Stephanie Furr and Curtis Williamson.

A former Frederick resident has been indicted on eight counts related to identity theft, fraud and theft.

Curtis Williamson, 53, the subject of a News-Post five-part investigation, was indicted on May 29 in Berkeley County, West Virginia. The charges all stem from his time with Stephanie Furr, his fifth wife.

A grand jury indicted Williamson on a charge of financial exploitation of an elderly person, a charge of felony fraudulent scheme, three counts of identity theft and three counts of fraudulent and related activity in connection with access devices.

The indictment includes charges related to Williamson’s alleged actions against Furr and her son.

“It has been a year now and he is still out on the loose and has yet to go to trial for what he has done to myself, my grandmother, and Trina (the woman who was his victim after me). In fact, while he is living life as normal, my grandmother and I are still sitting here with our credit destroyed and listed as deceased with some of the credit bureaus. I just wish they would catch him so at least some sense of justice could be felt by myself and family,” Furr said in an email.

Furr married Williamson on Dec. 2, 2013. At the time, Williamson used the name Kurt Williams. He previously married four other women, three of whom he divorced.

Furr learned her husband’s true identity on May 31, 2018, when she and Williamson were charged with fraud and elder abuse, after Williamson allegedly stole the identity of Furr’s grandmother, opened credit cards in her name and misused her bank account. Prosecutors in Berkeley County dropped the charges against Furr after determining that she was a victim.

The indictment has not yet been served on Williamson, according to the Berkeley County court clerk’s office. A hearing for Williamson’s arraignment is set for June 26 at 1 p.m.

“The entire situation angers me and breaks my heart at the same time. I pray every day that no one else has fallen victim to his deception,” Furr said in an email.

Williamson’s attorney Patrick Kratovil did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

An open body attachment, ordering Williamson to appear in court in Frederick County for an unrelated case, has not been served on Williamson.

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Heather Mongilio is the health and Fort Detrick reporter for the Frederick News-Post. She can be reached at hmongilio@newspost.com.

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How sad and pathetic you are Curt, to stoop to this level to discredit someone you stole from, you lied to and you tried to destroy. The women you cheated will see you are taken down. You will end up where you belong, behind bars. Everything I know about Stephanie is that she is a woman of great character. You on the other hand are pathetic.

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There are no shoplifting charges, this is Kurt trying to make himself look better. In addition, there was no deal. The only reason I was charged is because he forged my signature to steal from my grandmother. They had to arrest me to get to him. I just wish they had left him in jail. As soon as he was released he ran. The only thing I was/am guilty of is trusting the man I married. Don’t pop your popcorn yet. The only hearings he’s attended is when he’s in handcuffs.

Comment deleted.

Befjk78, If you actually went to school with my sister and I (stephanie) you would know the last time our dad talked to us I was in Jr. High. My character has never been in question before my ex and it’s was only in question because he forged my signature! In addition, what experience do you have with me? It’s amazing how Kurt keeps making these fake accounts to keep attacking. Man up and actually show up for your hearing. There are at least four women you’ve done this to that can’t wait to look you in the eyes!

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I’m not going to hide behind a screen name, but I will respond directly to this accusation. No I don’t shoplift. The only thing I’m guilty of is trusting the man I married who turned out to be narcissistic con artist. While I’m trying to pull my life back together for my kids and myself, he is hiding like a rodent. I don’t know who is hiding you but they are just as guilty. My assumption is that this is Kurt/Curtis Robert Williamson using yet another fake account trying to discredit me. Over the last year he has been creating fake accounts harassing myself, the other three women who are standing up to him and our families businesses through social media and reviews. If this is you, be a man and come out of hiding and face the charges against you! However, we all know you will be yet another no show and continue to hide behind your fake accounts.


Why has he not been served yet? The article does not make that clear. Do they not know where he is? This man should be behind bars.


Correct, no one knows where he is. His victims would do anything to see that he is behind bars. And sooner or later he will be.


He has probably left the country, changed his name, and will never be heard of again. He is a master at this scheme and he can easily pick up and go some where else and get away with the same thing.


He was last seen in Hagerstown on April. He seems to like the area a lot. I doubt he has strayed to far from there.


He hasn’t been served because he ran. He’s been in hiding somewhere. I pray everyday that he is caught.

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