For the second night in a row, protestors gathered on Square Corner in Downtown Frederick to protest racial inequality, police brutality and the murder of George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis last week.

The protest came just hours after news broke that the three other officers involved in Floyd’s murder had been arrested, and that Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes, had his charge changed from third degree to murder to second.

“I was happy to see that the charges were updated,” said Kasheva Rollins-Fiscus of Frederick, who came out to protest on Wednesday.

But the pain of the black community is far from absolved.

“We’re sick and tired. We're tired of being tired,” said Celeste Gordon.

ZombiEye, a superhero mascot who helps support Frederick events, held a comic-book-style speech bubble with the words, “I Can’t Breathe,” referencing Floyd’s last words, in one hand and a “Black Lives Matter” sign in the other.

He needed to come to support his black friends, he said. He knows what it’s like to be singled out by the police, wearing a costume that could be deemed “scary.” But he knows it’s worse for people who can be profiled and treated differently just because of their race.

“What did [Floyd] do to deserve four cops on top of him?” he asked. “ … I like the idea of those cops going to prison.”

Terri Wenner and Cheneal Dorsey both came with their sons. Dorsey said she wanted them to see things through a different lens, and see the community support. The more awareness, the better to identify hate crimes which often go unnoticed, she said.

“We’ve been silent for far too long,” Dorsey said.

Her sons, she said, have been frightened by the police in the past, during times when cops pulled her over. It’s hard to explain to them why the person who frightened them is the person hired to protect and serve the community.

Janece Lee, who came with her sisters Bliss and Jaydess Lee, said while the murder of Floyd was horrific, it wasn’t necessarily surprising.

“It’s nothing that’s new for the black community,” she said. “We’re used to our men and women dying.”

The Lees had come to the protest the night before, and said they had engaged in conversations with people, including police officers, and left feeling a sense of understanding. They think that’s fundamental to how change will happen. That means conversations between police and communities of color, between white people educating themselves, and more.

Jamontrez Williams said the black community has been well aware of police brutality for decades, and it shouldn’t have taken a brutal murder of another unarmed black man for people to pay attention. He hopes that some change can come from the protests, and that police can be held accountable.

He feels held to a much different standard than this white neighbors when it comes to interactions with police.

“We’re guilty until proven innocent,” he said. “Why can’t we be innocent until proven guilty?”

The protests are scheduled to continue. The Frederick March for Justice, which is organized by five local activists, is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. at Mullinix Park on Friday.

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Steve Neilsen

Leaving this here...for no particular reason.


Jun 4, 2020 12:32pm

The black community has been in a state of social and moral collapse for 50 years.”


You can see the division and the bullying right here in the FNP comments. The division and bullying in the comments is no different than what’s happening on the streets. It’s all relative.


It has something to do with perspective too alzan.


I can think of many different angles to that.


OMG! I am so done with people that don't/won't accept that the fact that being born white in this world already put you at an advantage. It doesn't mean that you didn't have struggles in life, it means you are more likely to overcome those struggles than a person of color. It means that you weren't born behind the eight ball with no way to get around, It means that cops are more fearful of the consequences of killing you that they are of killing a black man on video in front of 18 witnesses! That's white privilege and every person born white has that advantage from the day they are born! So please stop trying to give examples of how you never got a break in life - you did - the moment you were born knowing that every opportunity is available to you!


And I'm so done with you!


I’m fascinated that no one is taking issue with Cal Thomas’s discussion of white privilege in today’s paper. Cal writes...

“ White people have enjoyed privilege from the beginning of the country in almost every category. This includes professional sports, which are now dominated by African Americans, but for many years were not. I recently again watched the Ken Burns series “Baseball” on PBS and was reminded of how that sport (and others) banned black players from fields and courts simply because they were black. It is important for white people to acknowledge white privilege and this history of white supremacy before helpful and healing conversations can begin and race relations improved.”


In terms of interaction with cops I mostly agree with you, in terms of having an advantage in life generally, that's just false. If it were true white people would not be on welfare at record levels.




Before her passing, Toni Morrison is quoted in the Guardian as saying: “Race is the classification of a species. And we are the human race, period. But the other thing – the hostility, the racism – is the moneymaker. And it also has some emotional satisfaction for people who need it.” /// 14 trillion dollars is the opening offer, excluding current "protest" sums. Any chance that figure was cooked up in Martha's Vineyard? Given his comments recently: Barak Leads Me -


Are you saying it's possible that "Black Lives Matter" has become some sort of brand just like adidas, Nike and CNN? This is disturbing on many levels.

Comment deleted.

Sometimes it helps to count to 10 before posting something ignorant.


So, in today's post there is an article about reopening the state. Governor Hogan says that gatherings of more then 10 people are still prohibited. Yet, Frederick County and City allow protest demonstrations. Shows how totally dishonest and hypocritical Jan Garter is. So, I can't go into Dick's Sporting Goods, but I can attend a protest demonstration. And, concerning the demonstration, I read that about 1,000 blacks were shot in LA, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, et al last year. They were shot by other blacks. Last year there were 10 blacks shot by police. Four of them threatened police with firearms. So, why is there no outrage about 1000 being shot dead?


Wran posted: " So, why is there no outrage about 1000 being shot dead?"

You just said you can attend a protest demonstration. Can we look forward to your attendance at a future demonstration and addressing this issue?


"Stop bringing up black on clack crime. We understand black in clack crime is a problem. But when one black person kills another black person, he goes to jail for life! When Officer Bob kills an unarmed black person, he goes on administrative leave" and then back on the streets (borrowed from a facebook post). Stop trying to diminish one crime by trying to distract with another. Both are crimes and both perpetrators need to go to jail.


*black on black crime


Sounds like you're not willing to have an honest discussion -- only your talking points are valid and all others must be silenced. The black community has been in a state of social and moral collapse for 50 years. You own it. Go away, many of us are done with you and your kind.


STREET92: 400 YEARS....... They know it, they just don't want to own it!


Posted by Street92: "The black community has been in a state of social and moral collapse for 50 years."



Wran, you are absolutely correct. As for Dick's Sports, some would suggest that they're open for looting, just not shopping.


This Sunday all Church's will be holding protest's at their regularly scheduled services...singing, chanting, holding hands, and linking arms are all allowed.

Greg F you not realize this is bigger than Jan? This is in many, many cities and you likely had zero complaints about the stay-home protests that violated stay at home orders. Seems you just want to keep people from airing legitimate gripes that have not been solved by generations of attempts through following the rules that were put in front of them. In agreement with MLK, that if a law is so egregious as to be against the very fabric of what is moral, you have an obligation to break it. Staying at don't have that morality if you want to keep people getting sick. What is immoral is keeping an entire part of the population down and then having laws that prevent them from voicing and opposing their own oppression.


Whenever I read similar stories I usually try to learn more about individuals referenced or quoted. Jamontrez Williams quoted how bad things are here would be laughable except this is a serious situation.

From previous FNP article:

A fifth suspect, 18-year-old Jamontrez Williams, turned himself in at police headquarters just before 5:20 p.m. Wednesday, said Lt. Clark Pennington, commander of the department’s Criminal Investigations Division.

Dyshez and Jamontrez Williams are siblings, but they have no relation to David Williams, according to Pennington.

The shooting was reported at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in the area of Cascade Way and Boysenberry Lane. Witnesses described a confrontation between several boys leading up to the shooting, as well as a vehicle that was quickly located and pulled over on Ballenger Creek Pike near Solarex Court, according to previous reports.


Very good research here. Thank you for pointing out what many of us suspect.


Quote from girlpolitic: "I usually try to learn more about individuals referenced or quoted."

Perhaps you need to do better research. Or are you just cherry picking?

From the FNP, Aug 2, 2019: Mentorship program helps Frederick man overcome past incarceration

“It’s easy to write somebody like Jamontrez off and say ... ‘they’re a bad person,’” Young said. “He has a job now [and] that’s good, but he needs to move on beyond that, and the only way he’ll be able to do that is if we continue to invest in him through providing him education, but also providing care and love around him.”



No singing in church, no chanting at protest. Or, are w finally admitting Covid was a hoax? The hypocrisy is incredible. OUR MAYOR AND COUNTY EXECUTIVE ARE UTTER FOOLS!


Quote from themadanimator: "Or, are w finally admitting Covid was a hoax?"

380,000 people worldwide could not be reached for comment (source:


Jleftwich, I hope you see this. Keep posting. Your comments help restore my faith in humanity.


Themadanimator is correct.


If you want to go out and enjoy the weekend, remember to bring one of these [ban] and nobody will bother you, because apparently we all have to stay home or we'll die, unless it's to protest or loot.


With planned protest on Friday doubtful any restaurant customers will enjoy any currently available outdoor seat that has been used briskly since reinstuted. But exposed tables and chairs will be a good source of combustible materials and objects to throw at police. Also as an act of civic minded service the peaceful protesters might destroy the Asisana building as they march by since the City of Frederick is either incapable or unwilling to deal with the unsafe eyesore.


Supposedly it's up to code. It's just ugly.


God bless all the protesters and GOOD police. I hope tomorrow's rally is peaceful and respectful. I am just afraid that some bad people from racists groups are going to start trouble. I know a lot of the Klan in western MD and Frederick are still upset about the gentlemen losing his life at the fair. So please everyone be respectful tomorrow. May God bless us ALL. Thank you.


White cops protesting against white cops administering excessive on blacks is honorable but in the eyes of republicans racial betrayal


Too bad in these times that we have to wear masks. You can't see the emotion in people's. faces.


...or make eye contact.


[sad]whats where the children go to school have to do with anything? All i see in the picture is kids doing the right thing peaceful protesting standing up for themselves and what they believe in . The kids you see is the ones who have many more years ahead of them and they are standing up for their rights and freedoms so they can have a safe life and follow their dreams . Stand Strong and Proud


How dose this matter if they are FCPS students ? what matters is they are doing a peaceful protest standing up for what they believe in . The kids you see standing there are fighting for change so they can have a safe future to live out there dreams and seceded in life ? Stand Strong And Proud !!!


Protesting peacefully and respectfully in the pictures. They're wearing masks to keep others safe. If you read this article and have a problem with what they're doing, then you're part of the problem.

And to those worried about the child's sign that was spelled incorrectly and then corrected....really? If you never did something like that when you were a kid, then you're lying.


People didn't protest in public when I was a kid.


Well SP, maybe they should have. They did where I grew up.


How old were you during the Vietnam War when thousands protested around the Country for years?? Huge protests, many violent. People in FREE America have protested in public throughout it’s history, for many reasons. Because they CAN, THANK GOD!!!


It appears FCPS has failed one of the youngsters. I guess through systemic racism and the soft bigotry of low expectations FCPS has failed to provide these youngsters with an adequate education. The protestors should demand not only justice reform but educational reform as well. It seems their democrat protectors have failed them for a long, long time.


A few of DJT’s Campaign Promises. #228 is pertinent to your comment, especially the last sentence. ✌️

227. “Every action I take, I will ask myself: Does this make life better for young Americans in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson who have as much of a right to live out their dreams as any other child America?”
228. Rebuild and fix inner cities, especially Detroit. “The inner cities are unbelievably dangerous. The education is no good, the safety is horrible, and there are no jobs. And I tell everybody: ‘What the hell do you have to lose?’ I’m going to fix it.”
229. Quickly end inner-city violence, which Trump has repeatedly compared to war zones. “I’ll be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city, or wherever you are, you’re not gonna be shot. Your child isn’t gonna be shot.”
230. Create “jobs and opportunities for African Americans and Hispanic Americans.”
231. Reduce the number of people receiving welfare.
232. “And at the end of four years, I guarantee you that I will get over 95 percent of the African American vote. I promise you. Because I will produce.”
233. “The crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end. Beginning on January 20, 2017, safety will be restored.” On that day, Trump says, “Americans will finally wake up in a country where the laws of the United States are enforced.”


Deflect, twist into a pretzel and dance on the head of a pin you are a classic lefty. Feeling guilty about how you as a democrat and party members have let down wide swaths of our population? People are waking up to see just how little the democrat party cares about the people. Instead the people see that all the party wants is absolute power no matter the cost. Chew on that for awhile.


Sadly, you must have went to the same school as no where does it say that they are from Frederick County.


Why do I have to be from Frederick County to understand? No, I did not grow up here, but my children did and attended both Frederick Middle and Frederick High. I have first hand knowledge of the trials and tribulations of dealing with FCPS. Despite having graduated from these institutions of mediocrity they went on to become successful individuals. It wasn’t easy, but they did it. I now have a grandson who is attending elementary school. No homework to reinforce what was learned during the day. I suspect without extra effort and additional tutoring his chances of receiving a quality education are slim.


If your grandson says he has no homework I’d check up on that statement


What does the teacher say when you (or his parents) ask about not having homework?


So Jacky, you axe to grind is with FCPS, not the first amendment. Maybe you should post on another forum; you are in the wrong lane!




I attended back to school night and heard his first grade teacher say ‘No homework because we don’t want it to interfere with their home life’.


No wheel, no ax to grind. I saw how the nine year old child holding the green sign spelled black. I reflected on this and then thought about our own experience with FCPS. I then thought about who runs the school and the unionized teachers, bingo!! Democrats.


Quote from Jacky: "No wheel, no ax to grind. I saw how the nine year old child holding the green sign spelled black. I reflected on this and then thought about our own experience with FCPS. I then thought about who runs the school and the unionized teachers, bingo!! Democrats."

Well, if you're not actually grinding the ax, it does certainly sound as though you're plugging in the machine and getting ready to, with your last two sentences. [innocent]

The child *did* spell it correctly. The 'c' is a bit hard to see (that sounded funny), but it's there. Who knows if he wrote it quickly, or may have a learning disability? God knows how many times I once misspelled my co-workers name when I wrote her an email; I could never quite get the name Denise right on the first try. It always came out 'Densie' on the screen.

I can't pretend to know about the first grade curriculum. I imagine their is a certain level of expectation for homework. The FCPS Calendar Handbook outlines Homework Guidelines and states Grades 1 & 2 could have 15 mins of homework per day Mon - Thurs (see page 32, source: It *could* also be that the teacher incorporates homework in the classroom instruction. Might be work having a one-on-one with the teacher to find out more.


First of all, FCPS does not have a "Frederick Middle" and anyone that attended "West Frederick Middle" would know the name. Secondly, FCPS provided everything your child needed to be successful in school - everything. Did he/she take advantage of those opportunities? My children successfully navigated and graduated from FCPS schools (1-THS and 2-FHS) and two went on to college where they were/are successfully well prepared.The other found success without college.Through their lives we have been through 3 schools systems in 2 states and FCPS was one of the best that they attended. Stop blaming the schools because they care about the education of students from FHS to UHS and everything in between! Instead of complaining, what did you to be involved - PTSA, school committees, district committees? Or were you just a complainer?


Mr. Leftwich, I stand corrected. Black is spelled correctly.


@fauxsteelerfan, Do you mean Soros and his team are actually bussing in children from other counties and/or states to hold a "peaceful protest"? That is unheard of from the left. So I would say they are from Fred. Co.


Lead never graduated...can't speak or write English.


What does where they went to school at matter? You must be white. So, you know what white privilege is. You will never understand what's it's like to be a target because of the color of your skin.


Please embellish, what is “white privilege”? Who’s being racist now?


See Cal Thomas’s column in today’s edition.


Maghan: Well, you don't have to look too far into the past for concrete examples; pre-1964 with the passage of the Civil Rights Act. It's a lot to delve into, but maybe this article will help:

One example of “White privilege” is the privilege of not being suspected of doing something wrong simply based on the color of their skin.


Isn't assuming somebody is white prejudging based on how you think a white person would post here as opposed to how a black person would post? Identity politics is a tool of the Democrats. [ninja]

Nancy Day

blah blah blah. yawn.

Nancy Day

And whacky jacky, angry and bitter all the way around. Pitiful.


Democrats do this and Republicans do that... Bosco pushes buttons.

Comment deleted.
Nancy Day

Settle down angry man.


I grew up white and poor in an area that had an almost equal population of black and white. When I was in the eighth grade, we had a black girl from Philly move into our district. She called me a N-lovers because I played basketball with the black guys that I had went to school with since starting school. She was soon put in her place by those same guys. I am aware of being a target because of the color of my skin. No one should ever have that happen.

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