Frederick shooting

Frederick Police Officer Kevin Long and his K-9 Oden search for clues after a shooting Tuesday morning on Pendleton Court. One person was hospitalized following the shooting.

A shooting in Frederick sent one man to the hospital with an injury to his lower body Tuesday morning, according to the Frederick Police Department.

Police responded at about 10:15 a.m. to the unit block of Pendleton Court, Lt. Andrew Alcorn said. It is believed the victim and the shooter knew one another. The shooter remained at large as of 4:30 p.m. Police believe there is no general danger to the public.

“This is not a random event,” Alcorn said.

Evidence of a firearm discharge was found at the scene, according to a police statement, and witnesses reportedly said they thought one man was shot in the lower body. Shortly after, a man with a gunshot wound arrived at Frederick Health Hospital, was treated and then taken to a local trauma center. At this time, the man’s medical status is unknown to police.

No detailed description of the shooter was available Tuesday afternoon. The shooter reportedly fled on foot but may have gotten into a vehicle, police said. At least one vehicle in the area of the shooting was damaged by gunfire. Police said that vehicle’s owner was not involved in the origin of the incident.

Police are asking anyone who saw suspicious activity in the Pendleton Court area Tuesday morning to call the department’s anonymous tip line at 301-600-8477 (TIPS), or text 240-674-8477 (TIPS) or email

The city of Frederick is a participating jurisdiction with Metro Crime Stoppers (MCS) of Maryland. Submitting a tip through MCS is anonymous. If the information leads to an arrest or criminal charges, the tipster receives a cash reward. See for more information.

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Don't you two have more important things to do with your time?

Comment deleted.

ROFLMAO! Now Plumbum, tell the truth. C'mon, you can do it! "She"? No baby girl, I'm male, and I have corrected you repeatedly. No, I don't maintain a folder of links. It takes me all of one minute to do a Google search, find appropriate links, and then provide that information for you. Not that you use it. You should try looking up what you are talking about once and a while. It would be enlightening. So when are you going to call the Sheriff? The acting FPD Chief? The MSP Barracks commander? They have all the answers you claim to be looking for. When will you attend a NAC meeting? A Frederick County Commissioner's meeting? They give updates too. Educate yourself.


Not sure why I would call anyone.

A broken campaign promise is what it is. I’m about to win an election, His broken promises only help my election. It’s in my favor.


I never said the 80’s cd. I wasn’t there until the 90’s. I’ve always said the 90’s. And there was a reason why you could not do any more ride alongs.


Previously you did say the 80s Plumbum, you're simply lying again. And did you even read where I said I lived 500 miles away during the 90s? And there was no reason why I couldn't do anymore ride alongs when I never did any in the first place. You're grasping for straws, maybe you should sober up sometime. Or do you just really like making a fool out of yourself? My money says it's some kind of sick fetish for you. [lol]


CD, I think plumbum just accused you of having multiple personality disorder or multiple screen names. What a hoot! That must mean that Fido, MrsM, New Market, Purple Pickle, and Hayduke are all the same person with multiple screen names.

It's kinda fun to watch them chase their tails and implode.

Comment deleted.

As I've said before, you're not only a coward, but a liar too, Plumbum. First you used to say I did ride alongs back in the 80s, which I never once did, now you say I did them in the 90s, when I happened to be not just living out of the state, but over 500 miles away at that. Seriously, don't you EVER get tired of making a total fool out of yourself? Obviously you don't, which is sad, pitiful, and evidence that you need some serious mental counseling (maybe another lobotomy.) Keep it up though hon, we get a kick out of laughing at you, not with you. [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


is community policing in the city and in the county still a thing?


Look it up on their respective websites. I gave you the links below. You'll find the answers you are searching for there.


C’mon granny, Try reading my question with another tone.


My response is the same plumbum. Why are you too dang lazy to look it up yourself? Every jurisdiction has a section on their website about their community policing programs. You'd be amazed at what you would find if you just looked. I recommend a nice Gorgonzola to pair with your whine.


Still, read my comment with a different tone. I’m not seeking information. Different tone toots. Sound it out, till you figure out what I wrote.


If you don't understand English sentence structure and punctuation by now, you're hopeless. You asked a question, denoted by that "?" thing at the end of the words you wrote. Such sentence structure requests information. The short answer is yes, and you can look up the programs on the links I gave you.


Why don't you ask some your contacts in law enforcement, Pb? You have so many of them, remember?


C’mon pap, Try reading my question with another tone.


C’mon hon, Try answering my question with another tone.


Yeah, took me all of 30 seconds to find this.


Where does the chief of fcpd stand on the crime in the golden mile corridor? Under the former Chief there was a period of a lot of crime along key parkway. And it seems the police put their heads together and cleaned things up a lot (under Dine).

Over the last two years it doesn’t seem like we’ve heard much anymore about the police being as proactive along the golden mile.


You know, Plumbum, if you weren't such a coward, hiding behind your cell phone and posting derogatory comments about the sheriff under a fake name, you could simply contact him and ask him about this "campaign promise" that you claim he made, and report on it back here. He's very accessible, but only to people who have a backbone. So I guess that leaves you out, now doesn't it?


I didn’t post one derogatory comment about Trumpkins.

He promised to “go after the gangs”. (As well as “go after the aliens”).

He has not executed his promise.

He was very vocal about going after the gangs.

Factual information. A campaign promise. Nothing “derogatory” about Reminding voters about a politician’s broken promise!



"I didn’t post one derogatory comment about Trumpkins."

smh...the irony is lost on her. [lol][lol][lol]


Gabs - what is derogatory about pointing out a broken promise? Maybe had the promise been followed through, this shooting would not have happened.

I asked you a question.

But I already know your answer.

You know there is nothing derogatory. For you and CD, what is derogatory is that I called out Trumpkins on one of his lies.

That’s how things go in politics. If you the politician and you lie, people will make sure it’s known that you lied.



Again plumbum, look at the excerpt from your own screed. You do do understand the irony of your statement, right?


Pb sez "what is derogatory about pointing out a broken promise?" Nothing. Nothing at all, except that is not what you are doing, and you know it. What is the Sheriff's program to combat gangs? Do you know? Have you looked? Does having such a program (in concert with FPD, MSP, and local jurisdictions) mean that there will never be an incidence of gang-related violence anywhere in the county? No, and to think so is absurd. As you have been repeatedly been told (with links to try to educate you), Frederick City is the jurisdiction of the FPD. Yes, they call in the Sheriff's Office Deputies when needed, and work with the FCSO often, but it is the FPD who does the actual patrolling, not the FCSO. If the FPD increases patrols in those areas where gang violence occurs, people then complain about the police cars always cruising through their neighborhoods, and "targeting" them. Police activity takes place where the crime and complaints occur. It makes no sense whatsoever to send officers into a low-crime area just to waste their time, so of course they go where needed or requested. For somebody so "in-tune" and "well-connected" with law enforcement, you sure don't know much.


Gabs have you read any of my comments at all?

You just spent no less than 40 minutes type replying to me. On something completely out of context. If you read my comments then anyone with a brain sees your reply is out of context to what I wrote.

I simple wrote that Trumpkins states he would go after the gangs. And he has not. A broken promise. I even addressed jurisdiction. I even addressed that the promise are Trumpkins words, not mine.

There is nothing inaccurate with what I just typed. He made a promise to go after the gangs.

And gabs - you, literally, have dedicated your entire afternoon and evening trying to tell me how dumb I am.

Trumpkins promised to go after the gangs. And that never happened. It’s not an opinion of mine. Its not speculation. It’s not theory.

You have literally gone into a frenzy over my comment. You HATE when I nail it in the head. You start breathing heavier.

During the campaign, Frederick cable vision had interviewed the candidates for sheriff on camera. And it’s those videos where you will see Trumpkins state this promise.

The FNP also covered the election. You love you some google. Get busy, and you’ll see where Trumpkins made the promise.

I do not care what you call me gabs.

You’re so determined to undermine what I wrote, that you do not even what you’re replying to.

I haven’t typed any opinion. None.

Trumpkins promised ALL the voters to go after the gangs. City residents also participate in county elections.

His promise. His words.

And I’m not backing off! Call me whatever makes you feel superior. Whatever make you feel smart. It won’t change the fact that he promised voters to go after the gangs.


Ok plumbum, tell us what "going after the gangs" means to you. If you believe the Sheriff has come up short on that, what could be done better. Tell us all what you would do in the Sheriff's place.


gabrielshorn2013 Feb 10, 2021 8:27pm

"Ok plumbum, tell us what "going after the gangs" means to you. If you believe the Sheriff has come up short on that, what could be done better. Tell us all what you would do in the Sheriff's place."

Checkmate, gabe!!! [thumbup][thumbup][lol][lol][lol]


Shall we wait for an answer while she looks it up in her Dick Tracy Junior Detective book?


Yeah, she got herself all spun up in a tizzy at 7:33. Bless her heart...smh


She's her own worst enemy. [lol][lol][lol]


why do you call lead plumbumb?


Lead is a chemical element with the symbol Pb (from the Latin plumbum) and atomic number 82. It is a heavy metal that is denser than most common materials. Lead is soft and malleable, and also has a relatively low melting point. When freshly cut, lead is silvery with a hint of blue; it tarnishes to a dull gray color when exposed to air.


That pretty much tells the story, gabe. [thumbup]


Especially the "dull" part.


Great public figures tend to get called names. It signifies public approval and popularity.


Oh, I get it now. You actually like Sheriff Jenkins, and are offering him your undying love and support. Makes a Glenn Close "Fatal Attraction" sort of way. Maybe the good Sheriff needs a protective detail?


I think yes!


So, you're a stalker? Will he find the family's pet bunny cooking in a pot on the stove too? When will you utter the famous line "I will not be ignored!!!"


I’m whatever makes you happy honey bun 😍


ummm...yeah. save your advances for the good Sheriff, pookie. I'm still wondering what he busted you or a family member for that you continue your personal, vitriolic attacks.


KellyAlzan, aren't you against locals helping the federal government (i.e., the 287(g) program)? Why then should the county use its resources to help the city? Personally I'm for law enforcement at all levels coordinating and helping each other but your position seems to be somewhat illogical or inconsistent.


You're not a public figure, Plumbum, let alone a great one. Sheriff Jenkins is, you're nothing but a troll of his. And a cheap, redundant one at that.


Dearest Pootie-poot, ” This is not about me.” Sure it is. It’s all about you and your personal vendetta against the Sheriff. It’s personal for you. Why? ” And I do not care if you approve or don't approve.” Sure you do, or you wouldn’t have written this long response. You fancy yourself as some kind of sleuth, yet you repeatedly post here instead of calling the people that could give you the answers you claim to be looking for. Since you seem to be incapable of doing the work in your self-appointed mission, let me help you:

Frederick Police Department

Dwight Sommers

Acting Chief of Police

101 N Court Street

Frederick, MD 21701

General Inquiries: 301-600-1380

(8:00 AM - 4:30 PM)

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Charles A. Jenkins

PHONE: 301-600-1532


110 Airport Drive East

Frederick, MD


24-hour Information Line: 301-600-1046

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 301-600-2071

Tips Line: 301-600-4131

Maryland State Police


Lieutenant Stephen Johnson

110 Airport Drive East

Frederick, MD 21701 (looky there! The same building as the Sheriff!)


Let us know what you find out. We await your report to the commenters committee.


I thought about giving Pb the contact information too, gabe, but I've done it before and she only proved that she's too chicken to use it. She's content to just make a fool of herself. I think it's an ego thing; "I am fool, hear me roar!!!"


So that explains why you call the Sheriff "Trumpkins," you actually love him and his work. It would also explain all the names you call Trump (even if I believe he was a terrible president).

This discussion site needs more civility. It doesn't matter whether or not the person is a public figure, people should be able to express their opinions and disagreements in a civil matter and not engage in juvenile behavior that several (on any part of the political spectrum) regularly engage in. Everyone who engages in name calling, please just stop it regardless of whether or not the person is a public figure.


Can I address your previous comment about why the county should help the city, MD? City residents pay city and couny taxes. That's all I have to say.


Dwasserba, the county helps the city when they are requested to. Your tax money doesn't go to waste.


Dwasserba, if you read my comment completely you'd see I support law enforcement at all levels cooperating and coordinating their efforts. The question was how can KellyAlzan call for county/city coordination/cooperation but vehemently oppose local/federal cooperation/coordination?

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

What does this have to do with the story, Plumbum? Huh? Tell us. It has absolutely nothing to do with it and the moderator should delete it. You know, you have a lot of nerve whining about what people post about you, when you constantly post the same garbage about Sheriff Jenkins over and over and over and over and over again. You go and say someone else's comment has violated some rule so you "report it to the moderator," what about all the times you violate the rule that states "Say it once. No repetitive posts, please?" Who do you think you are, some special little princess?

Comment deleted.

Where in the article does it state this was gang related, plumbum? Conjecture on your part? What's your plan to address these sorts of incidents?

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