Mark Joannides

Mark Joannides

Editor’s note: The Frederick News-Post is profiling candidates for various public offices in Frederick County leading up to the July 19 primary elections. Each school board profile will include an audio recording of the full interview.

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This guy and the former banquet manager in the last article have never had kids in FCPS. They are running for these seats to satisfy their right wing polictical agendas. No thanks. I'll stick with the candidates with experience who have a vested interest in our schools and our students.


People need to be on the school board that are not teachers.


What a ridiculous statement!

Greg F

About the biggest of the NO votes in the whole list. To not even have kids in the school says he has no idea what's going on, and no interest in partaking in it other than for self aggrandization.


He is one of the worst people I have the misfortune to personally know. He absolutely seethes with hate if you don't toe the line he sets. I thought he might tone down his rhetoric to get elected, but I'm glad everyone can see here what and who he truly is.


I think he did tone it down for the FNP interview. LocalYokel has published some of his FB postings and those are more….unvarnished.


The Fundy Supremacy Court just ruled prayer, Christian only of course, is allowed in school. Indoctrination, indeed.

Pro-Choice/Privileged W. Woman

I am looking forward to seeing native American's do a prayer dance on the field. SCOTUS just said that was fine. The real test of the courts sincerity will be when a Muslim football player lays down a prayer cloth after a football game or during halftime and prays to the East....I am also hoping to see a Satanist pray to Satan...this is going to get good folks...[innocent][innocent][whistling]


NO- completely motivated by politics. How does he know what comes out of the school system in terms of its students, with his own kids homeschooled. He is completely motivated by what he has heard from ultra conservative media. And, speaks without first hand knowledge. No!


“Current board members are ‘unreasonable, irrational people,’ Joannides said.” What an unreasonable sweeping assessment.


"If elected, Joannides said he would work to draft a zero-baseline budget for Frederick County Public Schools. Rather than adjusting the budget from the previous fiscal year, Joannides said, the district should start from scratch, and the board should take a hard look at each expense."

While taking a hard look at each[major] expense is a good idea, starting the budget from scratch each year is stupid and time wasting especially when resources available don't meet the needs. And, while I support focusing on the basics his approach and language does not give me any confidence he has what it takes to make meaning improvements.


Cultural warriors have no place on apolitical school boards. Embarrassing that he even offers these views as mainstream.


Nope, no, no way....


The fact that he homeschooled his kids tells us all that we need to know. He knows nothing about FCPS. Vote for the FCTA endorsed candidates: Dean Rose, Karen Yoho ( a former teacher), Rae Gallagher, and Yselda Bravo. I spent 22 years as an employee of FCPS. Never, never did I seen any form of indoctrination!!


Agreed. How exactly does he know so much about FCPS if his children were homeschooled? He has no background in education and has no place on the school board. No thank you.


Exactly md! Vote for common sense and decisions to benefit all students.


Joannides, I agree with you. We need even more men like yourself stepping up to defend children, because not every parent is able to home school. (And attacking/banning home schoolers is next on their agenda, as evidenced by what's recently occurred in several liberal European countries!)

25 states have now left National School Boards Association:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, & Wisconsin.



Hey art, it would be interesting to compare those states politics, support for far right policies and overall education levels/poverty as well. Did they leave over a single letter on NSBA letterhead that asked for the justice dept to investigate intimidation, threats, verbal abuse, etc of school board members? Tell the whole story bro.


There was a movement to put “non politicians” in political jobs and now we’re supposed to put inexperienced “reformers” in charge of the future of education? MYStifying.

Pro-Choice/Privileged W. Woman

Art...since I am not the same mindset as you...can you explain what this statement means: “Our children are being emotionally raped,” Joannides said. “Their innocence is being stolen.”..see I don't see how a child is mind raped by learning about the real world? So if you could clarify that a tad more please? You and Joannides seem to be of the same mindset...?

This statement makes no sense to me Art: attacking/banning home schoolers is next on their agenda....public schools cannot ban anyone from attending understand what "public" means right? How would a public school ban and or attack home schoolers? What has occurred in several liberal European countries with homeschoolers? maybe post a link?

Also why have 25 states left the NSBA? Do you even know what the National School Board Association does and is? You need to post a link to this....I mean I did Google this but I don't think I am reading the same stuff you are? You know Google hides stuff...


If Art is like you, you'll want to shorten your comment to one paragraph. At least I was citing language of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution to explain that it had nothing to do abortion and everything about reconstruction.

BTW, some students are prevented from attending public school. For example see:

or see:
"Schools are required to make reasonable accommodations unless it would impose an undue burden or a fundamental alteration of the school’s program. An undue burden is a significant difficulty or expense, considering the school’s overall budget."

But since you apparently have such a short attention span (except for some of your longer comments), you probably will not have read to this point.

Pro-Choice/Privileged W. Woman

MD do you do take me seriously…lol otherwise you wouldn’t be following me around like a puppy dog. Here fetch, (insert me throwing a stick and you running after it) , good 👦


No, I don't take you seriously, but since you asked, personally I think you're an idiot.


reply re a source for paragraph 2:

This is old news. I don't have time to bring you up to speed w/ more than a decade of developments across Europe.

Sweden (just one of many liberal European countries) Outlaws Homeschooling

Aug 19, 2009 by Pete Chagnon/OneNewsNow

Greg F

Which 25 states? Why? Stats arty. Would they also be the same states that are red and have the lowest educational standards in the nation that allow for revisionist texts and try to sneak religion and myth into education and that down play real science? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say yes to all that.


Meet another member of the Second Rate Hate Slate.


Just, nice turn of a phrase. I noticed none of of the SRHS have children in public schools.


Wonderful, another RRR who wants to impose his idea of Christianity on the rest of us. As Redux said....NEXT!



Wonder if he considers the Access Hollywood grab them by the P tape as bad as the FC school’s health curriculum? Nah.


Sigh, Fred, if you actually listened to the entire private quotation Trump said, "they LET YOU [repeat: these women *choose* to *allow* famous men to] grab..."

It's bawdy, but not a crime. Fred, dog gone it, are you on a personal mission to try to take away my U.S. adult 'woman's right' to *choose* to act slutty?


Bawdy, like “if she wasn’t my daughter”, or the Howard Stern interviews from his bedroom, or Stormy, or, or, or, the Jean Carroll defamation case?

As the 23 accusations of assault, including a joint lawsuit naming him and Epstein by a 13 year old girl show, the CheetoCult leader doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose not to be attacked by him.


Fred, get over Trump, for God's sake. DeSantis will be the next GOP POTUS.


Man, Artie... You will spin and justify anything. Sad and unjustified.

Pro-Choice/Privileged W. Woman

Art thank you for your insight into the mind of a supporter of the twice-impeached, ex-president. I have always wondered how you all justified his horrific behavior in your I know.

I mean it seems the twice-impeached, ex-president hung around slutty women all the time, I mean he's been married 3 times and has had many affairs..but it's okay for the man to act slutty right?


Hmm. As if there is never a fear element in a power imbalance interaction.






I’ve already voted. Don’t tell nelga but my ballot was “harvested” by my husband who dropped it in the box at Talley Rec. There is no doubt that this questionable practice will raise many doubts about the legitimacy of the primary election.

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