US 40 Fatal

One person died and a second was flown to a Baltimore trauma center after a two-car crash on U.S. 40 at Bowers Road at about 5:45 p.m. Tuesday.

One person is dead and another is injured after a car T-boned another one at U.S. 40 and Bowers Road past the Golden Mile.

At about 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, a driver in a white Chevrolet traveling south on Bowers Road tried to cross U.S. 40 into the eastbound lanes when a gray Acura SUV traveling west on U.S. 40 T-boned the Chevrolet, according to Cpl. Adam Merkelson with Maryland State Police. Merkelson believed the driver of the Chevrolet did not stop at the stop sign on Bowers Road.

The driver of the Chevrolet, a woman, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Merkelson. She was not identified by authorities. The driver of the Acura was flown to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore with serious injuries, he said. That person was also not identified.

The westbound lanes of U.S. 40 were closed at southbound Bowers Road just after the crash.

He said no charges will be filed because the driver of the Chevrolet was found to have been at fault.

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My wife's first husband died in a car wreck and the local paper had a picture of him (you could barely see him), the car and paramedics working on him. They got a lot of crap about that but my wife appreciates that picture and keeps the article with the picture. It was his last moment on earth. So do not assume that it is "cruel"


People SHOULD see the photo of the car, specifically those drivers who like to speed and/or run stop signs. This is sometimes the consequence of those poorly thought-out choices, like it or not, and I think people should be reminded of that.




One of the responding fire departments posted several photos on their Facebook page shortly after this accident. In one of the photos you could see the young lady's shoe and her purse. I certainly hope the family was aware and didn't find out this way. Matching up the color and type of car, the show, and the purse, a family member could have unfortunately learned of her passing this way. Just doesn't seem thought through.


Oh, no, an empty car. My feeble mind can't handle it! Also, please don't show houses or hospitals. People can die in those, too!


Stop! You're scaring me!


I've always wondered why things of this nature are even news. Lets say my house burns down and I die. No one else is effected-traffic is not stopped, the power stays on, maybe the neighbors have to deal with some flashing lights. Why is that news? Who, beyond my immediate family has any interest in the event? Same thing if I wreck my car, drive it into a deep ditch. Maybe I die, maybe not. No reason for that to be news either, unless the public road needs to be closed for a while to recover the car. It would be nice of folks could "opt out" of being news when no one but the subject is effected.


Except in this case MD, this happened during rush hour, closing a major commuter artery, and causing a huge traffic jam that lasted about an hour. The story is ok, the picture, in my opinion, was not.


So according to you, it’s only news if you’re inconvenienced. Got it.

Comment deleted.

Do we really need to go down that road FAUX? Ok, can't state race, so, "the victim was a woman". Again, what does sex have to do with it? So, we finally get down to "a victim". But then, were they a victim? Were they the one responsible? If so, how are they a victim? Then there is the vehicle, a white SUV. Does the color of the vehicle have anything to do with the crash? Are white vehicles in more crashes? No? Then it is merely an SUV. But do SUVs have anything to do with increased level of crashes? No. So then it becomes someone in a vehicle was in a crash, and on, and on, until it becomes "something happened". No details, no information, no news.


Ohhhh don't show the car! Someone died.


Agreed deb. I was on my way home about a minute or so after it happened, and just as rescue vehicles were arriving. Please FNP, pictures of the vehicle just serves some people's voyeuristic tendencies. There is no journalistic reason to show this vehicle.


I couldn't agree more, gabe. It's called "sensationalism" and, unfortunately, the FNP thrives on it, as tasteless as it is.

Comment deleted.

Cold FAUX.


If this was a photo of car accident in another state you wouldn’t bat an eye.


Apples and pears jwhamann. This was a local paper reporting on a local issue that may have (we don't know yet) involved a local woman. You know, a wife, mother, girlfriend, sister, aunt, etc. Would you like to hear about their passing, let alone see how they met their violent end, in the local newspaper before hearing about it from a family member or friend? No, it doesn't change the fact that they are gone, but it does cause unnecessary emotional pain.


Why would it be different where/how you find out about it? I don't see the difference is hearing first from Uncle Bob, Officer Stew or FNP. I think I would have the emotional reaction from any of them.


All it did was sensationalize a traffic accident! Did not name names, did not show license plate. And unless they just installed them..there are no stop signs in the intersection turning onto Bowers from route 40E....only yield signs. Only stop sign is coming from Bowers to route 40W.


User; if you read the article you will see that coming from Bowers onto 40E (which entails crossing 40W was exactly what she was doing. Not a yield sign, a stop sign.


If it were my sister or mom, I would like to hear it from family, but that's just me. I've been in that seat before, and it really sucked. I won't go into detail here rbtd.

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