Suspected illegal tint on the windows of a Hagerstown man’s Chevrolet Tahoe eventually led Frederick County sheriff’s deputies to seize 46.6 pounds of cocaine and 3 pounds of fentanyl from the vehicle, according to court documents.

Deputy 1st Class William Rempe was conducting traffic enforcement in an unmarked patrol car on northbound U.S. 15 near Md. 28 at 9:53 a.m. Tuesday when he spotted the 2017 Tahoe crossing the Point of Rocks bridge from Virginia into Maryland, the documents state. The tint on the SUV’s windows was excessively dark, prompting Rempe to tail the vehicle and eventually pull it over to the shoulder of northbound U.S. 15.

Shortly after approaching the driver and sole occupant of the SUV, later identified as Lamonte Montae Young Sr., the deputy became suspicious that there might be something more to the stop.

Young appeared to be extremely nervous, breathing heavily while his hands were trembling, according to the documents. In addition to these signs, Rempe thought he smelled marijuana coming from somewhere in the SUV.

Rempe was just about to call for a police dog when Officer 1st Class Wade Milyard, a city of Frederick police officer who was driving by with his K-9 partner, stopped at the scene to see if Rempe needed backup. Milyard’s dog alerted to the presence of drugs in the Tahoe and a search was ordered, the documents state.

In the trunk area of the SUV, deputies found two large cardboard boxes, each filled with vacuum-sealed plastic bags containing cocaine as well as some fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that is often cut with heroin to increase the drug’s potency, according to the documents.

In total, deputies seized 21,140 grams — 46.6 pounds — of cocaine as well as 1,454 grams — 3.2 pounds — of fentanyl, amounts which Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said may well be a record bust for the sheriff’s office.

“He made quite a stop. I’m sure it is a record, because that’s a huge amount,” Jenkins said, praising Rempe’s work and instincts on the stop. “I’ve got a lot of good young deputies, and he’s definitely one of them.”

Young, 41, was charged with two counts each of drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, possession of a large amount of narcotics and importing narcotics into the state, according to online court records.

Young remained in the Frederick County Adult Detention Center as of Thursday after a District Court judge denied him bail at a hearing Wednesday afternoon, the records state.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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I love to read all of these comments and thoughts. You all crack me up. The truth here is that dude will probably do a couple years max. This arrest most Definitely Did not stop a single soul from getting high. Didnt even slow down the train. It turns out that in Maryland, reeking of marijuana is not sufficient probable cause for police to arrest and search a person. So yes the lawyers will prevail. Theyll cut a deal that makes the defendant and prosecutor happy and the world will keep turning. Dealers will keep dealing and users using.


Anyone who thinks cops aren’t trained to be able to smell the difference between drugs and not drugs is a fool that’s just waiting to be pulled over to test that theory. Anyone remember D.A.R.E.? Yeah, they brought the drugs to school for us to look at and smell. Also, if you can smell the difference, which I’m sure you can, they definitely can. FCSO snd FCPD are also really well trained on what to look for due to the fact that most drugs that flow this state have to come through our area due to the highways all intersecting here. Another thing they do really well is get the K9. They don’t need probable cause to run the dog around the car. They can do that on every stop if they choose. What most people don’t realize is the K9 has to keep a certain pass percentage to keep their jobs. And if the departments bring the dog majority of the time, which I’ve witnessed, then they can’t be seen as discriminatory. Tint is not a regular indicator that something shady is going on. But it is a #1 primary offense that they can stop you for in our state. It’s not an excuse used by the cops. It’s a law. The tail light would be an excuse and they use that all the time. I love the people that try to say that the cops just picked someone out because of how they looked or some bs like that. They are trained people. And if that was the case then tell me where they were wrong! Obviously some flags were thrown up for them to stop that specific vehicle. Also, wouldn’t you be a little smarter if you were carrying that amount of product. You know like don’t smoke weed in the car, have legal tint, make sure to follow the traffic laws, make sure all your lights are working. I find it extremely dumb to be smoking weed while transporting that much product due to simply getting a whiff of it is probable cause. Why be that stupid when you’re already being stupid. Last but not least. Don’t sleep on the Frederick Police Depts. They are really good at what they do. More than likely they already knew this guy was coming. They have the intelligence(talkers), training and knowledge to get it right 95% of the time. Oh yeah, the foolish comment about the defense attorneys being able to prevail. Not here. 21k+ grams of cocaine and 3+ pounds of fentanyl. This dude won’t be able to argue his way out of a paper bag. Bet he starts chirping and there will be news of a bigger fish fried. Sorry for such a long comment. But pretending the cops are fools is just getting old. But they do not need a four year degree. Safe travels. If you plan on being this dumb I suggest a different state!


Very well said. I couldn't agree more.


Lamonte Montae Young Sr., while you sit in holding imagine the last breaths of the people you have enabled to kill themselves. Every day of your life you will never be able to escape this image. Sit, think and ponder. Know that you are more a void then a human.


In a perfect world, he should be compelled to consume some of his product. Whatever happens to him is not enough.


More drugs off of the street. Way to go FCSO!! As a side note, those who get their windows tinted know the law or the person installing it does. So they KNOW if they are legal or not.


The vendor will advise you its illegal and you may get pulled over, but still tint the windows if that's what you want. In a way it helps identify criminal activity.

Greg F

I love that "I thought i smelled marijuana" excuse. I doubt they could tell the difference between a decent cigar, some oregano or if it were bigfoot's underarm stank. Just another excuse to search what they cannot see. That said...the dark windows usually mean there's something not right....but that's is just a ticket and being told to remediate it.


Collinsm, do you seriously believe that law enforcement officers don’t have drug detection techiques in their training? LOL, too funny. I can assure you that they do, including learning what cannabis smells like. A decent cigar (hell, even a cheap one!) or oregano smell nothing like cannabis. As for Bigfoot’s underarm stank, I’ll leave that one for you to describe.


Officers are trained to have the nose of a dog, and when that's questioned they bring a real one in. They are not dumb. They are trained in psychology as well, they know when something is just not right. Great job Rempe! You deserve a raise.


Wow. Each of those smells distinctly different, and I am positive all the officers have plenty of experience telling the difference.


What officers are trained in, and all that jazz, has nothing to do with how a defense lawyer may or will argue the charges and the validity of alleged probable cause.

It’s all too common that, yes, defense lawyers do prevail.


Not really. Espcially in Maryland where they are required to have a four year degree. What the officer says the judge will always consider before any one being paid big bucks to defend them.


My comment is not written as a blanket statement.

Degrees are still superseded by law and constitution regardless of an officer’s background.


Why is she putting the police down for a major bust. Three pounder of fentanyl! Sorry no defense attorney can convince a judge of anything in this case, it's not even relavent in this case


A 4 year degree. ... Nonsense. I know a Frederick city cop and deputy sheriff with zero college. They don't even have to pass the lie detector test. So many of you comment on stuff ur soooooo wrong about.


Not when there is corroborating evidence from a trained drug-sniffing dog plumbum, and that's exactly what happened.


Darn shame about those Constitutional rights


I rarely comment, but collinsm statement is just foolish. The fact is that amount of fentanyl could kill 200,000 people... look it up! My relative was a victim of this low-life... she died of an overdose in Frederick, Nov. 2017. One of the best stops/arrests in Frederick in many years. Let's thank the FCSO for their great work, and stop the banter about meaningless topics.


Good guys 1, bad guys 0. Maybe the bad guys need a new career plan.


Further evidence of the fine job done by our FCSO. [thumbup]


👍👍 Great stop!

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