Blaine Young

Blaine Young, former president of the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners.

An Anne Arundel County judge on Tuesday found Blaine Young, the former president of the Frederick County Board of County Commissioners, guilty of three prostitution-related counts.

District Judge H. Richard Duden III then gave Young probation before judgment. In court, Duden also said Young would pay $200 in court costs and fines. However, in a phone interview later, Young said court papers actually listed that total as $142.50.

“I’m sorry for any embarrassment I’ve caused,” Young said tearfully in court before his sentencing, adding that he wanted to be a good citizen.

In a probation before judgment disposition, a defendant can have the conviction stricken from his record upon successful completion of probation.

In a phone interview after the trial, Young said that he was pleased that the judge granted him the opportunity to have the guilty finding removed from his record through probation before judgment. The media coverage of the charges, however, would be something he would carry with him, he added.

“I’ve got no one to blame but myself,” he said. “And I’ll be trying to make right with a lot of people for the rest of my life.”

A fourth count of prostitution against Young was dismissed.

Anne Arundel County police said Young, 44, and five other people were arrested and charged as part of a police prostitution sting on Feb. 18 at a hotel near BWI airport.

An undercover detective posed as a prostitute and took out an ad on a website known to arrange transactions with prostitutes.

Prosecutors say Young responded to the ad and met the officer at a hotel, Aloft BWI Airport, to exchange sex for money, $60.

The undercover detective testified at trial that Young entered and quickly began to undress. He told her that he didn’t have much time. She asked him what he wanted and Young inquired what she did. The undercover officer said she responded everything. She then asked if he wanted sex and he said yes, according to the officer.

Young, however, said in court that he never brought up sex and he went to the hotel to get a massage.

He had been driving part time for his former taxi company, he said, and was going to pick a fare up from the airport. Young was a co-owner of Yellow Cab.

He was waiting for the client at a Shell station near the airport and he mentioned to other drivers waiting there that he was having foot and neck pain, he said.

Another cab driver said that he knew an attractive blonde in the area who gave good massages. Young said he entered the terms “BWI,” “massage” and “blonde” into a search engine on his cellphone and found the ad that led him to the undercover officer, according to his testimony.

Young said he called to see if he would have enough time for a massage and when he learned that the person he believed to be a masseuse was nearby, he went to meet her. He paid her the $60 she requested, thinking it was for a massage, and he was arrested.

Blaine FB apology

An apology to Regina Williams and Young's family was posted on his Facebook page after his arrest. The prostitution charges were not referenced in the post, which was removed a short time later. 

When prosecutor Natalie D’Antonio asked him about a Facebook post in which he apologized for his actions and referenced “demons to deal with and conquer,” Young said that was not an admission of guilt, but expression of remorse for what he had put his then-fiancee, children and family through.

Duden said he did not believe Young’s version of events. Young should have reasonably concluded, he said, that the ad — which referenced fetishes and contained an image of a woman in a thong — was an ad for prostitution, not massages.

“A 12-year-old boy can look at that ad and know what it’s about,” the judge said.

Young’s public apology “sealed it” in terms of finding Young guilty, Duden said.

Young was elected to the Board of County Commissioners in 2010 and lost a bid for county executive in November 2014.

He resigned as a member of the Frederick County Planning Commission in January 2015 after a public battle with County Executive Jan Gardner in late 2014.

Frederick resident and activist Steve Bruns attended the trial wearing a bright yellow shirt with Young’s name within a circle. A slash went through Young’s name as a “no” symbol.

Bruns said he was at the hearing hoping to “see justice done.”

“This man, Blaine Young, has been a blight on Frederick County. He’s an embarrassment to the state of Maryland,” he said.

Bruns said he and Young had a contentious relationship at public hearings.

Young’s attorney, Peter Sean O’Neill, offered the judge a lengthy list of Young’s civic engagement, including his work in public office and participation in clubs such as the Elks Lodge. Young had also received counseling through his church.

“He has done much more than the average citizen will do to improve the community,” O’Neill said.

Tuesday’s trial was not the first time Young has been embroiled in prostitution allegations. His name came up during the Madam Angelika Potter’s Corporate Affair escort service “black book” case. His name was written on an index card with a note that he “likes it rough,” according to a 2001 Frederick News-Post report.

Young said at the time that he hired the women to dance at parties, not have sex.

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(99) comments


Once again Blaine has shown his true colors and the depth of his character. If only he would fade away and stop being an embarassment to himself, his family, and the county.


Perhaps next time Blaine should take the judge with him....Just Sayin'.......


Blaine has no idea what the truth is ! Lie after lie after lie and it will never stop !!! AND none hiding behind the name of the Church that is now guiding him !! GIVE ME A BRAKE !!! GOD help his kids and family !!! AND TO HELL with BLAINE !!! Let us never forget because he WILL try to get back in because he needs the Money !!!


Wonder if Regina is still by his side? Don't know what she saw in him anyhow. $$$
Young should have got his other buddy to represent him...Weinberg


I liked the bit where he said was driving for his cab company picking up a fair. Has anyone here ever been picked up by a cab with BY driving?

Near New Market

Clearly the Judge found his testimony to be lacking in veracity. Embarrassing defense, really.


Yes. He picked up my wife and I from Market Street and drove us a few miles home one time. Totally random, don't personally know the guy.

Also for those saying guilty and convicted, i believe technically with a PBJ he is not guilty, not convicted. He probably had to plea guilty to get the PBJ, but the judge is staying his judgement, and will not judge him at all if his probation outcome is successful. I think the paper's description of what PBJ in Maryland is, is completely wrong. Again, not a fan of the guy, just think the paper is not accurate in their technical description and either are some of the commenters.


Actually, looks like he plead not guilty and got PBJ on 2 counts.
Partial from :
2010 Maryland Code
Subtitle 2 - Sentencing
Section 6-220 - Probation before judgment.

(g) Effect of fulfillment of conditions of probation.-

(1) On fulfillment of the conditions of probation, the court shall discharge the defendant from probation.

(2) The discharge is a final disposition of the matter.

(3) Discharge of a defendant under this section shall be without judgment of conviction and is not a conviction for the purpose of any disqualification or disability imposed by law because of conviction of a crime.


Does that mean it stays on his record or is the record wiped clean?


It means that if he stays out of trouble for the probation period - it's wiped clean. As if it never happened.

But if he gets into trouble again during the probation period - then he can face punishment
Folks: "probation before judgement"

Keywords: "before judgement"

This means he isn't judged as guilty or innocent at this time.

Prostitution charges Are very minor these days. Seldom do they jail people for prostitution related charges. So its no surprise to me that ba'lane got PBJ. No surprise at all.

His biggest punishment is the embarrassment he's put himself through. His kids are old enough to see all this on the Internet. They're old enough to read these comments.

His ex wife is probably loving every minute of balane making a fool of himself.

Balane has mental illness. I hope he can get the help he needs.


Wiped clean if he meets probation I've the next 1 year, means he can still run for office.




In Blaine's own words (Bob Miller Show-WFMD), he was found guilty on two of four charges. He also admitted he was guilty so he committed perjury by pleading not guilty.


Blaine got what he deserved without the sex or massage...I hope he tells us in the future when he going to tell the "TRUTH" so people cannot believe him again !!!!!


The only surprise is that his 2 pals were not with him


Maybe they were too busy thinking up ways to thwart Jan Gardiner that day... That does seem to be their only activity on the county council.




I think the Federick Magazine should add a new category in their annual Best Of Frederick competition - "The Pants On Fire" award for the best/worst/most unbelievable lie by a local politician.


He was convicted, he has done similar in the past, and will probably do similar dumb things in the future, but reading these posts it is like a football tackle having been made, the runner on the ground, motionless, but the rest of the team piles on. Really important that it is necessary to continue to say the same redundant comments, time to move on and forget Blaine, he should be no more than a bad dream now


I'll bet there was someone like you who left a similar comment after the FNP article years ago when Young was implicated in the "Black Book" scandal, where he was described by the Madame as "liking it rough." Years later, in 2010 the voters demonstrated a tragically short memory and elected him Frederick County Commissioner. He and fellow republicans Kirby Delauter, Billy Shreve, and Paul Smith proceeded to trash Frederick County with outrageous spending, mistreating and firing some of the best County employees, pumping $150,000,000 of our hard earned tax dollars into the residential building industry in exchange for $1,000,000 in campaign bribes, displaying disgusting behavior in public, admitting to adultery, etc. etc.

You comment "Blaine, he should be no more than a bad dream now." at our great peril.

I say, shout out the truth about his ugly, filthy, and unlawful behavior from the mountain tops. Otherwise we risk, some time in the future, staining our great Frederick County with Blaine Young's foul stench all over again.


[beam] Absolutely! He will try to come back into public life again and he needs to be STOPPED at the start line.


Please take note: Blaine Young was found to be a LIAR and GUILTY by the Court but managed a PLEA BARGAIN of "PROBATION BEFORE JUDGEMENT." Simply said he got a slap on the wrist that cost Young $142.50 by Judge H. Richard Duden, who put Young on the kind of PROBATION that would eventually be wiped clean should he do well with PROBATION.

Has anyone,, including the FNP asked the Court or Blaine Young how long his PROBATION is or will be?

Just how many " get out of jail FREE" cards has the Young family managed to accumulate over the Young family's tenure in the legislature with one other son being in charge of the Frederick Education Board.

I would have thought the FNP or Young FAMILY members would know how long Blaine's PROBATION would be, BEFORE he returns once again to the Frederick, MD's political arena after his criminal record is expunged but with recorded history not far behind. Privilege is one thing,but isn't this taking on a new but predictable path that the Young FAMILY has perpetuated for decades of FAMILIY CONTROL over the likes of Frederick and Frederick County politics that remains in Blaine's image, while corruption lives on in the likes of Shreve, Delauter and Chmelik?

Is Frederick and Frederick County any better off now than they were 3 years ago?


Take BY out of the equation and maybe you can see more clearly. Courts and judges are their to equalize over zealous policing. This undercover nonsense to arrest a sex customer or a drug customer is the extreme side of law enforcement. Tax Dollars would be better spent going after the "big fish" pimps and dealers.




Redundant comments, tonyc51, for redundant behavior.


That approach "move on and forget Blaine: was tried once and failed after the Black Book Scandal. He returned to the public arena in the form of an appointed County Commissioner, then elected in his own right, (and President to boot!). So while I personally woud like nothing more than to "move on and forget Blaine". Blaine refuses to go quietly into the night. As you note, we will likely hear from this liar yet again.


He was actually a nightmare for most people, not a mere bad dream. His supporters will continue to overlook his actions so the rest of us have to keep the flame burning. I personally would love to see him run out of town by citizens with pitchforks like you see in the old horror movies. Then it would be his bad dream and not ours.




Not too long ago TV celebrity Chef Paula Dean while under oath admitted using the "N" word over the course of her lifetime. Her lucrative empire crumbled along with her fame and renown. The one thing that I, TonyBaloney will always remember is that she didn't lie under oath. Young's lying under oath by telling a Judge he intended to get a massage is perhaps his supreme offense and must never be forgotten.
Trump would call him; LyingBlane...


Yes, and lying under oath is a felony.


There will be a gathering of everyone who believes Young's story in a local phone booth - as soon as I can locate one.


Bonnie and Clyde were just looking for change for a 20.............


Blaine I wonder if you know anybody that's proud of you that has been born yet ?????


It looks like Young has put one over on the citizens of Maryland again. He committed a crime and has been slapped on the wrist and given a chance to redeem himself by serving probation. Folks, this is the punishment that our elected officials and people with money get, while others get the full wrath of our legal system. I also wonder why Young found it necessary to pay for the type of service that he was intending to pay for, and I don’t mean a massage. Stay tuned for the next episode.


I am no Blaine fan nor am i a fan of the prostitution laws. Shouldn't this be considered "attempted prostitution". How is it prostitution if the act isn't completed? You can't be convicted of murder if no one was killed its attempted homicide at best.


I think it is the exchange of money for sex.


Hasn't that ALREADY been proven?


Perhaps you and your forgiving GOD can get together and hash out this brain f**t of yours. We're not talking about murder. We're talking about your leader Blaine Young.

You CLAIM not to be a fan of Blaine Young or prostitution laws. What are you a fan of if not MONOPOLY and a "Get out of Jail Free" card?

Comment deleted.

Isn't this what we call a petty distraction on your part? After all YOU haven't answered the question. Glib on your part but what does that have to do with the GOD you pray to, to get one step ahead of of the rest of US?


It just continues to prove my beliefs about EVERYONE involved in government...they just cannot tell the truth for any reason. Why O Why can't we get someone to lead this country in truth and based on people that want to work for what they earn! It all starts with telling the truth. In the end, I wish Blaine would have simply told the truth and then maybe him and his family could start moving forward and put this behind them. But again...a career politician... And we about to get another one for 4 more years...God help us working Americans out...


GOD doesn't have anything to do with this or Blaine Young's behavior other than he is seeking council at his local church,under the guise of fulfilling his PROBATION which hasn't helped him a bit other than being another EXCUSE he has used over and over again but remains unrepentant.,since for years he keeps doing the same thing over and over again while believing GOD will be merciful for the sins he continues to endorse and never looking back over his shoulder. at those he has left behind in the dirt that he's been shoveling since he strapped on politics to his back-side and forehead. In some circles we call this behavior socio-pathic which can be attributed to those who have followed him round by the nose and have done so for years. We remain just another herd of cattle and will remain so until we start thinking for ourselves.


Just curious if you "adults" teach your children to be so accepting and forgiving as you clearly express yourselves? That's right, do as I say, not as I do. No wonder this country is in such a mess


I'm proud of my country. This is a great country. Did you not watch the Olympics?


Had this been his first offense perhaps people would be more forgiving, but Young has a long list of offenses, not only criminal but moral as well. Twice caught for dabbling in the sex trade [no idea how many times he didn't get caught], lying, deceitful, arrogant, cruel [I shudder when I think of how cruel he has been to his family with his ongoing bad behavior], thoughtless, narcissistic, and unapologetic. Until and unless he is genuinely sorry for his noxious behavior there is nothing to forgive. To forgive would be to empower him to continue along the same offensive path.


Remember when he said he'd changed his ways and learned so much from his night classes? And then went right back to the same stuff weeks later.


How can any of US FORGET.




GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY BLAINE YOUNG...He can lie and cheat but in the end he was convicted GUILTY of three crimes...If he can under oath not tell the truth to a judge then why should anyone else believe anything coming out of his mouth...The "Good Ole Boys" should be proud a fine upstanding fellow person who they supported before but now represents them as a CONVICTED GUILTY member...Sometimes the REAL TRUTH comes out so where was everyone associated with GUILTY BLAINE when he needed to be told NOT TO LIE...WHERE ??????


This is a bunch of crap, he's basically calling the undercover officer a liar and admitting to nothing at all and the Judge lets him off basically scott free. He should have to register as a sex offender. Double standards, the law has always been unfair.


Blaine's lying in court was expected
his tale the judge roundly rejected
he didn't get time
but the worst of this crime:
his behavior goes on uncorrected.


You got that right!!! SMH!


Another great one, ar. [lol]


Can't wait till kirbie runs for CE and appoints Ba'Lane as county manager


Sounds like old Blaine has an affliction.... He's probably somewhere whipping skippy right now...


Why was a cab driver wearing cuff links?


hotel, massage, yeah good one Young, Thank you for the laugh this morning.


points to ponder: Did Blaine's daddy influence the judge? What punishment was given to the other five?

Comment deleted.

Don't forget about when this good man called a youth basketball player a "c--- s---ee"


"Young, however, said in court that he never brought up sex and he went to the hotel to get a massage."

Oh, c'mon, people. That was just sarcasm! Can't you identify sarcasm when you see it?

Comment deleted.



Under oath, Blaine said he was looking for a massage, an obvious lie. The judge said he didn't believe Blaine's story. He gave Blaine probation before judgement. I guess prominent officials, or ex-officials get a special brand of justice. Disgusting. Bob Lewis


Frederick County is lucky that we do not have Blaine as a County Exec,!


Yes we are, yet you support Hillary. Your double standards are showing.


Double standards? Hillary is no saint but she is the better of two choices, how is that a double standard?


DeDeuce - what does this LOCAL issue have to do with Hillary? Just showing your own bias....


I thought we were talking about LOCAL politics and politicians, which, come to think of it aren't any better than our Congressional politics and politicians and elected officials.


Of course the judge didn't believe him, who does!?


It's just a hunch I have, but does anyone else have the feeling that Blaine might not be entirely honest and trustworthy?


That is truly funny! lol[thumbup]


Mary posey and Jill king have submitted lte after lte about joe great ba'lane is


Haven't heard from either lately, the silence is deafening.


No more so than our Maryland legislative members


It has been said that the bigger they are the harder they fall...well big boy, you proved this not to be the truth in your case. After all of the hurt and embarrassment you have caused your family and friends, and the damage you have caused an entire county, all you get is measly probation. With a hand slap like this it won't be long before you are up to your old tricks. Maybe your family and friends will buy into your lies and accept your pseudo apologies but I'm willing to bet the fine folks of Frederick County can't and won't. It won't be long before another one of your sleazy shenanigans makes headlines.


Did more than the average citizen for he community?! Would that have been our most vulnerable and youngest students in Head Start when he eliminated the program in the middle of the school year?

Or maybe all the county employees you dismissed in the name of efficiency when you privatized our county government?

Or the most frail of our seniors when you sold them out by trying to sell Citizens/Montevue?

Or maybe when you just eliminated all 10 of our non-profits who served the neediest like our homeless?

I could go on. But the list is too long for here.

I know. We fought you every step of the way.

Then we elected Good Government, and Blaine was gone.

Had he been found guilty of 3 counts of selling pot he would have gotten time, as the nation considers making pot legal.

Disgusted. Prostitiution is a form of sex trafficking and this is a 2 time offender, that got busted, once as an alderman and now guilty on 3 counts as past president of our BOCC.

Equally disgusted by the judge, who should have held him to a higher standard, as a public official.

Left to only wonder who pulled what strings. PBJ?! On a second offense, and on 3 counts not one, as a public official?!


[thumbup] Val!!!


You know they are all in this together!! Good Ole Boys!! SMH!


I had the same thought, Val, about "the good" he did for our county. Good starting list. I'd add how he starved the school system.


I am disappointed in the judge for setting the fine at a measly $200. A year in jail would have done this egomaniacle piece of garbage some good.


including his work in public office, clubs like the Elks Lodge and work in his I guess that is like when you want to get out of prison early so you say you have found Jesus when what you have really found was a way to play to the ignorant...and the ignorant buys it, then as soon as you get out of prison you forget all about Jesus....


So right, Blue!


BD I worked the concession stand for Bingo at the Elks Lodge for about 10 years while my son was a Boy Scout. Many lodge members worked the floor, called numbers etc. In my 10 years I never once saw Blaine Young "volunteering". Just saying. Perhaps he was a behind the scenes guy.


WOW! Way to teach him a lesson. He's been a sick, narsacistic person for decades, ruining the lives of countless women, his family and county residents. What will this teach his boys and how is it he shouldn't be forced to get help. He needs help, he will be back to his old escapades in no time. SMH


The law and the Judges are as crooked as ever.


Considering that he admitted it on Facebook (when it became public--but before cooler heads prevailed and deleted the post) it's fascinating that it's now about a massage. In a hotel room, where all the best masseuses work.

The part that bugs me is that Frederick is probably not done with him, even now. The Right loves a good tale of redemption, even when it's completely phony.


Mr. Bruns is completely right. Blaine Young has been a complete embarrassment to the state of Maryland and a heinous disgrace to Frederick County. Young, Delauter and Shreve, working together, did terrible damage to Frederick County. Many people believe they are still working together. Hopefully this will put an end to that, but something tells me Young will continue his efforts to infect Frederick County with his unique brand of filth.










BUT, they are working together. They're all REPUBLICANS and wedded to its ideologies and scripted messaging.


"“He has done much more than the average citizen will do to improve the community,” he said."

I think I would say this a little differently: he has done much more than the average citizen to damage this county, ensuring decades of overcrowded schools, unsafe roads, and developers profiting from our expense. That will be Blaine's legacy. That and his propensity to be caught up in prostitution cases - once, twice, and who knows how many more times.


On the same day that Frederick County held a workshop on Human Trafficking, this former Commissioner is let go! A little ironic, don't you think. SMH
The best we can do going forward is share concerns and have discussions within our circles to work toward getting better council members in the future. There are several that need not ever be elected again, in addition to him. Start talkin' folks. Stick to the facts, and share them.


In Frederick, Maryland there is no such things as FACTS and probably never will be in your life time or mine.




Likes rough dancing and motel massages. Fascinating.



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