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The Md. 355 bridge over the Monocacy River could remain closed until February or early March while structural damage is repaired, according to the State Highway Administration.

The Md. 355 bridge over the Monocacy River could remain closed until February or early March, according to the latest estimates from the State Highway Administration.

“We’re trying to expedite it, but some of the beams were so damaged that, when the engineer got out there to take a look at it, they were unusable,” said Charlie Gischlar, an SHA spokesman. “So what’s happening here is, because that bridge is so old, we don’t have spare parts lying around so the pieces have to fabricated in a shop.”

As of Thursday, the SHA was estimating repairs would take up to 60 days.

The Maryland Department of Transportation closed the bridge early Wednesday afternoon after several of the steel support beams over the bridge were struck by a garbage truck being towed across the deck, according to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and a representative from the waste management company.

No injuries resulted from the crash, but debris was left in the road. First responders called the SHA so that an engineer could survey the damage before vehicles were allowed on the bridge again, said Maj. Tim Clarke, a sheriff’s office spokesman.

The garbage truck had become disabled sometime before the crash and was being towed back to a company facility for repairs when the tow truck drove under the bridge, said Lisa Kardell, director of public affairs for Waste Management Inc.

“It was a tow truck driver’s accident,” Kardell said. “It wasn’t our driver who caused the crash. ... Safety is a top priority for the company, and our drivers do a great job out in the community every day.”

The investigation of the crash remained open Thursday morning, but Clarke confirmed that the garbage truck was being towed by a truck from Morton’s Towing & Recovery company when the bridge was damaged.

An employee answering calls at Morton’s Towing & Recovery deferred comment to David Morton when contacted by a Frederick News-Post reporter earlier Thursday. An email to David Morton seeking comment was not immediately returned Thursday.

The exact cost of the repairs remained undetermined as of Thursday afternoon because the parts still needed to be manufactured, Gischlar said.

“I will probably have a better cost estimate hopefully sometime next week,” Gischlar said.

For the time being, detours were in place from Md. 80/Fingerboard Road to northbound Interstate 270 approaching from the south and from Md. 85/Buckeystown Pike to southbound I-270 from the north, according to an SHA news release issued Thursday.

Drivers were advised to allow extra time for their daily commute to account for the detours.

“We’re hoping it’s not impacting people as bad as it could have, but we still understand that a lot of people have to take Maryland 355 on a daily basis. So we want to get it reopened as soon as we can,” Gischlar said.

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Jeremy Arias is the Frederick city and government reporter for The Frederick News-Post.

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No good place to share this today but i had thought of this myself. It's perspectives like this that make me precipitate subscribing to The Economist.


Precipitate? "appreciate." multi-tasking.


I don't know how or why but since this bridge has been damaged traffic on 270 has been considerably lighter than usual. (Yes, i know its Friday and half the Federal workforce is off.)


wasn't the bridge on Rt 28 going to be closed for construction as well? When was that going to happen?


Yes. SummeR


There is a fix for 270 and it is to quit letting these developers build all these houses. These roads can’t handle all the traffic but yet we keep letting them build. This area is not Montgomery county or a DC suburb so let’s stop making it look that way


Tpay... You're correct on one count, this is not MontCo, but Frederick is a DC suburb, whether you, I or anyone likes it or not.


Not yet but headed there. We need to stop running the county like the only industry is construction. If people can work near where they live, the traffic goes away. Unfortunately, we're quickly choking off opportunities to draw employers by sleepwalking toward bedroom community status.


I think the assumption is that at some point the traffic gets bad enough that people look for alternatives. Move, take the train, or find a job closer to home.


Is something wrong with 270?


So nice the state of Maryland is giving tens of millions of dollars to the Plamandoon Brothers for their private owned hotel, when I-270 is nothing but a parking lot.....


Not 1 dollar is going to the Plamandoons but you know that. and there is no fix for 270 except get a local job, but you know that too.


the fnp online community can do without your bullying


My, there are a lot of parrots out there.

How ever will I get my dogs to the salon at PetSmart? If this was the biggest problem we have to face our lives would be golden.


Bullying, spirited political discourse, simply disagreeing. All seem to be synonymous today.


Des... such is the life of first world citizens. And I thought the Chick-Fil-A being renovated was a bear (having to use the drive through is so ... proletariat).


As my wife (born/raised in Guyana, 2nd poorest nation in the hemisphere after Haiti) is fond of saying, "that's a developed world problem." It does help keep things in perspective.


Sorry to hurt your feelings Kelly, but your statement was off.

i heart frederick

I don't see any bullying. Oh, wait, that's what you call it when your kind doesn't get complete buy in of your ideas. Its also called Liberalism. It may or may not have a cure.


I have admit that I am in awe how you managed to fit your two pet complaints into one post on a story that doesn't really have to do with either. You are good!


Curiously, who are you addressing?


That was to Kelly; I should have specified.


Kelly, even if tens of millions were going to the Plamandons, how far would those tens of millions get on, lets just say widening, 270? From 85 to Urbana, maybe? Hogans plans to widen 270 costs 100 million, and it is for only 23 lane miles ( 10's of millions (unless it is 20X) won't do much to fix 270.


Missing my point.


So glad I don't have to worry about commuting this way! Best of luck to all.


Wonderful. I-270/US15 gets even worse now.

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