Walking bridge collapse

Six members of a wedding party were injured Saturday when a walking bridge collapsed in the 3200 block of Poffenberger Road near Jefferson.

Several members of a wedding party were injured Saturday when a walking bridge collapsed near Jefferson.

A call was dispatched at 3:45 p.m. for the collapse of a walking bridge in the 3200 block of Poffenberger Road, said Sarah Campbell, a spokeswoman for the Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services.

Six people were injured in the incident, Campbell said.

Two people refused treatment, two were taken by ambulance to Frederick Health Hospital, one was taken by ambulance to Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown, and one was flown to Meritus by a Maryland State Police helicopter.

No information was available Saturday evening on their conditions.

Campbell said she didn’t know the circumstances of why the wedding party was on the bridge.

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Did anybody happen to notice the 2 tables sitting in right forefront of the picture? Not only were people on the bridge but it looks like tables and props were as well.


Gotta think that bridge wasn’t built to any sort of code and I’d venture a guess it wasn’t permitted either. I think the bridge in Monty Python and the Holy Grail was better built. And in agreement with the above, Frederick Health Hospital is a really stupid name.



Frederick Scanner

@FredScanner 19h

4:07 pm / ENTRAPMENT / 3205 POFFENBERGER RD JEFFERSON TG: 9_DELTA Disp: A209,A129,M20,RS20,E201,E122,HIRT33,ATRTEAM,SOPS50,SFT901,EMS901,ATRSUP1,BAT 901,ATR68,C5,C5-1,ATR15,ATR32,ATR58,U3,ATR130,ATR134,C20,M23,CMD20,TR5,TR

3205 Poffenberger Road is the location of

Catoctin Pottery

Lewis Mill

3205 Poffenberger Road

Jefferson, MD 21755

Was unaware it was a wedding venue.




Was this at a wedding venue?


Who or what owns the bridge?


Frederick Health Hospital is the stupidest name rebranding. It sounds awful and is as dumb as the Frederick City logo fiasco.


I couldn't agree more, bizness. [thumbup]


Not having heard of the rebranding, I thought this was a typo at first. I thought, "Ha! That would be a funny name for a hospital." Then I read your comment and died a little inside.

FMH has too many Vice Presidents -- what are we up to now? Twenty? Thirty? -- and too few competent medical staff. The staff are overworked and underpaid so it's no surprise that so many in Frederick have had horrible experiences there. It's typical of any bureaucracy, even "non-profit" ones.

This is a perfect example of how having too many MBAs fighting to create a strategic "vision" can lead to chaos and tail-chasing. Here's an idea: hire nurses, given them sick leave and annual leave -- not the condescending "PTO" that forces them to choose between vacation time and staying home with the flu -- and pay them well.


There must have been a great number more on that bridge to make it collapse, it would not collapse with only six people on it...unless they were doing something stupid, like jumping up and down or trying to rock it back and forth.


Those six were probably the bottom of the pile.


That's the flimsiest looking bridge I've ever seen. I could see 6 people being enough to collapse it.

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