Maryland State Police seized heroin and crack cocaine as well as a loaded handgun after pulling over a car with an inoperable taillight near Frederick early Sunday.

A trooper noticed the taillight while on patrol on westbound Interstate 70 near the exit for Md. 144 at 1:51 a.m. and pulled over a Chevrolet SUV with Pennsylvania license plates a short time later. The trooper smelled marijuana when he approached the driver, later identified as 21-year-old Donnell Corey Baker Jr., and a cursory search of Baker’s person turned up a bottle with 60 prescription pills inside. A search of Baker’s passenger, 26-year-old Kia Maia Coleman, turned up two packets of heroin and a loaded .380-caliber handgun in her bra, the documents state.

A full search of the car and both occupants yielded oxycodone pills, three bags of heroin, nine containers of crack cocaine, additional ammunition for the handgun in Coleman’s purse, more than 60 bags with suspected drug residue in them, and drug paraphernalia, according to the documents.

Baker was charged with seven firearms offenses, and Coleman was charged with four firearms offenses. Both Baker and Coleman faced drug charges, including both possession and possession with intent to distribute various narcotics.

In addition, Baker was charged with having originally provided state troopers with a fraudulent name, which he later admitted to doing in order to avoid being served an outstanding warrant out of Harford County stemming from an armed robbery case there.

Frederick County District Judge Dino Flores Jr. described the charges as “incredibly serious, and dangerous” in a bail review hearing for Baker in district court Monday afternoon, citing Baker’s criminal record as evidence that Baker likely made a living as a drug dealer.

“The charges practically scream that,” Flores said.

Flores denied bail to both Baker and Coleman, ordering that the two remain in the Frederick County Adult Detention Center pending further court hearings.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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You guys are hard on citizen "druggies". Its warranted. Just know there are plenty of "citizen druggies" that use daily, that are also productive members of society.


On a side note -- MODERATOR(S), what happened to the paragraph breaks? I just inserted one above. This is a test of the emergency paragraph break system...


This is how the comments were originally set up. after complaints from ya commentors, the FNP allowed for proper sentence / paragraph structure. Why would a newspaper, want comments written without proper structure?



My sister-in-law works for the company that sells this system to papers like the FNP all over the country. In addition to the comment section, their software handles page layout, advertising, etc.

I'm gonna email her and tell her to get on it!

Actually of course I have no idea what the problem is, but not being allowed to insert a space for a paragraph break is annoying.

Before submitting this, I inserted the standard HTML "paragraph" element before and after each paragraph above. I'm curious if that works.


Yep. It’s working! I was wondering if using html codes would do the trick. Now we know! It’s just best to let us use paragraph structure.


Are you kidding Queen of comments Kelly Alzan? The articles themselves are written without proper srtucture. Most of these articles read like a child wrote them

Comment deleted.

FCPS, That's quite a jump from the subject of the article to illegal immigration. [rolleyes] I'm reminded of religious fanatics who turn every utterance someone makes into a conversation about Jesus, God, Allah, etc. [wink] Since you brought it up, all decent people want to help others, and realize that the vast majority of immigrants (whether here legally or illegally) are decent people as well. That's not in question. The problem is overpopulation. The US already has way too many people. Scientists -- many of the same ones who warn us about GW and CC -- have determined that the sustainable population of America is about 150-175,000,000. That's about half of our current number. We need to (voluntarily) slowly reduce the rate of population growth, and then reverse it so we have negative growth, and eventually reach the sustainable population level. Or, we could be greedy; selfish; short-sighted; and stupid and continue blindly on as we have been because -- "growth is good!" "We need ever more people to fill the bottom positions on the SS Ponzi scheme pyramid!" That might continue to work in the short-term, but we will end up destroying America -- aquifers will continue to go dry; farmland will continue to be paved/developed at a rate of 175 acres per hour (American Farmland Trust); our national forests will be clear-cut, etc. The most efficient, moral way for us to help people in Central and South America is through foreign aid. Help them build schools, roads, hospitals, and housing. Help them with farming techniques, etc. It is much more expensive, and detrimental to America, to help people here.


The gun was probably registered??????????????????????


And the lesson is -- use LEDs for all exterior lights. [cool] Seriously, it seems the vast majority of drug busts happen due to one or more burned out light bulbs. You'd think by now, drug dealers would realize that it's a good idea to -- at a minimum -- do a walk-around and make sure all lights are working. Better yet, purchase LED replacements for all incandescent lamps. Just sayin'. BTW, I'm not trying to help criminals evade the law. It's not like dealers routinely read the comments in the FNP, and the existence of LED auto lamps is no secret anyway. It's just mind-boggling how stupid some people are. It sounds like Judge Flores sure has his mind made up. Granted, it does sound like a slam-dunk case for the prosecution, but shouldn't a judge refrain from announcing his/her opinion before the trial even begins?


Probably most drug busts via traffic stops are due to informants. Then cars are pulled over for some minor traffic infraction.


Nailed it


Thank you officers for protecting the public and the criminals from further harm.

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