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Update: Nov. 19, 1:56 p.m.

The Frederick Police Department today released the bodycam footage from the incident involving Michael Holley, who died two days following the encounter.

This is a News-Post news alert. Check back to FrederickNewsPost.com for more information about the release of the bodycam footage.


Original story: Nov. 16, 4:50 p.m.

Maryland's Attorney General's Office is investigating the death of a Virginia man who died several days after an encounter with Frederick police.

Michael Holley, 23, died around 11 p.m. Sunday at Frederick Health Hospital, according to a news release Tuesday from the Frederick Police Department.

On Friday, police were called to a home in the 1800 block of Greenleese Drive at 7:10 p.m. for a report of a person behaving erratically, according to the release.

Officers found a man identified as Holley nude, sweating profusely, talking incoherently and pacing back and forth, the release said.

Officers were told that Holley had ingested a harmful substance, although police are waiting on toxicology reports to determine what the substance was, police spokesman Allen Etzler said Tuesday.

An ambulance was called and officers tried to calm Holley down, but he was still agitated and tried to touch or rub something onto the face of one of the officers.

Holley then tackled the officer into a wall, causing another officer to use his Taser, and Holley was handcuffed and taken by ambulance to Frederick Health Hospital.

Footage from officers' body-worn cameras are expected to be released by Friday.

Because of a law that went into effect in October, Frederick police notified the Office of the Attorney General's Independent Investigative Division, which will be handling the investigation going forward in conjunction with Maryland State Police.

The Frederick County State's Attorney's Office will also review the case.

Police were notified Tuesday that the autopsy results showed the actions of the police officers involved were not a factor in Holley's death.

Frederick police identified officers Aaron Gregware, Frank Donato, Charles Ross, Jacob Haynie and Ethan Ramos as those involved.

Frederick Chief of Police Jason Lando said in the release that officers are often placed in tense and evolving situations where they have to decide whether to use force.

“Anytime we utilize force, there are multiple layers of review to ensure that force was both necessary and reasonable,” Lando said.

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“Police were notified Tuesday that the autopsy results showed the actions of the police officers involved were not a factor in Holley's death.” End of story. Condolences to his family.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Deb!


How so, pickles?

Then again Ethan Saylor was a polite white male so.. Scroll down read the last comment first then read this comment….thanks




So, Snowy, just how does one autopsy showing that one death was a homicide (do you even know the definition of "homicide?") compare to another one absolving cops from responsibility in another death? And, after you explain that, maybe you could explain your "Gullible..much?" reply to Dwasserba for us. If you "get back," that is. [lol]


Amen...and the headline is inflammatory


Sounds that FPD handled appropriately. Sad

For the subject and his family


Ok so he was high on PCP and more than likely died of excited delirium or a heart attack which is not unusual for PCP users. Waste of taxpayers money on this investigation.

So are you advertising your psychic abilities? How much do you charge for a reading?


I suggest you educate yourself in the difference between "psychic abilities" and speculation.

No charge for the advice.


I agree, Angela. Whether it was PCP or some other drug (synthetic cannabinoids can cause the same kind of erratic and violent behavior,) either way this guy is dead for only one reason; because he made the decision to ingest it. And it is definitely a waste of taxpayers money to initiate a state investigation into the matter, especially since the autopsy absolves the FPD from the cause of death; officials could have waited for the report before they called in the state. But this new law was adopted as a means to placate they who prefer to become a Burning, Looting Mob, when a drugged up criminal dies during/after being arrested while committing another crime, over letting the law take its course. Not that it matters, though; rioters are going to riot, whether legitimately or not.


I think it can work both ways. If some irate loved one of the deceased opts to sue the city and the police for what they believe is some involvement by the police in the death of the loved one, the body camera video and the report by an outside agency will surely help vindicate the officers. Not just in this case, but in all cases where the potential exists for some police involvement in a death. What's wrong with an independent agency trying to shine a light on the truth?


I agree 100%, saogirl. The reasons behind police forces getting body cameras these days are for just that; to both protect cops from bogus lawsuits, and hold them accountable for unjustified or illegal behavior. But I don't believe in wasting money on investigations that aren't necessary. And, with the autopsy report determining that the cops were not responsible for this kid's death, why does there need to be an investigation into the actions of the cops involved? Making these investigations mandatory by law is not necessary, it's a feel-good way to placate they who like to take the law into their own hands simply because they don't agree with it. I suppose it is less expensive to pass a law like this, though, and waste money on investigations (plenty of which I'm sure will be conducted now,) than it is to build back properties destroyed in "mostly peaceful" demonstrations.


"A trait of those lacking education beyond 12 grade," Plumbum? Just so you can't post your usual "you took my comment out of context" or your "you need to go back and read my comment again" garbage, if you're implying I only have a 12th grade education, my college education is in land surveying and civil engineering and I have the degrees to prove it, anytime you care to see them. Which is unlike your law "degree" that you dug out of a box of Cracker Jacks and used to get your current job driving illegal immigrants around in a landscaping truck. Anytime to care to see them, hon, anytime.


I'll post my college papers anytime you post yours, Pb. Like it or not it's a two way street, hon. Especially since you were the one implying I hadn't gone past 12th grade; let's see if you did. If you weren't so afraid to come out from hiding behind your computer I'd be happy to show you them to you in person.


You didn’t think I would take you up on your offer and So now you’re back-tracking. End of story.


I’d be okay with something like polite white people’s lives matter more ? You can probably phrase it better than me?


OK, Snowy, and why does it matter how old my degree is? Plumbum implied that I had not gone past high school and I stated that I had. Do you think your college papers are going to mean anything after you retire? And, if you do, why wouldn't mine? Maybe you should limit posting comments to just when someone pulls your chain. PWB.


"End of story," Plumbum? Could that be because you got caught with your foot in your mouth, once again, and decided to shut it since you implied that I never went to college, when you never did yourself? Keep the comments coming, hon, they're always great for laughs!!! [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


And some police are going to kill, whether legitimately or not. But some citizens would rather take the easy way out and placate the Burning, Looting, police mob rather than support the police who lawfully perform their jobs to everyone's benefit.


Frederick City has an outstanding police Dept. And I feel it’s because they have had top notch leadership




The cause of death is determined for all deceased persons in the United States, Angela. The death certificate provides important personal information about the decedent and about the circumstances and cause of death. It’s a standard practice. In brief, all deaths of unnatural (homicide, suicide, accident) manner, suspicious deaths, and unexpected deaths necessitate a legal investigation.


Thank you....you seemed to be the only one that understood my comment....and we don't actually "know" for sure without a doubt that the policeman's actions didn't cause Holley's death? The investigation should verify the actual cause of death...because all the autopsy said the police's officers actions didn't result in death...we don't "know" the actual cause of death...yet. Who actually signed off on the autopsy? Coroners have been wrong before...autopsy's can be worded in such a way....

Police killings are drastically undercounted, study says. What role do California sheriffs play?

Roy Nelson Jr., 42, complained he couldn’t breathe when Hayward police officers had him belly-down on the street in December 2015. He died the same night. His death was attributed to physical exertion and methamphetamine use.

In all three cases, coroners employed by Bay Area sheriffs ruled the deaths to be the result of something other than police violence, even when family lawsuits and outside autopsy reports claimed otherwise. A study released last month indicates they’re part of a broader national trend in which police killings are drastically undercounted in the U.S., renewing questions about whether law enforcement information can be trusted.


Did you know gullible is written proudly across most people's foreheads? Be skeptical of everything....because one day this could be you or a loved one...Don't trust the police...which is the whole point of this new law...

Oh yeah who actually paid for Michael Holley autopsy? Follow the money..it's gonna say what the person paying for it says it's supposed to say....Ethan Saylor..remember his death was also not attributed to the police's officer actions..so...and remember how bad we wanted those police officers held accountable? but they never were....


I thought Ethan's autopsy report said it was a homicide.


In Maryland, All state mandated autopsies are performed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, an agency not linked or beholding to any one county or police agency. The OCME can determine cause of death and can place the manner of death into one of the following categories: homicide, suicide, accident, natural, or unknown. Homicide means only death at the hand of another. It doesn't make the determination as to the homicide being illegal or legal. Police are usually at autopsies and give the medical examiner some background information about the death. No medical examiner is infallible, just as none of us are. In rare instances, the manner of death can be changed from one category to another if new information comes to light.

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