Dyshez Montel Williams


The Frederick Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit arrested and charged a fourth suspect in connection to two reports of shots fired, leaving one person wounded, in Frederick on Thursday.

Dyshez Montel Williams, 22, of Frederick was arrested in Thurmont at about 6:30 p.m. on Friday in relation to the case.

During the arrest, Williams was in possession of a quantity of ecstasy, according to a news release. Williams was transported to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center and charged with first-degree assault, conspiracy to commit first-degree assault and possession of ecstasy.

Just before 6 p.m. on Thursday FPD received reports of a gun being discharged in the 1400 block of Taney Avenue. Officers on scene located a second location where shots had been fired at the south end of the Frederick Shopping Center at 1305 W. Seventh St. Bullets struck several vehicles, according to a news release.

Shortly after, FPD received a call from someone at Frederick Memorial Hospital to report that a teen had arrived at the emergency department with a gunshot wound to his lower leg. Detectives went the hospital to investigate how he had been shot and determined that the juvenile male had been shot during the incident near Taney Avenue and West Seventh Street, the release stated.

Robert Antoine Shirley, 19, Kion B. Parker, 16, and Curtis Byon Smith, 17, all of Frederick, were also charged as adults with first-degree assault and conspiracy to commit first-degree assault in relation to the case.

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Role models


Hey... what's he doing in Thurmont anyway???


The ghetto -- and its degenerate, sociopathic culture -- is spreading to every corner of the County, and beyond. Liberals must be so proud of their creation. They've made it so that there's nowhere to flee. They're so clever.


Your right, kstr, and a good example was when that liberal jerk Ron Young came up with his brain storm to raze John Hanson and disperse the residents there around the county, including to Discovery. Crime in Walkersville greatly increased after that.


YOU are part of the problem sure as hell not a solution. I'd venture to say you were raised and still live in Thurmont. More over you are likely a socially awkward semi-literate. Building tall impenetrable fence around you would be progressive to most. No doubt you follow Sara Palin to make you think you're keeping up with the big dogs. You are keeping up, sir - you are most likely a big dog. You should know, we 'liberals' will nod and smile at you, but we know - you don't much count.


And your ignorant assumptions tell us that you don't count at all.


KR999, or what ever iteration he/she is using these days to describe themselves wants us to think he's the big dog, but in reality he's just another alt white snowflake displaying that they are overly sensitive or easily offended people, or one who believes they are entitled to special treatment on account of their supposedly unique characteristics.


You write what you do and have have the gall to say that I want people to think I'M the big dog? Try looking in a mirror sometime if you really want to know who thinks they're the big dog.


The only thing I have to say is, the Frederick city is in the county of Frederick. The frederixk county sheriff, Sherf Chuck Trumpkins, told us repeatedly that such crimes only derive from “illegal immigrants”, meaning Latinos. None of the 4 arrested AppeR to fit Trumpkins’ mold.


You can't tell someones immigration status based on their looks Kelly. But then again I'm not a small business person looking to exploit workers.




Capitano, but you are a misinformed fool.


I invite you to spend a week with these four criminals and their friends.


Drug dealers?


They say it's poverty that breeds crime. But this just goes to show you when small time dealers and seeing these ahem suspects ages I would guess they are small time. As I was saying. When small time "ectacey" drug dealers can afford guns and ammo are shooting them off willie nillie. The economy is good. When the economy is that good. You know whats coming. Recession.


Afford guns? Like they are going to a store and filling out paperwork and buying them legal? And where does it say he is a drug dealer? He was charged with possession. People do posses drugs for use.

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