A Frederick mayoral candidate is facing questions about his past and a pending criminal case ahead of the city's November election.

Republican nominee for mayor Steven L. Hammrick — whose legal name is Steven Hamrick Jr. (with one "m") — faces a second-degree assault charge from an incident in July in which police claim he pointed a gun at a group of people during a confrontation on July 31.

A man who lived in Hamrick's apartment complex told police that he and his fiancée were having an engagement party when Hamrick came downstairs and started yelling at the group, at which point they moved into their apartment, according to charging documents.

About 15 minutes later, the man said he saw Hamrick outside with a rifle pointing toward his patio door. Hamrick said he's confident the case will be dismissed.

Hamrick was charged with second-degree assault, although a reckless endangerment charge requested by police was not granted.

During a preliminary search of Hamrick's apartment, police recovered a shotgun, a Smith & Wesson rifle, a Ruger .22 pistol and seven magazines of various types of ammunition in plain sight. Upon returning with a search warrant, they found a .45 pistol and several boxes of ammunition, according to court documents.

Online court records did not list an attorney in the case as of Wednesday.

In an interview Monday, candidate "Hammrick" said he was confident the case would be dismissed when it went to court.

“I haven't had my time in court to prove my innocence,” he said.

A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for Oct. 7 in Frederick County District Court.

"Hammrick" won the Republican primary in the city's Sept. 14 election, capturing 56 percent of the vote in the two-person race. He will face Democratic incumbent Michael O'Connor in the Nov. 2 general election.

When he filed his candidacy for mayor in April, "Hammrick" filed an Affidavit of Alternate Name so his name on the ballot and the city's election website would appear differently from his legal name of Steven Hamrick Jr.

"Hammrick" said he requested the change because he no longer associates with his family. A campaign website and a personal Facebook page also use the alternate "Hammrick" spelling.

The city's charter specifies that a candidate “may file a certificate of candidacy in a name different than that specified [in their candidate filing] if the candidate files an affidavit, under penalties of perjury, attesting that the candidate is generally known by that other name in press accounts concerning the candidate, if any, or, if press accounts do not exist, the candidate's everyday encounters with members of the community.”

Along with the July incident, a search of criminal records under "Hammrick's" legal name (Hamrick) revealed a conviction in a 2016 domestic violence case in which, according to charging documents, he assaulted and choked his then-girlfriend during an argument at their apartment.

According to the documents filed by a Frederick Police Department officer who responded to the call in April 2016, the woman told the officer that Hamrick choked her and punched her in the face, arms and body and shoved her against a door, causing her to lose consciousness.

He choked her again when she tried to leave the apartment, lifting her off the ground and causing her to lose consciousness again, the documents state.

Hamrick entered an Alford plea to a charge of second-degree assault in June 2016 and was sentenced to 18 months with all but 27 days of time already served suspended, according to the Frederick County State's Attorney's Office. He was put on two years of supervised probation and required to complete anger management classes and to have no further contact with the victim in the case.

An Alford plea is one in which a defendant “accepts all the ramifications of a guilty verdict (i.e. punishment) without first attesting to having committed the crime,” according to the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell University Law School.

"Hammrick" said Monday that as the 2016 case went to court, the woman told authorities she'd been drinking on the night of the incident and that the situation didn't happen exactly as it was described by police.

He said he's dealt with the fallout of the 2016 case in his career and other circumstances, and he had no expectation when the case would remain secret during his run for mayor.

“I knew that this phone call was only a matter of time,” he told The News-Post.

Follow Ryan Marshall on Twitter: @RMarshallFNP

Ryan Marshall is the transportation and growth and development reporter for the News-Post. He can be reached at rmarshall@newspost.com.

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Did I miss it? Or did this article not even run in the printed edition of the FNP? And if It didn’t run...Why the heck not? So many voters only get their information or lack of from the FNP.🤫


Who is brave enough on this board to come out from under a rock and actually admit they voted for this guy in the primary?

Dude lives in an apartment and beats up women and stockpiles weapons. Can someone explain to all of us how he would represents his voters' interests if elected? Does he even have a job?


Further research has determined he has a job as an elevator repair technician. Thus, he should be well qualified to ride out the ups and downs of running a political campaign, as well as running the City of Frederick, if elected.


Hello happy! Did u see my comment way down below where I mention him being a lowly apartment renter?

I hope you’re well, hard to believe it’s Fall already!


Hey Plumbum! All well here. Hope all is well with you also. Enjoy the cooler days and nights!


So, the 64K dollar question is now...

...does this guy elevate the local Republican Party a few notches in folks' minds, or devalue the local Republican Party a few notches in the eyes of many?

Amazingly, this question is actually a legitimate one! Pick your answer folks.


Let's see how many votes he gets before answering that...


This is the best candidate the Republicans can offer up around here???

Working the Republican Party booth at the GFF must feel like latrine duty nowadays.


If your birth name is Steven Hammrick Jr., named after his father, then he changes his name to Stewie Hamrick , is he still Jr.🤔? Did his dad change his name too? Just asking … I guess he has bigger dilemmas to worry about.

So really this Hammrick/Hamrick scandal..LOL some scandal, was an open secret?

Everyone knew, but no one knew?

There is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans when it comes to scandals....it's all about retaining power right?

Both parties are more than willing to overlook scandals.....if it means they retain their powers....I couldn't vote in the Primary..but I can vote in the General so yeah I am voting for the Polite White Woman...write in of course. We Polite Women don't tend to need to cause scandals to get elected...also O'Connor's donor's spoke volumes about truth and honesty..I hope the donors know we heard them?



AOC I was thinking of you when I said fearless, you had the guts to be fearless and now you have the guts to be fearless, we need more AOC’s!




The Republicans elected a person infinitely more sleazy as the President of the United States and still consider him their Spiritual and Idealogical Leader. This guy’s just a kiddie version of him. Mr. Hamrick/Hammrick got the Republican win in the Primary and will get the Republican vote in a losing cause here. He’s their kinda guy.



Its almost like Republicans keep putting forth candidates who have a history of fascism in their own life as well as in politics. I wonder why this seems to be such a common theme?



At the end of the day none of this matters. The city is predominantly blue. No repub has a chance regardless of violent compulsive behavior or not.

Exactly why run a "qualified" candidate? Or why didn't a "qualified" candidate run? The Republicans have never struck as ones afraid of a fight?

Dylan Diggs, Adamstown; Jason Miller, Mount Airy; Heath Barnes, Woodsboro; Stephanie Dellamura, Walkersville; Stephen Barrett, Libertytown; Anne Torre-Smith, New Market; Hayden Duke, Frederick.

Anyone of these people were far more qualified to run so why Steve Hammrick/Hamrick?


@Polite W. Woman aka N.W. aka P.P. aka L&M

I feel like the Republicans really aren't sending their best.


Guts over Fear….you have to be fearless to run for “public” office, very few of us have the guts….to be fearless.


@Polite W. Woman aka N.W. aka P.P. aka L&M

Which fear should they have guts over?

Seems like Republicans definitely don't fear being hypocrites they definitely don't fear being fascists. They also don't seem to fear being awful humans. I guess they have the guts to be horrible both in public and private. Is that what I am missing here?




Nope you didn't miss a thing..but that is why it's puzzles me they ran Steve as their most viable candidate..,,? Republicans these days have no problem with their private life becoming public scandal because their red meat base loves it....I mean they elected Trump to office, almost twice? So certainly anyone of the above could not have been any worse than Steve? Why didn't one of them run?


Mr. Hammrick’s (Hamrick's) problems may just be beginning.

Under Federal law those convicted of a crime of domestic violence are prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm.


Maryland prohibits the sale or other transfer of a “regulated firearm” (handgun or assault weapon) to, or possession of a firearm by, any person “convicted of a disqualifying crime.” A person “convicted of a disqualifying crime” is also prohibited from possessing a standard rifle or shotgun.

A “disqualifying crime” is generally defined as:

1. a crime of violence in Maryland or another state; or

2. any Maryland-classified misdemeanor that carries a statutory penalty of more than two years

A domestic assault as described in the FNP article certainly fits the bill.


Prone to violence and with anger management issues, this is not a guy who should be armed.


Taking a gun to their patio is also a form of w control freak. Could have called police but no, he had to try to handle it himself. He’s controlling. But can’t even acquire a mortgage


This was the best of the two options, yikes! I think whoever is running the Republican party in Frederick should have had someone vetting the their candidates a little more.


Au Contraire, Polite W. Woman aka N.W. aka P.P. aka L&M.

That is why Steve was forced to anonymously report himself to the FNP. His error was he overestimated the investigative reporting of the paper and waited too long to call them. If the total circumstances are ever revealed, then you will better understand. His plan was brilliant just poorly executed.


LOL....yeah the plan was brilliant. Poorly executed...I'm not so sure about that yet?

The audience that reads the FNP knows full well the FNP doesn't do investigative journalism, the article doesn't say how this info about Hammrick was discovered so you know the FNP didn't figure this out..someone told the FNP, I wonder who revealed this info to the FNP? That I would like to know?

Did Steve report himself anonymously? I would love to know how the FNP obtained this info? You know when "reporters" break big stories they tell us how they did it...? that important detail seems to be missing from this story, if it was an anonymous tip why didn't the FNP report it that way?

There is this:

"he had no expectation when the case would remain secret during his run for mayor."....this statement is off. Poor grammar, typo's or Freudian slip? Was this Steve's actual statement or the FNP restating his words?


Take a look at this Facebook post and it will become clear. Glad someone figured it out!



There wasn't a reply button on your post....so hopefully you see this?

But that Face Book post really didn't explain much about Steve? Am I missing something? He was missing ? But he isn't missing now....is there a reason he went missing? Also why didn't the FNP report on his disappearance? This whole reveal article is missing a lot....


Hey FNP...where's the rest of the story? Like, what responsibility does the O'connor admin have in all of this? They allowed him to run under a false name. They allowed him to deceive the voters! You can't tell me that someone can fill in a stupid form to change their name and the city doesn't have ANY responsibility to the public to check or inform???????

You can't tell me that someone in the Police Department didn't already know who this guy was? And, I just check the City website... that form they are referring to is not available to the public! So, yes Michael has to own this too. It does benefit his reelection!


A candidate “may file a certificate of candidacy in a name different than that specified [in their candidate filing] if the candidate files an affidavit, under penalties of perjury, attesting that the candidate is generally known by that other name in press accounts concerning the candidate, if any, or, if press accounts do not exist, the candidate's everyday encounters with members of the community.”

Sorry, I don't believe that form is for—let me change my legal and last name. Pretty sure it was more meant for "Hey, everyone calls me 'Stewie'" so lets go with Stewie Hamrick for the campaign. Another ethical snafu in the city. SMFH


The city government has nothing to do with the Board of Elections. Alternative name form is on the website-https://www.elections.maryland.gov/pdf/alternate_name_affidavit.pdf


The city government absolutely has something to do with it. The Board of Supervisors of Election is part of our city government!

"The Board of Supervisors of Elections provides general supervision of the conduct of the system of registration and all primary, general, and special municipal elections in accordance with the provisions of this charter and the ordinances of Frederick City"

You provided a link to the empty blank form. How is that helpful in this situation? The Hamrick form was not made available to the public. Which was my point-the city did not provide all HIS information to inform voters.



Affidavit of Alternate Name

A candidate’s name will appear on the ballot as it appears on the candidate’s Certificate of Candidacy, see City of

Frederick Charter §7(b). A candidate is required to use the candidate’s given name and surname when filing a

certificate of candidacy. However, a candidate may use a name other than the candidate’s given name if the

candidate files an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, that the candidate is generally known by the alternate name

in: 1) press accounts, if any, or 2) if no press accounts exist, the candidate’s everyday encounters with members of

the community.

To use an alternate name, a candidate must complete and sign the Affidavit of Alternate Name set forth below.

Except for quotation marks to enclose a portion of a name, the use of symbols, titles, degrees, or other

professional designations on the Certificate of Candidacy is prohibited, see City of Frederick Charter §7(b).

Affidavit of Alternate Name


Like, what responsibility does the O'connor admin have in all of this? Yeah whose responsibility is it to vet candidates? The press, the opposing party or the public? All or none? Seems the all of the above didn't much care??? But now they suddenly do? Something is off about this...?

I'm surprised the "Republicans" didn't put up a better candidate, then again I'm not because they already have O'Connor in their back pocket (you know because of the Mr. Wilson fiasco, that was the Republicans brainchild) so the "Republicans" played Mr. Hammrick into running. O'Connor can't run unopposed, so the "Republicans" put up Hammrick who they knew was a hot mess and would placate the red meat base...and lose and distract us from the truth.

The O'Connor admin knew full well, you know they knew. What side doesn't vet the other side. The O'Connor admin knew they had nothing to worry about with Hammrick because Hammrick was just a Republican minion.


Perhaps the local Republican party organization is responsible for vetting its candidates?

The Republican party knew Steve wasn't an honest player.....and kept quiet. Then again we are talking about the party that elected Trump so...but hey maybe they didn't vet Steve because well why bother because they almost elected Trump to a 2nd term, so they knew Steve's record wasn't going to matter to the base? This is a puzzle...



You would think, but they really seem to be drawn to strongmen and fascists so I would say this is totally on-brand.


@Polite W. Woman aka N.W. aka P.P. aka L&M

I think you are correct. He was a Hail Mary candidate, but rather than put forth someone who was serious, they put forth someone like this. This would suggest that this is the best in the pool and indicates that there is a serious pool problem. I thought these people were supposed to be good at draining swamps.


What? Help me out here…

O’Connor allowed Hamrick to run as the selected Republican Mayoral Candidate to be his opponent in the general election? That’s clever, thinking “let’s let them ‘screw themselves up’”. Yep, he knew his future opponent would pull a gun, threatening neighbors and lift his girlfriend off the floor strangling her to unconsciousness. Where was Chuck Jenkins?

Yep, O’Connor owns this one 🥴. He purposely put the (criminal to be named later) up as his opponent to run against him. And it only took 472 voters out of a pool of 11,000 Republican voters in Frederick City to make fools of themselves.

Whatever his name - (fill in the blanks)’ was the republican candidate choice. Does the local Republican party do any vetting?

I know right...did the local Republican party do any vetting? I think it depends on the local Republican party right?

There's Fred Propheter's local Republican party and there's Dylan Diggs local Republican party...so neither local Republican party did any vetting of Steve it seems? And both were just fine with Steve running? And both don't seem to care how this makes them look? Oh yeah we are talking about a party that elected Trump so...


@Polite W. Woman aka N.W. aka P.P. aka L&M

This guy is there guy, but now they will act like they never knew him.

All you have to do is have the cult's stamp of approval and you too can hold political office. What's pointing a few rifles at fellow citizens between friends? Let he who has not aimed a gun to settle an argument or choked out a romantic interest be the first to cast stones.


It was a DEM that brought everything to light on Mr. Wilson. An independent investigation found "sufficient evidence" to conclude that Mr. Wilson relied on his position…to request that women engage in sexual relationships with him. Mr. Wilson failed to own anything. It was the O'Connor admin and the Board that didn't hold Mr. Wilson accountable. Don't come back at me with, "but he didn't do anything illegal."

It was unethical and immoral on Mr. Wilson's part. And it was lazy and a sign of very weak leadership by Mr. O'Connor and the Board to not protect female city employees and civically active women after the report came out.

Nothing firmly suggests OConnor allowed Hamrick to run to benefit himself. But facts confirm that Hamrick changed his name and deceived the public. The O'Connor admin knew this and failed to make the information known—prior to the election.

This was the O'Connor admin failing to be transparent, AGAIN. Did O'Connor do it for political gain? We'll never know. Was it lazy and poor leadership? Yes. Because, again—The O'Connor admin knew Hamrick changed his name and failed to make the information known to voters. If he can't be open and transparent about this—how do you expect him to be upfront about anything else? Or maybe you just don't care?

The dems did indeed bring everything about Mr. Wilson to light, yes true but typically dems don’t turn against their own like that, you are naive to think the Republicans didn’t have anything to do with it?

But as your comment concluded O’Connor knew full well Steve was not an honest player and never said a word, just like O’Connor knew full well what happened with Mr. Wilson wasn’t the honest truth either, so no we can’t trust O’Connor to be transparent, but since when do we care about honesty and truth in politics? I mean do we really care? Apparently O’Connor doesn’t give a rat’s behind about honesty nor truth.

But why didn’t O’Connor tell the public the truth about Steve? That’s the question we should be asking O’Connor right?


"Pretty sure it was more meant for "Hey, everyone calls me 'Stewie'" so lets go with Stewie Hamrick for the campaign."

Agreed! Based on that premise I have heard the current mayor is attempting to have the general election ballot list him as: Michael O'Biden [candidate for mayor].


“You can't tell me that someone in the Police Department didn't already know who this guy was?” Kfmd, are you questioning why didn’t Sheriff Jenkins go on air and make this public before the primary?


Remarkable investigative reporting and revelation AFTER the primary. Way to go FNP!


What kind of man gets convicted of choking his girlfriend to unconsciousness and has a pending gun charge against him, yet thinks it is a good idea to run for mayor? And don't say, "A Republican man."


OK, "A white Republican man" might be an acceptable answer, but I was looking for someone aspiring toward a career with Fox News.


Because Democrats have never done anything remotely close or worse than that, right? Hahahahahaha give me a break


No, I am not saying Democrats are any better - just that Fox has a history of hiring men who mistreat women. Roger Ailes et al.


As PWW posted, he had to know he would get found out, so the question is why did he run? You tell me.


"Fllliiipppp" (sound of race card being thrown, again.)


Clearly definable choking card.


CD, True, I played the race card, and that was based on these allegations: A guy spends less than a month in jail, even though he nearly killed his girl friend, and then commit other crime(s) for which he is currently being charged, yet he runs for mayor. Think about it. Would anyone who wasn't a white male that kind of chutzpah? Perhaps he is testing the borders of white privilege.



Please hand me this race card so that I can play it. I am tired of having to be smarter and work harder to get the same things as you get for the color of your skin.


ignorance working overtime


GJT, Is that on your letterhead?



I think GJT has it as a tramp-stamp.


Perhaps he is angling for an endorsement from a former POTUS.


There is more on his record than just 2016 and this past July. Seems he's had several questionable decisions over the past decade.



"Questionable" is being polite.


Can he be mayor while in jail?


I'm writing in Jennifer for mayor. Between do-nothing Michael and this work, I'll spend the two seconds to get something better.


What do you want Michael to do?


"I changed my name a smattering,"

"to hide from facts unflattering,"

"my family wince,"

"especially since,"

"I pled assault and battering."


One of your best, armillary!





Thank you for my chuckle and inspiring the Willy Wonka carryoff.

Ooommmpa Loooommmpppa Likkity-pun

Don't solve arguments with the barrel of a gun

Ooommmpa Loommmmpa Likkity-lout

Also don't choke your girlfriend out

What do you get when you change your name?

Trying to hide from a family of shame

Or maybe you can be mayor if you hide the truth

And make sure no one ever finds any of the proof

You could possible win if you are careful too

Ooompa Looompa Dupity Dooo




How very typical to throw this guy in the basket with all other Republicans. I would expect nothing less from the “kinder, gentler” Democrats.


"Kinder, gentler" was Former President George H.W. Bush, if I recall correctly.


I think he meant “Kinder, gentler” Republicans that don’t choke their girlfriends 👯‍♀️. Can’t the Republican party put up better candidates then this?



When you see a pattern, you see a pattern...


Given that they elected Trump as president, I seriously doubt that his behavior will hurt him With the Republicans at all.


He had no chance in the general election before, so this can only help him.


The GOP's sure the big tent

with Proud Boys and that Three Percent

there's cons in their midst

and misogynists

it seems Hammrick's their kind of a gent.


Hammerbrain is a lowly qpartorenter??? Really?

Stop associating with his family?

Abused / beat up a former lover?

Thinks he can justify pointing a weapon at a sliding glass door?? How do you justify that? You can’t; you call the police, that’s what you do!

What a POS


Should say “he’s a lowly apartment renter....”

That’s as bad as Ba’Lane living with his mom LOL


Please explain "lowly apartment renter".


Plumbum likes to think of herself as a member of the elite, not as someone "low" enough to have to rent.


C.D. On the surface I would have to agree, based on comment. I would like to afford the opportunity to explain though.


tatt2ed, you will never, as in NEVER, get a explanatory reply from Plumbum to any question that you, or anyone, asks her. She's a childish little girl, screaming for attention and the only way she thinks she can get it is to post another ridiculous, asinine comment, and then ignore requests for clarification. Something which she has a loooooong history of doing. Don't take her lack of a reply to you personally, she does it with anyone who asks her anything.


Still awaiting a response to this. Do all apartment "dwellers" classify as "lowly". Does choosing to live in an apartment somehow categorize one as a second class citizen? And the equation of "... as bad as Ba'Lane living with his mom".

Please expand upon your poor view of this.


And I guess if you live in an apartment caring for your mom….?


C.D Were I too take this stuff that seriously, I would be more of a mess than I am already. Thank though.




He's a peach. Long way down for my old party, Randy was an excellent Mayor.


Hamrick to Hammrick? The perfect GOP disguise, no one could ever figure it out!


It’s insulting to my intelligence


Your "intelligence?" That's rich, Pb! [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]



He would have pulled it off too if it wasn't for those pesky kids and their dog.

Next time, he will go with the glasses and Groucho Marx mustache.


Wow! This is the best the Republicans could come up with for a candidate? Unbelievable.

The Republicans needed Mr. O’Connor to be Mayor again, so they did him a favor. Mr. O’Connor owes the Republicans a favor now, Mr. O’Connor never forgets a favor…..nor do the Republicans?


Looks like Frederick Republicans picked the wrong Steve. Or maybe not.


I read the headline & thought, maybe he had a drug or alcohol offense. Who amongst us is perfect? Then I read the article. Mr. Hammrick would have to be an extraordinary man with truly exceptional accomplishments to overcome a domestic violence conviction & ongoing allegations of deadly violent behavior to deserve anyone’s support. Beyond what was written in this article, I don’t know anything else about Mr. Hammrick. Yikes!


I think that Boebert woman has inspired all sorts of unqualified Republicans to run for office.


Looking through the listings in MD Case Search ... this all seems on-brand for national Republicans. Why is he wasting his time on a mayoral race?

Mr.Hammrick(Hamrick) had to know the press would figure him out, and he would get all this free publicity and it would endear him even more to the Republican red meat base…..well played Mr.Hammrick, well played Mr. Hamrick? You know your audience….?


Frederick can use a guy like Steve.

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