A Frederick man didn’t do himself any favors when city police said he tried to bribe several officers with doughnuts in exchange for letting him go.

Matthew Tyler Rosenberg, 25, told officers he worked at Krispy Kreme and promised to give them doughnuts if they allowed him to “just go home,” according to charging documents filed in Frederick County District Court late last week. Rosenberg was in handcuffs and was under arrest when they tried to detain him at 11:23 p.m. Thursday on Linden Avenue.

While it may have seemed like Rosenberg was referring to the stereotype that police officers love doughnuts, Sgt. Jonathan Shatlock, a supervisor of the unit that made the arrest, said Rosenberg made the offer to multiple officers repeatedly.

“I believe that he was serious,” Shatlock said when reached for comment. “He also offered another officer money to let him go free.”

In addition to resisting arrest, Rosenberg was charged with attempting to bribe a public employee, a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of two to 12 years in prison, a fine from $100 to $5,000, or both.

Thursday’s incident began when Rosenberg and another man were approached by a detective on the department’s Street Crimes Unit late Thursday as the men were walking down Linden Avenue looking into parked cars, charging documents state.

No crime was committed, but Officer Michael Murphy grew increasingly suspicious as he watched the men through binoculars from where he was sitting in an unmarked car down the street.

“Officer Murphy believed that the two guys were looking into vehicles to see if there were any items worth stealing,” Shatlock said.

Rosenberg was also wearing a hat and hooded sweatshirt, which, given the heat and humidity that night, led Murphy to believe Rosenberg was armed or otherwise concealing something, the documents state.

The charging documents also note that Rosenberg and the other man split up to check vehicles on both sides of the street as another indication that they intended to break into vehicles or steal from them.

Murphy stepped out of his car as the two men got closer to where he was parked and identified himself as a police officer, ordering them to stop, the documents state.

Rosenberg began walking away even after Murphy and another responding officer told him he was being detained and a struggle ensued when the officers tried to stop him, according to the documents.

Officers took Rosenberg to the ground, but he repeatedly tried to jump up, according to the documents. An officer kneed Rosenberg in the abdomen before he was finally subdued, the charging documents note.

A search of Rosenberg after his arrest turned up an air pistol and a small bag of marijuana, the documents state. It was then that Rosenberg first offered the officers doughnuts.

The man detained along with Rosenberg was not charged with a crime. Rosenberg, of the 300 block of Coronet Court, was released after signing a written promise to appear in court, court records state.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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Making Barney Fife seem kind of reasonable, yo..


I did not realize Maryland was a concealed carry State per him having an Airsoft pistol. :) Do people normally carry one around with them?


Good one CD[lol][lol] and a little off subject but if a cop on the street says: show me your hands! don`t stick them in your pocket or pants cause it will be a [scared] day.


I'm not sure how he can be charged with resisting arrest when he had not been arrested/charged with anything when the struggle started. He was resisting being detained. I wouldn't be surprised if a good lawyer could get that charge thrown out.


Words of wisdom: If a cop stops you and says "Your eyes look red, have you been drinking?" Don't reply with "Your eyes look glazed, have you been eating donuts?"


I don't understand this arrest - was it predicated upon them 'looking suspicious'?

Jeremy Arias Staff
Jeremy Arias

The two men were detained based on the officer's reasonable suspicion that they were preparing to commit a crime, namely, theft from a motor vehicle. At that point, the men were not under arrest, but neither were they free to leave. When Mr. Rosenberg resisted, officers then had probable cause to charge him with resisting arrest. In essence, he was arrested for resisting arrest.


"[P]reparing to commit a crime". Wow! Just wow!

I did read that, hence my question. Thank you for reply Mr. Arias!


Police are allowed to detain citizens for suspicious activities. This has been upheld by the Supreme Court. The detention needs to be for a reasonable amount of time. All this man needed to do was keep his mouth shut and he would of walked away. Officers are also given wide latitude for their own safety. When an officer is approaching a citizen they are allowed to frisk but not search them for weapons. For example if they feel a knife in your pocket they can reach in and remove it. If they pull out something illegal while doing so you are out of luck.


If an officer can articulate that they believe a person was about to commit a crime they can detain them to investigate or prevent the crime from occurring, pretty common sense.


What a maroon. You have to specify powdered sugar donuts.


HAahahahahaahaha..... the jokes to be told. seriously, What the hello dolly frederick, between this guy and the two MENSA fellas from the river I haven't been this embarrassed for this town since Blaine was buying hookers and Kirby was crying about his name. God I love this town


Krispy Kreme probably has a opening for another employee now..................

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