Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins lambasted county Councilman Kai Hagen Wednesday after Hagen interfered in a June 20 traffic stop and, according to Jenkins, jeopardized an FCSO deputy's safety in the process.

Speaking in a live interview with WFMD radio Wednesday, Jenkins admonished Hagen for stopping alongside a deputy making a traffic stop in the area of U.S. Route 15 and Catoctin Furnace Road 10 days ago.

It was getting dark when the deputy pulled the driver over for a tag violation, Jenkins said. As the deputy was talking to the driver, Hagen approached and stopped his vehicle nearby. The deputy recognized Hagen and told him he couldn't stay there, that he was blocking traffic, Jenkins said.

Hagen, in his account, said the sheriff’s deputy was not at the door of the stopped car when the councilman pulled over.

Jenkins said Hagen refused to leave until the driver confirmed to the councilman that he was OK.

"This is outrageous. Who in the hell does he think he is?" Jenkins said Wednesday, referring to Hagen.

Hagen called in to the radio station during the interview and confirmed he stopped his car alongside the deputy after passing by and seeing that the driver was Black.

"My wife and I were driving up Route 15," Hagen said. "We noticed that a deputy was pulling over a car that wasn't speeding, so we didn't know what that was all about, and obviously it could be a lot of different things. And as we drove past ... we noticed that it was a Black driver."

Hagen said he turned around because he wanted to make sure the man was all right. Hagen said his vehicle was "ever so slightly" off the road, but mostly on the road, noting he saw no traffic.

“I was polite to him, and we left as soon as one very basic question was answered,” Hagen said.

Once the driver told Hagen he was OK, the councilman left, Jenkins said, and the deputy issued two warnings to the driver of the stopped vehicle.

"I'm not saying that the deputy did anything wrong," Hagen said, though he offered further comment on Jenkins during the call.

" ... You don't believe that there's any such thing as systemic racism in -- not only Frederick County but law enforcement in the United States," Hagen said.

"That's correct. I do not," Jenkins said. "If there's a racist on the line it's you, my friend."

Jenkins said Hagen's actions jeopardized the safety of the deputy.

"Hagen, you had absolutely no business to interfere with the lawful duties of a deputy," Jenkins said. "He made a traffic stop based on a violation, a clear violation. It was none of your concern to start with."

Jenkins (R) said he emailed Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner (D) and County Council leaders after being made aware of the incident. The sheriff wanted the events brought to light in a public meeting and for county leadership to force Hagen to write an apology to the deputy.

"So, for whatever reason they feel they can't, they won't, I don't know," Jenkins said. "The only recourse I have, I think, is to bring this to the attention of the public. The public should know what the heck's going on out there. And that this guy just is frankly unsuitable for office."

Hagen, a Democrat who was a county commissioner from 2006 to 2010 and has served on the county council — established by the county's 2014 charter — since his election in 2018, announced in March his candidacy for county executive in 2022.

Council President M.C. Keegan-Ayer said Wednesday night she hadn't yet spoken with Hagen about the matter. The council doesn’t have the authority to censure Hagen, she said.

“My hands are kind of tied,” she said. “I don’t have authority over the other council members.”

“I’m not his mother," she added.

Any further conversations about the incident will be under the cloud of Wednesday’s radio exchange, she said, noting that the councilman’s actions may put a strain on his relationships with other members.

“I’m at a loss to understand what council member Hagen was thinking,” she said.

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I’m closing these comments out from my screen. Anything in response to me, I will not see. Good bless and have a great weekend.


Kai Hagen cares about no one but himself and endangered lives to fill his childish need for to believe he is the center of the universe. He is unfit for public service and needs to step down. He served no one except his ego and has crossed the line by endangering lives. Bye bye Kai.


The immigrants love Trumpkins. He pays them.

Hagen also mentioned a lawsuit from last January, after which Jenkins issued an apology and reached a $125,000 settlement after the sheriff’s office was accused of racial profiling and wrongful detention following a traffic stop involving a Hispanic woman.

Comment deleted.

Again with the innuendo and, well, outright lies, plumbum. Please give a specific example of when the Sheriff himself harassed an immigrant. Santos? No, deputies making a mistake on an outstanding warrant. The Sheriff wasn't at the scene. Of course it isn't OK to deliberately kill anyone, including those with Down's Syndrome, unless the officers feared for their, or others, safety. What happened in that instance was a tragic accident. It certainly was not deliberate, and the Sheriff was not one of the arresting officers, now was he? He wasn't even at the scene, and the officers were off-duty, moonlighting as security when the theater management ordered Saylor's removal. Did you go to the movies after that? Can someone go into your facility and sit there (a.k.a. trespass)? I'll bet you would be on the horn in a NYY minute to the FCSO if someone refused to leave your business when asked to. Please provide a reference to the "General Order" you are citing, and exactly when this alleged offense occurred. Should the Sheriff go all the way home and exchange cars, then drive to an event in his personal car, when the event may be on his way home, thus adding even more mileage to the County vehicle? Do you use your business vehicles only for business purposes? Why the personal vendetta? Are your employees dumping construction refuse, leaving your clients liable for significant fines? Is that what he busted you for? You were perfectly fine with doing just that a few weeks ago, so it makes one wonder if they should do business with your company.


It is wrong to stereotype an African America as a criminal. It is also wrong to stereotype a white police officer as a racist. Just my opinion. If anyone disagrees, I would be interested in why you think one is OK but the other isn't.

Has anyone in the comments stated anything different than your opinion JW1?..I haven't thoroughly read every single comment I will admit but I don't recall anyone having a different opinion than yours ..I think we all agree with your opinion right everyone?


Was that the case?


Actually, Sly Kye was stereo typing the FCSO deputy. As a racist deputy. Can’t imagine why.....

Fair point Plumbum, fair point. And I can’t imagine why either? I probably tend to do the same you know because of a few reasons I can think of….but you already know those reasons and I read your comments.


Pickle - you and I are the more intelligent FNP trolls!

Perhaps we are plumbum, perhaps we are?


Folks, if you're outraged by Councilman Hagen's actions please let other members of the council know. Email addresses are here ...

I sent the following to my council member ...

I really appreciate your service on the council and your representation for folks in your district.

I'm emailing you because I'm deeply disturbed by the actions of Kai Hagen interfering with a lawful traffic stop on June 20. See the FNP article here ... ... and radio recording where he admits as much here ...!podcast

I've spoken to you in person. My son is a deputy sheriff in Frederick county who has stopped vehicles driven by validated gang members with large amounts of cash, illegal drugs packaged for distribution, and firearms. He's arrested people with outstanding warrants. He also told me that he's felt apprehension when approaching vehicles as each traffic stop has the potential to go in radical directions.

What Kai Hagen did is endanger the deputy and himself by interfering in a lawful stop. I'll also be writing the sheriff to cite councilman Hagen for his actions. It's outrageous behavior.

Based on the FNP article, it appears there is little the council or executive could do. It's exceedingly frustrating to have someone that irresponsible in a position of leadership in our county.

PS> I considered directing an email to councilman Hagen but decided against as he has demonstrated zero remorse or even acknowledgment of what he did.

Guts Over Fear.....I suppose? Not sure why I should be so upset over this ..everything turned out fine right...? Are you sure about who is endangering who?

I see it as Sheriff Jenkins endangering officers lives so...why pull over someone for something so trivial that you would put your officer's life on the line? I mean really now?

Eminem - Guts Over Fear ft. Sia (Official Video)

But by all means don't let me stop you polite white people from emailing your Councilmembers of your anger over Kai's guts....but who is really gonna to have your back when you really them Council members, someone who stays in their lane or someone that has guts and will throw their life on the line for them no matter what no questions asked?

You polite white citizens should also think about too?


Sure thing, troll. The next time there's real crime I'll wait for Kai Hagen to swoop in and save the day. Now go collect your pennies from the Hagen campaign or whatever political committee is paying you. You've definitely earned your wages today.

I have haven't I...earned my wages...I wish I was being actually paid I'm rather good at this I've discovered..what kinda of salary do you think I should ask for as a communications director?


Pickles, next time you in trouble, call 911 and ask for Kai. I agree with the previous poster are trolling now.


Pickles, people of all shades and colors should be angered by Kai's stupidity. If you are not part of the solution here, you are part of the matter what color you are.

No..political much should I ask for? I mean I fooled you into thinking something that wasn't the truth true..just imagine what I could do if I was actually being paid? Maybe would you all would prefer I stay a polite white woman troll on the FNP??


Because its illegal! do you understand the definition of that word?



gabe. The lonely little girl is still screaming for attention.

Pretty interesting considering online state of Maryland public records, the mortgage papers, say a certain unnamed, undoxed, someone is “single”.........


I would arrest Mr. Hagen for interfering with a police officer performing their official duty. Oh, Kai, this latino male is okay too, I know you care so much!!


Best comment today! All must be protected and loved, including my Latino brothers!

But isn't nice to know that there are those of us that aren't going to just assume you are okay and will actually make sure you are okay? I feel that's my duty as a polite white woman to make sure my fellow human beings are okay...remember skeptics never trust the truth..we want to make sure that what are seeing is the true truth...does that make sense to you?


Not if people like you interfere with police traffic stops, Pickle. Then NO, isn't nice to know. Folks need to stay in their lane, as I say.

See I knew you would say that Happy...but see that is difference between you and me..I would throw my life on the line for you no matter what no questions asked if I perceived that you were in danger of any on the other hand say you were in military? Not combat I take it?


I bet according to Kai he was not blocking the road. Rather, the road was the problem here, so he felt compelled to stop his vehicle with its tail stuck out in a lane.


Seems his tail is always sticking out.

Retired and Bored

Common sense tells you if a Law Enforcement Officer has a vehicle pulled over NO CiTIZEN should approach the vehicle, I don't care who it is. The citizen or Council person or whoever it was doesn't know the reason for the stop if guns are involved or anything that can get you hurt. I grew up at a Fire House and was taught "Never follow US", my x-husband who was a cop in Philadelphia said no matter what you hear on the scanner DO NOT come to the scene.

What if a gun was involved what did this Hagen person think he was going to do? Esclate to situation to the point where he would get shot?

Do the world a favor if you see a cruiser with a vehicle pulled over just keep going. Nothing to See and Nothing to do and Nothing you can help with

Common sense tells me a lot of things and yes most of the time I listen to my common sense and probably wouldn't think there was need to pullover and see if I could help when I see that a "law enforcement officer" has someone pulled over...but times are a changing and my perceptions have changed also...and so at times I am probably not going to listen to my common sense and instead will listen to my gut...maybe Kai's gut was telling him something was off?? You weren't there you don't know...


Sherif Trumpkins and Balloon Boy probably have secrets together


Classic definition of psychologically political co-dependency?

Probably why Trumpkins is a tad upset...there is way more to this than meets the eyes...


Maybe Kai was just smitten and wanted to try out a new pickup line?


he should mind his own business and let the police do theirs and since when did he become an expert on systemic racism...for some of the pols any activity that gets their name in the news is a good thing I guess.....this one was real stupid but not a surprise


Kai now playing backup cop arriving at scene of car pulled over?

Next move by Kai to go full blackface and try to bait the cops???

It is clear that Kai, forevermore, will be inextricably linked, and a synonym of, massive bunches of nonbiodegradable latex condoms, er balloons.


Kai was actually more intetested in the trunk of the guy pulled over.

Rumor has it the driver pulled over might have had a dozen or so Dora and Paw Partrol non-biodegradable latex rubber condoms, er balloons, in his trunk and Kai was in training to be a proactive HOA board member tattler.

I hope Kai has as much concern about Hispanics, Latinos, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Eskimos and Indians. ALL lives do matter!


I apologize for leaving out folks of an Oriental heritage, as well as those from the indigeneous tribes of the Amazon rainforest, in my previous post. Kai should be as concerned about the welfare of these folks as anyone else, and any others I may have missed, if they are pulled over by a cop on Route 15.

Oriental heritage???? Try Asian heritage Happy...sounds way less you know what..I am learning so much about you....


Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.

Pickles wannabe word police like Kai wannabe Frederick County cop.

Some folks are black, African American and POC. So, you can be Oriental and Asian too, Pickles. [beam]


Humans are not indigenous to the American continents.


Narcissism by definition - A disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance. This is what Kai suffers from and yet the Career Firefighters support this.

We all have narcissist tendencies so...your point is what? And no there is way more to narcissism than what you defined...way more.

narcissism när′sĭ-sĭz″əm►

n. Excessive preoccupation with or admiration of oneself. synonym: conceit.

n. A personality disorder characterized by self-preoccupation, need for admiration, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.

n. Erotic pleasure derived from contemplation or admiration of one's own body or self, especially as a fixation on or a regression to an infantile stage of development.

Kai was showing some deep empathy when he decided to pullover..think about it..go deeper.


God help us all when Kai and erotic pleasure are mentioned in the same post.

Pickles, no deep empathy here observed. Deep stupidity, yes.

Being in the military has made you a very interesting person Happy? Which I know you agree already said as much the other day.

Can you go into more detail about that time in your life..what your experiences were like and what know without giving to much away about did in the military. like what rank you achieved. How long you were in the military and so on?


Who was right, who was wrong. Kai, should have gotten entirely off the road. .Still, it is easy to see why he was concerned. The Deputy probably reportedthe incident to make sure that he didn't get into trouble Jenkins chose to make it a political issue and that too is typical of Jenkins. A political Sheriff who himself makeseverything political.

What we need is a police force like Montgomery County.


It would be nice if the public servants of Frederick handled their grievances with each other better. Going on local radio to demand apologies doesn’t make you look right or in charge…it makes you look petty. If the councilman’s actions really rose to the level of interfering with legitimate business, there were remedies for that. He could have been arrested or approached at a later time & an adult conversation could have settled things. Grow up.

I don't think the Sheriff much cares how he looks anymore?? He's not going to run for sheriff again, so now he just wants to be able to show what a polite white man he is? or isn't depending on your POV?

I wonder if he realizes that if he hadn't decided to throw his tantrum out and in public Kai would not be getting all this publicity for FREE.... I think Kai is pleasantly surprised at how well this is going to work out for him..

I certainly see Kia through different eyes polite white man who knows how polite white policemen tend to treat POC and wanted to exercise his privileges for good. Can't say I haven't thought about doing that myself....stopping when I see POC drivers pulled over. Don't we all have to look out for each other?

I mean I was pulled over by a polite white policeman in the middle of the night just because maybe the polite white policeman wasn't so polite....? and he maybe didn't know I was a polite white woman until he pulled me over? what if I hadn't been a polite white woman? I try not to let my mind go there....

How often do you drive by and see 3 cop cars and one car pulled over and wonder what in world could possibly be happening they need 3 cop cars for????...then you see the driver is a POC and then it all makes sense. And then later you hear that something awful happened to the POC and you feel awful you didn't do anything?

Polite white guilt.....I guess it's kinda like survivor's guilt?


Polite W. Woman aka PurplePickles aka L&M - I'm curious how many times you have witnessed 3 cop cars pull over one person and then ALSO hear that something awful happened to that same person you saw pulled over? When i see multiple cops, I think the same...that person must really be in trouble. That doesn't mean it wasn't justified to have 3 cops there. Let law enforcement do their jobs.

All the time I see that actually....granted I don't always know that something awful may have happened but we polite white people cannot be too careful now can we, you know when we make assumptions? I have learned not every bad thing that happens winds up on the front page of the FNP and that I shouldn't have high expectations when it comes to polite white police men so...let's say for example I had a flat tire and needed help from a polite white policeman..and I had 3 cop cars pulled over for little ole me? My Oh my what a waste of taxpayer dollars wouldn't you say?

I have no problem "letting" law enforcement do their jobs if they actually did their jobs...and having 3 police cars for one car pulled over doesn't seem to me they are doing their jobs too well....but what do I know right? I mean what trouble could someone be in that they need 3 police cars for anyway? Now if there was 1 police car an ambulance and fire truck then maybe I see that?


3 cop cars aren't going to pull behind you for a flat tire. You're speculating instead of knowing facts. If something "awful" happened you can bet it would make the news.

But aren't you also "speculating" too when you assume that 3 cop cars are needed to help someone, that something so awful has happen to the POC, that they need 3 cop cars to help? You are speculating that they are all there to help??? What kind of help are you speculating a POC needs from 3 police cars...I mean if you can't speculate me needing 3 police cars for a little ole flat tire..what possible kinda of help would a POC require that needs 3 police cars for? I want to make sure next time I see that I speculate the right way in my mind..does that make sense?


Reporter Hogan and Keller, disgracefully did the absolute minimum, in attributing the source of this report. To provide these detailed quotes they obviously listened to the podcast but failed to provide the radio program or host which would assist the reader in locating the podcast to hear the program for themselves. Just using the call sign of the station barely met the minimum required.!podcast

What about doing some investigating on your own! It would be great to know, did Kai turn his vehicle’s engine off while sitting in the travel portion of the roadway? If he didn’t, he must be a climate denier, shameful to be burning those nasty fossil fuels while parked.

It is a shame there is not a local comedy show comparable to Saturday Night Live (SNL). This would be a perfect skit. It almost writes itself.

Kai and Mrs. Kai are driving north on 15 and see a NASTY police officer stopping an African-American male “for no apparent reason.” Councilman Kai, abruptly stops, asking if the driver is OK and demands to know why the nasty police officer stopped the minority man. The police officer responds, “sir, two miles back down the road I observed the driver intentionally release 3 non-biodegradable helium balloons.” “WHAT,” Councilman Kai exclaims! Kai, without hesitation, pulls the baton from the WONDERFUL officer’s duty belt and begins to mercilessly strike the sinister driver relentlessly. The NASTY police officer, then without just cause, arrested Councilman Kai for assaulting the driver. Councilman Kai then files a complaint against the nasty police officer for being a racist and a physical abuser.

Please don't call police officers nasty...they are polite...also pleas use POC when you are referring to non-white people... POC is way faster to type too..and when referring to white people either use NPOC..or polite white people thanks..carry on AOC I'm sure you will get to your point sooner or later?


Gotta have at least seven+ letters for folks. Such as LGBTQIE. Not doing so is discriminatory to many letters of the alphabet, Pickles.


I’m still disgusted with councilman STEVE for changing his mind and supporting Sly kye’s idiotic balloon circus.

“ you support my dumb bill I’ll support your dumb bill”


Take a deep breath and slowly exhale plumbum. It'll be OK. The sky isn't falling.


The balloons are falling though.


So, your ok with killing marine life and other life for a few seconds of watching needlessly released balloons float off into the environment? Do you also smoke and throw your cigarette butts our of your vehicle too?

Probably they do....I mean why care about the environment ? If that's only thing they can use against Kai is that he's for the environment then Kai has nothing to worry about?

Those balloons end up somewhere just like those cigarette butts do,,,,they aren't bio-degradable, I'm glad Kai realized that and did something about it..everything helps right? Now if he could do something about those cigarette butts???? Smokers are not the most polite people it seems?


The following link kas been provided to plumbum multiple times pickles, yet she persists because it doesn't affect her, nor can she see the damage released balloons can do. Définition of a troll. I have seen that damage first hand in the bay, on the dunes, and offshore.


I think I'm agreeing with you about the balloons? I don't need a link but thanks anyway for being so polite...


Yes, you are agreeing with me about the balloons pickles. The link was for information in case you hadn't seen the damage. It is for other's edification also.


How different an outcome might have been if there were no radio show opportunity. Wait. What’s changed.


Good work Kia. We all need to be witnesses to Law enforcement events. The Sheriff should know the best evidence is witnesses. Oh I forgot except when involves his kingdom.

This also shows how weak kneed your colleagues are when it comes to the Sheriff. Despite court case after court case in which he has shown his racism and his treatment of women employees, they fold but you do not.


Not good work. Had that person being stopped (regardless of race) had a weapon, the instant that officer had to take his attention away from that person and turn to Hagan could have been long enough for an entirely different outcome. It would have taken him seconds to pull a gun and shoot the officer and possibly even the Hagans. Complete disregard for safety of all.

Obviously the Hagens were not concerned that the POC driver was more of a threat than a polite white policeman...that's what really bothers you isn't it? Why is it the first thing you think when you see a POC is that they are going to do something awful...?

Think about and then maybe you will have a glimmer of understanding why Kai stopped?


Polite W. Woman aka PurplePickles aka L&M - My concern for the safety of all remains the same REGARDLESS OF RACE. What Hagan did was wrong! He put that officer in harm's way. He could have easily stopped far enough up the road where he could have watched the interaction without interfering. He chose not to do that.

No actually the polite white policeman put himself in harms way for pulling someone over for something so trivial.....I mean I care way more about polite white policemen than you do because if I was in charge I would be telling my officers that there is no need to pull someone over for something so inconsequential...I mean what exactly was the POC driver pulled over for anyway ...Probable cause for the stop was the fact the vehicle was bearing a trailer tag. oh yeah that is worth putting my officers in harms way isn't it?


something so trivial? It was a tag that BELONGED on another vehicle meaning that vehicle was most likely not properly tagged and might not have insurance because of that. If that person hits someone, who pays since it was potentially uninsured. It isn't trivial.

Silly...that's what you pay your car insurance for them to do the investigation IF something actually happens..let's not go all Minority Report just yet.

You really are wasting your money if you don't use your car insurance company for what you paying them for (do you realize all the benefits of your car insurance?)..they are a lot more expensive than using the cops I I like to get value out of the money I pay....maybe if I was able to pay less in tax dollars for the police Io do a job that I pay my car insurance to do..I could maybe donate more to the charitable causes?


Laws are laws, if you don't want to get pulled over, pay your fees and keep your tags and registration up to date, its not hard, and can be done online.


Who knew!


Bobfair, The warnings were for what? Do you get warnings for not paying a fee or not keeping your tags and registration up to date? How does that work?


Pretty straight forward stuff AW. If you have a clean record, the officer can make a judgement that the incident was an innocent mistake and write them up an inspection ticket (warning) of which they have 30 days to rectify.


Sounds like allot to do about nothing.


Hagen is not qualified to be a County Councilman not matter what ethnic or race


What’s the qualifications to server as a council person or sheriff other then winning the vote for your district? This is only small town politics, not news worthy, one “fat” fish and one “skinny” fish both wanting to be big fish in a very small pond 🐠 🐡 .


Sounds more like red fish, blue fish per politics and Dr. Seuss.


This proves that Kai Hagen is unfit to serve as an elected official and should step down.


Susan, you are so right!


I was not going to voter for Kai as CE in the next primaries, but you changed my mind.


Same for Sherf Trumpkins


I know this will shock our esteemed sheriff, but citizens actually have rights. Good for the councilman for not being bullied. The deputy thought he could have some fun on an isolated road, terrorizing a Black driver. He was mad Kai ruined it.


Bullied and terrorized on an isolated road? How is pulling someone over for a valid violation bullying or terrorizing? And isolated road? It was US. 15, a very well traveled busy road. Your comments makes no sense and only creates more division of races. I am a fairly liberal democrat. With that said, Hagan had NO RIGHT doing what he did. He completely overstepped his bounds and he needs to apologize to that Sheriff. I will not even consider giving my vote to Hagan until he corrects this. It crossed the line and he needs to own it.




Was the Sheriff one of the arresting officers in any of those instances, Plumbum? No. Are you personally responsible for your employees activities, should they break any laws, such as dumping construction refuse?

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Hi gabbs! How’s your week been going? I hope you have a great holiday weekend :)


I guess this is an example of systemic racism. Hagan wouldn't have stopped if the driver was white. Since the driver was black he assumed something wrong was going to happen - either by the driver or the deputy


Again, Why would a white driver be pulled over because of racism?


Great job Frederick Police and Sheriff Jenkins!! As a person of color, I support the law and don't feel discriminated in any way. If I break the law (or any administrative situation as other person said), is the police job to stop me and is my right to do so. Sheriff Jenkins is doing a great job keeping us together. This is not Minnesota or Portland.


Right on! Finally some common sense!


If he blocked traffic or did anything illegal then issue him citations. Don't go crying to your friends on the radio, to the council, or to your Mom. And to engage in name calling on the radio and saying systemic racism does not exist is ridiculous. In other words, behave like an adult.


In other words, believe as I do, or shut up.


Veri, You seldom fail to disappoint.


I think you may have perceived V words the wrong way..her words weren't actually disappointing if you have perceived them the correct way.. I think she was referring to the sheriff not to you??? Maybe V could clarify if she wants too?


My apologies for profiling V's comments.

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[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] gabe. The lonely little girl is still screaming for attention.


Hagen is an idiot. He proves over and over but this is even over the top for a fool like him . How anyone could think he is fit for any official position is beyond believe.


I think the police should stop pulling people over for administrative issues. Flag the tag and t let the MVA send notices/fines/whatever... Police should be dealing with violent crime - not being roving secretaries for the MVA. Administrative issues don't need an armed police officer to intervene.


Good idea.


One of the duties of law enforcement officers is to enforce the laws. Maybe you should compose a list of laws you want enforced, and ones you don't, and submit it to your congressman.


Terrorizing Black and Brown drivers is one of their favorite activities. Why should they be asked to stop? /s


To say that terrorizing black and brown drivers is a favorite activity of law enforcement tells me one thing: you're either clueless, ignorant, or a liar. So, which is it, seven?


yeah like expired tags are going to cause anyone any harm in the middle of night? I have never understood why cops feel that's the most important function of their jobs?

The only reason I can think of is that the polite white policemen are looking for any reason they can find to justify not being polite white policemen, they need to justify their existence somehow and it's usually at the expense of POC. And we polite white people have been fed a line of bull for so long we can't see how much poo we are standing in.


Except that it wasn't expired tags it was Trailer Tags on a car, maybe the car could have been stolen you don't know police have to check these things out and if the car that was pulled over had caused an accident did they have insurance? Without proper tags you don't know. And since Kai did not know the driver was a POC until he drove by then the police officer didn't know either until the stop occurred.

Scroll up I answered the same exact question for newspostreader. Look for the post that starts off with Silly...


In case you haven't noticed, you live in the Peoples Republic of Maryland... That should explain it.




Best quotes "I am not his mother ... What was he thinking." And "That was the wierdest thing, man." Pretty much sums up his actions.

I never agree with Sheriff Bumpkins, but this time I do. Pretty basic stuff. If an officer tells you to do something, you do it. Period.

Lock him up.


Once again Hagen has shown what a total jerk he is. I just sent him an email stating so, and I encourage anyone who agrees to do the same.


Ohhh.....And you called Kye a jerk!!!!!


Yep, and I'm calling you one too, Pb.


Kai Hagen had his heart in the right place, but was wrong in the way he handled the situation. As a county councilman, Hagen is worried about the minority people living in and traveling through Frederick County and the racism they face every day. And with a verified racist like Sheriff Jenkins at the helm of the FCSO, he is right to worry about minorities during traffic stops. But the proper course would have been to stay a safe distance away and take video of the stop, which the SCOTUS has ruled is a lawful act.

As for the Sheriff, he has proven a million times over what an immature "leader" he is. His radio temper tantrum is not at all unexpected. His childishness was on full display in that exchange with Hagen on the radio. "Who the hell does he think he is?" Well Chuck, as County Councilman he is one of the people who is responsible for making sure YOU do your job. It's that "checks and balances" thing that you fascists hate so much.


You're calling people here "fascists?" Seriously? Maybe you'd be better relocating to Portland to be with your kind, I'm sure they'd welcome you with open arms.


Easy to say when you're the Armchair QB. Yes, we are all rolling our eyes over this comment. And the County Council is not responsible for making sure the Sheriff does his job.




Citizens have rights and when in conversation with law enforcement officers they can ask questions in the process of obeying lawful orders. If there is a question about what happened a proper investigation can lead to charges to be settled in a Court. Presumptions do not count. Just the facts matter. And radio show chatter does not matter. Even legal orders do have limits to be respected.

Travis Bickle

I`m no fan of Sheriff Trumpkin`s, with his grandstanding border wall B.S. Just do the job you were elected to do. However this Hagen clown needs locked in a rubber room. The Sheriff in this case, is correct. Hagen is brain dead and after this act of stupidity has assured himself of being a big loser in the County Executive race.

Not that he ever had a chance of winning anyway.


Hagen believes he is the guardian of everyone who believes what he believes He is a career “almost but not quite” and most of the time is harmless In this case, his shenanigans jeopardized a deputy who was doing his job Hagen would not have stopped to make sure that a white kid in a beat up F 150 was ok

Racism is a two sided coin


Why would a white kid in a beat up F 150 likely be a victim of racism?


Kai Hagen does better in his playpen when just focusing on balloons.


I think Mr. Hagen's heart is in the right place. And I think his head is in the wrong place. Mr. Hagen possess far more kernels of truth in his head than Sheriff Jenkins does, but both men are extremists in their own way. I'm tired of the extremes.

I want the Democratic party and Republican parties to go away. How about some independent candidates with centrist views? For a change.




A center party?[thumbup]



"The only recourse I have, I think, is to bring this to the attention of the public. The public should know what the heck's going on out there. And that this guy just is frankly unsuitable for office."


Not true. In MD law enforcement has a year and a day to issue a citation and or an arrest. Kye failed to obey an officers orders.

As far as "being unfit for office", that makes two of you, Sherf Trumpkins.

You single handedly got the county into major lawsuits that you lost, and the lawsuits were avoidable.

You are not even qualified to work at most police agencies, let alone local colleges doing security. You are no better than Kye.


Sheriff Trumpkins is an apt moniker for Jenkins. I do think Jenkins exaggerated the situation for political purposes. I wonder if he would have raised a stink if it had been Michael Hough?


Hagen thinks he's a god. He should be charged. What a piece of work.


l am glad to see the Sheriff stick up for his people.


Stick up?


Bizarre that the High Sheriff thought a radio show was the proper venue. He should have had the cojones to call Hagan personally.


That doesn't happen in Frederick. Look at the medium Ben McShane used against Roger Wilson. Facebook.


Amen, Gladys! !!


Good Lord?! What a busy-body!

Kai, get the #FACTS:

The Data Proves That Police Are Not Racist [8 mins] - PragerU, Jul 10, 2020


It is true that over half of homicide victims are black, which is incredible given they are less than 14% of the population. But there are biases in police forces. Black people who were fatally shot by police are twice as likely as white people to be unarmed. Black men are 2.5 times more likely than white men to be killed by police during their lifetime. White officers dispatched to black neighborhoods fired their guns five times as often as black officers dispatched for similar calls to the same neighborhoods.

And 1000 homicides by cops is too many. Don't think that is acceptable.

The funding police need is for training to recognize their own biases and for non-violent conflict resolution.

Lastly, don't go to PragerU for knowledge. It's shallow at best. Below is a link to a science journal, a better source with real references.



The best data we have to discern the huge disparity in criminality among different groups (which consequently leads to more frequent run-ins with law enforcement for some of these groups) is FBI crime stats by race. Keep in mind though, that a Hispanic man can be counted as nonwhite when he is a crime victim, but white if he is the perp. Mugshots have to be checked.

The FBI maintains 'Crime Data Explorer' database:


Those statistics may tell only part of the story. For example, who is more likely to shoot at police or resist (and I don't mean some bogus charge of resisting but actual resisting) arrest instead of surrendering. There may also be an issue of small number statistics. 2.5 times more likely sounds significant but it is 2.5 times more of what number 5, 5,000, 500,000? It makes a difference.

Now, I don't doubt that there are biases and they should be eliminated if possible, but we should look at the data as completely and objectively as possible to determine the issues and the magnitude of importance if we want to be as efficient and effective with the limited resources as possible.


I agree.


Oooh a youtube video, that's gonna be real convincing.


Hagen has once again showed what a idiot he is! Shaming people at a grocery store and now this episode. We'd be better off if he chased released balloons into adjoining states and could never find his way back to Frederick Co. If the driver that had been pulled over, pulled a gun and shot him, Hagen would blame the deputy for not protecting him. Hagen should take his balloons and join the circus because he's nothing but a clown and embrassment to Frederick Co.


Agree 100%


But isn't Hagan against balloons?


What did he shame people at a grocery store for?

Why did he stop at the traffic stop? If the officer was under attack should he had stopped and offered help?

And wasn’t the great Frederick ballon up evil over your balloons being let free?


Right on - I will say, Hagan had a good intention, but he executed it wrong and stupidly. He definitely put the officer and himself in reckless danger. That's the point.


Kai's opponents for County Executive will have a field day with this incident. And I hope they bring it up over and over. Certainly shows Kai's lack of support for law enforcement and that he is a race baiter. Just shameful.


I think I understand Kai Hagen's motive which makes me furious!! Couldn't he have been arrested for obstruction??? How dare he interfere with a police "stop." Has he no common sense?


Frederick County would be a far better place without either one of them.


Eager to see how the local Left will come up with excuses for Hagen's behavior. That will probably be followed by cries for defunding the police. [beam]


It doesn’t have to be excused. He had a right to be there and observe. Deputies have no right to conduct their bullying of Black drivers in secrecy.


Can you explain what bullying actually occurred during the stop? Or, is it automatically bullying when a white cop stops a black driver for a violation of our laws? Or do you just hate cops?


He doesn't have the right to block a lane of traffic. If it occurred on route 15 (the article was not clear), that could pose an extremely dangerous situation and at highway speeds, if it caused an accident, his actions could have killed someone.


He had no right to block traffic and endanger the officer. I guess you really can't fix stupid!


I don't see anyone excusing Hagen. [beam]


...and for good reason ...can't fix stupid


Then you're blind, threecents. You're excusing Hagen just by saying so.


I am not following your logic Mar. I did not excuse Hagen.


Sorry, I did not notice Seven's comments. Did anyone else excuse Hagen in these 160+ comments?


Hagen's outlandish behavior and unbelievable lack of judgment in this situation speaks for itself. There is zero room to justify his actions. Zero.


You said it well...he is a fool for involving himself in police activity and he should know better

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