Mason Carter

Mason Carter, candidate for District 5 County Council.

Despite having just turned 18, Mason Carter wants to play a part in winning over the next generation of conservatives in Frederick County.

He helped form a teenage Republican club at Walkersville High School while he was a student there. Carter said he wants to help convince younger voters around the county who he sees being drawn toward more liberal ideas. 

"I think I play a vital part in giving this next generation of voters an image of, ‘It's OK to be young and be a Republican. It's Ok to be young and be conservative,’" he said. 

Carter is running against Frederick County Council Vice President Michael Blue for the Republican nomination in the council's District 5 in the July 19 primary.

Julianna Lufkin is the only Democrat registered to run in the district.

Carter has aligned himself with some of Frederick County's most well-known conservative politicians.

He said he was first drawn into politics by former President Donald Trump in 2015. He has sought advice and guidance from former County Commissioner Kirby Delauter, who represented District 5 on the first County Council from 2014 to 2018, and Delegate Dan Cox, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination for governor.

He said he's also a strong supporter of Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

In 2018, he noticed similarities between Delauter and Trump, Carter said, as both represented the new era of America First policies, including support for secure borders and deregulation.

Carter said he sought Delauter's blessing before deciding to run against Blue, and the former commissioner has served as a mentor during his run.

"We're very closely aligned with our political ideology," Carter said of he and Delauter. "We're both very, very strong conservatives that believe that the government works best when it stays off our back and out of our pocket."

As a mostly rural and agricultural area, District 5 ought to have the most conservative member on the council, he said.

He supports general conservative principles, such as deregulation and supporting individualism and "that state of being free, the power to do as one pleases to do," Carter said.

He said he would limit the county executive's ability to give out tax breaks and credits, and wants to reduce the county's property tax to balance out higher assessments.

Running in a district with lots of farms, he said, he supports letting property owners decide how their property is used.

"We need to do what we can to continue to preserve our agricultural land. In northern Frederick County, farming matters, and I'm committed to providing our farmers with a voice," he said.

While Carter believes the county can grow and protect the agricultural nature of areas such as District 5, he said he doesn't see much of a need or a desire for growth in his area.

People live in areas like Thurmont and Emmitsburg because they like their rural nature, he said.

As a conservative, Carter said, he's troubled by the changing demographics of Frederick County that have made the county more liberal in recent years.

Joe Biden won the county in 2020, he pointed out, the first time Frederick County had voted for a Democrat for president since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Carter said he'd like the county to return to the days when people like Delauter, Blaine Young, and Billy Shreve were the dominant politicians.

"I'm willing to put in the work," he said. "I'm willing to knock [on] doors. I'm willing to make contacts with people to ensure that Frederick County goes back to what it once was — a very dark red county."

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" He has sought advice and guidance from former County Commissioner Kirby Delauter, who represented District 5 on the first County Council from 2014 to 2018, and Delegate Dan Cox, who is currently seeking the Republican nomination for governor."

Those kind of people are the reason every republican in my family has left the party.


First thing, son, is sue the newspaper for printing your name and make a national laughingstock of yourself.

Didn’t Unca Kirby teach you nuthin’?

Greg F

He follows all the conservative laughing stocks. Apple falling not far from the tree analogy here sort of applies. We don’t need another Trump-o-phile candidate that also is a follower of Trumpkins and all the whacked ideals they have. No…not again.


Mr Carter. Ba’Lane , Billie, and kurbie were voted OUT. If you’re serious about the position you’re seeking - worst thing u can do is align yourself with any of those three.


Carter does not make rules for balloons


I've actually met and talked with Mason and found him very personable and mature beyond his years. We did not discuss his role models. So, I am basing my impression based on our actual conversation of topics that he feels strongly about such as farmland preservation and tax reform. My first impression is that he is authentic and genuine and cares about our community. The downside is to not have that actual "life" experience due to his age. I'm always amazed at the lack of good, qualified candidates for many elected government roles, so it's good to see someone from this younger generation that is interested in going that route with their live. Now Mason - just prove you have good intentions to serve on behalf of our community and not for (eventual) personal gain.


the lack of good, qualified applicants is because there are few upsides and many downsides to such positions.


Carter has not even experienced life, paid taxes, and yet he wants to be on the council? His role models have done a great deal of damage to Frederick County already so lets not make that mistake again.




He probably hasn't even worn the wolf suit and surreptitiously photographed his political enemies. An important part of local Republican dirty tricks.

Greg F

Sounds like he’s designing that wolf suit now.


Mason - Don't associate yourself with the old BOCC cadre. They sold out our county for personal gain - that's why they are history. You can do better. Otherwise your chances are slim to none.


Boy, I say boy - you just done ratted yourself out. The Blaine gang or DT is NOT a role model for anyone, much less a conservative - well someone who claims to have conservative values - because none of those people have values.

Greg F

They have values…horrible ones.


I hope that one day this young man finds his way out of the dark side.


He is also endorsed by Heath Barnes, the Burgess of Woodsboro, who is also running for State Delegate. I've always had to scratch my head when it comes to Barnes. He's an openly gay male who has strong conservative Republican views. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your own face.


Julianna Lufkin



Carter's hero Blaine Young sold out Frederick County in exchange for $1 million in campaign bribes from the home builders. Houses being built today were approved by Blaine Young and Kirby Delauter using 25 year agreements. Besides the infamous Black Book Scandal, Young was later convicted of soliciting a prostitute (both events covered by the FNP).

Carter's role model Kirby Delauter squandered his entire time in office bitter, angry, and confused. Delauter regularly humiliated himself with his complete failure to understand how government or the media actually work.

While Carter learns better judgement and how to shave, we should re-nominate Michael Blue, an honorable, fully grown adult.




Sadly, it all worked out too well for Delauter. All the development he and Blaine rubberstamped for New Market/Lake Linganore has been good for his business. LOTS of Delauter excavation equipment in Linganore.


Kirbie probably benefited the most between he, ba’lane, and Billie.


Nope, no way should anyone even consider this individual given his role models and hero worship... Really, Kirby???

Travis Bickle

If Blaine & Kirby are his role models not only is the county in danger but young Mr. Carter as well.


"Carter said he'd like the county to return to the days when people like Delauter, Blaine Young, and Billy Shreve were the dominant politicians."

The Blaine Young BOCC was elected in 2010, when Mason was 6, and voted out in 2014, when Mason was 10. Mason's nostalgia reminds me of conservative boomers who want America to go back to their formative years when 'The Rifleman' TV series was first broadcast, in black and white, from 1958 to 1963. But today's conservatives are nothing like Lucas McCain. Although he was a gun-toting Christian, his views were pretty liberal, even back then. And Lucas could spot a con man right away.


Mason's got that conservative look

and like Blaine he spouts gobbledygook

if you're going to be mean

better keep your nose clean

and stay out of some madam's black book.


"...Carter said, as both represented the new era of America First policies, including support for secure borders..."

Secure borders? And you're running for a County position? Are you going to stop Virginians from coming across the river? Please focus on the job you're running for.



He does think the election was stolen -


Does he think the 2020 election was stolen?


Good question. Does Hough? Does Jenkins? The only rational Frederick county Republican I can think of offhand is Steve McKay.


It is now my first screening question for my fellow Republicans. I need to hear them say in public that the election was not stolen. I have other questions but anyone who can't answer the first one accurately is either too dumb or too cowardly (or both) to earn my support.


There was an attempted theft… by Trump.


Wrong on that count.

Greg F

There was a failed theft by trump…better?




His role models are laughable.


Exactly. It's scary if we can't get better candidates for County Council than an 18 year old member of the Trump crew.


Tucker Junior? Morons apparently come in all ages.


Sadly, I think his simple view points represent the upper limit of critical thinking among typical Republicans these days. There’s no substance at all to these people. Their group think as a party can’t possibly be sustainable for much longer. This kid is a political dinosaur at only 18.


Yeah, well, so do libertards!

Greg F

That’s the best you can do there Trekkie? Laughable. Go ride your bike and think some.

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