s not dangerous not to. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says you can’t go out undressed. So why is the Government denying you the Right to go out the way GOD made you? There are other Countries where it’s not illegal to go naked if you choose to. I think people should party at the beach or at the Lake of the Ozarks not wearing cloths in protest. Donald John Trump would defend your Right not to be P.C. because the Government says to. It makes you look weak!!


Hey fido, I fully support you going about your business completely naked if you want. Ditto for everyone else.

You might want to place a towel on the car seat, however.

Just sayin'.


It is a shame we cannot accurately understand how the CoVid virus is impacting our communities. Politics definitely distorts the picture as do the monetary incentives via the government legislation.

If the virus begins an uptick creating more deaths and greater economic uncertainty than we need to blame our information sources, Government included. Where are the objective truth seeking journalists? Ones we can trust. Can you name one?

We know that the hospitals have seen a sharp decline in procedures and tests. Also surgeries that would have been normal several months ago are not taking place. The hospitals, for profit corporations, must be hurting. Would lowering the threshold of admittance for patients that the government allows you to charge more for be a reasonable, and financially necessary action. I doubt the FNP would rock that boat. It is possible.

And we are now testing more than double the number of people we were just a week ago. Has this increased the number of known infected? We need real answers


I would imagine we would want more testing with a lower percent of positive results. Example: 10 test with 2 positive results in comparison, 100 test with 4 positive results then growing to 1000 test with 10 positive results. That would be good news. Right?

So far Maryland has tested 317,000 with 50,000 testing positive. That’s over 15% positive results. The goal is to test more and see that % drop.

Obadiah Plainsmen

I guess Hogan's news conference didn't follow the FNP narrative, Here is an excerpt on his announcement concerning reopening Maryland. From WTOP Frederick County leading news source.

"Maryland is poised to move forward with the completion of Phase One of the state’s reopening plan on Friday, Gov. Larry Hogan announced. And, if these “encouraging downward trends continue into next week,” Hogan said the state will then be in a position to begin entering Phase 2.

Starting 5 p.m. Friday, restaurants and social organizations — such as American Legions, VFWs or Elk Clubs — will be able to begin to reopen for outdoor dining; youth sports and youth day camps may resume; and outdoor pools and drive-in movie theaters can reopen. Strict guidelines must be followed in order to proceed".


Where are the drive-in movies? Are there any left?


Only a couple still active in Maryland. There’s is an old lot west of Frederick on Rte.180. Have you considered buying a projector 📽 and showing movies in your backyard? You could invite friends and neighbors over safely.


We've lost 100,000 people in three months before so many times, I am shocked that it receives any attention at all. Show that virus you have a pair.


Do go on professor, you fascinate us all.


By leftist moron, I can only assume you mean Gov. Hogan as he remains recommending it?


And here is how we got to this point. Some interesting history on the whole lock down movement.


I agree with Caspian. His absence will not be noticed.


What a pleasure to listen to Hogan instead of Trump. [thumbup][ninja]


The real facts on masks as stated by many, many health officials, not politicians.

1. Health officials recently, including a director at the UKs NHS have written and also said wearing a non N95 equivalent masks or greater does nothing for you nor does it prevent the spread of the virus as the particles are 1000x plus smaller than the openings in the fibers.

2. Those who support the masks mistakenly or purposefully inform us they will prevent the spread if you have the virus but wearing a mask does not prevent you from getting it. Now that says all that need be said on the face of it. If I am wearing a mask and you tell me it will not prevent me from getting the virus and your wearing a mask and I still get the virus, well that logic just does not add up to anything buy absurdity. It sounds reasonable but anyone who can put two brain cells together instantly sees the insanity in the statement.

3. Why wear a mask? There is no sound medical reason. You may want to wear one though because some leftist moron may kill you if you don't as they seem to go into a rage. But then they cannot put two brain cells together. Ooops that one single virus cell bumped into a thread in my worthless mask and got blocked by accident, oh, never mind, it just slid into it on the way pass.

4. If you wear a mask it blocks airflow causing some resistance. Because of this you exhale more forcefully and if you happen to have the virus and you are exhaling more forcefully you exhale with each breath a larger viral load. Counterproductive.


Why are you vaguely referring to a Uk official (but not a actually citing anyone) to declare your opinion?? A little distant and removed no? Reputable Medical sources for this information you are declaring? Otherwise this is your opinion, no matter how clever you think you are.


So it seems we don't have a three phase opening but multiple sub phases that can go on forever. Since restaurants can now only seat outdoors, I will take that short 15 minute drive to West Virginia where I can eat in a restaurant without a mask if I chose and enjoy a meal probably at a cheaper cost. There is absolutely no reason to not have structured safe indoor seating at this time.


Educate yourself.


I'll just leave this here for the virtue-signaling panic-monkeys who tell us they "believe in science" and think we should all remain wrapped in cellophane until Covid-19 is eradicated from the Earth:


We live in an ultra sensitive world these days where cancel culture, me too movements, etc. rule the day. In some ways it's good that we are more aware of injustices being perpetrated by some, it's good we are more aware we have to protect our planet and the environment, however it has made society hyper-sensitive to these things, including reactions to a pandemic. People acted on an unknown threat initially, therefore they may have overreacted which is understandable, the problem is they cannot admit they were wrong initially and adjust accordingly. It's pick a side and stand your ground until death, just proves how far human arrogance can go.


And now, the phrase Platoon Discipline comes to mind.


Good points but is it just a matter of people digging in their heels on their initial reactions? ...or is that some people view themselves as morally superior and think that gives them the right to try to force others to live a certain way? Just look at some of the recent tirades in other sections over the (perceived) crimes of being outdoors without a mask or having fun at a beach. They're literally accusing people of wanting to kill grandmas and they really believe what they're saying. It's insane.

History is full of examples of people doing awful things to other people because they believed, at the time, that is was all for the greater good. When you're releasing rapists from prisons and replacing them with hairdressers, you know things have gone completely off the rails.


Thank you, jakereed. Well said. It's like the phrase I learned yesterday - virtue signaling.

What happened to all of the predicted deaths from Spring Break on the beaches in Florida? Are the bodies piling up in Georgia? I guess in another week and a half they'll be digging mass graves at Lake Of The Ozarks. Do you see a pattern to the media's predictions?

Do they even know that while 100,000 people have died in the US from Covid-19, over 400,000 have recovered. If they want to try to lay the death toll at Trump's feet, they need to also lay the recovery numbers there too. While the governors were complaining about what they didn't have, the government ramped up production to a surplus.

And nary a peep about Cuomo sending Covid-19 patients into nursing homes because they were going to die anyway.[ninja]


Even if you have good information to share, it is unlikely you will persuade anyone while simultaneously insulting them.


You could be right. In old movies from the 50's and 60's, when a woman would become hysterical, it was common for the leading-man to give her a good slap to bring her back reality. That would of course never fly today but it seemed to be a generally accepted practice back then. I don't like insulting people but I feel like a few good rhetorical slaps are needed when it comes to the panic over this virus. The facts just don't warrant response.


I think it's important to clarify that the leading causes of death stats referred to in the article are for an entire year, whereas COVID-19 deaths are for just a few months. I don't know the best policy response to that, just don't think it's clear from the article.


How many deaths do we need to satisfy Trump in opening up the economy?


I don't know, DickD, how many did it take for him to shut the border to China - xenophobe that he is. [lol][ninja]


The deaths of the people in nursing homes is tragic. I would never make light of that. But if the statistics mentioned in this article are correct, of the approximately 260,000 people who live in Frederick County and do not live in a nursing home, there have been a total of 22 people who have died. That's less than one in 10,000.

I'm in my 60s. I've been socially distancing. I wear a mask. I do not take COVID-19 lightly at all. But we need better information, and we need more testing and tracking. We need to better gauge what is dangerous. Exaggerating the danger is not a good course of action because eventually people will distrust all information and rebel. This has been going on for 10 weeks now. COVID-19 is not going to go away. We have to help people to stay safe without making them fear that every breath they take could kill them. We have to know and understand who outside of the nursing homes is getting sick, who is getting seriously ill and who is dying. Otherwise all we are doing is instilling blind fear and eventually total exhaustion of the whole thing -- which will only lead to far more deaths.




It would be nice to know the ages of the 22 too. Even though one in 10,000, how many in their 60's or later and how does that relate to your concerns. You might need to fear more than you think as immunity goes down with age.

Greg F

Even if you don’t die you may face months of hospitalization and illness and injury you may never recover from. Holes in lungs, damaged organs...worse. Add bills that to many may be that any good either? Now kids are getting sick too? W T F does it take?


Stay home, Doctor Fed Up GregF and watch The Omega Man and Soylent Green. We'll all feel better. [lol][ninja]


Makes one wonder why anyone would go out and put themselves in danger. Like you, who has reported being in establishments with people not wearing masks or wearing them properly. I would order online


Yes, the unusual, lasting harm done to many by COVID-19 is something I see frequently discussed elsewhere but seldom here. For many patients it is not “just like the flu.” Doctors have observed unusual blood clotting, silent hypoxia, permanent damage to organs and lungs, as you say, and a long recovery period. So, even if you don’t die, you may never be the same. Perhaps after learning this, people still want to reopen the economy. That’s fine. I just everyone to be on the same page regarding the facts.


What exactly is the likelihood of long term organ damage in healthy people who recover based on what we now know? And out of the millions of people who have been seriously ill, how many of them have been children?

This seems to be a common tactic among people desperate to keep the hysteria alive. Cherry pick the anomalies and try to use it make the threat seem bigger than it is. Never point out that those are rare events or that unusual outcomes exist with every disease.


jakereed, If you have data on this, please share. I am not trying to use a tactic on anyone. I am genuinely concerned.




Let's hope scared hairdressers don't call Jan and cry that they are afraid to go back to work.[ninja]

Nancy Day

Sarcasm? Sure hope so.


Yes, but with a ring of truth to it because Jan kept FredCo locked down because she'd received phone calls from scared hairdressers. [ninja]

Greg F

Did you receive calls from or payments for being a jag from scared politicians to say what you do?


No, did you? [ninja]


Don't forget, Doctor Fed Up GregF, the person who checks behind the door when entering a room has hidden there before. [lol][lol][lol][lol]

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