A man who police said used a lawn statue of the Virgin Mary to break into a Frederick home was thwarted at gunpoint by a woman who lives there.

The woman held the intruder — who had a knife — at bay inside her home in the 500 block of Goldspire Circle until police arrived late Saturday.

Frederick officers were called to the house at 11:06 p.m. A woman had called 911 to report that a man broke into her home while she and another female resident were watching TV in the living room, according to charging documents. The man, Jose Mauricio Escobar-Flores, 40, was standing in the woman’s kitchen holding a knife when police arrived.

After officers ordered Escobar-Flores to drop the knife and placed him in handcuffs, the women told police that they had been watching TV when they heard Escobar-Flores, using the lawn statue, break the rear sliding glass door of their home, the documents state.

The women ran upstairs while Escobar-Flores was struggling with the door and, while one of the women called 911, the other armed herself with a handgun and ran back downstairs to confront the intruder.

Escobar-Flores grabbed a knife and ignored the woman’s orders to drop the weapon, but he remained in the kitchen until police arrived to arrest him, according to the documents.

Although Escobar-Flores was cooperative when police arrived, officers encountered a language barrier, and Lt. Kirk Henneberry could not say what might have motivated the break-in as of Tuesday.

Detectives were not aware of any connection between Escobar-Flores and either of the women as of Tuesday, Henneberry said.

Henneberry praised how the women kept police informed of the dangerous situation.

“I think they acted very wisely,” the lieutenant said. “One was explaining to the dispatcher exactly what was happening while the other was taking steps to defend themselves if they had to. ... For an unfortunate incident, it was a very fortunate outcome.”

Police said that after Escobar-Flores used the lawn statue of the Virgin Mary to break the glass door, he put the statue down and picked up two large knives and a sharpening tool in the kitchen, the documents state.

Officers approached the home with their guns drawn, but the confrontation was quickly de-escalated, Henneberry said.

Messages left on a number listed for the residence where the break-in occurred were not returned Tuesday afternoon.

Escobar-Flores, of no fixed address, was treated at the scene for injuries to his hands and arms from the broken glass, the documents state.

He was charged with home invasion, reckless endangerment, malicious destruction of property greater than $1,000, and first- and third-degree burglary, as well as two counts each of fourth-degree burglary and first- and second-degree assault, court records indicate.

Escobar-Flores was ordered held without bail and remained at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center as of Tuesday, court records state.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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It should be pointed out that he was NOT armed when he entered the house. She could have also grabbed the knives first. It's not clear what he even meant to do or if he would have harmed them. The fact that he didn't leave immediately probably means he wasn't very sure of where he was or why.


Try reading it again; they were in the living room, he broke into the kitchen where the knives were. Just how were they to beat him to them while one woman is going upstairs for the firearm and the other one is calling 911? Also, how were they to know that he wasn't armed with something he had brought in with him? I think the women acted quite appropriately, and he should consider himself extremely lucky that he did not break into a home where homeowner would have [justifiably] shot him, fatally.


What I'm saying is that having a firearm didn't save their lives. And the story makes it sound like he grabbed knives after being confronted with a gun


Wow!! Why would you be defending ANYBODY that breaks into a home? So you're assuming he was just confused about where he was??? He picked up an item, broke the glass and knocked it out to get in....for what, a glass of water? Why didn't he knock on the door if he was "innocently" confused? Kudos to the women to protect themselves INSIDE THEIR HOME!!


Sounds like a closing argument from the defense attorney, shiftless88 [wink]


I'm speechless. A leftist news rag actually publishing an article about how a citizen armed with a handgun was able to thwart a crime and protect innocent lives. Amazing!

You've got a long way to go FNP but this is a great start.


Yeah, it is a great start, but I'm not gonna hold my breath until the next time they do it.


FNP reports it every time it happens in our fair County. Show me the last time they didn't. Random home invasion is rare. It usually happens to known drug houses.


Oh, please do, CD. please do.[lol]


Figured you'd like that one, Dick.


I would have shot him




See what I mean CDReid. Kill everybody.


Now fido, if I didn't know better I'd think you were taking my proving you wrong about Clinton being impeached personally. [lol][lol][lol]


Then you would have had to lie and say he charged you and you had no recourse or else you would have wound up in jail.


What a miracle!


Mother of god, what a fascinating crime!


This one example of a crime that possiably could of been prevented but a wall on our southern border.


The Virgin Mary wasn't from Mexico or other points south.


There are more statues there than here.


Great job ladies!


Yep, we need more gun control...


Pretty sure that's Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter... My how the mighty have fallen....


Dear FNP - when you wrote about the Walkersville teen who shot the deer in his living room, you made a point to mention the gun was registered. But, in this situation, you completely ignore the legal status of the invader. Why the double standard? Just shows your bias.


#1 - gun wasn't fired
#2 - who cares


#1 if the gun wasn't fired, how would he have shot the deer. #2, are you still clueless?


Classic Fred, classic. Kelly was referring to the gun in this incident, not the deer one. I don't believe I need to ask if you are "still clueless," now do I?

Comment deleted.

"All pistols have to be registered, in the State of Maryland." Yep, as evidenced by the daily lines of criminals, particularly in Baltimore, waiting to do so. [thumbup]


Given his age, with a language barrier and no fixed address, I'd bet he didn't get here legally. I hope ICE kicks in. Dirtbags like this give legal, law-abiding immigrants a bad name.


Good job. The criminals will think before invading a home, if the person has a gun inside the house.

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