FHH FIrst Vaccine (copy)

A syringe containing the COVID-19 vaccine is prepared to be administered last week to a health care worker at Frederick Health Hospital. A survey found that more than half of Frederick County residents are willing to get the coronavirus vaccine.

More than half of Frederick County residents are willing to get the coronavirus vaccine, according to a survey conducted by the county health department.

The survey was conducted online from Dec. 4-11 and generated more than 20,000 responses, including almost 300 from the Spanish-translated survey. Results were announced Tuesday at a public-health briefing from County Executive Jan Gardner.

Fifty-seven percent of the respondents said they wanted to get the vaccine, compared with 23 percent who were not sure and 20 percent who said they would not get it.

Among Black responders, 37.5 percent said they wanted to get the vaccine, while 31 percent said they wouldn’t and 31 percent were not sure.

Eighty-two percent of the survey’s participants were white, while 4.6 percent were Black, 3.8 percent were Asian, and 9.8 percent preferred not to answer. Eighty-six percent were non-Hispanic, 4 percent were Hispanic, and 10 percent preferred not to answer.

Eighty-five percent of the people who responded to the survey were 35 or older. Almost a third of the responders were between the ages of 35 and 44, and 70 percent were female.

The results were announced as Frederick County begins to vaccinate front-line health care workers at Frederick Health Hospital and soon the staff and residents of nursing homes, but it will be months before it becomes available to the general public.

The figures were also announced as the county reported 113 new cases of COVID-19 and moved closer to 10,000 confirmed cases overall. The death toll in the county now stands at 163 after another was reported in the county Tuesday.

Dr. Barbara Brookmyer, the county health officer, said she found it encouraging that more than half of the people who responded to the survey wanted to get the vaccine. But others felt that percentage was not high enough.

Dr. Kathy Weishaar, the vice president of medical affairs at Frederick Health Hospital, said she was “somewhat dismayed” that more people didn’t respond that they wanted the vaccine.

With robust support from the federal government’s Operation Warp Speed program, two coronavirus vaccines received emergency-use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, smashing records for the time it takes a vaccine to get to market.

According to the survey, 81 percent of the people who will not or were unsure if they would get the vaccine said they were concerned about side effects. There was also considerable concern from the skeptics about the safety of the vaccine and whether it was tested in enough people.

Health officials have stressed the safety and efficacy of the two-shot vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, both of which received FDA approval within the past two weeks after being tested in more than 65,000 people and demonstrating better than 95 percent efficacy.

There is no way to get COVID-19 from either of these vaccines since they rely on a replication technology known as messenger RNA (mRNA) rather than the actual virus itself. The technology is new to vaccine production but has been used in cancer treatments for more than a decade.

“I think the benefits of getting the vaccine far outweigh the risks,” Weishaar said. “So, I just hope we can get that message out and we try to minimize additional loss from this illness.”

Frederick Health Hospital received its first shipment of the Pfizer vaccine last Thursday and began administering to some of its front-line health care workers later that afternoon.

Cheryl Cioffi, the senior vice president and chief operating officer at FHH, said the hospital invited 1,900 health care workers to receive the vaccine, and more than half had already received it or signed up to receive it. She said the rest could still be deciding if they were going to get it or had not seen the invitation yet.

“I wasn’t surprised, because I think it was a mixed perception of what people plan to do when they’re offered the vaccination,” Cioffi said. “But I do think like what we said. I think they’re going to change their minds once they’ve seen people go before them. We’ve seen that in the hospital.”

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I read that the CDC has re-prioritized the populations whom they feel need the vaccine. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/20/health/covid-vaccine-first-elderly-workers.html

So people from say 65 to 74 will not be as high on the list as previously expected. They are leaning toward essential members of the community (if I read this right) after first responders, people over 74, and in some states teachers. Then they will move into "other types of essential workers, such as construction and restaurant workers". I see their point as these people are/have been out in the community every day and that's where the battleground really is, but a part of me is sad that my 70 year old self may have to wait a very long time to see my kids on the opposite side of the county.


Sorry you are not able to see your kids, francesca. We are in the same boat. We'll be in the 65+ category for the vaccine and even then will probably hold off on a road trip to visit the kids and grandkids until late summer. I usually take an extended Harley trip after school starts in the fall, but I'm rethinking that and may just do some day trips around the tri-state area.

This too shall pass. Merry Christmas to you.



If only 31% of Black people get vaccinated they are going to continue being the highest risk group. It will help if we can get at least 70% vaccinated.


This goes to show that not all of the various "gaps" (be it health, health care, achievement, etc.) are due to "white male privilege" or racism or culturalism. So what will be the government's responsibility when someone chooses to not act in their own and everyone else's best interest? Not getting a vaccine will place a greater burden on the government and general public.


Good question MD.

I'm very concerned about civil rights, but those rights only extend to the point where the rights of others begin.

If someone rides a motorcycle without a helmet, that has no potential impact on others -- except family and dependents, if the rider is killed as a result.

If someone refuses to get vaccinated, they could very well infect many other people. In fact, that fits the legal definition of recklessness, or at a minimum, negligence.


“ More than half of county residents want vaccine”

That’s a start.


And people wonder why a significant portion of the population don't want to take the vaccine....

"With robust support from the federal government’s Operation Warp Speed program, two coronavirus vaccines received emergency-use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, smashing records for the time it takes a vaccine to get to market."


Why would that cause trepidation? The same clinical trial process was followed, and the government eliminated the financial risk, which allowed commercial scale production immed, not waiting until after completion of phase III trials.


This is great news. If half the population will refuse the vaccine, there should be an ample supply for the rest of us. Darwin will take care of the rest.



Being right, as you are, is not the result we want, bosco.

PurplePickles aka L&M

Dick please explain to yourself how and to us if you want, how bosco is right in his inane statement? How is it great news if half the population refuses to be vaccinated? How is it great news if there is an ample supply of the vaccine that just sits there and expires because people are afraid to get the covid vaccine? How ????


You are focusing on the part that I don't agree with. Still if half of the people are too worried to be vaccinated the other half will be more likely to get vaccinated.



PurplePickles aka L&M


That's not how any of this works.....the stupid has to hurt you?

This Many People Need to Get Vaccinated to End COVID, NIH Director Says

WITHOUT THIS PERCENTAGE GETTING VACCINATED, COVID COULD "GO ON AND ON." According to Collins, health experts believe that 70 to 80 percent of Americans will need to get the vaccine in order for COVID to end.

Collins said once 70 to 80 percent of Americans are immune to COVID, "this virus will basically give up, and it'll be gone, and we think we can get there by June or so for almost all of the 330 million Americans who are interested in getting this vaccine. But if only half of them do so, this could go on and on and on."


So what good will it do "us" to be vaccinated if we are still in/have lockdowns etc. It isn't great news if half the population refuses to be vaccinated....it's really awful news....


Bosco, despite your silly comments about prison life, this post is why I read your comments; you add levity to stuff at times


Well thanks, wheelone. I guess I should do a better job of including a sarcasm alert -especially when I poke fun at the half of the population who won't get a viable vaccination to prevent a disease with horrible consequences.

I have had training in public health and one course was in immunizations for international travel into some remote areas of the planet. I have had just about every immunization known to man and take every precaution that I can.

I have little patience for people who won't protect themselves with a shot, a seatbelt, a PFD, or a helmet.

That being said, have a Merry Christmas.




PurplePickles aka L&M


Is this another attempt at “sarcasm” because I’m seeing a lot of sarcasm in your post? Did you forget to include a sarcasm alert?


And you as well, Bosco!

Comment deleted.
PurplePickles aka L&M

You know I just had a thought Wheelone, Stimpy makes so many jokes/tells so many lies that when he actually tries to be serious/tell the truth everyone will just keep laughing at his posts because they know he is never serious...so there’s that...


I look forward to getting the vaccine and wish it was available more widely now. The vaccine has little risk and has cause no deaths. It is an easy choice to take it.


I believe the real headline here should be "Twenty Percent of respondents to our survey have been duped by baseless right-wing conspiracies to the point they will reject the one thing that will end the mask-wearing and lockdowns that they are constantly complaining about."


Be careful bnick467, your tin hat may fall off and then the secret helicopters, with their mind control rays, will come and get you. (eye roll)






You might want to verify who said they wouldn't take the vaccine, and why bnick467. Some of the posters here, who are hardly conspiracy theorists, let alone right-leaning, are among them.


Do tell, gabe!


There is information online I don't see because I don't use social media. This informafion disconcerts people who have a hunger for "contact" and time to read. It's exasperating that in PA where the vaccine arrived last week, yay, the discussion on it turned to how one vaccine can cause allergic reactions because of it having little pieces of plastic in it. I was sent the link, I did not use it, my response was short and I'm not sure how well I disguised my annoyance. To be over 65, offered this and vaccilating is the Internet Effect people can die from.

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