A man whose incarceration at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center while challenging his deportation inspired a protest earlier this summer has been moved to a jail more than 600 miles away.

Although a federal judge granted 26-year-old New Carrollton resident Prince Gbohoutou temporary relief from deportation, he was transferred by Immigration and Customs Enforcement from Frederick County to a jail in Alabama.

Gbohoutou was the subject of a June vigil and demonstration outside the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, where he was being detained through the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office’s collaboration with ICE.

Gbohoutou is a citizen of Central African Republic who has been living in the U.S. since 2006, The News-Post previously reported. He entered the United States legally in 2006 but was ordered deported in 2011.

Gbohoutou is married to a U.S. citizen and is appealing his deportation order while seeking a spouse visa. Federal Judge Paul V. Niemeyer granted a stay on the removal order on Aug. 2.

ICE detained and attempted to deport Gbohoutou on April 19 during a check-in appointment with the agency in Baltimore. He refused to board a May 24 flight and expressed fear for his life if he returns to Central African Republic.

Gbohoutou was temporarily detained at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, which holds immigrants for ICE through an agreement called the 287(g) program.

About 80 people, including Gbohoutou’s wife, Shaniece Hodges Gbohoutou, immigrant rights activists and local supporters, rallied outside the jail June 8 calling for his release.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has approved the Gbohoutous’ I-130, the first in a series of applications for sponsoring a spousal visa, according to Jennifer Amuzie, an organizer with the group Sanctuary DMV.

ICE is holding Gbohoutou in the Etowah County Detention Center in Gadsden, Alabama, according to information on ICE’s website.

The jail recently garnered national attention when AL.com reported Alabama law allowed the sheriff running it to pocket $750,000 in leftover food funding at the same time as he purchased a $740,000 beach house.

Gbohoutou’s case is ongoing in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Attorney Adam Crandell, who represents Gbohoutou, declined to comment on the appeal.

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Read the article, he entered legally. It's amazing that the majority of your posts are so just technically incorrect, it's like you don't even read the article and your mind is already made up beforehand. Try reading and educating yourself for once. or GO BACK TO JERSEY! haha


Why is this story front page worthy? The Frederick News Post is like the Mini-me Washington Post. There nothing about this story that has any relevance to Frederick County Maryland.


Did you read this? He was incarcerated in Frederick County.


He is NOT a citizen of New Carrollton . He is a citizen of the Central African Republic, and he is NOT afforded certain protections under the U.S. Constitution and law. Deport!


Wrong, Lev.

Even if you're in the United States without permission or proper immigration documents, various sections of the U.S. Constitution apply to you. There is a particularly important provision of the Fourteenth Amendment stating that, "No state shall . . . deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

An undocumented immigrant is definitely a "person." In brief, this means that you are owed such procedural rights as a jury trial and the right to defend yourself against the charges if arrested; and if someone sues you over a civil matter, that you have the right to receive notice and to defend yourself in court. Also see "Defense Against Removal," below.


byebye criminal!


The previous comment ended up on the wrong story! Go see the story on Paul Manafort to see the correct placement.


The pure spite with which ICE is working makes me sad


Aided and abetted by the pansy sheriff




they are doing their job part of which is to protect you from illegals a subset of whom commit 3 million crimes annually including more than 4,300 murders ...grow up and wake up


Exactly on target, jersey!


Why do you continue with this lie?


The previous comment ended up in the wrong story! Go see the story on Butterfly Ridge school to see the correct placement.


That quote is not from John Quincy Adams, and I am shocked the FCPS teachers and administrators are so ignorant of American linguistic history that they would ever beleive it was (“become more”? Really? You think that phrase was used during the Revolution?).

Take it down immediately and next time at least do a google search.


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