Vaccine draw

Eric Smothers, assistant chief of the Brunswick Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Company, draws a dose of the Moderna COVID19 vaccine into a syringe at Frederick Community College in February.

Frederick County on Sunday recorded the most coronavirus cases it has seen on a single day since early May, adding 18 to its pandemic total.

Further, the seven-day positivity rate stood at 2.33 percent, about 0.28 of a percentage point higher than the overall Maryland positivity rate, according to local health data.

These figures continue the upswing of positive test results that began earlier this month, following a pattern reflected across the nation due to an increase in spread of highly contagious variants of the virus. Across the nation, there has been a fourfold increase in new cases per day throughout July, according to coronavirus data from The New York Times.

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, voiced frustration with the way the virus has been trending on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, proclaiming the country is “going in the wrong direction.” He said the government’s leading public health officials are considering recommending that the vaccinated wear masks. Booster shots may also be suggested for people with suppressed immune systems who have been vaccinated, he said.

On the first day of the month, Frederick Health Hospital celebrated a milestone when, for the first time in more than a year, there were no patients at the medical center being treated for COVID-19. As of Thursday — the last time the county reported hospitalization data — there were three people hospitalized due to the virus, although none of them were in the intensive care unit. The county hasn’t reported any deaths from the virus since July 7.

Earlier this month, when the seven-day positivity rate in Frederick County stood at 1.24 percent, Rissah Watkins — director of planning, assessment and communication at the county’s health department — said the increase in cases shouldn’t be cause for too much concern, so long as there isn’t a similar increase in deaths or hospitalizations. She said the health department had been expecting the case count to begin creeping back up, a trend she said would likely continue through the fall.

Watkins said the upward trend in cases can be explained at least in part by the circulation of the Delta variant, which became the dominant strain of the virus in the U.S. this month. The variant, which has caused huge surges in cases in states including Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Florida, is estimated to be about 225 percent more infectious than the original strain of the virus.

The good news is all of the vaccines being used in the U.S. appear to be effective at reducing the risk of serious illness that leads to hospitalization or death from the Delta variant. As of Sunday, 68.1 percent of people eligible to receive the vaccine in Frederick County were fully immunized. Demand for the vaccine has slowed in recent weeks, though — last week, 595 people got their first shot, compared to 10,504 during the peak of the rollout last March.

In a White House briefing last week, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky warned that the coronavirus outbreak is becoming a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” About 97 percent of people hospitalized from the virus across the country have not been immunized, according to reporting from the Times.

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The spike is due to overwhelming Trump supporters "owning the libs." Imagining refusing vaccines is some sort of show of bravery. Letting the virus hang as long as possible due to proud ignorance. If it strictly attacked these mouth breathers, I'd totally be on board with it.


pdl, we get it. Ingesting lead paint has been known to do this for a long time. By the way, the answer to your questions is no.


I wonder if the spike in cases is due to Xiden’s order to CPB to release any and all detainees without being COVID tested and relocate to the east coast or the super spreader perpetrators from TX who happen to be democrat. I just love those who still blame Trump for what is happening today. Xiden and Commielah both boohooed the vaccine during the campaign. I wonder if the morons even remember that.


Given that these areas you discuss are not the hot spots, I would say you are wrong. Again.

Comment deleted.


It's environmental....


No Pdl, Biden and Harris only said they would take the advice of scientists, rather than the advice of Trump, on whether to take vaccines once they were available. I know you like to twist people's words, but that is what they said, what the meant, and what they did.


Pdl, Unless you want to get sick and/or spread disease, please get vaccinated.


I love the way you guys think I’m not vaccinated. My comment was directed at the uptick in cases and what is happening on the southern border. Plus the dynamic dunce duo did say they wouldn’t trust Trump’s vaccine. You are am imbecile if you don’t remember. BTW, I am vaccinated.


What vaccine did you get? I got the J&J and to me I am half vaccinated, which is why I have never stopped wearing a mask. Also it’s your past comments that leads us to the conclusion you aren’t vaccinated….your comments have never lead us to think you would be smart enough get the vaccine?

Comment deleted.



It is very simple: Deny ALL government benefits to anyone who is not vaccinated. I understand the process would be difficult, but the outcome would be worth it.


Insurance companies could also implement a hefty surcharge for those that refuse vaccination. They already do that for smokers. Come to think of it, they are of the mindset "it'll never happen to me", that is, until it does.




As we see, once again, the knuckle-draggers are going to make all of the rest of our lives a living nightmare.


I can see you are as frustrated by the knuckle-draggers as I am...I just don't understand this at all. The knuckle-draggers are the ones that fought the mask mandates, the lockdowns...and you would have thought they would have been the first ones in line to get the vaccine, because if we ALL have the vaccine..everything else is mute.

But NO, even after almost dying from Covid-19 the Delta variant (or having your kid almost die from Covid) the knuckle-draggers still refuse to get the do you get through to the knuckle-draggers like that?

Me I'm like if there is a vaccine that will stop me from getting sick/a disease jab me...I'm full of vaccines..I can't wrap my head around the knuckle-dragger mindset.

I haven't a clue how to reach the knuckle-draggers except to wait them out...Survival of the Smartest and all that. You can lead people to the facts but you can't make them believe...well right before the knuckle-draggers are put on a ventilator they believe.....I guess they just needed a sign?

Speaking of a Sign....I guess death is a sign that Covid isn't a hoax?

Vaccine-hesitant Alabama mom shares son’s haunting last words to push life-saving shots

A grieving mother in Alabama has become an advocate for COVID-19 vaccinations in America's least-vaccinated state after her first-born son told her on his deathbed that the virus is not a hoax.

Christy Carpenter says her son, 28-year-old Curt Carpenter, was otherwise healthy and initially thought COVID was a hoax, the Washington Post reports. She and other family members were hesitant to get vaccinated because they believed the vaccine was created too quickly. Christy Carpenter is now suffering from long-term symptoms of COVID herself. Curt Carpenter died on May 2 after two months on a ventilator. '"This is not a hoax, this is real," were the last words he uttered, according to his mother.

"If we can help keep people healthier and possibly save lives by encouraging others to take the vaccine, then Curt's death was not in vain," Christy Carpenter said. "Life is a precious gift from God."


@Polite W. Woman aka PurplePickles aka L&M

The leopards always eat THEIR faces.


@Polite W. Woman aka PurplePickles aka L&M

I think I see people starting to wake up to the proper approach.

Keep them out of public. If you want the freedom from vaccine, that freedom comes with the responsibility to not engage anyone in public. You cannot use any public goods and services until you decide that you want to take on the rights and responsibilities of a citizen. Guess what? Some of that is not gonna make you happy. Welcome to adulthood. Here is your prize.

That is one of the problems with coddling these anti-democratic, anti-vaccine fascists. I'm all out of F's to give.

I think it is hilarious though that they don't mind using technology from the same minds that brought them a vaccine.

Won't vaccine:

* Can't go to school (unless medical reasons wont allow for vaccination)

* Can't drive (DMV will not let you renew any service that you can't renew online)

* Can't use public transportation

* Can't fly

* Can't ride the train

* Can't go into any government building

* Can't go into any private building

* If you get pulled over and you don't have a vaccination, medical waiver or are underage, you go to jail

That should just about have it covered. This has gone way past coddling the stupids.


And if it starts hitting the stupid's in the pocket book....

Health insurance should start accessing rates based on your vaccination status....they already do it with pay higher premiums if you are a smoker because eventually your health is going to suffer because you are a smoker....smoking is a choice and so is getting the vaccine. so....

that should also prompt some of the stupid's to get vaccinated...because if you are vaccinated you are going to rack up astronomical hospital bills that those us that are vaccinated will be paying...and insurance companies aren't probably happy about because it does affect their bottom line.

I just wish they had made the vaccination cards wallet sized...because I think it's about time to boycott the unvaccinated....boycott unvaccinated people and places that don't require their employees to be vaccinated. ..Boycott them.


You've got it to hand it to the Chinese, they really designed this virus pretty well to keep it mutating and spreading over a long period of time. I really hope my generation will live to see the day the Chinese government is made to pay for what it did to the world.


Odd, China made the unprecedented move to lockdown an entire city, Wuhan with a population of 11 million to stop the spread of the Covid virus. I think it would be hard to conceive they intentionally created a virus to kill everyone and themselves. Meanwhile should all Americans be vaccinated? Or was China so clever to anticipated, once a vaccine was created that subdued the spread of the virus and greatly reduced one’s personal risk, that Americans would be so stupid not to take it? What would the Chinese do with all those goods they manufacture for Walmart? No more Apple I-Phones? Not to mention all the other popular products that are manufactured in China.

Shouldn’t Ivanka Trump “take a knee” and give up her 18 trademarks with China in response to their reckless behavior and intentional irresponsibility?



You know you went about 10 stories over the head of the intended audience, right?


I am pretty sure that if any country were to intentionally modify and release a deadly virus, they would not do so in their own country. I mean, just release it in France or something? Or Japan? Why release it in Wuhan? These are these simple questions that so many like Vodalone ignore.

Simple questions.......are hard for people with simple minds to answer. Simple minds just think simply...which is why we are right back were we started at....with Covid numbers rising again. Most of us were just assuming there weren't so many simple minded people out Vodalone.


@nasty woman aka purple pimples. Did you even read my response? I suggest you do before you start labeling everyone who doesn't think like you simple. I'm old enough to remember when the Chinese leak lab theory was thought to be improbable and racist if you mentioned it, now it's been accepted as the main theory of how the virus originated. Of course I don't expect you to be old enough to remember.



It's not just the simple questions they ignore.

It is also reality that they are ignoring and science and logic and reason.


I hope you know you made my day, you called me a Nasty Woman, I will admit I can be quite nasty in my responses, thank you for recognizing the nasty! Also I can see your simple mind is still simple just by your response.


@nasty woman aka purple pimples. I can sense your fury from here, the "#VO" instead of "@VO" gave it away. You still failed to address my key points and just rambled on about making your day. It doesn't take much to put your kind in your place lol.


Vodafone, Leak from lab is being taken seriously but not accepted as the main theory. And definitely not leaked on purpose. Can you provide any legitimate source that says otherwise? Fox News isn’t a legitimate source.


Where did I say they released the virus intentionally? The fact the Chinese work on gain of function with viruses is common knowledge, it's becoming common knowledge they didn't do enough to stop it from spreading and tried to cover it up too. Do you seriously think once they knew the virus was out they were willing to be good sports about it and take it all on the chin themselves? lol. I hope you're not even that naïve. Their approach clearly was, if we have to deal with it, the whole world has to deal with it and they let people travel from the region worldwide long after they knew it was spreading.


Who says they designed it? This one of the issues; people like Trump conflated "it might have come from the lab" with "they released it intentionally." What was considered racist was calling it the Kung Flu. What was considered stupid is people trying to pin things on Fauci. Lots of things the right are doing are stupid and racist.


Right on Vodalone - Let's sell that new bridge over the Monocacy to these Ding Dongs that actually think this wasn't a designer virus that accidentally got out. Again, aye carrumba!!


@shiftless. Do some simple research and you will see the Chinese have been doing gain of function research on coronavirus' since at least 2012. The original virus was found in bats, however scientists turned it into a more transmissible version that affects humans in the lab. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to contemplate that the Chinese government would develop and test biological weapons when our own government was doing in the same place we all call home for years. The tippy toeing not to seem racist is astounding with you people.



The problem is that no one knows the absolute truth about the virus. It could come out that it was started in China and grew out of control. If that is the official narrative, it will come out over time. The problem is that you jumped to that conclusion with the shakiest of evidence.

You also do the same thing about voter fraud despite the only evidence of voter fraud being overwhelmingly Republicans trying to vote illegally and being caught.


I don't believe that 68% of Frederick County is vaccinated because if you happen to look at Facebook comments you can see how people feel about the vaccine. Also what about the children who are not eligible for the vaccine. Also please don't tell me that they are not going to get COVID-19 because they absolutely can get it and they will spread it to their family.


Facebook: the lair of Trump-lovers. You have looking inside an echo chamber of MAGA.


Thanks, Trump


Seriously? Over 30% of eligible Frederick Countians haven't been vaccinated? Do they want engraved invitations? What is wrong with people?


Maybe they’re seeking engraved tombstones.

Come on, people! Getting vaccinated is not just for your protection, but your family’s, friends, and fellow Americans. It really is a form of patriotism, too. It’s still a war going on against this virus, and as such, I look at the anti-vax mentality as being akin to desertion, as you’re actually collaborating with the enemy. Get the darn shot!


3... Question. I am fully vaccinated (since 1 Apr). I received mine at my workplace in NOVA. Does Frederick County know of my status, or do they report percentages based on individuals receiving the vaccine locally?

No arguments from me over getting vaccine, just a question.


IIRC, I think your home ZIP code is recorded for the purpose of counting you as vaccinated.


No. There is no U.S. central database for immunizations due to privacy concerns, brought up by Majorie Greene and Matt Gaetz as a infringement on our rights to privacy trying to be forced by the Democrats, expressed at a recent rally, leaving nonstandardized impermanent cards as the sole record of shots. But separate agencies do report the total numbers vaccinated to the CDC.


You probably had to fill out forms with your name and address when you were vaccinated. Didn't you get one of those vaccine passport cards?


You should have received a Covid-19 Vaccination Card. I think communities collect numbers of vaccinated based on zip codes of home addresses.


Fauci: "A pandemic of the unvaccinated."



If you ask each of these people if they are patriotic, they would darn near fight you to prove they are. Ask them to take a needle for their countrymen and they curl up into little snowflakes.

Faux News and FB are the ties that bind all of the deplorables together.


When all health facilities require vaccination to work there the words of “health professionals” discouraging others from being vaccinated will mean less. Yeah that’s happening and influencing entire families in PA. It doesn’t matter what we say. The “health aide” who comes to the house says different. The nurse in the family says different. I want to think that can’t happen here. WELP

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