In bag of fast food, a surprise: Marijuana

Carla McFarland found this bag of suspected marijuana in a bag of food from the Frederick Sonic franchise.

A trip to Sonic intended as a treat ended with a surprise twist for a Frederick woman.

Carla McFarland said she went to Sonic on Guilford Drive on Wednesday with her 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son after a trip to the library and a morning spent packing boxes. After passing chicken strips and fries to her children, McFarland, 35, reached into the bag for her own food and found a small plastic bag containing what appeared to be marijuana in a third container holding her own fries.

“I just kind of sat there in my car in shock,” McFarland said Thursday. “I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?”

McFarland contacted Sonic's management and called police. McFarland said a manager also called police and told her that an employee took responsibility for the bag, saying that it must have slipped from her apron. The manager told her the employee had been fired. 

Franchisee John Louderback, who operates the location with his wife, confirmed the employee no longer works there. He said the incident was under investigation.

"As this time, we believe that concludes the issue," Louderback said. He would not comment about drug-testing policies involving employees.

McFarland said Sonic's management was apologetic. McFarland said her meal was remade and she was not charged for it. The Sonic franchise opened in May. It is the popular drive-in chain's only location in Frederick County.

“I definitely can't say that they didn't go out of their way,” McFarland said. “I honestly think they were more in shock than I was.”

Frederick County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Lt. Jennifer Bailey said the case is under investigation and no arrests had been made as of Thursday afternoon. A deputy seized the suspected marijuana, but it was not clear if it had been tested and confirmed as the drug, Bailey said. She said the employee's name would not be made public unless charges are filed.

For McFarland, the trip to Sonic was meant as a treat during a difficult few months for her family. Her husband has been in Georgetown University Hospital after surgery in May, and the family now faces eviction from its condo. The family has fallen behind on rent, with McFarland unable to work with two children. 

The nonprofit Patty Pollatos Fund Inc. is stepping in to help the McFarland family with an online fundraiser planned to begin sometime next week, founder Debbie Williams said.

The discovery prompted a discussion about drugs and scared her daughter, who had already eaten one of her own fries before McFarland told her children to stop eating, she said.

McFarland said she posted about the discovery on Facebook, prompting laughs from some friends. Others urged her to go public. She doesn't believe the situation is a laughing matter.

“I think that's why everyone thinks it's so funny, because it's marijuana and it's going to be legalized,” she said. “It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”

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Help the McFarland family

Patty Pollatos Fund Inc. founder Debbie Williams said a fund has been set up to help the McFarland family cover expenses. An online fundraiser is not yet available, but people may contact the nonprofit at

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Marijuana isn't all bad! Read more about its history and positive effects it can bring to the state and economies.

We Must Fight Together

some people who have been saying that's about 4 grams, they must have been getting ripped off for a while. That's somewhere between 0.5-1.0 gram. that crap is coming from the city, and not frederick.

Extra Ignored

A two-income family budgets for two-incomes. When one is lost it puts them in a bind. Is FCPS in session during the summer? Maybe she was one of the IT workers who was laid off.

Extra Ignored

Students have had food allergies forever, but it wasn't until a student brought brownies to school made with marijuana that students couldn't bring treats to school. The 2010-2011 school year was the first year treats were banned.


According to this woman's Facebook, she's employed by FCPS. So is she jobless, or not? Something is fishy here.


Check out the new Pollos Hermanos opening up on 7th St in August.

Extra Ignored

Students aren't allowed to share food any more because someone brought brownies baked with marijuana to school. Maybe you can persuade the school that marijuana isn't that bad. A bottle of bubbles or a decorative pencil just doesn't taste as good as a frosted cupcake.

I tried to order a double cheeseburger without cheese because a double hamburger isn't on the menu and I still got a double cheeseburger.


No, it is due to food allergies, not pot. "Students aren't allowed to share food any more because someone brought brownies baked with marijuana to school"


The same thing happened to a friend of mine at Burger King. We were in Grad School, she was Korean. It was late, and she asked for a "Cheeseburger with no cheese" as a joke. We were asked to drive around and wait. Little did we know this was a code for a bag of weed. Guy came out and asked how much we wanted.

Jimmy Carter

“I just kind of sat there in my car in shock,” McFarland said Thursday. “I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?”

Just tell them: Everything is going to be fine. You're very high right now. You will probably be that way for about five more hours. Try taking some vitamin B complex, vitamin C complex.. if you have a beer, go ahead and drink it. Just remember you're a living organism on this planet, and you're very safe. You've just taken a heavy drug. Relax, stay inside and listen to some music, Okay? Do you have any Allman Brothers?


Yes your six-year-old would totally understand that approach.

Extra Ignored

Try making a cheeseburger at home for $1. Fact is fast food isn't always more expensive that cooking at home.


To all the dweebs who think this is funny or a non-issue. You are the problem with America. You are the bums who denigrate honest, hard-working people over a situation which is more serious than any of you are capable of understanding. No sympathy from any of you over this family's problems but you feel you just have to say whatever comes out of your stupid heads. Perhaps, one day, you'll be in this family's situation, facing eviction over a family illness beyond your control. I hope, then, that others make foolish comments about you and put you down. You all need to grow up and find something useful to do instead of being a blight on America.


"over a situation which is more serious than any of you are capable of understanding."

Are you kidding me? How are you not aware of how insignificant and harmless this event is? You must be more uninformed and paranoid then Ms.Mcfarland here.

Please elaborate why you think this is so serious, so i can destroy your opinions with cold hard scientifically-proven facts, and logic.


To everyone saying the weed looks like dirt weed.... The employee probably makes minimum wage ..what pot did you smoke in your broke days.....dirt weed ...

Don't judge

To those of you that think this is a hoax, an employee admitted that it was hers, so please explain to me how Mrs. McFarland set that up? For those of you that think that she needs to get a job, we'll guess what? She has a job. She is struggling to keep that job because there is no affordable childcare. She spends every spare second trying to get the resources she needs for her family only to find out that there are no resources out there. She has contacted every government and religious agency out there, not looking for a hand out but just for a hand, only to have every door slammed in her face. She has been doing all of is while her husband has been in the hospital very sick. Yes, we all have our problems, but if you think that you are any better than her or her husband, keep in mind that they both have degrees. That this can happen to any one of you. She only did what she though was right at the time and she sure did not ask for this extra stress. Instead of you sitting at your computer thinking you are better than her and her family, maybe cut her a break.


Kind of nice to see a fast food chain serving something that won't kill you.


No wonder there was a line down the road at Sonic today...A lot of tie-dye shirts seen eating Sonic burgers...they even went back for seconds, hoping they could figure out the "secret word" to get a special prize. Lol.


Did she order the Happy Meal? Seriously, I wonder if Ms. McFarland said a key work to make the employee think she wanted the marijuana. Perhaps this employee had been selling it regularly and her customers just knew what to say to get it.


This has now hit national news, she will not be facing eviction much longer, she will be living in Urbana, with the right lawyer.

The Skeptic Believer

5 dollar gram of cheap weed, and you get 30 dollars of free food. I think she put it there. Gotta love it.


i dont think it would survive the hot oil either lol


its made up just someone trying to get attention how in the world would it get into someones fries no chance


That's the new Wednesday Bong-A Burger special, buy one burger, get high free.


“I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?”

Judging by the way this woman handled the situation, I would have to say there is a high genetic probability the children may in fact be stupid enough to chew through plastic and raw marijuana buds and swallow them without noticing a thing. In all fairness, the restaurant in question was a Sonic, so the taste of plastic and mid-grade marijuana may be a welcomed change of events for the palate.

But to answer your question specifically, if the children did consume the marijuana, they would most likely enjoy their Sonic more than Sonic should be enjoyed... not to mention a welcomed state of euphoria to help cope with an overbearing helecopter mom for 2-3 hours.

“It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”

If we are going to do the coulda-woulda-shoulda's, it could have been a winning Powerball ticket, a wad of cash, or at the bare minimum an extra hamburger, in any case I doubt she would have returned to complain about receiving any of those gifts with purchase.


Except raw weed would basically do nothing


OK, let me get this straight. A small amount of pot, from the pic maybe 4 grams, dropped out of some poor worker's pocket and into the fries. Instead of being returned to the employee, the pot is stolen ("confiscated") by police. The worker is fired. And the hysterical soccer-mom who found the pot needs expenses covered to help her children recover from the trauma....


I don't care how much pot was in the bag: eating it will not get you high. Why? Because the THC in the week is actually THCA until it is broken down by heat of at least 200 degrees F.

We Must Fight Together

You're crazy... that's a 1/2 gram at best. About $10 worth.

Steve Canon

Sonic? I thought you said Chronic. [beam]

Ricardo Queso

That explains why Sonic's food is so deliciously addictive. They are adding something to their munchies to give you the munchies.

Young no More

Humm...Guess I will hit up Sonic before I get my snickers bar.....


So this make the burgers and fries SuperSonic,right?

I'm betting the employee goes to court against the Sonic franchisee, saying he/she were paid such a low wage that they had to deal drugs during working hours.

Employer did the right thing in canning this person.


>>>"had to deal drugs during working hours"

A four gram baggie is not dealing drugs.

Sean Alexander

Kind of backwards, isn't the buyer of the meal supposed to be the one leaving the tip?


The point that should not be missed here is in all medical history, marijuana has never been known to cause death or serious illness. Opioid and salicylic acid (the active ingredient of aspirin) overdoses have potentially serious consequences including morbidity and death. Yet I daresay no one would freak out if a small tin of Bayer aspirin found its way into their Happy Meal bag.

There’s a huge disconnect between actual environmental hazards and social opprobrium. Marijuana originally was outlawed for economic reasons (the hemp industry was a threat to paper and chemical manufacturers). Racial bigotry and false scare tactics were employed to persuade Congress to pass laws against it. The illegality of industrial hemp has cost America enormously in lost innovation and productivity while the “war on drugs” has cost enormously in actual dollars, and countless lives ruined for no good reason.

Again, this was nothing but a tempest in a teapot. If the lady didn’t want the marijuana she simply should have discarded it. Police were not needed, and turning this into a criminal case does nothing to help anyone, in any way.


"'I think that's why everyone thinks it's so funny, because it's marijuana and it's going to be legalized,' [the mother] said. 'It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.'" It could have been plutonium. It could have been Gatorade. What's the point?

Dennis Johnson

Its legal to drink bleach, do you do it? Take a look past THC and note what is in canabis, you may be surprised.


>>>" Take a look past THC and note what is in canabis, you may be surprised."

Illuminate us.


I like the Alice B. Toklas shakes... just have to know what to order.[beam]


An there is now a long line of cars, at least two miles long, outside the Sonic drive-thru.


Jeez all I ever get at sonic is a cruddy hamburger


Giving new meaning to the term, Happy Meal.

Ben Dover

"You're gonna want fries with that."


"You wanna get fried with that?"

Iben Hadd

Legal soon, just a practice run.

Comment deleted.
Extra Ignored

She didn't say he would eat the baggie.

Children have been known to eat soap pods.

Jim Shorts

Sorry, where was that exactly? MMmmunchies too!


Article linked to on Drudge


Here's another interesting story that most media isn't covering. Off topic? Or related?


Not sure whether to call BS or cite the FNP for poor reporting. The fact that the FNP posts an address for a "help the family" foundation strikes me as making this all suspicious. Is she out for attention and thus donations? Does the FNP no longer do in-depth reporting? Do people just tell the FNP something and they say "duhhh, okay" without asking some detailed questions?

Something here just smells a little fishy.

Extra Ignored

This family doesn't even have a picture on the Recipients Page. How much does the organization keep for themselves because of their expenses taking the donations. Maybe it is the Patty Pallatos Fund taking advantage of the press.


Maybe it was a new sales promotion by Sonic"

"Can I get this supersized please"?

"Oh yes m'am, you sure can! Would you like a blunt with that"?

"No thank you, not today".

"How about our special brownies fir you and the kids. They're on sale this week"!


Outlets for drugs are in fast food outlets across the nation. Dealers commonly employ fast food workers for distribution.


I think something is being made out of a whole lot of nothing for a reason. Given the circumstances could this woman see an easy way to get some "free money". Heck yeah!

Extra Ignored

Did the woman ask the Patty Pollatos Fund Inc. to do anything for her. No they volunteered.

The restaurant replaced her order because something unsanitary was found in the bag. She paid for the original of food it wasn't free.

Needing money doesn't make you more suspect than someone who has all the money they could possibly ever need or want.


Oh yes, I'm sure she used money she didn't have to buy weed she didn't want, in an attempt to defraud Sonic. Funny how there was no mention of anyone asking for money in the article though. She even said how they "went out of their way" in response! That doesn't sound like a gold digger to me.


She appears to be a struggling young mother with a sick husband who is unable to currently provide for his family and not someone seeking handouts or trying to scam anyone. The circumstances she finds herself in can happen to any of us at any time. I just do not think she engineered this whole thing to try and get free money from anyone. She needs understanding, caring, and compassion.


What does one event have to do with the other? SMDH! :/


Please. Marijuana isn't a drug, it's a plant. An unprocessed, naturally occurring product of nature. Like many other plants including some common foods it has known medicinal properties but is not toxic, and never has been known to cause serious illness or death. Aspirin is a more dangerous product for a child to consume in quantity, and has been known to cause deaths.
The fact that marijuana is illegal is of consequence, but is an artificial hazard not inherent to the substance itself. A practical response would have been to simply dispose of it - even a modicum of sense says that returning it to the management would create a completely unnecessary legal problem for somebody. A pity someone was fired for this.

Extra Ignored

Asprin comes from a plant. The bark of the willow tree.

How could it be more dangerous that any other plant.


Are you serious? Yes, marijuana IS illegal and a great many people do not care to be exposed to it in any fashion! This lady did EXACTLY what she should have. RevBacon made the point below that it is likely the weed in question simply got into the wrong order, and that the employee who was fired was likely dealing from that location, and most definitely should have been fired for even possessing weed on company property! Where have you been that you don't know this is standard policy for almost any employer now?


ChrisGC, you are right on, dude.


OPium comes from a plant so does nicotine, are they dangerous ?


The chance that this employee wasn't dealing drugs out of the joint is close to zero. She got the wrong order- happens all the time. Cops should know this, too.


Man, I need to stop by Sonic more often. And seriously.. did this woman realize that her kids were only 'scared' because she made a scene in front of them over a tiny bag of green stuff?

They wouldn't have been any the wiser if you just kept cool, set the bag aside where they couldnt get in it, took them home, then discreetly made a phonecall about it. The hysterics are really overblown for a miniscule bag of weed, of all things.


This makes me sick. If some lady came in to my place of business with her kids telling me about all her problems and I had some extra green on me, I'd have probably dropped .5g in her bag too. I call it helping a person in need. If she didn't want it, all she had to do was return it or throw it out, not call the cops.

Extra Ignored

Well if it had been a half gram of green $100 bills she probably would have thought the cashier had made a mistake and taken it into the store and asked for the manager so she could return it.




You need to put the bong down and step back! Sonic is a drive-in joint and she most likely never even had an opportunity to tell anyone there about "all her problems"! On top of that your idea of "help" is still illegal, and in case you didn't notice it the manager also called the police!


I'll have....lemme see...a sonic burger, large fry, chocolate shake, and a bag of sensimilla...that's all.
"That'll be $257 please...would you like some screens or papers with that?"


I am disgusted by the comments being made by just about everyone here. This is my opinion.
Woman has a ton of stuff she is dealing with right now. Husband is in the hospital for some serious issues. She most likely has blown through any savings paying for these medical bills. I am sure that the group trying to help her has looked into her financials. They always do before just handing out money to people. They do not want to look like they are running a bad charity.

Secondly on the topic of the drugs. Who in their right mind is standing up for a employee who has drugs on them while at work? Even if the intent was not to distribute or sell the drugs to a buyer, it is still wrong. Who are these people standing up for the employee's rights if she in fact confessed to doing this? She should be fired for this. It is criminal. She should be found and prosecuted under the law.

When it comes to the kids eating the weed, how dare anyone say they wouldn't be upset if it could have been found by a child who didn't know any better? My guess is that the persons making those comments have no children of their own. These are the same people that want to say that if a kid finds a gun they could kill themselves, so ban guns, yet when a kid finds something illegal like drugs? The children should be smarter? Who are these two talking liberals? I know, Extra Ignored and the rest of the normal liberal comment section of the FNP.


You are commenting as if you actually know if this is true or not. The video of this will prove one way or another. Have you noticed with the people in the media lately that are being wronged by businesses are in bad need of money and they immediately take it to social media. The story goes viral then boom they get a 20 thousand dollar pay day. Just like the girl that was mauled by pit bulls was told she had to leave the KFC. They found no evidence that she was ever in the store based on video surveillance and by examining what she said she ordered vs. register receipts. Its very unlikely that someone had this in their hand just happened to drop it in a bag that went to someone who is in a bad situation that needs money. One thing alcoholics rarely do is spill their booze.. And one thing people that make $8 bucks and hour is lose their weed in someone's food bag.

Extra Ignored

Who's to say the footage wasn't deleted from the store's security video; the manager could have done it. Kind of like the missing audio from Richard Nixon's office.

Who takes their pot to work and looses it in a customers order accidently. More likely on purpose so the manager didn't find it.


Are you seriously trying to compare a child shooting themselves with an unsecured firearm, and a kid eating a tiny baggie of marijuana? The outcome in those two situation are not even NEAR the same.

Extra Ignored

A child high on marijuana might wander out into the street and be hit by a truck. How is that a different outcome than shooting themselves.


Very well said! I agree that most of those making such comments likely have no kids of their own. (We should be thankful about that!) I also have no doubt that those making such asinine comments are regularly tokin' it up, and are too stoned to really see or deal with reality.

The Skeptic Believer

You don't think she put it there? C'mon, this is a hoax. It's not even high grade weed. Looks mexican.


"Woman has a ton of stuff she is dealing with right now. "
Who doesn't? name one person who had hasn't had bad stuff happen and then had some more bad stuff fall on top of them? That is now an excuse? "sorry officer I hit that man with my car, I have a ton of stuff I am going through right now, ok?" All people are going through some really rough stuff I know right now...death, dying, murder. Not just her. Every where. That poor little girl who was mauled by pitbulls and then has a grandma that tried to bilk a fast food change out of money. She is going through some tough crap right now, she lost her eye, and then now has to grow up knowing her grandma posted her face on facebook with a sad story to get money out of a fast food place they never ate at, that is messed up. Imagine living with that the rest of your life!

"She should be fired for this. It is criminal. She should be found and prosecuted under the law."
She is innocent until found guilty. You know she had drugs? Maybe it was a joke and it was something else. The baggie content hasn't been tested yet. She said it was her bag, not her marijuana.

"When it comes to the kids eating the weed, how dare anyone say they wouldn't be upset if it could have been found by a child who didn't know any better?"
They were 6 and 8, the mother found it. Would a younger child be digging in the bag in the drive through? Lets hope a mother doesn't pass a bag of hot food to her younger child in a car seat. We can't surmise about what didn't happen. Also, did she take her child to the hospital since she ate some of the food? Just wondering - I mean, I would think a mother's first priority would be the safety and wellness of her child. There is not mention of that, does anyone know? Wouldn't most people do that?

Her friends urged her to go public - why? Really why? The person was fired, the police were called, the person is being investigated and she got new food. So why did she have to go public? What would be the reason of this going public now? Now we have to also act revenge on people and some has to "pay" for this mistake, even though it was taken care of using the proper legal channels. Apparently that is not enough anymore? no we must let everyone know so they can go charging after someone, anyone, with pitchforks and torches!!


Wow! I am seeing some pretty harsh comments concerning this woman and her children. We all need to remember, myself included, to try and not make judgements about people we do not know. I am all for working and people supporting themselves and their children, but none of us knows this particular woman's circumstances. She may have reasons we don't know about, and are really none of our business, for not being able to work at this time. We just do not always know what another human being is going through or what he or she is facing, so instead of making harsh judgements, maybe we should pray for this woman and her family.


I agree. I also find it funny that people think she should just go and get a job. How can you do that when and if you are always running out the door to the hospital to be with your Husband? It is a really rough scenario to be in and family comes first. Money second. Unfortunately we live in a world where banks let people not pay a mortgage for several years and will lower their rates to be more affordable and forgive some of the past missed payments in order to keep them in a home which would cost the bank more money than it would be worth to take it over and sell it, etc. Yet a stay at home Mother who finds herself in a very bad situation out of her total control? She gets the shaft.. Shame on these people here!


I totally agree with you on both of your postings, jgrose79.

Comment deleted.
Extra Ignored

Do you know why her husband is having surgery in Georgetown.

If your spouse and father was seriously ill wouldn't you want to be with him.

Nobody gets a job in just one day of looking.

She was a stay-at-home mom and the spouse was the bread winner.

Was that okay with you or you think there should be no stay-at-home moms.

Comment deleted.
Extra Ignored

Everyone else thought they would get accused too so that's why they didn't report their free samples.

Small parts bags like that are not easy to come by. They have to be ordered from a supplier.


Donations? FOR WHAT? Causing some poor employee to lose her job? This woman w the kids needs to think about replacing her, now that she has created a job opening.

Top Dog

Typical, it's always someone else's fault. The employee should take responsibility the their action.

Extra Ignored

If the employee can prove the employer fired her without cause she will qualify for unemployment benefits.

If the employee did put the free sample in the bag to keep the manager from finding it then it won't happen again.


This is crazy! Have been there once and being a new business you think management would be inside and out catering to guest as well...never once saw a manager the whole visit, honestly food wasn't that great! Hopefully something is done about this!

Extra Ignored

Well of course you are not suprised.

McFarland said. “I honestly think they were more in shock than I was.”

Extra Ignored

Looks like a free sample. They must sell more than chicken strips and fries at Sonic.


"I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?” If your kids had eaten strange material in a baggie that looks nothing like food, then you have bigger issues than getting a little weed along with your meal.

“It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.” It could have been oregano.


"scared her daughter" yes SHE scared her daughter by freaking out. Just say I need to return the food and take it in. That is all, no need to scare your children over it.

Sadly after finding out the grandma who accused KFC employees of making fun of her child was hoax, I tend not to take these situations with a grain of salt, once the the sob story comes in. Yeah a lot of people lose houses due to medical bills, why is THIS part of an unrelated story? Why not do a story on all people who lose medical bills and set up a fund for them?

Extra Ignored

Personal interest stories include details about the people.

The woman may have overreacted because her spouse has been in the hospital, she is being evicted from her home, and this was the straw that broke the camels back.

Next time she gets a free sample she'll just toss it in the trash.

Will that work for you.


I never suggested throwing it out, please point out how you would glean that response from "Just say 'I need to return the food' and take it in".

So to your answer questions in your words 'Would that work for you?' No, because I never suggested that. Please read my post again. I suggested there was no need to scare her kids. Ever been around a 6 and 8 year old? They scare pretty easily - why freak them out over an adult matter so they will be fearful anytime they order food out again. They don't need to be scared at this time - at 6 and 8 years old.

This is not a personal interest story. This is a news story about someone allegedly finding drugs in food and it turned into an unnecessary personal interest story.

"The discovery prompted a discussion about drugs and scared her daughter, who had already eaten one of her own fries before McFarland told her children to stop eating, she said."
Okay...Her child ate the fries and it scared her children. I am wondering, did she visit a doctor or hospital for possible marijuana ingestion by a 6 year old?

Over reaction is not an excuse. Many people lose houses due to medical bills sadly, many people have had people die because of medical reasons. Everyone has a bad story, everyone. Not one single person does not have a story of bad things happening while life goes on for everyone else. Not one.


You want some pot with those fries???[lol]


Darn the luck, I ate at home. [beam]


i'll have what she's having!

Comment deleted.
Top Dog

When Harry met Sonic at the golf club.


In PA.


"The family has fallen behind on rent, with McFarland unable to work with two children."

Seriously? Tell that to all the other working moms in Frederick County! Why in the world is a fund being set up for these people? Mom needs to get a job and help support her family and stop wasting money buying fast food.


She's maintaining some sense of stability in the face of uncertainty and stress in her children's lives. Babysitters are fine for kids who return home to same-old same-old, but underestimating their ability to adapt is better than overestimating it. And it's not like she took them for fast food in Disney World with rent due.


Obviously you don't know what the Patty Pallatos Fund inc is. They help people financially thru much fundraising that are going thru a serious illness. Before making ignorant comments as you did, do some research first. We are not talking a cold or flu. Hope that educated you some.


So Sonic has Happy Meals now too!

Comment deleted.


Comment deleted.

Hey Top, don't you mean miniature golf? You set me straight on the difference between that and putt putt a while back. [beam]


"A prize in every bag"


@roberttjohnson. Exactly how much do you know about marijuana? Obviously not much if you're referring to it as a poison. Do you realize that it's a natural plant that comes from the earth and has for hundreds of thousands of years? Hardly a poison if you ask me.


He probably knows like any other educated individual that any inhalation of smoke into ones lungs is bad news.


Does Sonic serve breakfast?

Top Dog

Are they open 24 hours?

Comment deleted.


Comment deleted.



Why was the employee only fired? Why did Sonic hire him/her without first ascertaining he/she was free of illegal drugs? The franchisee failed to perform due diligence to make sure he runs a safe and drug-free business. That employee will only get hired again by some schmuck "job creator" and continue to smoke pot on the job and endanger public safety. That person belongs in jail, not in such fine restaurants as Sonic serving poison to patrons.


Why do you assume that since she was in possession of pot that she was smoking it on the job? If she had a birth control pill in her pocket that slipped out, would you assume that she is having sex on the job?

I don't know whether Sonic tests for drugs before hiring someone but that is also irrelevant. Most employers do not test for drugs because most employees are not responsible for operating vehicles or heavy machinery.


Most employers do check for illegal substances prior to hiring and it goes beyond the hiring of vehicles and machinery.


A company does not hire vehicles and machinery, it buys those items

Extra Ignored


Top Dog

If you work in the national security genre, you are tested often for taking illegal substances before and during employment.

Top Dog

Extra Ignored, during your emloyment in the National Security genre, you are tested for drugs no matter if you took the drugs during work hours or after works hours, it doesn't matter. On the other hand, you and post comments to the FNP during your off hours. That is a fact.


Most private sector companies/employers are not only doing drug testing, but they are also running credit/financial checks on applicants and potential employees. This is for any position, not just a position working with machinery, etc.


That's not a very nice thing to say.


I don't think Sonic handles issues of national security. Yeah, I'm pretty sure they don't.


"such fine restaurants as Sonic" [beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]


Interesting.I haven't been to that Sonic joint yet.

Top Dog

I'm going on my way home from work.



Comment deleted.
Top Dog

Because I have to go to the bathroom on my way home from work.

Comment deleted.
Extra Ignored

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