From left, Karen Yoho, Rae Gallagher, Dean Rose and Nancy Allen won four seats on the Frederick County Board of Education

After a high-profile campaign season that featured two diametrically opposed groups of candidates, the results are official: The Frederick County Board of Education is getting three candidates from one group and one candidate from the other.

Karen Yoho, Rae Gallagher, Dean Rose and Nancy Allen will be sworn in Dec. 7.

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Jillian Atelsek covers education for The Frederick News-Post. She grew up near Woodsboro, attended Walkersville High School and graduated from the University of Maryland in 2020 with degrees in journalism and history.

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Like her or not, Cindy is easily the most entertaining candidate in Frederick

Saul Goodman

The conspiracies run deep with this one. She’s running her next campaign on alien autopsies and fake moon landings.


If you are not smart enough to understand mail-in ballots, you are not smart enough to serve on the BOE. Can these people not think of any scenario where they might need a mail-in ballot someday? I guess they are counting on never having a something like a medical restriction that keeps them from the polls. They don’t hesitate for a second to make it more difficult for other people to vote.


Many nursing home residents are not abslento go to the polls!


Abslento? Is that like covfefe?


WhThFu….are you back….again?


nelga, Your first comment this morning is a real head-scratcher. On the one hand you do an excellent job of refuting your claim that property values fell a lot recently but on the other hand the tenor of your comment makes it seem as if you thought your claim had been vindicated.

To be clear, on Oct 11 you wrote “In the past several months home values have decreased by well over 25%.” Very precise as to amount and time frame. Specifically, the past. Not the future.

You say you were mocked for saying that. Not exactly. You were taken to task for being unwilling or unable to back it up.

Below you wrote “Admittedly, I should have said housing affordability…”. Yes, if that is what you meant then that is what you should have said. Don’t blame others for taking you at your word. (I’m reminded of Hollywood director Michael Curtiz who would say to actors “Do what I meant! Not what I said!” Of course, English wasn’t his native language.). And, yes, housing affordability is going down. No one suggested otherwise.

Since you wouldn’t (couldn’t?) document your claim, I suggested that the Case-Schiller Home Price Index would let us know over next several months. You objected that it “will include numbers from hundreds of thousand of homes that have been under contract from large builders for up to a year and more.” I then pointed out that the C-S Index doesn’t include new construction and provided a link to their methodology (see page 5 in the link below). So it sounds like the Index meets your criteria. From July to August, the Index was down about 1%.

Your quoted text below concerns a projected — that is, a future — decrease in house values. Your assertion was about more than 25% decrease that has already occurred.

Can you document your claim?


Leave it be. Seriously, while his opinions aren't rooted in fact, it's time he, like Trump, got less attention other than a note of disagreement. Carrying stuff forward isn't ok for him or you.


Everyone interested in Frederick County elections had a chance to watch the daily progress of the mail and provisional ballot count as batches were put through the counting process under supervision of bipartisan volunteer teams and the number of uncounted ballots fell from more than 10,000 down to 6,000, 4,000 and so forth. And everyone who can do simple arithmetic knew that with the mail votes running around 3-1 Democratic (more like 2-1 in the case of better-liked Republican candidates) the count would overtake several of the GOP hopefuls as well as the ENI slate members other than Nancy Allen, who ran well ahead of her slate-mates. No one who had access to this information, as all of us did, has any excuse for pretending that the ballot count stopped at some point other than when there were no more ballots left to count.

As someone who has run for office before, Cindy Rose has even less excuse not to know these basics.


Required reading, Cindy.


She is just a sore loser with no evidence to back up her wild claims.


I think Ms. Rose should by now realize her views and opinions are not wanted. Her Facebook page, her comments just show sour grapes. She is a sore lover, how many election losses does she need for her to understand she is not wanted. She needs to put on big girl pants and accept the results..


“Sore lovey”?

Dried up?


Cindy's delusional and self-serving rant is an excellent example of why she was not, and should never be, elected.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Greg F

Oh I just threw up a bit on that comment.


I didn’t even need to read the article to know who didn’t accept the results.

Greg F

Another nut job that can't face reality that she's just not wanted, so has to make things up to feel better about herself. Deluded, just like that orange thing that denies reality.


Cindy, Cindy Cindy. Oh poor Cindy. Get the wake up call you whack job. You and the rest of the red hat wearers got your butts kicked and kicked good. You are not welcome here....just leave!!! I'm confident that Abbott or DeSantis would gladly take you in. BUH BYE!!!


spoken like the fascist you are


Awwww....Dont go away mad, just go away!! BUH BYE!!!


Be nice. Cindy being a sore loser does not make it OK for us to be bad winners.


Glad she didn't win, she sounds crazy.


Cindy Rose, the unofficial leader of the ENI slate through both the primary and general elections, said she did not accept the election results.

Of course it's Cindy Rose. So, if the election was "stolen", was your colleague, Ms. Allen, also unfairly elected? Did the voting machines deliberately change votes for you to someone else? What a putz.


Politics and personalities aside it is understandable why someone would be upset by the long process that eroded your lead and eventually defeated you.. Cindy Rose knew what she was up against. Maryland is a state that has liberal ballot harvesting laws.

But it may be a blessing in disguise. Several weeks ago I was mocked in this section by saying housing values were dropping by 25%. Admittedly I should have said housing affordability but one leads to the other. Actually housing affordability for the typical homeowner has fallen by 30%. Home purchases have also fallen by 30%.

The meteoric rise in home value in the past 3 years, well over 30%, hit a brick wall with the quick and substantial rise in interest rates. Many current figures for home values include long standing contracts. but the house is crumbling. For example a most recent analysis:

"Analysts are warning of a rapid slowdown in the housing market, with home prices expected to decline as much as 20%, according to an analysis from Dallas Fed economist Enrique Martínez-García." And this is just the slow beginning.

What this means is that all the promises of increased funding are going to mean increased taxes in the midst of a recession. The smoke and mirrors of the previous administration of no tax increase will be shattered and there most likely will be a drop in revenue due to lower assessments. It may prove to be a very rocky road doe those who have operated under the blank check syndrome.


LOL 🤣🤣🤣 Yeah, the conspirators all had it in for Cindy Rose, jsk. And what does the rest of your post have to do with the article? Home prices and the BoE??

Greg F

Guess she’ll have to go buy some books to burn.



Greg F

The long process is that she is following cult-like beliefs that religious views should be paid for by tax dollars and her morals (and those like her) are better than someone else's morals so she doesn't want your morals showing or at least not censored in schools. It's fine to hold whatever moral belief you have or religious following, but when you try to ram that down someone's throat, expect that you are going to get kicked just like when you pester a mule long enough....they'll knock you down, without a doubt. She got what she deserved, and not soon enough. Hopefully she and her ilk crawl back under their rocks and take their morality police badges and toss them in the trash.


Maryland has no such laws, and you are well aware of that fact.



I paid little attention to the other retorts because they are as usual somewhat irrelevant or just way out in left field as someone suggested taxes would go down if housing prices fell. But to your comment - yes MD does have a liberal harvesting law. There is absolutely no restriction on how many ballots one person (agent) can collect nor any time limit on returning the ballot or storing ballots. You should check the laws of other states.


jsk - again you dismiss anything you disagree with. MD is one of 25 states that allows someone designated by the voter to turn in there ballots. You imply by using the word harvest that someone is walking around, knocking on doors and collecting multitudes of ballots. Simply false, misleading and fear mongering. Funny how you cloak yourself in righteous clothes to make false statements.


How about drop in boxes or the Post Office, nelga? Do they harvest ballots too? lol


their not there - several times it appears that an auto correct changes posts even though there is no such function


jsk; so what you are saying is that taxes are going down because housing values are going down? You should cheer that, correct?


jsk; how do other conservatives manage to get elected but Cindy keeps failing? Doesn't Occam's Razor point to her being a horrible candidate rather than a multi-year sophisticated voting fraud process to keep her from winning a school board seat?


Owning the libs via recession. USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸


jsk - you show the same penchant for not accepting reality as Ms. Rose. Your claims and conspiracies all point to not accepting that your world view and "truths" are not universal. Sad.


Christians don’t lie jsk. You do. Your comment# a43 full of lies.


Have you ever used Zillow, Nelga? According to Zillow my home hasn't fallen more than 2 or 3%. As long as new homes remain high nothing is likely to change as builders want a profit and the cost to build has not gone done - nor will it over the next year.


Ballot harvesting laws. That reminded me of a Ray Bradbury short story, "Kids, grow mushrooms in your attic"- an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" type of story.


After reading Cindy's facebook page it is no surprise she refuses to accept the election results. It's funny that she says on there that it could all change with the mail in ballots, though. It's like she knows the truth but chooses to lie about it. Weird.


She’s comin in hot


Cindy Rose once again demonstrating why she keeps losing, and should never hold office.




I think Cindy Rose should definitely ask for a recount. Put her money where her mouth is. Don’t stand for shenanigans.

Pro-Choice/Privileged W. Woman

Me too.. maybe Ms. Allen would split the cost of a recount with Ms. Rose…? It sure seems like she’d be more than happy to help out with the cost..?

Allen, too, said she disapproved of mail-in ballots. She said she understood Cindy Rose's view, and would be "100% behind" her if she decided to pursue a recount or publicly challenge the results.

Greg F

Two nuts the elephants don’t want.


Of course Allen disapproved of mail-in ballots. Anything that helps citizens legally vote is bad, according to her and her ilk.

Greg F

Thanks Trump.


Home or Private Schooling is available for those Parents who want to shield their children from subjects objectionable to them. The tail is wagging the dog too frequently these days. The majority have Parents Rights too.

Greg F

Want to be educated in a vacuum, you pay for it.

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