A bill banning seclusion in Maryland public schools will become law without Gov. Larry Hogan’s signature, he announced Friday.

House Bill 1255 will take effect July 1. It will place strict limits on the use of seclusion in nonpublic schools and institute more stringent requirements on how all districts track and report instances of physical restraint.

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“Under the new law, administrators in Maryland will have to immediately notify the state and submit a “systemic, evidence-based corrective action plan” as soon as any student is restrained or secluded 10 times or more in a given school year.”

“The DOJ found that FCPS used seclusion or restraint more than 7,000 times on 125 students over two and a half school years.”

That averages out over 22 times for each student secluded or restrained.


Pro-Choice/Privileged W. Woman

Why would the soon to be ex-governor have a problem signing this bill into law? I can see why he can’t sign the abortion bill??? But a bill banning seclusion he won’t sign? That makes no sense to me??

Republicans prove on a daily basis how cruel they truly are….let this bill and the abortion bill show us why we shouldn’t even think about electing a Republican for governor again, no matter how moderate they fake us into believing they are, Republicans are all about cruelty. Wolves in sheep’s clothes…..Republicans are…


On a daily basis, huh? Ok, how did Republicans prove yesterday how "cruel" they are? And day before yesterday? And the day before that? And the day before that? And the day before that? You can get back to me with these answers after you finish that list you're still working on. Right, Cheeta?

Pro-Choice/Privileged W. Woman

Jane....Jane..Jane...read something other than the FNP...to find daily examples of Republican cruelty....it's not difficult you know Jane...Remember when Sarah Palin was asked what she reads....your statement reminds me of that...LOL

I took you as a tad more intelligent than Sarah Palin but I guess not huh Jane??


And, once again, Cheeta, you make an absurd claim which you cannot back up with facts. A pattern you developed long ago and each time it's pointed out, you resort to your old friend, deflection. And this is one of the reasons why, as others have said, you can't be taken seriously.

By the way, Cheeta, how's that list coming along? It must be a big one to take so long, huh? [lol]


We had a privy out back when I was a kid. It was full of crap and smelled bad. When it got too bad, dad would dump some lime down the hatch. [lol][wink]


The outcome was the same whether he signed it or not, pickles. Take the win. I'm not comfortable with anyone other than a MD performing the surgical procedure either, unless they are being directly supervised by an MD. Administering RU-486 soon after conception is of very low risk, and should be able to be prescribed by anyone with the proper training. Plan-B just stops ovulation, and is also of low risk. Of course, women should always consult with their physician regarding their options.

Pro-Choice/Privileged W. Woman

Not the point I was trying to make gab...you don't need to explain to me, a woman, how abortions work okay(very condescending actually)..the win isn't the point, the point is the Republican governor is a coward....and refused to put his signature on two bills that are anti-cruelty, to women and children...that was my point you understand now Gab? Or do you need a wall of words?? Geez....(insert eye-roll emoji) A democratic governor would have signed both of them.....you have left a really bad taste in my mouth with your condescending tone.....SMH, but okay....I look forward to your response...


Condescending? Hardly. I was explaining my reasons for not supporting non-physicians to perform surgical procedures, not trying to tell you how they work. It’s not about you, pickles. And no, you were using a broad brush to demonize all Republicans because a Republican Governor allowed two bills to be enacted into law without his signature. The Governor is certainly not a coward, just because you happen to disagree with his opinions. How are either of those bills “anti-cruelty”? It sounds like hyperbole. Restricting a human surgical procedure to being performed only by licensed physicians is somehow cruel? My dogs cannot be spayed or neutered by anyone other than a veterinarian. Is that cruel too? Has Maryland, a leader in women’s healthcare issues, been cruel all this time? No.

As for the kids, I gave no opinion. Would you support having video surveillance in the classrooms? Why or why not. What is your mitigation plan for disruptive or dangerous behaviors in the classroom?


So what is a teacher to do when a student is out of control, turns over or throws a desk, attacks a teacher, etc? This happens every day in FCPS and in schools across MD.


Maybe they can pull out their phone and begin to record the incident before it escalates to that point.


I would have no problem with classrooms having cameras. And not just special ed ones, either, all classrooms. Parents are responsible for their kids until the age of 18 and I believe cameras would help a lot with controlling the type of behavior md1980 is referring to. For students who still cause trouble, the recordings should be used to hold the parents accountable for their actions. Not unlike body cameras for cops, a policy quite a few endorse nationwide.


Agreed, CD, and it is about time that random video monitoring of classrooms takes place. Such wi-fi enabled cameras are inexpensive now. My employer can monitor me at any time during the workday, whether it be via my online presence, internal communications, or phone conversations. That is their prerogative as my employer. Furthermore, as determined by NJ v TLO, students do not have the "right of privacy" while in school and the school may exercise their responsibilities under the concepts of in loco parentis.




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