A Frederick man was charged with carjacking, robbery and assault after being linked to a violent crime spree in Dorchester County late last week, according to state police.

The first crime occurred shortly before 1 p.m. May 14 when Cambridge police officers were sent to a reported armed robbery at a city liquor store, according to a state police press release. Shortly after the first officers arrived at the store, a lookout was sent to city police for a white man wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt who fled the area in a blue car. Just down the road, two city officers in an unmarked vehicle saw a vehicle driven by a person matching the description leaving a gas station, but the vehicle was able to flee after making a U-turn in the parking lot and striking the undercover police vehicle, the release states.

One of the officers managed to fire a gunshot at the fleeing vehicle, but the suspect was not hit and the vehicle disappeared, according to the release. Police later learned that, before leaving the gas station, the suspect had robbed a female clerk inside the station of an undisclosed amount of cash.

After notifying state police and pursuing the suspect, Cambridge police found the original blue suspect vehicle abandoned on the side of the road. Officers also learned that the suspect had flagged down a passing motorist and, after agreeing to let the driver get his child out of the car first, continued fleeing in that man’s vehicle, the release states.

Allen Michael Hooks, 29, of the 1100 block of Keswick Place in Frederick, was eventually taken into custody when police caught up with the carjacked vehicle and a brief foot pursuit with Hooks ensued, according to the release. In the meantime, the original vehicle that was abandoned prior to the carjacking was also discovered to have been reported stolen from Frederick County the day before.

Hooks was charged with one count each of robbery and second-degree assault by Cambridge police for the initial robbery of the liquor store, according to online court records. State police also filed for several additional charges related to the following crimes, including an additional count of robbery, one count of carjacking, two counts of first-degree assault and three counts of second-degree assault, online court records indicate. Hooks remained in the Dorchester County Detention Center without bail as of Wednesday.

Hooks was working to complete drug court in Frederick County at the time of his arrest after pleading guilty in September to multiple offenses dating back to a string of robbery and motor vehicle theft cases committed in Frederick County in March of 2019, according to court records. It was not immediately clear Wednesday how those cases could be impacted in light of last week’s arrest.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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Why was this guy out of jail in the first place? Both he and his lawyer and the judge should be locked up forever. And the criminal tarred and feathered.


This guy has robberies going back to 2016. He won't stop until he gets off the coke and heroin. How do I know? He befriended a family member and presented himself as a christian and even invited my to Pizza Hut on Thursdays for Bible study. He robbed that same Pizza Hut a few weeks later. I was checking the news one evening in 2016 and saw his picture in a surveillance photo related to one of his robberies. He was upstairs visiting a relative. I left my house with the intent of reporting him via 911. Well, I didn't have to go far because the cops had every block in my neighborhood covered. I pulled over and alerted them to my house and they came and arrested him. My relative I mentioned earlier died of an overdose in 2016 and Allen and him turned out to be drug buddies.


For whatever reason, and despite three attempts, the moderator will not let me post a refutation of Greg F’s statement below. My response is factual, with citations, and does not violate any terms of use as stated below. Hopefully the fourth try is the charm...

Greg F May 21, 2020 10:55am

Greg said”Soon to be on Trump's cabinet for sure. That or with Mitch McConnell as a pilot of one of his drug boats.

McConnell’s drug boats? Not true Greg. That was a lie concocted by Don Blankenship in 2018.

Did U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell Own a Cargo Ship Found Carrying 90 Lbs. of Cocaine?

A relatively small amount of cocaine was discovered by the Colombian Navy hidden on a boat belonging to a company owned by Mitch McConnell’s father-in-law.

The issue of the Ping May was raised again in 2018 as part of a widely debunked primary campaign ad against McConnell from wealthy coal magnate Don Blankenship that inexplicably (at the time) labeled the senator “Cocaine Mitch.”

As we have explained, Mitch McConnell’s only connection to this incident was the fact that his wife’s family (but neither Mitch McConnell nor his wife specifically) owned and operated a shipping company that contracted out a Liberian-registered dry bulk cargo boat for the transport of coal in which someone back in 2014 attempted (and failed) to hide cocaine. No evidence has ever come to light that suggests Foremost was legally liable for the cocaine incident, and Mitch McConnell, as a matter of simple fact, does not own the Ping May. As such, we rank the claim false.





copy made

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Greg F

Soon to be on Trump's cabinet for sure. That or with Mitch McConnell as a pilot of one of his drug boats.


Poor guy, just trying to make it in this dog eat dog world.

Greg F

I'm sure his parent's are so proud of the thug they raised.


You’re not recommending Life without Parole rb??? Flogging in the Public Square?? These are serious crimes!!! Where is the hue and cry from the RRR(RadicalRightRepublicans)BTT(BullyTagTeam)?? Not a peep. I wonder why?????


This guy should be flogged in the Public Square and then get Life without Parole! There fido, happy now?


But, but, the high Sherf says that only illegal aliens do stuff like this.....


When? Got a link to that reference plumbum?


Google is your friend. I’m not.


I didn't ask you duffy, now did I. Pb says the sheriff made such a statement. The onus is on her to provide confirmation. I could search Google all day and not find the negative. Hint: You cannot prove a negative assertion. Also, please check out the following:

Rule #4: Be civil. Don't threaten. Don't lie. Don't bait. Don't degrade others.

This is the same lie that Pb has been perpetuating for years, even though it violates the terms of use.

Greg F

Like Duffy said...it's out there....go find it. How many baseless things do you post without citing?


Doc, you want me to prove that the sheriff didn't say something? Umm...do you understand logic? Exactly what would those search terms be, something like "what didn't the sheriff say"? The Null Hypothesis is "the sheriff said X" (what Pb is claiming). If the Null Hypothesis cannot be confirmed, then the Alternative Hypothesis is accepted "the sheriff didn't say X". Here is an errand for you doc. Show me where I made a claim that I couldn't back up. Time to load up the tardis doc and head to Canada.


She said the Sherf said that, not the Sheriff. Did you Google that gab?


You don't make sense phy. She is attributing a statement to the sheriff.


Could you show me where she said that??? You’re the one holding her to exactly what she said and she didn’t say what you said she said. Turnabout is fair play is it not?? Or don’t you understand when you’re being spoofed??


Fido, you're really grasping at straws with a comment like this. Do you really not know by now that when Kelly writes "high Sherf" she's referring to Sheriff Jenkins? Seriously?


@duffy & Greg F; I did Google it and found nothing. Wanna know why? BECAUSE HE NEVER SAID THAT! DUH!


Maybe he should have been in jail for committing the robberies last year instead of a slap on the wrist and released on drug court. The Frederick county courts are almost as bad as MOCO now. No one is held responsible for anything and the same people continue to commit crime after crime.


[thumbup] Exactly mrtwist. The revolving door of the Maryland Justice System. Cops arrest them, the District Attorneys undercharge them to keep their conviction rates looking good, the justices then under-sentence them, they do little or no time, and voila! Instant street cred for the resume.

Nancy Day

One of the documented, upstanding resident of fredco?

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