The baby shoes sit on the mantel, the fibers of the laces peeking through the bronze coating.

Terry Horman looks at them each day. Sometimes it’s a quick glance. Other times, a longer gaze. Such is the life of the mother of a murder victim whose death is long unsolved.

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Two of the MOST COWARDLY acts of homicide I've ever read about! These simply didn't need to happen! Don't think I recall the Josh Crawford case but this sounds like a case that could be solved with a big cash reward. I'll bet there was more than one person and even though two or more people may have a pact mentality at the moment of committing a crime EVERYONES "friendships" can be tested with the stands of time! With criminals it's pretty routine to have a common goal one minute and then get stepped on by the same person the next minute and that's when those reward dollars look REALLY good!!! I do remember seeing the Tracey Kirkpatrick Case on Unsolved Mysteries. It's been a long time but I seem to remember the cops said they got a call from someone saying they should be looking for someone named Dan or Dave and they were only calling because they knew there were lots of Dans or Daves in Frederick or something??? I can't remember for sure but thought the info could be worth mentioning for those that might not have seen it on TV. Maybe i've watched too much CSI shows but I don't recall many cases involving knives that aren't personal and the victim didn't know the killers(which I think is true in both these cases). Take into account the girl was 17 working TWO jobs to save for college, how many and what enemies outside of her circle could she really have??? They said they don't think robbery was a motive and as crazy as it sounds even hardend criminals don't "usually" kill young kids like that when robbery or something perverse isn't involved, much less with a knife??? I bet it's probably someone that was in the same age group. What about an ex lover or someone she may have been a threat to competitively at work or school??? The store she worked at doesn't seem like there could be that many co workers and I think Brunswick is listed as a 1A school so I doubt the student body was very big numerically. I'm pretty sure the cops would've already investigated this stuff(atleast I HOPE SO) but ya never know what can trigger or jar someones memory and many cases(especially cold cases) are usually solved by the PUBLIC getting involved! I honestly believe THESE TWO CASES CAN BE SOLVED AND SOMEONE out there(possibly reading this right now) is holding the key to both of these!


As I recall from all of the articles, Tracey was closing alone, and she most likely had locked the front door. That someone got in led the police to believe she knew her attacker and let them in. There was a big "todo" over HS students closing alone after that. I can't remember the name, but the lead detective I believe continued to pursue the case after retirement, because the police were pretty certain who it was, but short of a confession, they could not prove it. Forensics were pretty primitive then. I am pretty certain there were a couple of phone calls with the suspect in subsequent years, off the grid, but could not entice them in. I may be totally wrong, it was so long ago. Really shook up the whole county, not just Brunswick, due to the circumstances. A lot of parents started watching their kids work schedules and the the procedures of a particular busn. their kids may be working at.


That's another thing I thought was suspect too, was the time. It said she was alive at 8:45 and found about 2 hours later. Who goes to a store to see a girl at closing time that would make her comfortable enough to open the door??? boyfriend or employee claiming they forgot something maybe??? Or what about a cop, or security guard in uniform??? Guess anythings possible but if it was after hours and the door was locked for the night there's only a few people that I could see having a LEGITIMATE excuse to get in that couldn't wait tiil she had left for the night. Again i'm no super sleuth and I could be way off track here but i'm actually pretty good at solving cases on the ID channel before the ending. I would have to agree the cops probably have the persons name that did this right on the tip of the tongue.


My thoughts and prayers go out to both of these families. I can’t imagine what you have been through. I agree with jswalker what you said is very well versed. It is hard enough to except death under any circumstances, but to lose a loved one in such a violent way and never have the person responsible for it held accountable would be unbearable.

I have always wondered how someone could take another person life and be able to live with their self. How can they do that? I pray that both of these families will be able to move forward. Your life has already been affected by this tragedy, please do not let it control you (I know easier said than done) but you have other children and you have grandchildren live for them, because they need you.

I do believe that even if they catch the person/persons who are responsible it may not bring you the peace you are looking for. Life has dealt you a terrible tragedy and you have survived. My thoughts and prayers are with each one of you. May God Bless you and watch over you.


The reward at the end of the road will be much smaller than what these families anticipate.
Sadly what these families will find out if their cases are ever solved is that there will be no satisfaction. As much as they want justice for the crime, as they deserve, these crimes if solved will yield nothing that will truly make them feel any better. The only thing that could
ever give them the happiness they seek is the one thing they can never have: The murdered loved one back with them again.


Thank you FNP for this article to remind the public of these unsolved cases. I went to HS with Tracey and Deonda, and being the small HS we were, everybody knew everyone, whether you socialized with them or not. I followed the case quite a bit, and it always seemed like the police knew who likely did it, but they could not prove it. Tracey is a reminder to all of these stores hiring young people they should not let them open and close alone.


I was the manager at the Bank of Brunswick branch in Point of Rocks when Ms. Kirkpatrick was killed. We had a fund set up there for the family's expenses. I'll never forget the forlorn, hollow look Mr. Kirkpatrick had when he came into the bank to help set it up. It was devastating to see how much had been taken from this man. He looked like he had had his soul ripped out.

I would think that having a loved one murdered guts one incomprehensibly, and to know the killer was never brought to justice must be a lifelong burden. It must be nearly impossible to live a normal life after such a tragedy and travesty. My heart aches for any family that has to bear this burden.

We all have to die, and living with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough as we all know. To know that some monster has cut the life of your loved one short, the potential that will never be realized, the enjoyable times that will never happen, the grandchildren that will never come into your life...Simply incomprehensible.


^ Powerful words. I stand with you, jswalker.

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