Doctor Torres

Dr. Ernesto Torres’ office on Thomas Johnson Drive in Frederick.

A Frederick pediatrician who was released on $100,000 bail on rape and sex offense charges earlier this month was arrested again Monday after city police said more alleged victims stepped forward.

The charges were announced Monday afternoon shortly after Dr. Ernesto Cesar Torres was arrested at his attorney’s office in Frederick, said Michele Bowman, a Frederick police spokeswoman. In addition to his previous charges, Torres now faces 43 counts of third-degree sex offense, 10 counts of sexually abusing a minor, nine counts of child sex abuse, two counts of second-degree sex abuse and one count of second-degree assault, according to Monday’s release.

Eleven new alleged victims were identified after Torres’ initial arrest May 8, Bowman said. The new charges were filed after extensive interviews and follow-up investigation by detectives, Bowman said.

“We had parents that called in who said they believed that their child was also a victim and then, upon further investigation, the state’s attorney’s office decided to file for the additional charges,” Bowman said.

Torres’ attorney, Richard P. Bricken, spoke with a Frederick News-Post reporter earlier Monday but was not available for comment after police announced the additional charges filed against his client Monday afternoon.

Police say there may be more victims in the case. Anyone who has any information about the case, including other potential victims, were urged to contact Detective Sean McKinney at 240-578-5683.

Torres, 68, has practiced pediatric medicine in the city since 1979 and was particularly popular among the city’s growing Spanish-speaking population. His office is in a small medical park in the 100 block of Thomas Johnson Drive.

“From the sheer number [of calls] that we had last time, we’re now working with one of our local partners to get [our release] translated into Spanish, as well, because if there are any other victims we definitely want to know about it,” Bowman said. “He had a lot of patients who came to him because he spoke Spanish and we know it’s a very tight-knit community.”

Torres, of the 7600 block of San Di Gan Drive, was awaiting a hearing before a district court commissioner at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center as of Monday afternoon. If he is denied bail, Torres will likely appear in Frederick County Circuit Court for a bail review hearing Tuesday afternoon.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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A big part of how he got away with this for so many years is because he is incredibly likeable and personable, and wins over the parents and kids before breaking their trust. We absolutely loved this man as our friend, until he betrayed our whole family.


This doctor will certainly get his day in court and he's entitled to a defense.

However, it's not looking good for him at this point. When it was one victim, he had a chance. When it turns into as many as now reported, different story.


He assaulted me in the 1980 when my toddler son was a patient. To my shame, I did not come forward — he was so highly respected I didn’t think I would be believed. I should have but wanted to believe it was an isolated incident. I will come forward now, though the statute of limitations is long past.


People, stop blaming the parents. The doctor is the monster if found guilty. You can shame the parents if you like for being naive but they did not assault their children.


Parents did not protect their children Joel. Up until age 18, parents are held responsible for ensuring their children's welfare.

I agree the doctor is at fault. But shifting blame off of the parents, who are responsible for their children's welfare, is ridiculous as well. Naive? No. Not parenting. And this is the outcome. Sad all around.

I am a parent of two children. If this happened on my watch to my children, i would blame myself. I would have been all over this like white on rice. Shifting blame is to hold oneself unaccoutable, a huge problem in today's society.


why on earth would any parent allow a 15 year old daughter to go solo into a doctor room with a male doctor ?


I am really interested to see where the comments go here. In the last few articles it consisted of a massive amount of victim blaming and entirely incorrect assumptions. Will be interesting to see if people are a little more considerate and aware of the situation.


People who say “this could never happen” are the reason this is able to happen.


the parents might have been suspicious but might have thought it was just them. But someone had to be the "cork in the dam" and once they came forward, others then knew it wasn't them, that there was something really going on and came forward. After all, he was a respected doctor so who was going to believe it. That is why these kind of people get away with it for so long.


This article should be listed for free outside of the 9/month limit. This is a broadcast public outreach situation at this point.


And where were the parents during all of this? I was always present with my children during their pediatric visits.

Was this a drop-off clinic, akin to dropping off kids at the movie theatre?

I fail to understand how numerous parents could just allow this to happen over what appears to be a long period of time. And then never report it. Or just now come forward.

My heart aches for each and every child.


Happy Seller - please read about Larry Nasser, the Olympic team doctor who abused women gymnasts for years, while their parents were in the room. He told them what he was doing was a medical procedure. Children have been taught to allow doctors full access to their bodies. Check out the HBO documentary on Nasser. It will educate you.


Titled "At the Heart of Gold."


I am well aware of Larry Nasser. Olympic Gymnasts team doc.

This doctor is a local pediatrician. Big difference. Apples to oranges difference.

And if, as a parent, you get hoodwinked by a local pediatric doctor, shame on you. Doctor is at fault here, no doubt. But he is not a team doctor.

And doctors not gods. You have a right to question, to inquire, and to ask for the need and purpose of every procedure undertaken on your child. Shots. Exams. Whatever.

As a parent, if your BS antennae do not go up with your child's pediatrician, shame on you. I bet you can figure out if a dentist is abusing your children. Same goes for a doctor.

That Guy Garcon

So, do none of these parents that are coming forward go into the exam room with their children?


Guy - two words: Larry Nasser


Different set of circumstances.


That Guy Garcon,

I, and others, have had the same question.

Here is a LTE I just found while looking for info about Larry Nasser:

"Letter: I am a mom who was in the exam room while Dr. Larry Nassar treated my daughter"

She explains why she was unaware at the time. Apparently her daughter had a sheet covering her and did not say anything.

What I don't understand -- and this is not victim/parent shaming, just a question -- is why none of the girls said anything either during the exam ("Hey Doctor Nasser, why are you putting your finger inside me?!") or later ("Mom, is it normal for a doctor to...").

I understand that Nasser and Torres were well liked and respected, but regardless, it seems reasonable to think that at least some of the girls would question what he was doing. Even if they were afraid to confront the doctor at the time (totally understandable) wouldn't most girls say something to their mother afterward?

I'm not doubting the victims in either case, just wondering why both doctors were able to get away with it for so long.


Innocent until proven guilty. The comments I’m seeing about this on the net, seems peopl


I mean he is most likely guilty but of course this will be tried in courts unless he is offered and accepts a plea deal. But the prosecution may feel they have such a strong case, and the crime is so horrible, that they won't even offer a deal.


GUILTY!!! I went to him when my Dr was out of the office on vacation. I can say based on what happened to me, I believe any of the victims that came forward.


What the 69 in your name for?


If you lay the 69 on the side it is the symbol for cancer, in the zodiac.




Can you say what he did to you?


Inappropriate touching for what I was being seen for, I will leave it at that.


Considering I can't reply to KellyAlzan under the comment she made I will do it here. I don't need to be specific about how a Dr violated the trust that parents put into this man to treat their children with care. When I became a parent and he was the fill in for my children's Dr. I NEVER brought them to see him. They would go to a hospital or urgent care over seeing a man how violates his oath as a Dr. You don't need to know the specifics. Just know he has done everything that is being reported.

Comment deleted.

I am comfortable leaving that up to the courts.

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