A Frederick teenager jailed since police charged him with killing one and wounding another outside a May 2018 after-prom party may be able to await trial at home.

Seventeen-year-old Ean Davis-Lattimore’s request for bail was granted Monday after Judge Julie Stevenson Solt postponed trial in the murder case for the second time. Solt set bail at $100,000 for Davis-Lattimore, who has been held without bail for nine months on charges related to the shooting that left one dead and another injured outside the party.

The Frederick Police Department arrested Davis-Lattimore within 24 hours of the May 13 shooting, The Frederick News-Post previously reported. Prosecutors and police allege Davis-Lattimore fired a gun outside a party in the 1800 block of Weybridge Road, killing 18-year-old Genesis Marie McCarter-Berretto and wounding another teenager.

Davis-Lattimore has denied committing the shooting. A grand jury later indicted him on charges of second-degree murder and first-degree assault.

Davis-Lattimore was scheduled to appear in court Monday for a hearing over the admissibility of certain evidence. His attorneys have alleged that police investigators lied on search warrant applications about statements he made while in police custody. Detectives wrote in sworn affidavits that Davis-Lattimore admitted to firing a gun, although transcripts of his police interview contain no such admission.

Instead of hearing the matter, Solt granted a request from State’s Attorney Charlie Smith to postpone the pending motions and the March trial dates. Smith requested more time to investigate evidence, including forensics and the defense’s alibi witnesses, that may identify another person as the shooter.

The ongoing investigation may take another month or two, Smith told the court Monday.

Defense attorney Catherine Keller, representing Davis-Lattimore, opposed the postponement. The trial was already postponed once from dates originally scheduled for December 2018. Davis-Lattimore has been held without bail since his arrest shortly after the shooting.

“Perhaps, if there had been more initial investigation, we wouldn’t be in this situation,” Keller said.

Keller asked that Solt, in light of the second postponement, assign Davis-Lattimore a low bail amount or release him on a written promise to appear in court so that he can continue awaiting trial at home.

Smith requested high bail, given the severity of the charges.

Solt ordered Davis-Lattimore be subject to pretrial supervision with the Department of Parole and Probation if he posts bail.

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Actually you should blame your forefathers. They made it a law, “The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution”. Check it out, riccicc and you to wolfie 🐺.


Sure, sure, we always, in liberal Maryland, allow people who shoot people out on bail. It's the compassionate, liberal way. After all, under liberalism, it's the victims who are really at fault. The shooter is the only real, innocent victim.


I think it's another modern day lynching.


Watch it bosco, you're stealing Fairfax's line.


👍 cd


But, but, but.. maybe he's innocent riccicc, did you read he article??? Exculpatory witness, police misconduct, conservative prosecutor hemming and hawing all over the place... Reasonable doubt abounds. What does all that have to de with liberals and liberalism???


[thumbup] ole! Innocent until proven guilty what a concept. Our fellow commenters on the right prefer string him up. Due process forget about it. Of course his complexion has a lot to do with that.


That Karma Train is coming into the leftie's station hard and fast nowadays.


And the resulting wreck is gonna be spectacular.


CD The Kavanaugh hearing was NOT a trial! Why don't you guys get that? BTW, Can't wait to see the Cohen Show tomorrow.


Vlad, I've NEVER said it was a trial, I've ALWAYS referred to it for what it was, a hearing. But as far as the left was concerned it WAS a trial.


And from the Right it’s the constant, never ending stream of lies, liberals this, liberals that, liberals want this, liberals don’t want that, every day something new, repeated endlessly, lies, lies, lies, designed to accomplish what I’m not sure but lies are their plan.

Comment deleted.

I urge any of the readers here to look at this publication that CD is referring to here...
https://freedomoutpost.com Come on CD, is this really the way you want to portray yourself?


And, once again my comment referring lies from both Obama and Hilarity Clinton are deleted, while fido's comments on lies from the right are left. Don't anyone EVER tell me that the FNP isn'[t a far left tabloid, because that is exactly all it is.


And lies are all that come from the left. I referenced a couple of links here earlier today proving that, but the left wing FNP deleted them. Go figure.

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