Frederick County Sheriff's Office vehicle

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a woman who was found unresponsive in the road in Green Valley Saturday morning.

A news release from the department sent Saturday evening is calling the death “suspicious.”

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The woman described in this article experienced the highest form of disrespect. She was murdered and dumped. All of you (and hopefully, me) will live to fight with each other another day. Stop for one minute and be glad you're still here.


A woman died, and the howler monkey commenters are throwing their poo at each other.

Despicable. My condolences to the woman’s family.


This is sad. Our society has become so cruel and violent. People don’t value life and people don’t respect others anymore.

We see more and more of this crap every week. Deaths. And just in the comments here alone, we have commenters being disrespectful to others here. It’s all relative, whether it’s physical harm or bullying, it’s all the same, and a sad state of society.



To paraphrase Jimmy Buffet "You are one of the people our parents warned us about." You may not like some public figures but there is no reason to call them names. You Plumbum, are part of the problem.


Touché, MD1756. [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


"...we have commenters being disrespectful to others here."

Ummm, would that be like how you post "Nobody loves you" and "Nobody cares about you" to some of the people here, Plumbum? That kind of disrespect, bullying?


Something awful happened here. Sorry for all involved and family.




Imagine feeling proud about being a member of the grammar police.




Thanks for sharing the Scarecrow and President Harris's first year accomplishments, CD. Hang onto it, I'm sure it'll come in handy again for the remaining half of the Democrats who still support him.


[thumbup] Matts853


You may not care about using proper English, but some people do. While the dumbing down of society has reached the point of using words that merely "sound" like they're the right ones to use, or abbreviating others to the point where they're virtually indecipherable (like using "ppl" for "people," "ur" for "you're," etc.,) or changing standard spelling for whatever, God-knows-what reason (like using a "z" instead of a "s," as in "boyz" vs. "boys,") there are some who still care enough to write properly.




Well, that's an intelligent, well thought out, and articulate post, MrSniper. You do your posting handle proud. When do you graduate to high school?


You consider simply using proper English, in lieu of laziness, is being a nerd, Sniper? No surprise there.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] W.T.F.


10-4 on the dumbing down of society, CD. Want to have some fun? The next time your purchases run up to say, $15.45. Hand the person behind the counter a twenty and forty five cents and see if they can figure it out. A more senior clerk will have no trouble. A twenty something will be stumped.

When Jay Leno used to do "Jay Walking" I figured it took his producers hours to come up with a half dozen idiots. Jay finally admitted on the air one time that it only took them about a half hour. They walk amongst us.

Yesteryear's high school diploma is equal to today's college degree in knowledge gained.

How's that research on freedom of the press coming along, Plumbum?


I'd like to think you're joking, W.T.F. but, unfortunately, I've seen that first hand. More than once I've had to help a "millennial" behind the cash register count out the correct change for me. And that's pitifully sad.


I wholeheartedly agree that society is dumbing down. I give you exhibits A, B, C as evidence:

A. People that believe the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

B. People who still deny climate change.

C. People who think Covid is a hoax.

And what do most of these ppl have in common, besides nearly all of them most likely not knowing the difference between lie and lay? Oh yeah, they think like you C.D.!


You really want to stump them, if you have 20 cents but not 45 cents in your pocket, hand them $16.20.


CD, why don't you share your list of the Scarecrow and President Harris's first year accomplishments for Matt to see how dumbed down things are for the one half of the Democrats who still think Biden is doing a good job.


W.T.F. Too funny. It’s impossible to accomplish anything with senate Republicans stock full of people with Trump Dependency Syndrome (TDS) who only now how to say no.

And what great accomplishments did Trump have? Losing the Senate, House and Presidency to Democrats? Getting impeached 2x? Inciting an insurrection against our government? Peddling a whole host of voodoo Covid remedies to the American people?

Answer me this, smart guy. Was the election stolen from Donald Trump? Yes or No.


Know, not now.


Thanks for proving my point, matts. You type out a whole comment like an educated adult would, and even spell out the word "people" three times, yet are too lazy to spell the word out a fourth. I can see why you agree that society is being dumbed down.


Wow, C.D. Just wow! You’re not very perceptive. I used ppl intentionally to peeve you since you mentioned it as one your pet peeves. I just didn’t think it would work so well, snowflake.


And I’m still waiting for answer to my question concerning the election. What’s the matter, too ashamed to admit you’ve been duped?


A list of the Idiot-In-Chief's accomplishments, W.T.F.? Sure:

1 Record numbers of illegal aliens crossing our southern border, taxing our CBP to the breaking point and with thousands and thousands being released into mainstream America with unknown numbers of them infected with Covid.

2) The highest inflation rate in over forty years, creating undue hardship on the average American citizen just trying to keep his head above water and provide for his family.

3) Gas prices that have almost doubled in less than a year from what they were when Trump was president.

4) Thirteen needless American service personnel deaths (and dozens and dozens of Afghan deaths) because he didn't have a clue how to pull off a successful withdrawal from Afghanistan.

5) Eliminating thousands and thousands of American jobs with stopping the construction of the Keystone pipeline, while giving Putin the go ahead to complete his Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

6) Not "shutting down the virus," or getting a 100% vaccination rate as he promised, resulting in more Americans dying from it than who dd when Trump was in charge. And this after he was handed Trump's "Operation Warp Speed."

7) Dividing Americans farther apart with inflammatory speeches, similar to the one he gave in Atlanta recently.

8) Signed more executive orders in his first week than any past president, ignoring the role of the legislative branch.

9) Has increased American confidence in his cognitive abilities by repeatedly referring to Heels Up Harris as "President Harris."

And the list goes on and on and on.....


Sorry, C.D., I meant AN answer. I don’t want to further (or is it farther?) upset your delicate sensibilities towards proper gramma. Now, answer the question please.


Don't bother patting yourself on the back, matts, I knew you used "ppl" intentionally. And don't compliment yourself thinking you peeved me by using it; I really couldn't care less how people write these days. I just have no respect for they who are too lazy to do so properly. Or, al least make an attempt at it.


sounds like a social construct conversation I saw on Dr. Phil the other day... with proper pronouns taking on a different usage to satisfy a very small demographic...


Ever been corrected—or corrected someone else—for saying "I'm going to lay down"? In either case, your dictionary forgives you. It's true that the correct way to make that statement is to say "I'm going to lie down," but it's also true that lay and lie have been tripping up English speakers for 700 years, and no one should be judged harshly for being among the confused. The pair is a doozy.

how to use lay and lie

Jim Hartley

Lying, not laying. Please.


Jim is laying the bricks by himself.

I’m tired of that dog lying around like the world evolves around him


Ever learn the difference between "effect" and "affect," Pb?


I'm still waiting for plumbum to enlighten me on what freedom of the press means. Seagull posts. Swoop in, make a lot of noise, leave a load of cr*p, fly away.


"Seagull posts." That's the most accurate description of Pb I've read to date. And don't hold your breath while waiting for any kind of explanation from her. Clarifying her rubbish takes courage, whereas trolling doesn't.


On the road and not in it.



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