DG Thurmont Burger King

The Burger King in Thurmont.

A two-month undercover operation involving a Thurmont police officer posing as a Burger King employee netted 5 grams of marijuana and two morphine pills, according to police.

The operation began in August as Officer Nicole Fair was still adjusting to the department, having started July 1. Fair’s tenure coincided with complaints about drugs being sold out of the Burger King on North Church Street. Her supervisors quickly realized the opportunity to run an undercover operation, Chief Greg Eyler said.

“It is less common, because we live in a small, tight-knit community where people know one another. In this case, we had a new officer who wasn’t well-known in Thurmont at the time,” Eyler explained. “So we thought that we would put her in there in a covert operation.”

Submitting a résumé that included some of her work history but excluded her law enforcement career, Fair was hired by the fast-food restaurant in early August and set out to get to the bottom of the rumors.

By Sept. 22, indictments were unsealed against two Burger King employees, 23-year-old Tommy Lee Miller and 28-year-old Jonathan Brook Moser, in Frederick County Circuit Court on the strength of Fair’s undercover work, which resulted in at least two drug purchases by the new officer.

“I was hired to help and protect the community of Thurmont, and that was what I was doing. You hear about all the drug problems we’re having here and elsewhere and, whether it’s marijuana or something else, we’re really feeling the effects of it,” Fair said of her role in the arrests. “To be able to do something to directly address that, especially being a new officer, was extremely rewarding.”

Police seized 5 grams of marijuana and two morphine pills during the operation, Eyler wrote in an email response to The Frederick News-Post’s questions Tuesday.

Possessing less than 10 grams of marijuana on its own is not enough to warrant more than a criminal citation under state law, but because the men sold marijuana to Fair, both were charged with distribution and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, more serious offenses that carry jail time, Eyler said.

“It was worth doing the investigation because distribution is a felony and they were dealing at a restaurant, which is totally inappropriate,” the chief said of the undercover operation.

Before the investigating, the department did not know the quantity of drugs Miller and Moser had, Eyler said

No search warrants were filed after the indictments, Eyler said. While drugs were seized during the investigation, police did not have probable cause to search any other addresses, including the Burger King or either man’s home, he said.

Both the Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office and Thurmont Mayor John Kinnaird were told that police were planning an undercover operation, but Burger King was not notified.

“Based upon the information we had, we felt that anonymity was necessary for the protection of the officer and the integrity of the operation. ... Alerting management would have compromised the investigation,” State’s Attorney Charlie Smith said.

As a business owner himself, Kinnaird said he could sympathize with a company wanting to be told ahead of time about a sensitive operation.

“If it happened to me, that may be my first question, ‘Why wasn’t I informed of this?’” Kinnaird said. “But I’m looking at this as a public official and I support the police department. If you send someone in to just make a buy in the parking lot, that’s all they see, the parking lot. In this case, they were able to get inside the restaurant and link everyone involved in it.”

Craig Giangrande, a representative of the company that runs the Burger King in Thurmont, the Jeffrey Giangrande Corp., initially declined to comment when reached by phone Tuesday. He later called back and left a message offering to speak to a reporter, but he could not be reached as of Wednesday afternoon.

Eyler and Giangrande were in touch immediately after the department’s operation concluded, the chief said.

“He’s been great working with us and I know he wants to make sure everything’s working great at the Burger King,” Eyler said of his conversations with Giangrande.

Asked about future investigations, Eyler said that, given the opportunity, the department will eagerly consider its options for undercover operations.

“It’s a first here in town, and we’re not going to stop,” Eyler said. “If we get information, we’ll put people in covert operations and these dealers won’t know who they’re selling to. That’s something that’s not going to stop until we move these dealers out of town.”

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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Police seized 5 grams of marijuana? SEIZED? Haha NOW I have an example of what "KEYSTONE COPS" are if I ever need an illustration of police ineptitude. Hey Chief Eyler, I hear that they're TOAD LICKING over at McDonalds! You better send a task force over there next! NOW I know where I want to retire, in YOUR town. There must be NO CRIME AT ALL there if you send undercover cops to work at BK to "seize" a nug of weed and a couple pills! I'm sure the citizens of your town sleep soundly at night, knowing that one potential joint never got rolled and smoked haha.
What kind of "reporting" is this anyway? You actually make it sound as if this WASN'T an epic waste of law enforcement resources! I'd be to embarrassed to report it at all! What's the population there? 12 residents? Congratulations to the BRAVE police dept there, you've just become the laughing stock of the nation! Haha funny stuff. Go find those toad lickers now! Clowns


The judgment of everyone who was read-in on this operation should be seriously questioned. I assume this officer was checking in with her superiors occassionally- someone should have called it off long before 2 months of resources were wasted. I wonder what other motivations supported this... ego, perhaps?
Oh, and thank you Thurmont. This fine example of failure and public waste has garnered over 3,300 comments on Reddit. We're trending for all the wrong reasons and it's an embarrassment. https://m.reddit.com/r/news/comments/552o7l/two_month_long_undercover_drug_operation_in_which/


Would you feel the same if they were selling just a couple grams of heroin??? Oh wait, they were selling morphine (a schedule one narcotic the same as heroin)... If you live in Thurmont you should know of the city's zero policy on illicit drugs. Explain yourself to those several Thurmont area families of young people who are dead as the result of illicit drug overdoses..


Resources are limited and the heroin problem is significant. I simply think that resources should have been used more strategically.


Actually, if it WERE heroin it wouldn't have been such an colossal waste of resources. Could have been downgraded to simply "excessively ridiculous", but it WASN'T heroin. It was A HARMLESS PLANT! Don't you understand? THAT is what makes your PD look so incredibly foolish! Since you mentioned it, why weren't they looking for heroin? Or meth or large quantities of cocaine? "Seizing 5 grams of weed" is just a joke on any level.
And just FYI, morphine is a class 2 drug, not a class one. And both, taken together, after having smoked 5 grams of weed, isn't enough of a haul to kill ANYONE, let alone pose a "danger" to the community! It's an embarrassment.


fred police at their finest. congrats for getting five grams of pot off the street! our tax dollars at work.


Indicted? For 5 grams and 2 pills over a two month period? Flip them to get to their source and offer a plea deal to some BS charge with a PBJ. Or just drop it to possession under 10g and be done with it. Unless it leads to a real supplier, there is no value in pursuing this much further.


OMG is all I can say, what a disgrace of a police dept and what a horrible thing to be glad they got them on a felony so they could give them "jail time".. despicable and disgusting, gross miscarriage of justice... and glad to see over 99% of the people commenting here are good decent common sense folks who understand the significance of what you've done... you should all be fired. I hope Burger King and other places take note.


So,the money she "earned" on the job is being held in absentia,for lack of a more telling term....I think I have the idea to beat all ideas...
Why don't you donate that money to the two guys whose lives you're trying to ruin?? Being myopic little dilettantes is no way to find the heart of your people. Lucky for the entire list of encumbents there that apathy is at al
an all-time high


I am seriously concerned as to the amount of taxpayer's dollars that was spent on a drug bust that yielded such a low amount. I am also deeply concerned for the psychological state of the people involved. If one thinks that their community is made safer from this, that had little connection besides the dealers and those that bought from them, I wonder what they truly think their job titles are. All in all this is pretty despicable and it makes me sad knowing that this happened without anyone knowing until the last minute (of course, it's undercover), and nobody can do anything about the tax dollars lost. No one will protest it, no one will really complain about it beyond the little that they've already done, and that's the end of it. Just shows how big of a disconnect there is between the people and those who enforce the laws, almost to the point that I can imagine someone reading this and dismissing it outright.


"Possessing less than 10 grams of marijuana on its own is not enough to warrant more than a criminal citation under state law, but because the men sold marijuana to Fair, both were charged with distribution and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, more serious offenses that carry jail time, Eyler said."

This is what gets me. If they didn't sell it to her, it was a $100 fine.

But since they sold it, it's considered a FELONY, up for FIVE YEARS in prison, and a $15,000 fine!? Congrats on literally ruining two peoples' lives.
Stories like this are why people hate cops. The entire police force should be ashamed.


This is a disgrace, and the police department should be embarrassed. Stories like this are precisely why people hate cops. Congrats on ruining two kids' lives for a tiny amount of a drug that is completely harmless, and actually legal and helping support the economy in some states.
Solid police work right here people.


Are you kidding me. That is about 100$ worth of stuff probably less and your writing a new article about it like its the biggest bust of the year. Why not write the article and the police spending probably 10x the amount of money then the stuff costs. This was pointless and a waste of time just make it legal already maybe then you can actually keep catching heroin and big pill dealers the one actually causing deaths.


They did, the two burger king thugs were selling morphine pills, a schedule one illegal narcotic... Thurmont has a zero police on illicit drugs.


Thugs? You have thugs working at BK in your little town? Or are they thugs just because they sold some weed and a couple pills, that if taken all together by one person wouldn't have been enough to kill anyone? It's a JOKE! And morphine is a class TWO drug, NOT a class one drug. A couple morphine tabs = a nice buzz. And weed? A naturally occurring harmless plant? THAT is what makes one a "thug"? Take a trip to Miami or L.A. I'll show you what a thug is. These were WORKERS AT BK! Haha UN REAL


I think the part that is most important is that even though these two guys were charged with selling the pot, police did not have enough evidence to secure a search warrant for their homes. That would indicate to any intelligent person that these two guys were not regular drug dealers. They were most likely two casual users who were trying to get impress a young girl by hooking her up with some weed. They are NOT dangerous drug dealers. My guess is that the police were originally looking for heroin and hoped that by busting these two guys that they would give up their supplier, and had to bail out when that effort failed.

The Thurmont police department did not get two dangerous drug dealers off the street. They got two casual users off the street, and created a hardship for a local business by removing 3 employees at once. Good job, Greg Eyler.


Wow, major bust. 5 grams of weed and 2 pain pills. Don't worry about the fact that Burger King sells poisonous food on a regular basis. Who cares that they pay there workers no more than minimum wage (except managers get a dollar or 2 an hour more) and expect them to work their hands to the bone in a hot, fast paced, nasty smelling, corporate establishment. Who cares about the crooked cops we see videos of every day... beating people... sometimes children... Its the weed and the natural poppy alkaloids that we need to worry about. I would love to know how much tax payer money was spent on this operation. Street value of 5 grams and 2 pills is under $100.


there is a lot of congratulatory back-patting in this article, considering the value of the drugs recovered is probably less than it cost to pay the salaries of people for the time they were being interviewed about how great they are at their jobs


lol, much less... under $100


Right? This "reporter" acts as if they "seized" (HAHA) two kilos of heroin! PD= A JOKE. Reporter= ANOTHER JOKE! Amusing tho


Hahaha what a joke!!!! This police department is now the laughing stock of the nation!!!!! 5 grams of weed and 2 morphine pills????? Hahahaha you have got to be kidding me!!! What a waste of time and money. What a joke!!! 😂


If you think this is unjust, wait until you see what Facebook is doing to legal medical marijuana dispensaries: http://helpmebro.com/posts/6NHPlr0aJU


A whole 5 grams? Wow, this guy must feel like a real hero.


Jeremy Arias, do your research, less than 10 grams of marijuana is not charged on a criminal citation. It was decriminalized. It is charged on a CIVIL citation.


Ha pathetic! You all keep wasting your money on meaningless drug busts. I think I'll go buy 5 grams of marijuana from the dispensary because my state isn't looking to ruin peoples lives over a luxury resource. Frederick needs to stop being so evil.


Heck of a job, Deputy Fife! Maybe the next sting could nab some of those darned chicken burglars.




Wouldn't it be wonderful if the police had a crystal ball and each time someone reported a possible crime they could look and see what the outcome was going to be if they investigated.


Crystal ball? THEY WASTED TWO MONTHS investigating a nug of weed! They wouldn't need a crystal ball OR 2 months of investigation if they weren't so inept! Can't you see? That's the whole point!


To sum this up:
There were five grams of marijuana - not a huge amount. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug as it has no useful medical purpose, per DEA - even though we are legalizing it for that purpose.

There were two morphine pills that could have been from a prescription. (Not likely, but it must be proved that they were pedaling them and not prescribed.)
It is a Schedule II drug in the United States.
Its duration of analgesia is about three to seven hours.
It is also used for addicts who cannot tolerate either methadone or buprenorphine.

Now we do have people in Frederick County overdosing on heroin and dying, what are we doing about that?


Ask Sheriff Jenkins.


Karl Bickle beat me to it and the people of Frederick County didn't care.



Bill Bixby

It is unbelievable how out-of-touch with reality these people are. You just wasted 3 months and thousands of dollars of taxpayer money for nothing. No one in your community is any safer or better off. Any drug users who were buying from these two guys have already found a new hook-up, and likely did so very soon after the cuffs went on. Burger King's food still sucks. Two more guys are now in the "justice" system, where they will continue to waste taxpayer money to pay for their trials and incarcerations. They will get to meet all kinds of awesome people while in jail/prison, and will probably be far more inclined to criminal behavior after they are released. They will have criminal records and will therefore have an incredibly hard time getting legitimate employment. The only ones who win in the disgraceful and unproductive War on Drugs are those who make their living by perpetuating its misery. Guys like this police chief are delusional if they truly believe that they are making any difference at all with nonsense like this.


Thanks for plagiarizing my comment from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/552o7l/two_month_long_undercover_drug_operation_in_which/d87309t

I ain't mad though!


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?


LOL - so I've heard!


Don't make him angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry...


Bill Bixby...spot on...[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


But it was MY comment! I posted it on reddit first! It's mine! MINE MINE MINE!
Seriously though, I really don't care...



Thats 2 entire months. 4 entire paychecks. After 4 entire paychecks, they produce less than $70 worth of marjuana. How can this be justified? How can you justify 2 entire months worth of work, with multiple people involved, just to 'capture' less than $100 of marijuana?!



Now, when anybody interviews for a job there the first question asked will be: Are you a cop?


yep. that crossed my mind.

And see, employers are typically supportive of police.

But for us employers, hiring is a financial investment. We look for individuals that will work out to be long term employees, we train them as if they will be long term employees.

If I have (3) qualified applicants and I hire Mike, and Mike works here for (64) days, then ends up being an undercover cop - I just lost the opportunity to hire one of the other (2) applicants, and then I'm back to Square-1.

It costs money to train new people. Its an investment. Its a risk. And then we have Greg Eyler tampering with our human resources. No wonder the owner of the Burger king franchises did not want to talk.


Bwuahahahahabahabababaha. 2 months time and tax payers for 5grams of weed? That's ridiculous


The Thurmont police dept. did a great service for the community. It's up to the justice system to do their job now.


Before the justice department can do their job we need to get the
Thurmont PD indicted for squandering public funds and for a complete lack of big picture vision. They spent two months on the equivalent of arresting a minor for selling a case of beer to another minor.


Now that you have proven what the police will do to grab a few grams of marijuana, what do you plan to do to stop heroin, the real problem. What you did was a waste of time and money, you know it, we know it.


Morphine is pretty much heroin, you know that right?


And what difference does that make to the marijuana bust or are you trying to say the police cannot and will not go after heroin because people can get morphine? Between morphine and heroin there is a slight difference in the individual receptors for someone that shows an affinity for morphine. So similar yes, but duplicate, not quite.


So, two pills of morphine, a prescription pain killer is your problem? Abuse, yes, worth the time, no, many other kinds equally bad, such as Hydrocodone. You can get them from any drugstore and you need to know if they had a prescription or not.


Except there's no regulation standards for heroin... doesn't really matter since the regulated drugs are just as bad. Biologically speaking, there's nothing wrong with using natural morphine, straight from the poppy.... in its raw form, its a very nutritious and extremely medicinal substance (medicinal effects for far beyond pain relief). But, establishment grade morphine pills are usually refined and cut with polyethylene glycol... aka antifreeze. The problem with modern day American heroin is that it is made out of these toxic morphine pills.... the opiate is reduced, but the antifreeze doesn't go anywhere... so you got 2-3 times higher antifreeze concentration... and regardless of opioid tolerance, injecting antifreeze will kill you.... sometimes instantly and sometime over time.


LOL - and how does eyler plan to do more of these with a small dept, now that the rookie officer has been exposed??

Is he planning to have them apply and work under a false name and SS number like Kirbie's laborers?

nd did the officer submit (2) weeks notice for quitting? When employees abruptly quit, it causes a hardship to the employer and the co-workers.


She must have lied or not fully informed the managers, to get hired. Now that may not be a crime, but it may just be an infringement of a company's rights.
It must be harassing or coercive to be entrapment:
Entrapment Debate
"The 1992 Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson v. United States -- that law enforcement "may not originate a criminal design, implant in an innocent person's mind the disposition to commit a criminal act, and then induce commission of the crime so that the government may prosecute"-- is far from determinate and nearly impossible to apply literally to the myriad of follies capable of the human animal. This holds true especially in the modern age of rapidly developing intangible and all-encompassing technology, where the possibilities of criminal activity are as limitless as the means available for their creation and implementation. In this evolving environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justly interpret the application of entrapment to criminal defense and police procedure; thus, it is imperative that the foundation of its premise be fully grasped -- and not only by those involved in the mechanics of the judicial system; but, also by those whom that system is designed to serve."


Well, maybe it is important to Thurmont to cut out all drugs, but what are you going to do when the County legalizes marijuana.


It Won't be legal to sell in Burger King


It's not legal now, didn't stop them, did it?


I agree what a waste of time and money.


At first i thought i was reading an Onion article, and then I realized these people are absolutely seriously. Two months of department resources on this? Heaven help us.....


It’s a first here in town, and we’re not going to stop,” Eyler said. “If we get information, we’ll put people in covert operations and these dealers won’t know who they’re selling to. That’s something that’s not going to stop until we move these dealers out of town.”....... NOW this is funny we have complained several times, even given plate numbers and called to say hey ummm deal going down and we have not seen any increase in our neighborhood nor anybody get busted. SMH....until you start hearing what your citizens are saying nothing is going to get better. I admire anybody that puts a uniform on and protects the innocent people. I am sure being a cop is one of the hardest jobs ever....But don't write a check your actions cant cash


I have to laugh at all those stating how this was a waste of time because it only netted five grams and two pills. You have no idea what else has been discovered by talking to the individuals arrested or what other information the officer obtained. The Thurmont Police Department isn't going to tell you what future operations or information they obtained. Seriously, can't you just be glad that there are drugs off the street and people in custody? The arm chair quarterbacking that goes on in the comments section of the FNP is outrageous.


And I have to laugh at the billions of dollars we pay for our war on drugs. We got 5 grams of marijuana off the streets! Hip hip hooray.


NO... What you got was two dope dealers off the streets... Maybe if your kids died from an overdose you'd understand that to be a good thing... But them again, maybe that would give you a couple of giggles too...


Yeah when my kids overdose on marijuana and two pills of morphine I'll give you a call.


No what you did is use tax payer money to ruin two kids lives. Good for you if you're an evil person (you are!).


No, they did not get two dope dealers off the streets. The fact that they didn't gather enough evidence to secure a search warrant of their homes indicates that they caught two casual users, not two dangerous criminals.


Maybe if your kid got a felony conviction for doing the same thing everyone else and their kids did, you wouldn't be so happy about these two "dope dealers" off the streets. C'mon man, 5 gs? If you have ever been drunk once in your life, you did more damage than from 5 flippin grams of marijuana. You're silly.


This was a total epic failure.

The judge's bail was a way of the judge expressing to the Thurmont Police Dept "you're kidding, right?" "next time you're in my court room, you better have hot a grand slam".

No more info was gathered.

It was 2 young guys. they maintained jobs. went to work. which is more than most commentors here can say. Occasional drug users. sold a little here and there, probably mostly to people they know.

Greg Eyler, I realize you're getting up there in age, but c'mon man, this was a flop. Greg Eyler 20 years ago would have laughed at Thurmont PD (under the former chief) for doing this


True, but we are commenting on this story, the police should definitely be looking for something more worthwhile, which you suggest. Maybe they are, maybe they are not.


And you think if there was anything more serious it would not be found when they did find the piddling amounts of marijuana?


If they were still investigating after finding that "piddling amounts of marijuana", would this story even be published in the paper? Would the Thurmont Police be so stupid as to announce that they are currently working on an undercover investigation?


If more information about other drug dealers was discovered by this investigation, then the undercover cop would still be undercover, and this story would have never been published by the FNP. It would have been kept under wraps as to not alert the other people under investigation, and this operation would still be ongoing. They ended the investigation when they realized that they only caught two casual users who were trying to impress a young girl by hooking her up with something she had been asking for.


Drugs off the street? People in custody? You would have been a Nazi if you were born at a different time. Anyone who believes in the War on Drugs or thinks that ruining innocent kids lives is in anyway good for the community is an evil troglodyte.

People are saying it was a waste of time and money because anything involving the War on Drugs is a waste of time and money. It has been an abysmal failure across this nation. This instance just happened to be an offensively larger one. Seriously. Who cares what "sensitive intell" these guys got on their "covert op"?! What info are they gonna find? That the Sinaloa Cartel is drug running through this stupid little town? Please. They will just keep putting immature kids in jail and ruining their lives.

If you don't see that, then you don't actually understand the War on Drugs, and you are part of the problem. If you had even a basic understanding of the social, economic, and political ramifications of the War on Drugs you would feel differently. You clearly don't though because you are probably just some other dumb close minded baby boomer who fear progress and is incapable of coming to grips with reality, just like the good old police department of Thurmont, MD. No wonder the KKK used to be active there...Please though, I urge you to learn more about the War on Drugs and why it has been a crime against humanity since its inception.


A complete waste of time and money. Unless the Thurmont Police have unlimited time, money, and resources it is hard to justify the amount of resources spent on what amounted to absolutely nothing. All that time and effort and all they got was 5 grams? You must be kidding me. And for the Mayor to try and defend that, he looks as foolish as his Police Department. Or maybe this is just a distraction from their inability to solve the real problems of that town. Hey, two months of investigation and we busted a couple of doofuses for selling a dime bag! Yay!


If this was heroin you would all be praising the efforts, there is this thing called the law and the law is the law and you still obey the law. Weed is still a federal crime and the local police must follow the laws even if state politicians wont because they need new revenue stream


So what if it was heroin? Why should we praise police incompetence and closed-mindedness? Two months of work and all they came up with was something America has already decided shouldn't be a crime.


Yes, we would. Heroin is a very serious problem. But they didn't get any heroin dealers, they wasted all that money and resources and failed to make the streets any safer.


Yea lets go ahead and ruin people's lives because its the law, and we don't have choice but to blindly obey it and enforce it even when it clearly violate logic and moral judgement during certain instances....Same exact logic the Nazis used. You should change your name, otherwise some people may get fooled into thinking all of Frederick is as simple minded as you.


Greg Eyler:

C'mon man, you're better than this. The judge's bail speaks VOLUMES. (2) months and this is the end result? Seriously???

No weapons recovered?

No king pin dealers identified?

No large sum of cash confiscated?

This was as non-productive as can be, Greg Eyler. Jim Hagy is probably rolling his eyes and shaking his head.


either they were on to her or it was mis-information as to the extent in the first place. It took the undercover operation to try & find out. Thank you for making the attempt to stop the drugs.


A TOTAL waste of taxpayer money! This officer was unable to do other, hopefully much more important work - while making food at a fast food restaurant. At least these people are working. Put your efforts into people surviving the system by selling drugs. I have no idea what marijuana costs but I know 5 grams can't be more than a few coins in your hand. This is disgraceful police work. And a waste of taxpayer money. Maybe it was horrible investigative work. Heroin is the problem in Thurmont.


They were most likely looking for heroin, and at some point you pull the plug when you don't find what you want and then you send a message that they are close and looking to chase them away


Heroin is the real problem. The only thing is people only started to turn to heroin after the police cracked down on prescription pills. The only message that is being sent is that the police department doesn't know how to solve the problem.


This was an investigation that revealed Burger King employees were selling drugs on the property. By definition an investigation is a formal inquiry or systematic study, the results of which are unknown at the outset. This was a great opportunity for our department to investigate concerns regarding alegations of drug sales by employees of the restaurant. I want to thank our Officers for their thourough investigation of this situation and for making the arrests. This location is directly in the path of the majority of the students attending Catoctin High School, with many of these students walking or driving past Burger King twice day. I am appreciative of the fact that an active drug dealing operation in such close proximity to our high school has been shut down. John A. Kinnaird


Close? Isn't the Burger King way down at the first exit ramp and the high school up on 77? Isn't that 2 or 3 miles?


I think it is around a quarter of a mile.


Is this the Burger King up from the Catoctin Zoo or is there another one up by 15 near the underpass going towards the school?


John - do not use the school as a scape goat for this joke.

We have children riding school buses with no seat belts. everyone is fine with that. but when it comes to covering your tail for something that Eyler made a fool of himself, his subordinates, and the town - we suddenly start playing the "school kids" card.


Kelly, I am not using the schools as a scapegoat to justify anything. The simple truth is that these guys were selling dope in the parking lot of a restaurant that hundreds of our children pass by and many stop at every day. We are all entitled to our opinions and my opinion this was a justified investigation and arrest. For the record I am not fine with children riding in school buses without seat belts. John A. Kinnaird


John, this was a total failure. All Eyler had to do was ask for the FCSO to assist. The officers sit in covert vehicles and watch. Then they move in and make the arrests.

This malarkey of working under cover was just squirley. Over the top. Poor judgement.

Its done now. What else can you say? "oops, I agree with the majority, Eyler fouled up"? of course not. The PD and the Town can not admit the stupidity of this. So its best to just not comment, move on, and hope the owner of the BK franchise at hand is a nice guy.


This is a total joke and using the "high school kids card" is just sad. Kids sell dope out of that school and everyone turns a blind eye including the school. Here is a question for you. When was the last time FCSO did a parking lot and locker sweep of Catoctin??? Don't worry i'll wait... Certain people seem to be ignored. Heroin and Prescription pills are Thurmont's real issue not Pot.


Even more Hilarious the Dope dealers at the Rambler Inn that everyone knows but still seem to be doing the same thing. You can give these cops names license plates and addresses and still no results.


So, to make sure I understand, you think this was a valuable use of public resources? The officer in this investigation was paid approx. $8000 as salary to catch two low level drug "dealers." These are two people who work at Burger King, they're obviously not raking it in through their multi level distribution schemes.


To put this in perspective, five grams is less than 1/5th of an ounce or a little more than 1/100th of a pound.


still a federal crime




A Whopper Jr. of a bust.




Good one, Gladys![thumbup]


What? And how much did the two month "sting" cost? And all you got was a little pot and 2 pills? The good people of Thurmont need to ask for their tax money back. This is a ridiculous waste of public funds.


What did she do with the money she earned while working there?


so she was working two jobs at once and based on what police get paid in this area she did bot jobs since burger king didn't fire se did exactly what was in th ejob description and since the police department didn't fire she did what she was supposed too, so it sounds like she's able to keep the money from both jobs. I'm sure you'd want to be paid for making greasy food for people to lazy to go to the store, buy real food and cook it at home.


She was on police duty when working there. The BK money she earned would have to be given back to BK or to the Police department.


The money is being held by the Police Department. John A. Kinnaird


Did Thurmont consider liability?

Working under burger kings workers comp. and Thurmont workers comp. say, she burned her hand on the broiler and needs a skin graft - who's liable?

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