Frederick officer pleads guilty to assaulting girlfriend

Benjamin Whitmore

A Frederick police officer faces a second-degree assault charge in Garrett County, according to Richard Hetherington, deputy city police chief.

Benjamin Whitmore, a 2009 graduate of the Frederick Police Academy, has been placed on administrative duties pending the outcome of a criminal investigation conducted by the Garrett County Sheriff’s Office.

Frederick police will also investigate, according to a news release issued Tuesday night.

“We will do an internal investigation, and we will see how that goes,” Hetherington said in a telephone interview.

Hetherington did not disclose details Tuesday night about why Whitmore was arrested by the Garrett County Sheriff’s Office. In a news release, Frederick police said questions about the arrest should be directed to the Garrett County Sheriff’s Office.

Whitmore was arrested by Garrett County sheriff’s deputy Eric Parks, who could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

According to online court records, Whitmore, 28, of the 1600 block of Coopers Way in Frederick, was released from jail on bail Sunday.

Whitmore holds the rank of officer and has worked for the agency for about five years, Hetherington said. He was assigned to the agency’s patrol division, according to the news release.

A woman who answered the phone at Whitmore’s listed address Tuesday night said he was unavailable for comment.

— Cara R. Anthony

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so why delete details of where he lives but when people post the same thing on drugs arrests you leave it up???

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Is there a "limit"?, S.A.....

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Not a cop hater here and I believe that in america we are innocent until proven guilty. However, if found gulity, plead out, PBJ, whatever, then officers need to be released. If innocent, charges dropped, then by all means continue on the job. I don't want them working with the public, making decisions about other people's lifes, and when they can't control their own,


I see this room is full of "badge bunnies" [lol]

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Why are we seeing so many police officers running afoul of the law? Are the standards for becoming a cop too low?

Loudmouth cop-haters will whimper and cower when the SHTF, wishing they had a cop around. The head nitwit in charge has been competent at one thing, anyway: dividing this Country and stirring animosity -- between classes, races, faiths, law enforcement and civilian, etc.[sad]


When will it hit the fan boy, I have been around a long time and have yet to whimper and cower crying for a policeman. You must be speaking from experience, whimper whimper...

From experience? Yes, I've seen first hand the deracinated males, all mouthy until they are in need of help, then they rely upon the stong, manly men, who rush in when the soft, metrosexual sophisticates run out. You must've met a few, ya know, are the strong, silent type, not keyboard commandos with gobfulls o' tripe.


hey tusc like the old saying goes "i'd rather have a gun in my hand than a cop on the phone"

Yep, deezilfit, a gun in the hand is preferable than in a clutch, but better one good cop to come to my aid than a platoon of Pajama Boys.


So it's ok to be a rogue police officer because someone might need to call on a police??


Wow. You're a piece of work.



Is your comment directed at me? If so, I fail to see any logic.

One wonders if some arguments here are less issue-driven than disparity in language and reading comprehension.

And when, oh when will the tiresome


be retired? Is word selection simply too taxing, are vocabularies so impoverished? Crikey!


To those that think that FPD should release more about this incident, you are wrong. The FPD portion in an internal, personnel matter, They were really under no obligation to do a release about this at all because of that. I am sure that the chief thought that he was doing the right thing in doing so. Hopefully he sees now that he was not. He could/should have placed him on administrative duties and not done the press release.

While anyone could find his address (someone below already dug it up) through public records. The FNP has again shown it's anti-police tilt by releasing his general address. As pointed out by someone else, they do not normally do this, just when police screw up.


You're a cop hater. I hope you never need to call nine one one.


Before you crucify this man and attack his character, perhaps you should wait until the rest of the details emerge on this story. Officer Whitmore is not your typical mouthy, arrogant police officer. He is a kind, caring individual who would do anything for anybody. He has always lived to protect and serve. I, for one, am confident that his name will be cleared in this unfortunate matter.


You sound to much like either a cop having another cops back ,or a close friend of his. So Whatever


Of course. We heard the same thing about the deputy whom was recently arrested in WV.

You know, angels always get hauled off to jail and have mug shots on the front page of the newspaper......


Another one of Fredericks finest out of their territory. EXPPOSED for his hot temper and big mouth.. GOOD, Hope he gets put in jail with a few he locked up,''pushing that pen to extreme''. but that will never happen in this corrupt town/city/whatever.


No details about why this man was arrested? This is the public's business. If it were you or I being arrested, there'd be nothing but details, and then there'd be details about the details. I'm tired of cops covering for each other. The FNP gets points for bringing some daylight, particularly by publishing the mug shot.




This is a good example of what some of us are wondering.
The Frederick News Post, put his home address in. Clearly visible.
But, the post does not put in all such items addresses.
We want to know why.
We would like to make a record of all arrests, or police involvments with every address in this county.
We would like to know the percentage of public taxes going to rental property versus home owned occupied property.
As it is now there is no way the public can know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent going to homes that are income producing.
There is no registration, no licsening here.
If the tax dollars are spent on these mom and pop buissiness, I think the public should know about it and decide that is what they want there money to go to.

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