A new initiative will help Frederick police and city staff coordinate efforts to fight speeding in city neighborhoods.

The city unveiled its Operation Safe Speed, which will combine officers from the Frederick Police Department and engineering staff in the city’s Public Works department to analyze complaints of speeding around the city.

The change allows police to designate officers on each patrol shift as traffic safety specialists, who will be responsible for conducting proactive traffic enforcement during their shifts whenever calls for service allow it, said Cpl. David Golden, who will be leading the initiative for the department.

Golden said they’d already gotten several online forms submitted at frederickmd.gov/trafficconcern since the program was announced Monday morning.

“The community is definitely getting involved,” he said.

The forms had previously gone to the engineering staff, who would use them to design ways to calm or slow traffic in problem areas.

Now, police will use the information from the forms to try and create more focused enforcement by prioritizing areas where complaints are coming from, Golden said.

Golden said he will be doing a full analysis of complaints about speeding from the city’s Neighborhood Advisory Councils, a key source of information for locating potential problems, in the coming days.

Identifying speeding drivers can sometimes be an issue of perception.

Unfortunately, people often believe that motorists are driving at an unsafe speed when they are actually going only a few miles over the posted speed limit, Golden said.

The city and the police department have received many complaints about speeding in parts of the city, with many coming from the area of Monocacy Boulevard and Christophers Crossing, according to a city release.

Residents of the Clover Ridge neighborhood on the north side of the city have complained that a section of Christophers Crossing that opened in June has led to increased speeding by drivers through the area.

The 1,850-foot, four-lane segment connects the end of Christophers Crossing in Clover Ridge to a roundabout at the intersection of Walter Martz Road and Poole Jones Road.

There was also concern about a straightaway that runs from Opossumtown Pike to the new traffic circle, which creates another worry.

“It looks like a drag strip. And that’s how it’s going to be treated,” Clover Ridge resident Laura Rigsby said when the stretch of road opened.

The city raised the speed limit in the neighborhood from 25 mph to 30 mph shortly before the new road segment was opened.

Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor said speeding through neighborhoods creates a quality of life concern that requires a variety of responses.

The data collected from traffic enforcement, speed boxes and crash data will help the city adjust its services as needed, the request said.

Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando said the new program provides an important first step in addressing feedback from residents and officers.

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Ryan Marshall is the transportation and growth and development reporter for the News-Post. He can be reached at rmarshall@newspost.com.

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are any of you complaining about speeders the same ones asking to defund the police?


Not me.....


The unwritten rule I’ve experienced is an allowance of 12mph over the speed limit. That’s what the speed cameras allow. I’ve gotten two speed camera tickets, both for 38mph in a 25mph zone. One on East Street and one on Market in front of TJ. 25mph zones are unreasonable I believe except on residential streets. Same with 15. 55 on 15 is unreasonable. The speed limit on 75 and 26 is 55 mph and they are far different roads.


12 mph is just for the automated speed cameras. With a radar gun they probably give you about 7 mph is a guess. I actually tend to speed but really think they should reduce the speed limit on 40 by the Golden Mile. It is currently 45 mph but no one goes that fast; a sure sign that the speed limit is higher than conditions warrant.


Hang out on Christopher's Crossing in Clover Hill 3 if you want to see speeding. Heck, we have cross walks now and the cars rarely stop when someone is in the cross walk. Stopping for walkers in a cross walk is even a state law. I've noticed the majority of the speeders are from Cannon Bluff and Tuscarora Creek communities. Go figure.

Greg F

26 around the bend over Monocacy River Bridge...60-70mph there all the time and thru the light at Waterside. Ridiculous speed in there all the time.


The police should check the intersection of Motter Ave. and West 9th St.. People ignore the RED STOP, they touch their brake light, and go on their way. The red stop means come to a full stop, and then go if the way is safe.


The accidents there generally seem to be misunderstanding that intersection as a three-way stop.


Market Street on any nice day, but mainly Friday-Sunday night has become even more the show-off drag strip that 75 + 80 used to be. The mix of pedestrians and/or drivers not paying attention or driving recklessly is a major problem downtown. We've already seen someone leaving boozy brunch flip their car on a side street after striking multiple parked cars, and another woman do the same at Market and 3rd a few weeks ago. Drunk driving is always an issue downtown, mix in the need to be seen on your loud machine of choice and it is only a matter of time until more people get hurt. Slow down and keep your head on a swivel.


Don’t dine in a parklet without a helmet.


It's called Cruising the Circuit! It's been going on since the 50's. My generation did it in the 70's. It's not going to stop. There's usually not any speeding involved as the police presence is everywhere.


Yay! I hope they fix the new bridge over 15 (not sure if it is Monocacy Blvd at that point or switched to Christopher's Crossing) that is 25MPH. I almost get run over on a daily basis on that stretch of road. Also agree with the other comment about 15 being a speedway now, with no speed enforcement. I try my best to stay at 55 on there, and the amount of road rage I get thrown my way is unbelievable.


Really, it is safest to go with the flow of traffic. Insisting on going slow when others are going fast is almost as dangerous as going fast when others are going slow. Just keep up with traffic.


Speeding Zones? It sounds like good idea to me. But what will be done about our County's "Race Track"; U.S. 15 from Rt. 26 to the PA border? I drive on it every day and since the pandemic began average speeds have skyrocketed; typically the right (slow) lane had gone from the speed limit of 55 mph to an average of 70+ and the left lane I seen running from 75-90+! Every day and night! Every day! And no speeding enforcement. Serious accidents happen regularly especially at Angelberger Rd and Rt. 15 and others, some deadly. I have had drivers pass me on the right shoulder to get ahead when I'm driving 70 to keep up in the left lane.With speed like I see daily these at-grade intersections (no stoplights like both Virginia and Pennsylvania have) are a death trap! I've heard that the county/state can't install stop lights because it would "slow traffic down". Really??? If we need any speeding enforcement we need in on Rt. 15. Speed cameras, speed guns....bring em' on! ...and maybe a red light or two.


No visible enforcement generates more speeding and unsafe driving.

Travis Bickle

You are spot on Biker1. I`ve been ticketed for a seat belt on 15 while speeders and cell phone distracted speeders race on by. State Police target the wrong offense when they do patrol R15. My unworn seat belt endangers me. Those self important cellular reckless bozos endanger us all.


Travis, why in the world do you not wear a seat belt? Hoping to get thrown clear or something? Just curious about your rationale.

Greg F

Travis wants to earn a Darwin Award.


Not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle, not wearing a PFD in a boat, and not wearing a seatbelt, and not wearing a mask indoors if you haven't been vaccinated all help cleanse the gene pool if they haven't had a chance to breed yet.


It might endanger other people if you get thrown from your car, and other drivers have to swerve to avoid your body. Also, please think about the mental effects on a young worker who has to scrape your squished corpse parts off the pavement :/ Or young kids driving by you accident scene and get scarred for life.


I've suggested speed cameras on 15 for years. With all the commuters and business/pleasure travelers on that road the danger chance has gone way up. And yeah, particularly at Angleberger Road. There's a total lack of regard for the law on that road now. Speed cameras would reduce accidents, increase safety, and generate quite a bit of income for the county, at least until people learned to slow down. I'm not sure why there aren't any, given that everyone in local government knows the problems on that highway, but I think it has something to do with having to limit them to certain zones; school, construction, etc.

Greg F

Speed cameras will slow traffic down only by them....WAZE alerts you to where they are. Good luck.


I was thinking speed cameras every few miles, not just one or two. And especially at the at grade intersections like Angleberger Rd. etc. The County and speed camera company both get revenue, and the people get a safer highway.


I quite agree. Let them pay when they break the laws. And it will take many more cameras to do the job.


CD, Route 15 does not qualify for speed cameras. A good breakdown on where they can be is in this article:



That's what I thought, tatt2ed, thanks. [thumbup]


Qualify? Not now. Considering the accidents and deaths, perhaps it should qualify. That may take changes in the law.

Greg F

That whole stretch should be made into an interstate type setup and eliminate all crossroads and instead have ramps and bridges over. PA did it right.


We've been saying that for decades. The problem has been getting financing from Smurfville.




More houses, more people, more traffic!!


Exactly Micky - it's gotten out of control. I warned the community years ago in LTE's - but of course, no one gave a crap! Now here we are.


Certain LTE's the government and developers just don't care about, and they're the ones who determine development. Very rarely are they ever overrode.


The issue would seem to be private property rights. And I haven’t seen a single local politician suggest increasing taxes to raise revenue to purchase development rights from landowners.


True on both counts. I guess that's why they are politicians and not people. ;-)


I’d suggest that the reason no politician has done so is because the people, writ large, aren’t interested in preventing development. A vocal minority whinges about it but seems to know that it is indeed in the minority.


Out of curiousity, what percentage increase in your property tax would you support to raise revenue to purchase development rights?


I do believe this is promising for the city that includes it’s residents, can you please report if there is a similar initiative for county residents as there are a number of roads that pose grave danger to their communities. i.e. MD Rt. 85 through Buckeystown, jointly owned and operated by the county and state. The decibel level that well exceeds the law and more importantly, the dangerous/egregious high speeds that terrorize the community.


Rt. 77 in Thurmont is very unsafe with speeding. It has been for years.


Schifferstadt Blvd is another street with speeding cars. Between the speed cameras at the middle school and church street.

Greg F

Maybe, but that speed thru there is too slow to begin with.

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