Narcotics prosecutors across the state are forming a task force to respond to the state's new marijuana decriminalization bill, Frederick County State's Attorney Charlie Smith said.

The Maryland State’s Attorneys' Association, of which Smith is president of the board, met Thursday to discuss the new legislation, which police and prosecutors say has critical omissions.

The bill makes it a civil offense, no longer a crime, to possess or use less than 10 grams of marijuana. But the bill failed to establish rules for drug-free zones, smoking in schools and smoking in public, among other things, Smith said.

The state's attorneys' association will send a letter to Gov. Martin O'Malley urging him to veto the bill, Smith said.

In June, the narcotics prosecutors will present a report about how to incorporate the new law — if it has been signed by O'Malley — into a training program throughout the state, Smith said.

The law will take effect Oct. 1 if signed.

— Danielle E. Gaines

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JUST LIKE I SAID. The ONLY place Mr. Smalltime, I mean Smith can win cases is in fREDNECK County??? GO FIGURE??? Now he wants the people to consider more of his "good folk" views??? The SAME ONES that just GOT him, the cops, and the rest of the "good folk" voters of fREDNECK a POLITICAL BEAT DOWN??? LMAO!!! Does the FORWARD THINKING MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS need to remind him LOSERS GET NOTHING??? Marijuana WILL BE LEGAL by 2016 so ANY amendment would be ASTONISHINGLY FOOLISH!!! We NEED to make it a law that ANY elected official, cop, judge, po, dss, municipality, person, etc... that harasses or impedes the sale, use, or cultivation of MJ receives a MANDATORY PRISON TERM!!! The LAST thing we need is some group of "good old" boys up in fREDNECK County trying to backslap their way around THE LAW!!! Perhaps the BEST PART of this whole thing is this will now go down as happening under CHARLIE SMITH AND CHUCK JENKINS WATCH??? Charlie and Chuck, HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN??? AGAIN ROFLMAO!!!


whiteman, I always thought I wasn't very political correct on this forum when I respond to the Repuke Tbaggers,but you are the #1 Aggressive Progressive! I missed you,Bro. Stick it to the fRednecks!


I agree C8H10....let's have a drug free workplace. Turn in all the coffee pots, caffeine free soda and tea are only permitted. No Tylenol, Advil, etc for headaches. Leave the Motrin at home ladies. No smoking. Fire those smokers. Happy hour with the more. In fact, fire drinkers as well because alcohol can be traced in the system for at least 3 days. Completely drug free. Now wait...I bet you will say I am being ridiculous. So are you. These things I mentioned are just as harmful if not more than marijuana.
As for the states attorney? Of course he is going to dispute it and police chiefs. Less work equals less money and why focus on winning cases for real crime that takes work prosecuting when it is easier to win with petty crime that requires very little effort. Remember good ol Charlie in your next election.


I think Charlie Smith should focus more on how his office let a known child abuser have their child back and then killed her. That's a lot more important than worrying about the pot laws not being to his liking.


Both were habitual and intense pot smokers, typical of their social class. That should tell you something.


"But the bill failed to establish rules for drug-free zones, smoking in schools and smoking in public, among other things, Smith said."

I don't understand why the A.G.'s are confused about this. The only thing that changed is the penalty for being caught and not what actually constitutes a violation. Nothing else has changed. If less than 10 grams you write them a ticket instead of arresting them.


They aren't confused. They are elected officials with an opportunity to demogogue an issue. They get to be all law-n-orderish on earned media at no cost. This law is a gift to them.


[thumbup] Very well said and I couldn't agree more. People should be more concerned about being governed by imbeciles like this than the actual topic itself.


Cannabis has a sedative effect but is not a narcotic. It is classified as a hallucinogen for its' mild auditory and other sensory effects. Which are reduced as tolerance is attained, much like tobacco's effects in the very beginning of use. This attorney needs to be reminded at the next election for sure. Stop wasting law enforcement resources on a crime that is de jure and didn't even exist in the state just 77 years ago.

Extra Ignored

Tell me it isn't so; are these states attorneys trying to obstruct justice?


Time to remind Chuckles Smith that his in an elected position.

Extra Ignored

Funny they waited so long to say anything. So if you have less than 10 grams of marijuana they will get you for the tweezers you have to pluck your eye bro


It's not a narcotic so butt-out! You guys have a heroine problem or haven't you noticed? Get to work and stop sticking your uneducated noses into things that aren't you business.


I see the Republican God devotees are up early and judging with their Ignorance and Self Righteousness. The Brown-Skinned Socialist they worship is gonna get em!


Are all democrats anti-god? Funny how I've seen Obama bumper stickers in my church's parking lot...

Extra Ignored

Church goers have most likely accepted the first commandment:

Exodus 20:3 "You shall have no other gods before me.

So yes democrats who go to church are anti-god.


The only part of the Bible that has any value is the Gospels of Jesus! The Brown-Skinned Socialist is Jesus not Obama, I wish Obama was more progressive,like Jesus. Exodus is in the Jewish Bible.

Extra Ignored

The Christian Bible consists of the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament existed before Jesus and the New Testament existed after Jesus. I guess you can't expect a Buddhist to know this.

The Jewish holy book is written in Hebrew and it is called the Torah. As part of their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, young people study Hebrew and read a citation in Hebrew. I went to my neighbors Bar Mitzvah so I have witnessed this for myself.

Extra Ignored

I taught Christian Sunday School for seven years and our lesson plans included stories from the Old and New Testament.


extraignorant, Really. The Bhuddha lived 500 years before Jesus and the Old Testament is the Jewish Bible. If you read the words of the Buddha you would know Jesus gave the same message ,without all the reinterpreted Fearful God crap,from the Jewish Bible.Jesus WAS a Buddhist. Do you know that the Prophet Jesus is mentioned many times in the Koran?


Alcohol, Pills, Heroin, & people on cell phones driving worst than drunks need purged.


It seems to me that pot users are not the ones we should be kissing up to. People who decline to use drugs are the people this state needs to protect, accommodate and promote. That means ensuring drug-free work places, drug-free parks, drug-free highways and drug-free public accommodations throughout the state.

Potheads should be purged, not accommodated. Blaine Young and Sheriff Jenkins should be making our county as uncomfortable as possible for pot users. Why aren't they?


Let's round up and purge all the alcohol drinkers as well. Why not? No difference. [thumbdown]


Let's purge tobacco first. Then move onto more non-toxic substances if that works.


Using the same 'logic' that classified marijuana as being more dangerous than cocaine, water will be outlawed before alcohol.


Pray tell me Mr or Ms Caffeine exactly what it is about these "potheads" that is so deplorable to you?

Carl Sagan was pretty smart and one of the most famous scientists of all time that did a lot in his lifetime to promote education and research. He was an avid "pothead".

Would you have purged society of him?

Extra Ignored

Carl Sagan with his billions and billions of stars died much to young.

If he'd quit the pot would he have lived longer?


or Micheal Phelps for that matter..... [wink]

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