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A man dealing heroin in Frederick County as the ringleader of a distribution network across Maryland and New York was arrested as part of a five-month investigation led by the sheriff's office and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, authorities said.

Information uncovered by deputies during a traffic stop in Frederick County led them to identify Jeffrey Marvin Anderson, 35, as the ringleader of the group and Frederick County dealer, according to Deputy First Class Amanda Hatcher, the agency's spokeswoman. The person in the traffic stop was arrested after deputies found heroin and marijuana, and decided to work with the sheriff's office.

The heroin sold by the group was further linked to at least one overdose death in Washington County, the news release states.

Heroin use has been called an epidemic as heroin overdose deaths in Frederick County reached an all-time high in 2013 at 21, the highest single-year total since 2007, according to a report released by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

“The sheriff's office is committed to stemming the flow of heroin into Frederick County to choke off the local supply,” Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said in a statement.

As the investigation expanded, the Department of Homeland Security got involved, serving 12 federal search warrants that led to the arrest of five Marylanders on May 15 and four New York residents later, the release stated.

Along with Anderson — who authorities say was in possession of more than a kilogram of heroin upon his arrest — Gary Larnell Barham Sr., 52, of Easton; Amanda Jo Palmer, 32, of Hagerstown; Shawn Christopher Malley, 25, of Crofton; and William Ulysses Robinson, 38, of Denton, were served with federal indictments on charges of conspiracy to possess and distribute heroin in Maryland, the release stated.

In New York, indictments were served on Rahdel Sharbaan, 41, Reginald Jones, 26, Francisco Abel Mercedes, 34, and Eric McLeod, 46, all of the Bronx, the release stated.

While five Marylanders and two New York residents were arrested in May, the other two New Yorkers were not arrested until recently, drawing out the investigation, Hatcher said.

"It isn't uncommon for somebody arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance to work with our drug task force because a lot of times, if they are cooperative and provide information, that can help their case," Hatcher said.

The sheriff's office coordinated with Maryland State Police, the Drug Enforcement Administration and task forces from several counties nearby to conduct the investigation, according to Maj. Tim Clarke.

“We have to go where the drugs take us,” he said of pursuing cases beyond Frederick County.

Clarke said this is one of the biggest investigations jurisdictionally but mentioned the sheriff's office has worked on similarly high-profile cases, including collaborating with the FBI in the late 2000s to dismantle gangs in Maryland.

The sheriff's office will continue to be involved in the prosecution of those arrested, and follow any further leads, according to Clarke.

“We will move forward and continue to battle the drug issue,” he said.

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We need a new sheriff yesterday!


We new a new sheriff yesterday.


Frederick County with 225k residents had 21 heroin deaths last year, PG county with 900k residents had 21 herion deaths last year. Folks we new a new sheriff yesterday.


Africa has Ebola epidemic and Frederick County has an herion epidemic.


Is it just me or did anyone else notice that this arrest TOOK PLACE IN MAY?


once again the FNP's misleading headlines shake out in favor of the republican incumbent running for office - this time it's the sheriff.

headline should read:
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Announces Takedown of Multistate Heroin Operation


Wait a minute- arrests in May and this being released just before an election where the sheriff is being criticized for his ability and stance on several issues. If I didn't know better and were cynical, I'd think this is political and taking credit for an investigation that had lots of moving parts, including a random stop for a traffic violation that set it off.




How can the sheriff relying on Team Obama to do his job help his negative poll numbers?


If Team Obama was doing their job most serious drugs would NOT get into the USA. Seems like they just wait for local law enforcers to turn culprits over to them.

Extra Ignored

At what price; liberty and justice for all.


How unaware and hyper partisan are you?

Boyce Rensberger

The sheriff announces this just weeks before the toughest election of his career, but the arrests happened last May and most were made by federal agents.

Jenkins's role? His deputies happened to make a traffic stop and found heroin in the car. The feds took it from there.

There is still no sign of a planned or coordinated effort by the sheriff to combat the heroin epidemic happening in his jurisdiction but--curiously--not in Frederick city or in surrounding counties.

Extra Ignored

Did you happen to make copies of the Sheriff's office annual reports at another site. They've gone and removed all the links from the page I was referencing for my drug arrest statistics when they added the 2013 annual report.




If Obama and his people (Democrats) were doing their job, the heroin would not get into this country, none is produced here!!!!! It appears the state police (Democrat controlled) had very little do with the case. They probably should have been patrolling the road the arrest was made on.

Extra Ignored

If you want to live under martial law, North Korea would be better to your liking.



Boyce,with your background, working for two liberal rags, The NY Times, and Washington Post I doubt if you would recognize a coordinated effort by a sheriff's office if you saw one.

Extra Ignored

Neither would you recognize a county sheriff desperate to keep a paycheck taking credit for something he did not do.

Extra Ignored

Freedom of the press is a liberal notion. Even Fox News is a liberal rag.


It's not everyday that a birther/white supremacist linked sheriff has to rely on the federal government to control the local drug trade in rural republican county. Therefore I would personally want to thank democratic Secretary Johnson for lending federal resources to combat the war on heroin in Frederick County and extending a helping to hand to our overwhelmed republican sheriff.

Boyce Rensberger


Extra Ignored

Chuck Jenkins should be thanking the Feds not taking the credit for what they did.

According to their plea agreements, since early 2014, Rahdel Sharbaan and Gary Barham conspired with others to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute heroin. During the course of the conspiracy, Sharbaan was working with co-conspirators to obtain bulk quantities of heroin from sources in New York and transport that heroin to Maryland for further distribution. Specifically, Sharbaan would meet with sources in New York and obtain the heroin, then he would travel (generally via bus) to Baltimore, Maryland, where he would provide the heroin to a co-conspirator. Barham obtained bulk quantities of heroin from that same co-conspirator, which he then re-distributed in and around the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Sharbaan would take the proceeds of prior heroin transactions from the co-conspirator in order to pay the source in New York.

During the investigation, law enforcement obtained a wiretap on phone lines used by a member of the conspiracy. Through those wiretaps, they intercepted numerous calls between Sharbaan and the co-conspirator discussing travel to and from Baltimore and the heroin business. Investigators also saw Sharbaan and the co-conspirator meeting at the Baltimore Travel Plaza to deliver new supplies of heroin.



How coincidental,right before the election. LOL!


This arrest had to be made considering the sheriffs declining approval rating, unfortunately every drug dealer in region now knows that Fredrick County has a opening for a senior heroin marketer and once the feds leave it's business back to usual.

Comment deleted.

Very true...Probably more drug dealing going on right under Chuckles nose..like I say seems like the word will be out at how easy it is to deal drugs in Frederick County...Making this drug arrest public may not be such a good idea,,,It will show how easy it is..


You would never allow a CNA to prescribe drugs to your child so why would allow a novice to prevent illegal drugs getting to your child?


Supporting a sheriff that advocates monitoring abandoned children in school while a rapper deals heroin to your children and community makes you an enabler.


Not sure I would be giving Chuckles any high fives just yet...sounds like they just got lucky..Information uncovered by deputies during a traffic stop in Frederick County led them to identify Jeffrey Marvin Anderson, 35..not that luck doesn't help solve most cases...

Not sure how much actual investigating was done-sounds like they forced someone to roll-over and narc..It isn't uncommon for somebody arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance to work with our drug task force because a lot of times, if they are cooperative and provide information, that can help their case," Hatcher said....I wonder what kind of deal they got..now remember narcs do not do to good in prison..so hopefully they put this dude in Witness Protection??

“We have to go where the drugs take us,” he said of pursuing cases beyond Frederick County......Well naturally you came to Frederick County..we have had a drug problem for some time now, glad to see you finally arrived, our sheriff was not doing anything...But something tells me that this will maybe put a small dent in the drug problem...

“The sheriff's office is committed to stemming the flow of heroin into Frederick County to choke off the local supply,” Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said in a statement...no you were not..this is just a coincidence that just happen to wrap up right before the elections..something smells off about this whole thing..


re elect Jenkins.[thumbup]


This investigation has led by the federal government not our novice sheriff unable to advance to corporal or obtain a AA degree or even serve in the military.


You did a great job chuck keep if up. We appreciate your help.

Extra Ignored

Many more arrests needed to catch up.

Drug Arrests
2006 509
2007 556
2008 475
2009 497
2010 384
2011 312
2012 266


Extra Ignored

When the 2013 Annual Report was added the links to older Annual Reports were removed leaving only 2011, 2012, and 2013 Annual Reports posted.

Drug Arrests
2013 369

Extra Ignored

So why were the old Annual Reports removed. The nation is watching.

Why did this encounter have to turn deadly? And how will the county make sure this never happens again? The Saylor family and the public deserve answers. The county sheriff, Chuck Jenkins, canceled a public meeting when it became obvious that it would draw lots of people angry about the Saylor case. That was more than a month ago.


Extra Ignored

Federal perspective of events.

Co-defendant Jeffrey Michael Anderson, age 35, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is scheduled to go to trial on October 27, 2014. Charges are pending against co-defendants Reginald Jones, age 26, of Bronx, New York; Shawn Christopher Malley, age 25, of Crofton, Maryland; Amanda Jo Palmer, age 32, of Hagerstown, Maryland; and William Ulysses Robinson, age 38, of Grasonville, Maryland.

United States Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein praised HSI-Baltimore, DEA, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Hagerstown Police Department for their work in the investigation and recognized the Maryland Natural Resources Police, St. Michael’s Police Department, Easton Police Department, Ocean City Police Department and Talbot County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance. Mr. Rosenstein thanked Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth S. Clark, who is prosecuting the case.


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