The time is perfect for a Republican to take Maryland’s District 6 congressional seat, according to Terry L. Baker, president of the Washington County Board of Commissioners.

Baker, a candidate in the April 26 GOP primary, wants to capitalize on the momentum of Gov. Larry Hogan — who rose from underdog to popular conservative governor in blue Maryland — and former congressional candidate Dan Bongino, who in 2014 nearly edged out District 6 incumbent John K. Delaney.

In an interview, Baker had numerous criticisms of Delaney — his votes don’t align with “blue-collar Republican” values; he sides too often with President Barack Obama; he’s out of touch with a district he doesn’t live in. (After redistricting in 2011, Delaney’s home was just outside the district. Members of Congress aren’t required to live in the district they represent.)

Baker blasted Delaney’s decisions to vote yes on lifting sanctions on Iran, allowing the country access to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, and Delaney’s support for Syrian refugees being allowed in the country.

Baker touted his long-standing residency and commitment to Washington County, and if elected, the district as a whole. He said his votes would match the interests of the district, which isn’t the case for Delaney.

A retired teacher, Baker has lived in Washington County his entire life. His political career began in the town where he lives, Clear Spring. He is in his third term on the Board of County Commissioners, currently serving as president.

Baker said the commissioners’ ability to guide Washington County through tough economic times has made the county a model for the state.

He described himself as a common-sense person who can relate to the average resident of the district. Baker said he always wanted to pursue higher office, and the issues the country grapples with now — security, immigration — prompted him to run.

“My father was a World War II veteran, [who on] D-Day stormed the beaches of Normandy. ... This is not the country my dad fought for,” Baker said.

Baker’s priorities are job growth and education, which he said are intertwined.

For instance, the educational system nationwide historically hasn’t tried to improve trade or vocational programs, a need in the country today, Baker said.

Baker was a trades instructor at Washington County Technical High School.

“Not every kid wants to go to college and definitely we need to do a better job of training the children for something they could look forward to,” Baker said.

Baker favors local control in education and removing the federal government from the equation, returning as much power to teachers to determine lessons as possible.

He wouldn’t comment on the federal law that passed recently, the Every Student Succeeds Act, which provides states more control over education.

He also didn’t take a strong stance on Common Core, controversial educational standards adopted by the state, other than to say that education should be left up to the communities.

After his political career concludes, Baker said, he’ll remain in the community.

“I’m never going to forget where I came from,” he said.

Baker will face off against Scott Cheng, Robin Ficker, Amie Hoeber, Frank Howard, Christopher James Mason, Harold Painter and David E. Vogt III in the April primary.

Members of Congress serve two-year terms and are paid $174,000 a year.

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I agree, this Country is not the same one that my father fought for and come home to from Vietnam. And it’s not the same Country that my Grandfather and Great- Grandfather defended in WWI. Instead it is a much more welcome and tolerant Country. It is a much stronger yet compassionate Country. Now it isn’t a Country that forces a group of people into internment camps because they happened to be part of some ethnic group (think Japanese-American internment camps in WWII). Now it isn’t a Country that persecutes you because you may or may not have certain ideas (think Senator Joseph McCarthy and Communism). Now it isn’t a Country where speaking out against racism get a brck through your window and a burning cross on your lawn. It is now a Country that welcomes home its Veterans, not spits on them and calls them "baby killers". It is now a Country where race (and hopefully some day, sex) doesn't prevent you from becoming President. It is now a Country where I do not fear voicing my opinion and ideas. It is a Country where even the immigrant children can dream big if allowed to do so. If Mr. Baker wants to go back to "those times", he can take his politics elsewhere!




Mr. Baker should make a good Congressman.


Mr. Baker, my father and five uncles served in WWII and because they were black could not go into many restaurants, buy a home where they wanted, not work at many jobs that were closed to them, or even send the children to many schools that were segregated. Seems that the nation your father came home to was not the same that my father came home to.




Robin that's funny!


I love it when Whites feel threatened. Selling FEAR seems to be the only way they seem to campaign.


jeremy, you have got to try to get this stuff straight if you want to report the news...if you want to create it , well thats a different story; the 2011 abortion of the 6th district by loser omalley didn't move Delaney just outside the district...he ALWAYS was outside the district...what the gerrymander did was to create a jigsaw puzzle of a district that any fool could see was simply meant to deprive Frederick county of the services of Rep Bartlett......but omalley got his comeuppance in the dem. race for the nomination


The political trend today in America is to appeal to voters sense of racial entitlement and privilege. His father fought in WW2 against a man similarly to the man who's about to win the GOP nomination for POTUS to bad he lacks the courage his father had.


[thumbup] Relying on the service of one's father is weak. Why didn't Mr. Baker serve?


It is not clear from the article whether or not he served in the US armed forces, but as he cited his fathers service it is doubtful. So FNP, is he a vet or not? If not I agree that relying on his Dad's service is pretty weak. My takeaway: he's going nowhere.


He did not serve, but he is still a good choice for this District for Congress.


Why...he chose to get an Education....but I knew his father and he was a good man...he did want any of his children to join because of the horrors of war he saw at Omaha Beach...just a Father protecting his children. ...I am Terry's Brother in law.. I am retired Military...2 tours in Afghanistan...I served in the 29th INF DIV. B Co.729 FSB...Terry is a good man ..he is very proud of his father's Service as any son or daughter would be....this not the same country his Father fought for by any means...not quite the same surely not the 50s or the 60s....but he is on the best side to represent this district in Congress.


On the contrary. ....takes courage to run for political office.....and deal with the comments that you have chose to say alot with all the negative comments that are bound to be said from the public. Iam Terry's brother n law....I have known Terry Baker for 37 years....he a good man that was raised in a family of 6 brothers and sisters was short and he lived rather poor...I knew his father father in law.I remember his stories about Omaha Beach. With this said I would say he has the same courage to confont people like you ..that his Father had on Omaha Beach only difference ..your shooting off your mouth at him ..not a weapon. He would confront you as Courageously as his father did the Germans on OMAHA Beach Have a great day!!


Desperate and irrational people believe the correct formula to make America great again is to restore the majority's racial pride, privilege and entitlement at the expense of other Americans. The reality isn't there simply isn't enough money in our economy to restore prosperity to millions of people who believe they are entitled to special perks because of circumstances they had nothing to do with. yearning majorities. Shucks the presumptive GOP nominee couldn't even have survived without wealthy Muslims bailing him out of an economic disaster. All uncivilized populations that fell victim to racial and


This is the US. I winder what country his father fought for? Was he confused?


USA....who you think!!!


I know what the republican candidate is referring I fought in Iraq Wat and can't in the area without federal assistance this clearly isn't the same country his father fought and it's ripe for political exploitation.


It's in need of Change! Bernie 2016!


Thank you for your service ...Sir


Mr. Baker is going to be a clear challenge to John Delaney. I have never met the gentleman but have heard nothing but praise from the many people he encountered in his teaching career..


Mr. Baker says this is not the country he fought for? this is not the country I thought I was fighting for in Vietnam. Implicit in what Mr Baker says is he wants the country as it was in the fifties. The country dominated by Caucasian Europeans and white privilege without diversity and equality. He wants the American that was from the John Wayne era. He wants the America that solve all problems with military force. Let's hope that his vision of America is in the past.

Comment deleted.

Jersey you do that as well


His vision is on the values...that our country stands for...freedom for all, in all areas, what the constitution , bill of rights and everything we live in this country want.


Your right he is highly thought of by many.

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