Police charged a Frederick man with assault after they said he attacked a woman in a parking lot, then told police he had a gun when they confronted him.

Nicholas Ryan Christopher Combs, 26, of the 100 block of South Market Street, was lying on the ground, raising his middle finger to passersby when a city police officer spotted him around 2:40 p.m. Wednesday, according to charging documents filed in Frederick County District Court.

When the officer approached Combs, he fled a short distance, then put his hand into his pocket and told the officer he had a gun, the documents state.

“Shoot me, shoot me!” Combs yelled, according to the documents. “Shoot me and kill me!”

As the officer tried to reason with Combs, he grabbed a woman at All Saints and Carroll streets and held her in a chokehold with his left arm, at which point the officer charged Combs and tackled him, the documents state.

Lt. Clark Pennington, a department spokesman, said the officer, identified in charging documents as Cpl. Reed Preece, used good judgment in determining how to handle Combs, with whom Preece was familiar.

“He knew the history and some of the backstory behind the suspect, he also knew that the woman the suspect had grabbed was acquainted with the suspect as well,” Pennington said. “Corporal Preece did not feel like either he or the woman was in any level of danger that surpassed the use of force the officer eventually used.”

Officers spoke to several witnesses who recounted what they saw. Combs was handcuffed and taken to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center on charges of first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

Both Combs and the woman were taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for evaluation and treatment, where Combs told Preece he had recently smoked marijuana and taken a prescription drug, the documents state.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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hey everybody I am nick combs the guy from this article I wasn't high that day I was suicidal as it says I "recently" smoked marijuana the day before and was taking Xanax for anxiety I used to smoke spice but haven't since around mid 2013 when my daughter was born. im on probation for this since my then girlfriend didn't want to cooperate with the state and I didn't want to take it to trial, I wasn't homeless but where I was living I couldn't use their address so I used the fcaa's address to receive mail. since my release last month ive started visitation with my daughter ive stayed sober and started attending NA meetings, for the guy that said something about heroin, just so you know ive never done heroin or any other opiate, except for codeine and loracet when I had oral surgery and also when I had a broken hand. never done cocaine in any form, but I did smoke a lot of weed and do a lot of acid and shrooms. anyway im living somewhere now with good people im in the process of getting the things I need to get an ID and I have numerous job opportunities once I get that, and im doing really good. and if yall wanna see my face its nick combs on facebook its a picture of me and my daughter. and this article isn't 100% truthful but its whatever im not worried about it. preece is a good dude and didn't even want to charge me, actually he told me and my girlfriend he wasn't charging me but due to my unwillingness to cooperate with them in some investigations that had nothing to do with me they decided to lock me up 2 days later, on Christmas actually. so yeah don't be so quick to assume guys everybody has a past but that dosent define your future.


"100 block of South Market Street" AKA the soup kitchen.....AKA homeless.


yeah not homeless just using the address because I wasn't on the lease where I stayed


There are many great things about our community. One of them is that our law enforcement officers use good judgment. Major props to Corporal Reese and everyone at FPD for a very good outcome. As we know, officers elsewhere might have done things differently.


you are a fool to think that. they shoot innocent dogs, and people, and smother people in movie theaters.


preece is a good guy we go way back


Kudos to Cpl. Reed Preece for using the good judgement in accessing the situation and handling it so well.


Why do we not get a picture of this person? I've seen plenty of mug shots of non violent offenders in your paper in the past.


look me up on facebook Nick combs


This guy did`t just smoke pot and popped pills he had a monkey on his back for the need of heroine.


never did heroin in my life buddy but nice guess


Marijuana and prescription drug, must have been medical marijuana. But marijuana would never do that to you, would it? BS


Maybe he smoked some of the "spice" that the Asian couple were selling out of their Jefferson gas station. The case where the prosecutor was so brave and determined to see justice served by entering into a cash forfeiture settlement.


I smoked weed the day before and I was taking Xanax for anxiety, the only reason they knew that is because they asked what was in my system before I took a drug test at the hospital. and I wasn't high when this happened I was suicidal, depressed over a family situation and the holiday, not the best idea to try the whole suicide by cop thing but I thank whatever is watching over me that it was preece that day and that I didn't get shot.

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