The president of the Bar Association of Frederick County was arrested on drunken-driving charges earlier this month, according to court records.

Marshall Thomas Horman, 42, was pulled over while behind the wheel of a black Lexus GX 470 at 12:50 a.m. Aug. 10 in the 600 block of West Second Street, according to Frederick County District Court records. Horman was stopped for several traffic violations, said Capt. Dwight Sommers, commander of the Frederick Police Department’s Operational Services Bureau, referring to a city police arrest report.

“The officer observed him make a left turn without using a left turn signal [while] driving down the center of the roadway with an unserviceable rear license plate tag light,” Sommers said.

The officer smelled alcohol when he approached Horman after the stop and asked Horman to step out of the vehicle for a field sobriety test, Sommers said.

Horman was arrested and taken to police headquarters, where he blew a .16 in a breath test, Sommers said. A blood alcohol content of .08 is the legal limit to drive in Maryland.

Horman was released from police headquarters and was formally charged on Aug. 13, according to court records.

Along with driving while under the influence, DUI per se and driving while impaired, Horman was also charged with negligent driving, reckless driving, failing to obey a traffic control device, driving a vehicle on a highway without proper equipment and two counts of failing to signal before turning, according to court records.

Susan Puhala, a private attorney representing Horman, acknowledged the charges but declined to discuss the case in detail when reached for comment Wednesday.

“It’s just an unfortunate situation, and he’s taking it very seriously,” Puhala said, speaking on behalf of her client. “We have to review all of the reports before we decide the best way to proceed.”

A native Frederick resident, Horman was admitted to the state bar in 2002 and co-founded the Frederick-based Horman Nichols law firm in 2016, according to Horman’s law firm biography.

Specializing in real estate, family and civil law, Horman previously served as treasurer of the bar association and was most recently appointed president of the association on the 2018 executive committee, according to the bar association’s website.

Emails and calls seeking comment from the county bar association remained unanswered as of Wednesday afternoon.

Horman, of the 100 block of Mercer Court in Frederick, is next scheduled to appear in court Sept. 27, according to online court records.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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can't fix stupid



He was released from the police station, not taken to booking, so there is no booking photo.


Did we forget to put his picture in the article


He must be black because there is no photo for the potential jurors to peek at.


It's a traffic charge, so ...


[innocent] It's a criminal charge....someone could have been killed had he continued onwards....laws are on the books for a reason?


All charges are traffic misdemeanors. not criminal.


Could haves and would haves are moot


Right until it's one of yours - the attitude would change in a heartbeat with an idiot blowing twice the legal limit driving drunk?


Lawyers need to drink and drive that’s how they build alliances with judges.


All he was doing was driving drunk it’s not like was bringing an illegal Christian child into America to become a housekeeper or CNA.


SMH He is driving a Lexus, is an attorney and can't afford to fix a car light? Then he gets drunk and not just DUI, but twice the amount needed to be considered driving under the influence. And he is an attorney! How can there be any excuse for this? Bet he gets a plea deal that is just a slap on the wrist.


Could`t help myself. Looked up Marshall on MD case. One out of 9 charges was: Driver failed to obey properly placed traffic control device instructions! need help on this one[lol][lol][lol][lol] is this a closed lane with orange cones? was it a bowling alley effect by Marshall?


I'm guessing it could be not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, or maybe running a light that had just turned red, pappy.


Right turn on red against the "no turn of red" sign.


Take a look at the Frederick County Bar Assn face book page from Aug 18th - he's all smiles drinking in those pictures - pink shirt. Obviously, this hasn't phased him one bit.


slsmithmd I don't see him drinking in any of the posted pictures. And the only one with him in a pink shirt is from 2016. Regardless, I am not seeing the compelling need for posters to pile on here. He made a terrible mistake and from what I know of him I am sure he gets it.


They removed it, but it was there earlier today.

Crusty Frederick Man 64

Note to self—— Don’t drink and drive a Lexus in Frederick City.


It could be that Mr. Shackleford's name was immediately recognizable because he is a local government official while Mr. Harmon is more behind the scenes. Before this incident, if someone had spoken his name, would you have known who he was? Maybe the "beat" reporter didn't know either?


That story got covered up quick. They said there were going to be more details once the report was complete. Guess not. If it were someone else it would have been front page news for a week.


Yea right, to he.. with that bull! He is the President of the Bar and yes a lot of people know who he is! What is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander!


I'd like to see an accompanying photo of the offender and A1 inclusion in print media. It shouldn't have taken this long to hit print considering the offense was AUG 10th. The President of the Bar should be held to the highest of standards.


What's good for the goose is not good for the gander!!!!!!! :(


Why no photo accompanying this article?


So Aug 10 and just now making the news!!! How many hours passed before Alderman Shackleford's charge hit the paper? is there any doubt who gets favored?


Not doubt at all!! Making America Great Again!


It's true that Mr. Shackleford's driving incident was reported in a much more timely manner, however, Mr. Shackleford was not required to submit to a breathalyzer test as was this man from the Bar Association. It could be said that Mr. Shackleford received favorable treatment because he was lucky enough to escape without any official reading of the level of his condition. The attorney's breathalyzer tests are in print for everyone to read. I think that much of what happens depends on the officer. They don't charge everyone that they stop. It seems to be a matter of individual preference of any particular officer.


The powers that be, tried to contain this. Internet has made that type of favoritism harder, but, I am sure the judge will fix that and treat him much better than you or I.


Always happens ins 3’s. Whose next.


OK August 10th right? Did a Demo submit this article! I`m getting sleepy, sleepy, sleeeeepy! zzzz Now forget about the Alderman[smile]. The GANG meeting on Friday gives this a special touch.

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