County OKs Monrovia Town Center

Residents Against Landsdale Expansion protest outside Winchester Hall last year in Frederick. 

A plan to build 1,250 homes in Monrovia got final approval from Frederick County commissioners Wednesday despite months of appeals from area residents opposed to the development proposal.

Four county commissioners voted to rezone about 392 acres from agricultural to planned unit development, a change necessary to advance the Monrovia Town Center project. Commissioner David Gray was the only board member to oppose the measure. The same four commissioners also voted to enter into an 18-year agreement with developers. Gray made an unsuccessful motion to deny the rezoning measure and agreement.

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The Frederick County Commissioners have never met a developer they didn't like. I can't remember a developer ever being denied anything ... take a look at the intersection of Monocacy and Rt26 as an example.....


There is no doubt that the BoCC actions are very frustrating and disappointing, but not surprising.

Those speaking in opposition spoke with clarity, facts, emotions and passion. All should be applauded.


While Blaine Young and his cronies are turning Frederick County, Maryland into an over-developed nightmare, he won't stop singing his favorite tune:


I'm happy this got approval. How dare the "concerned" citizens of monrovia tell another hard working family that they cant move into THEIR area. The same people who protest were the same people who moved here years ago and didnt care about traffic, school and services. Blaine said it right "everyone wants to move here but nobody wants to see people move here". Kudos to the BOCC!!

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Since you are so gung ho about welcoming future residents into the county can we also count on you to pick up an additional part of the costs for infrastructure to make a livable community for future residents to enjoy?

So far we have a commitment for a high school but we also need elementary and middle schools, improvements on MD 75 including a new railroad bridge, and a water tower. You could send a donation to Monrovia Town Center in care of Roy Stanley to help cover these expenses.


To our good buddy I70Corridor

We aren't taking about preserving a community where everyone has a house built on an acre of land - we are talking about a 392 acre development overbuilt with 12,500 housing units that are committed to pay $40,000 each unit in a tax lien.

That isn't one housing unit per acre

That isn't two housing units per acre

That isn't even three housing units per acre

That isn't even four housing units per acre, because roads and culverts need to be designed, and isn't a portion of the 392 acres put aside for an elementary school?

Can you envision a tightly packed community being dropped inside an already established community? But it appears empathy isn't one of your known traits.


One person listed the members of the FACT. People should read the list. Thanks to the comment writer.


from the FNP Jan 14 2014

Lobbyists hired Transportation Committee hires lobbying group

The Frederick Area Committee for Transportation says it has a plan to make its voice heard in Annapolis this session.

With a $25,000 allotment from the Board of County Commissioners, it enlisted the Greenwill Consulting Group to help lobby in favor of county transportation projects.

Greenwill has experience with transportation issues, although this will be its first time working directly with a transportation committee.

t represents the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce and has addressed transportation on the chamber’s behalf, government relations associate Jeanette Ortiz said.


The majority of them are in the building industry and allied professions. They have been around for about 20 years, Paul Smith is the liaison. Was interesting to poke around a bit on their pages. It explains why they interjected themselves into the matter of MTC when they normally do not. Here is the link:


i noticed that the link on the county website is lacking in current info on members' names, background, etc. the blog entry is from 2011, so what else have they been up to since then? especialy since the county forked over 25K in january of this year for lobbying to get something done to improve transportation in the county....

or is that 25K just another 'ruse', blaine, like you said the oliver porter report was on privatizing the whole of frederick county's government?

the only place to find any names listed is on a flier from a FACT candidate's forum in oct 2013.


blaine young operates as pres. of the bocc in the style of a fascist leader.

the 12 warning signs of fascism - read no-nonsense descriptions of each 12 at the link below. this does describe what's been happening in fredco under blaine young's 4 member board of county commissiioners:

12 warning signs of fascism

1. Exuberant nationalism
2. Enemies Identified
3. Rights Disappear
4. Secrecy Demanded
5. Military Glorified
6. Corporations Shielded
7. Corruption Unchecked
8. Media Controlled
9. Rampant Sexism
10. Intellectual Bullying
11. Militarized Police
12. Elections Stolen

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Well I for one do not want to attend the King's coronation so I beg of you please

Vote for David Gray on June 24

If you don't take the check you can't be bought


Urge all your Democratic friends to switch parties so they can vote in the primary. It's the best chance to get rid of all our good buddies of the last few years!


Not that I care either way but since everybody is so worried about this why didn't anyone protesting step up and buy the property eliminating all of these problems?

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Silly you, the owner didn't want to sell the land for what land zoned agricultural use is worth. The owner wanted the land rezoned so he could get what residential use property is worth.

Now with any luck he will be stuck with unsold residential property until he can no longer pay the taxes and the county will take it and they will be stuck with another failed development.


That is a good question.

Should we, as citizens, allow heavily monied interests defeat any and every citizen's petition to their public servants? If our voices are not considered as serious matters, then why bother voting? Why bother writing? Why bother even holding civil discussions? Why the pretense of even caring about anyone else's opinions, desires, or anxieties?

Our political process is grounded in respect of the common citizen. That is why whatever iron-clad contract a BoCC believes they made, it can be undone by the next generations of public servants.


The arrogance is telling from Shreve and Young. They know what is best for us all.

Love to see the mythical mathemagic of Young's "numbers". I have some numbers right here that indicate the county tax will rise due to the sweetheart deal.


This should be a WARNING to the rest of Frederick County - Blaine Young and his puppets Shreve, Delauter, Smith DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CITIZENS, THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR WALLETS! They didn't care that there was a petition with 2,000 names against this devleopment, hundreds attending the heardings in opposition. The county and state even admit the lack of funding for schools and roads. VOTE ALL OF THE BOCC OUT, EXCEPT GRAY. My family will be running to the voting booth to get Young and puppets out. Gray was the only one that took the issue on its merits. I hope the rest of the county sees that the commissioners can ruin your area too! They already have 10,000 homes ready to go into Monrovia, Mt. Airy, New Market. Who knows where else will be next. Then all those that say we should move will be wanting to move with us. By the way, my family is not old and we have kids entering elementary school in the fall (portable sheds probably at this rate).


there are also thousands of homes waiting to be built in the jefferson area, the latest green light is the smith farm across the street from valley elementary school.

jefferson was founded in 1774, and if you live or drive through town, it's obvious that the 2 lane roads haven't been widened since they were wagon ruts in the mud - except for an improved intersection on lander rd and md rt. 180 for the town's only traffic light. the 200 year old homes are built right on the sidewalks, and there's no way to expand the main street running parallel to rt. 340.

there's a traffic jam during rush hours at the intersections of rt. 180 and old middletown rd where the town bakery and hemp's meats are located.

down from there you'll find the post office sitting adjacent to the smith farm.
i bet it will be impossible to find a parking space there, or across the street at the jefferson market (a small-town-type country store, with it's own deli) when nearly 200 more homes are sold on the smith farm property.

developers and planners ( in planning & zoning / traffic) didn't even address the issues of road widening, and didn't even see a need for a traffic light at the intersection of rt. 180 and old middletown road. yet there will be thousands of more cars on the main roads in only a few short years to come. oh, that's right, they don't live in jefferson, do they?


WOW, that is sad.... so like I said, they are ruining Frederick County.... Wake up people and VOTE THEM OUT - except Gray.


yes it is sad. but we need to make sure we keep applying pressure to extinguish to the autocrats' choke-hold on blaine and co. and the legislature which trying to shape the county in their graven image.

please - let's all work to GET OUT THE VOTE in the primary and general.

we need to put pressure on the fnp to keep running articles about the upcoming PRIMARY JUNE 24th, and the dates and hours of early voting.

and of course folks can arrange to send in absentee ballots as well....

i will be working to do more than in past election cycles to get folks to the polls for the primary. if we can knock out as many charlatans from the current bocc and associated freco offices in the PRIMARY, then that's our best insurance policy to stop the blaine young plague in frederick county government from even getting close to winning seats in November.


The developer must know the following:

Any and every interested purchaser will be alerted that their purchase will be subjected to a tax lein of at least $40,000 even before the sales contract has been signed.

No exception

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The Project is projected to generate 362 elementary school students, 216 middle school students, and 260 high school students at the time of full build-out. Based on these numbers and considering enrollment projections from pipeline development, the Project will not pass the school adequacy test at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

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Of the people, by the people, for the people...

Azusans OK 1,250-Home, Mixed-Use Development

Plans for a housing development on 500 acres in northeast Azusa won overwhelming approval from city voters Tuesday night.

With all votes counted, 75% of voters favored the plan.

The Monrovia Nursery plan was designed by more than 200 residents at community meetings and approved early last year by the City Council.


There are two costs to residential growth, the cost for infrastructure (comes from the Capital Budget) and the cost for services (comes from the Operating Budget). The way that the funding was done for the infrastructure costs and for services will be disastrous for not just residents in this area of the county, but for all taxpayers in Frederick County.

It would be very nice if the FNP could do a public service and research and write an INDEPENDENTLY sourced story or two on the facts of the costs incurred from inadequately funded new residential growth. Its pretty easy to find the real facts.


oh, you must mean investigative journalism, valerie_dale...
they'll have to investigate that to know exactly what that is.

when they find out what independently sourced coverage of pressing local communities is, i hope they'll let some of their reporters run with it

this community sure could use their help in exposing the corruption and smoke and mirrors tactics this 4-member young board of commissioners is engaged in.

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Maybe the County Commissioners should play Sim City before they approve any developments so they learn what goes into making a workable community.


I have watched several of these hearings. Citizens came into this process thinking the commissioners would listen to their concerns about the safety of MD 75, school adequacy and compatibility with the surrounding neighborhood. As it became apparent that no one was listening and the commissioners were putting out a lot of bad information, frustration grew and grew. Examples of misinformation - The State is making us doing this - later corrected by the state planning that this was a local decision; and, this has been in the plan for 40 years - this is wrong; most of the last 40 years there was no plan for dense development or even for water and sewer; the area was planned for large lot well and septic development or as agriculture.

I have never seen citizens treated so badly. Blaine called a citizen a liar and Kirby even criticized the opposing lawyer. Now the taxpayers will be stuck with a $260 million bill to upgrade MD 75 but not to worry, the developer will contribute $5 mil!

Voters need to remember and vote these guys out. They cannot be trusted, they will say anything, and they behave like bullies.


Watched it first hand..... I'll be making sure that people of Frederick County know exactly what these four creeps (trying not to swear here) are all about... People of Frederick - DON'T BUY THE LIES!!!!


Blaine commits political suicide once again. It won't be long until he'll be dispatching cabs full-time. VOTE!




look what's been going on in Baltimore County planning for many decades:
here's an excellent exact-opposite approach to county / community planing than the
blaine-young-bought-and-paid-4-member-board-occ has taken. watch and learn!

Designing with Nature: The Plan for the Valleys
(aired on MPT this week)

"A vivid portrait of the Valleys Planning Council, a citizen-led non-profit organization, and the brilliant work of Ian McHarg, a talented landscape architect. McHarg, along with a team of consultants, penned a landmark land preservation plan back in the early 1960s. The Plan for the Valleys was one of the first land planning documents to use ecology as the central theme. Vintage footage highlights the entertaining McHarg, as well as interviews with a variety of characters involved in the organization over five decades. The film skillfully and beautifully documents the success of smart growth: a stunning, rural countryside that supports outstanding agricultural and equine industries that pay enormous dividends to current and future generations in terms of both a healthy economy and healthy environment. The film also serves as a wonderful testament to citizen action and visionary planning."

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If each of the 1,250 homes generates $40,000 in revenue that will be $50,000,000 total. An elementary school alone is going to cost $30,000,000 leaving only $20,000,000 for everything else. Could Blaine "Never County Executive" Young please publish his budget on how he thinks this is all going to work out without having to raise everyone's property taxes to cover the costs of infrastructure for this new community?


I don't know where the $40,000 figure comes from, but I assume that is the revenue generated from building and selling a house. After that, homeowners will be paying perhaps $5,000-$10,000 a year just in property taxes, so it's not a static one-time amount. People that live there will get the benefit of existing infrastructure and pay for future infrastructure improvements just like everyone else that lives in and has moved to Monrovia. I don't know why that is so hard to understand.

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You have to provide all the infrastructure to support the community on the initial $50,000,000 because the annual property tax will go only to maintenance of the community not expansion. So what is your budget for the $50,000,000?


You're just making stuff up. The infrastructure doesn't have to be paid for up front from your hypothetical $50,000,000 any more than you have to pay for a car or house up front. The infrastructure will be built over years as the development grows, and it will be financed by bonds and loans, with some contributions from the developer. And those bonds and loans will then be paid off over decades via a variety fees and local, state and federal tax revenue, which will continue to increase as more residents and businesses move into the area. It's not as simple as you claim.

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Please include the cost of the water tower that hasn't even been planned yet.


did you notice how long it took the developer's handmen to find who ( the taxpayers of course ) would pay to build out the sewer plant? telling, isn't it?






Did you notice how old everyone in that picture is? Half will be dead before the construction is even finished. Why are they so concerned about directing the future of the young when their time is so limited? They had their time, they lived the lifestyle they wanted in the town they live in, so why must it stay that way for the next generation and so on. Who are they to direct our lifes from the beyond the grave?


yes, and when they die I'm sure their homes will go vacant?!? I'm 36 and live in the area and am completely opposed to the development. Guess I don't fit in your demographics, huh?

this project will collapse under it's own weight when the middle class is completely eviscerated by the bankers. This knucklehead Ba'Lane who identifies himself as some sort of Conservative is utterly clueless about how fragile of a state the US economy is in. All he cares about is GROWTH because that is what the dummy Keynesian economists he surrounds himself with tell him. And why do you suppose? Because his models show that with X amount of new residents moving to the county, it will create X amount of new tax dollars. That way we can fund X amount of new County employees. Throw in a new Costco and Walmart, and the serfs will be happy.

The only good thing about all of this is that it will be enjoyable to watch these developers go belly up in the next 3-5 years. They're probably leveraged up to their eyeballs on this one.


joelp77440 posted at 11:13 am on Thu

you crassly state: " Did you notice how old everyone in that picture is? Half will be dead before the construction is even finished. Why are they so concerned about directing the future of the young when their time is so limited?"

WHY? because the elected officials or those appointed by bliaine young are not fit to serve in public office. their #1 consideration is for their OWN good, not the public good, and preserving the ecology and economy of fredco for many MORE generations to come means nothing to them.

" They had their time, they lived the lifestyle they wanted in the town they live in, so why must it stay that way for the next generation and so on."

wow, it's time for you to put your thinking cap on, joelp77440.
if that's really your attitude, i don't want to live in a community entrusted to your version of stewardship of community responsibility for the land we share.


The interesting part is that the BOCC 4 may be gone a lot sooner than that. Remember in November!


Cronyism at its finest! The BOCC's arrogance in the face of overwhelming community opposition will end many of their political careers this year.


And we need to make sure everyone knows!!!


Extra: Many have opted for a longer commute to get lower home prices and lower property taxes. I know quite a few that leap-frogged right to Pennsylvania but still commute to the District. There will be plenty of buyers for all of these new homes. And plenty of kids to put into portable classrooms at Green Valley Elementary.


oh, I'm so happy this is done! Thanks to Ba'Lane & his crony capitalist cohorts, we can create more ponzi fueled debt slaves that mortgage >$500k (created out of thin air courtesy of the lenders, btw) on 5000 sq. ft. homes that require more energy usage than an entire village in Asia.

If it's anything like Urbana, I'm looking forward to meeting my new neighbors as they frantically drive their leased or 96 month 6% interest loan $50k SUV's or luxury cars up my rear end as they deal with the stress of trying to make end's meet in order to live their fake lifestyle.

Thanks Ba'Lane, you pompous fool.


I'm a potential new resident of Monrovia. I want to buy one of the big new houses to be built there. Before moving I'm wondering if anybody could enlighten me on how the commute is to and from Montgomery County on I270 and 355? Does traffic move pretty good currently? Will these roads be able to handle the future growth in Monrovia and all of the new homes coming to New Market? Also, if I do have to commute are there any good progressive AM radio stations in Frederick that keep local residents up to date on current issues. I don't want any of that hate-mongering radio I hear too often, but rather something that's a true representation of the community I hope to live in.

If I find the commute to harsh what would my job prospects be in Frederick. I notice a lot of businesses coming to Frederick, mostly restaurants opening, but don't hear too much about professional opportunities other than waiting tables or driving a cab.

Finally, and this may be a deciding factor, is the political atmosphere in Frederick County as bad as I hear? I keep hearing about this Blaine Young character and talk of youth basketball refs, black books, infidelity, and backdoor deals with developers. If any of this is true it could have a bearing on whether we relocate to your wonderful community.

Thankyou for your time.

Best Regards,
Future Monrovia Neighbor


Stay off Rt. 355 past Hyattstown unless there is a really big mess. I-270 is getting a lot better since all this teleworking has been taking off. I-270 is rough past I-370. Note, most people telework on Mondays and Fridays, therefore the traffic is good on those days. If you telework a day or two a week, try to do in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Those are the worst traffic days. Also go in late and leave late if possible.

Extra Ignored

You can take the MTA 991 from the Urbana Park & Ride.

The worst part of driving out of Frederick County is the bottleneck where I-270 changes from 2 to 3 lanes. I left for work in Gaithersburg after my student left for school at 8:30 AM and never got to work before 9:30 AM right at the Shady Grove Road exit. I watch my neighbors hit the road to go south before 5:00 AM. The traffic jam to come back north starts early around 3:00 PM.


I have loved living in Monrovia for a long time, seen some changes... but big changes are coming and sadly I fear that we will have to move. I came from Montgomery County and I never want to live in a congested mess like that again.

I'll have to caution you about the incinerator that our commissioners want to place near the Monocacy Battlefield that will be spewing out chemicals in the air and polluting our water very near to multiple schools.

Monrovia should be getting a new high school (10-20 years from now) just ignore that it will be next to high voltage power lines, but really the EMF's won't affect anyone.

And portables are inevitable for your children..... I'm sorry to say, you might want to look elsewhere.... at least if you are looking for your forever home.


Please be aware - there could be a tax lien against your property before or after you buy it, depending how the next Board of County Commissioners interpret the signed DDRA.

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Don't forget the sheriff only got 5 of the 17 deputies he needed. With 4,000 more residents he's going to need at least 12 additional deputies for a total of 24 new deputies and 24 new cruisers. With a salary of $60,000, benefits of $60,000, and a cruiser $30,000 we are looking at total cost of $3,600,000 which will take the property tax revenue of 90 super-sized homes or 900 regular-sized homes leaving only the property tax revenue of 350 homes to fund the road and school expansion.



Extra Ignored

5 for sale properties, $301,693 average price
5 sold properties, $359,980 average price


No surprise in the decision. The money trail will become evident over time.

The positive side is that we can now look forward to thousands of new residents with new ideas and new voting preferences. I imagine the majority will be from Montgomery County, liberal, and democrats. Let's welcome them to our county with open arms!

Extra Ignored

It doesn't always work that if you build it they will come. Why would they leave Montgomery County to have a 2 hour commute back to their job? There are no jobs in Frederick County.

Comment deleted.
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There are currently 42 homes for sale in Monrovia, MD. Maybe there is something there already you'd like.

Extra Ignored

...each home would generate $40,000 for infrastructure improvements such as road or school expansion.

Only if the homes sell and are worth $3,759,399 will there $40,000 in property tax paid in one year at the current tax rate of 1.064 per $100 assessed value.

Candidates for County Executive should have to pass a math test before they can run for office.


A large portion of the 40,000 comes from the impact fees associated with building the homes.

Extra Ignored

Sounds like counting your chickens before they hatch.


exaclty... and what was Kirby trying to say at the end of the hearing last nite, anyway?
'brought back memories of W's public speaking skills...

Extra Ignored

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2014 – 6:00 P.M.

Kirby starts talking at 5:17. Refuses to accept a traffic study not authenticated by a professional traffic engineer. States a process was followed prior to approving the development. FCPS has accepted the site for a high school. Now Kirby's bashing the lawyer for asking about the water tower that isn't even in the plan yet. (Gee Kirby won't there need to be a water tower if there's going to be any water pressure? Are water towers free?) Judge ruled DRRA lawful. Stanley made concessions. Back to bashing the traffic study. (So where's the county's traffic study Kirby?)


Ridiculous that anyone thought the commissioners would be anything more than what they are...a joke.


mcconers, you are so right. This is rediculas. If they dont own the land they have nothing to say about it.
I think this is a great idea to develop the properties in that area, Thank you Commisonors for not succumbing to the will of a few bitter persons who think they are better than all the rest.


Like I said before I have nothing to gain from any of this but i am glad it is just about over, been on the books for over 40 years. No land was stolen from anyone. It seems that RALE has turned this from a good arguement into a personal vendetta. Everytime you read an article about MTC it seems that RALE and their local residents are always throwing courts and law suits around and storming out of meetings. Everytime your org. does this it takes away from what you are standing for. Enough already move on or move away. I was born and raised in this area long before most monrovians bought their house here and believe it or not you cant stop development. It is time to realize that for the next 20 years we will all see a change around monrovia and there is not anything that you ,me, my kids or their kids can do about it. It is time to lay it to rest.


That kind of attitude is what leads to unchecked development that is a burden on the infrastructure and the wallets of all the residents of the county.

Yes, it is on the comprehensive plan but that does not mean approving the development now without first addressing the infrastructure is prudent. But prudent in regards to development is not this BOCC's strong point.


You've missed the entire point, mconners. Residents (and not just those from Monrovia) wanted a voice in how their community would look and how infrastructure would support the community. Yes, we all knwo there will always be the NIMBYS who want zero development. But, the overwhelming majority of those residents that spoke wanted to be sure infrastructure would support the development - they weren't saying NO development. There are still no answers to the eminent domain issue.

To take a stance such as yours (i.e., lying down and doing nothing) is not productive. To say that a project should move forward jsut because it has been "on the books" for 30+ years is not a good reason.


There voice was during the election. They did not use it and lost. I don't like the board either but FC voted them in.

Extra Ignored

The people never give up their voice. We don't elect monarchs or dictators into public service.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Extra Ignored

Article 1. That all Government of right originates from the People, is founded in compact only, and instituted solely for the good of the whole; and they have, at all times, the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their Form of Government in such manner as they may deem expedient.




If it's been on the books for over 40 years as you say, why was the land zoned agricultural until last night?

The MTC property that was rezoned doesn't have water and sewer. The county ran water and sewer pipes big enough for Landsdale in the last 10 years. No capacity for the MTC property was planned. Now the county has to run a new set of pipes for MTC. You'll pay for that.

Doesn't sound like MTC development was on the books to me at all. The development zoning stopped at Landsdale.

MTC didn't have to happen. It was never planned to happen. It shouldn't have happened. MTC is nothing but a demonstration of greed, corruption and money.


It has been in the comprihensive plan for 40 years, do you honestly think this builder would have purchased the land if he thought it wasn't on the books? It was zoned agri to farm but it was on the plan to build, guess what, it is time to build. All of the roads, bridges,infasturcture should have been fixed before the Landsdown development that is underway right now started. Long before the MTC came to the forefront. How much money did the landsdown project have to spend to get their development through? I never saw much written or complaints about that, did I just miss something or was that not a concern of the Monrovians at the time. It just seems like RALE waited to long for the fight.


If memory serves they opposed Lansdale for the same reasons, but that was one of the first of many decisions that were pretty much a done deals before they even got to public hearings. The true colors of this BOCC have seen by a great more of the public.

The budget meeting in just under two weeks ought to be a hoot. One of the BOCC's last chances to show their disdain for the citizens of this county.


Um, the reason why there wasn't such an uproar about Landsdale (not Landsdown) is because this BoCC skirted under the residents noses made the age restricted community all age and by the time it was all said and done, it was too late. It was from Landsdale that we learned about Monrovia Town Center. As for the roads and infrastructure - not a thing has been done! And not much is planned to fix it and it will cost ALL of Frederick County Citizens to pay for all the bad decisions the four commissioners have made these past four years.... GET OUT AND VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

Extra Ignored

Landsdale will compete with Monrovia Town Center for buyers.


Now on to the "kabuki theater" of the annual budget hearing.

(my apologies for the analogy, because it would take a lot of makeup to get what this BOCC does at public hearings up to that metaphor.)

Dink King

I feel bad for the people in Monrovia,it's shame that Blaine and his backwoods thugs stole that land from the people for their own personal gain,BLAINE just a reminder JACK JOHNSON got caught in P.G. County,and when these so called smart supporters of yours get tired of your nonsense you too will go down and maybe you could room with Jack Johnson in prison.It will be just like college all over again,you can get a weed hookup from the man you stood up for in court who was facing 24 years in prison but Baline to the rescue saved him,then you and Jack can smoke in the prison dorm and share stories of how you ripped off the people.


I'm sure everything in the end will work out just fine - yes, it takes time. But new homes, new roads, nice new school - give it time, it will be a real gem. There is no reason for Mr. Stanley and his partner to pay taxes on that property year after year just to look at cows. If enough residents wanted to pay property tax to look at cows, they should have bought the land themselves... even planning commissioner Audrey Wolfe stated that in a meeting and I agree with her! I'm saddened that some of the citizens want to throw more money into court fees. The decision will stand in a court of law. If some Monrovia folks are that unhappy - move.


Ah, the Blaine Young evanlgelist Mary is back. You're a real gem yourself. I love the knee jerk retort from the Young evangelists when, like their idol, they get disgusted with having to listen to the constant drum beat from the proletariat demanding answers to such things like if and how eminent domain will be used and inquiring about whether weekend traffic studies were conducted for the propsed retail space, you know, when EVERYONE is making more LOCAL travel?

How dare voters speak up about how their community should look.


I wonder if you would be singing the same song if another BOCC rammed through a development in your backyard?


Eric, since '64, I have lived in 4 homes in Frederick City, 1 in Waterside, 1 in Walkersville, 1 in Libertytown - and now reside where there is no room for development. So yes, MOVE. Couldn't be happier. Same for the Monrovians - if you don't like the area anymore, move.


Why am I not surprised that you don't get it? Forcing people to have to consider moving because of bad planning, and yes this is bad planning just like Jefferson Tech Park is bad planning, does not serve either the current residents or future residents.

But then again this is not happening in your backyard, and it is happening to people you don't particularly care for so your flippent attitude is to be expected.


Seems rather odd that FACT didn't come forward with their letter until this crucial last moment. Maybe some member of this committee can explain their previous reticence? Here they are: BOCC Representative C. Paul Smith, Mayor Randy McClement, Alderman Carol Krimm, Tim Davis, Dave Coyne, Richard Griffin, Ric Adams, Nancy Norris, Ron Burns, Devon Hahn, Robert Shen


Other than this latest purported letter from FACT, it appears that the committee is doing nothing. They supposedly meet once a month, but there are no minutes or agendas posted on the County web site. The FACT "blog" consists of a few articles taken from the FNP and other newspapers, the most recent of which was from September, 2011.

Is this a real committee or just a bunch of people who have allowed their names to be used, in exchange for another item on their resume's?

Comment deleted.

a golf course already exists on route 75. oh silly me, you'd know that if you were actually a resident.


45 people who do not want it, 60000 that do. The popular vote wins again :)


Well Fred - let me tell you this. I have petition signatures from over 2000 people saying they don't want this development. We've had many hundreds of people show up at 13 nights of hearings, including nearly 400 people on the first night last October, saying they don't want this development. And I've heard less than a dozen get up and say they do want it. But that's ok, you keep patting yourself on the back - enjoy it while you can.


Fred, where were the 60,000 people that do. I didn't see them at ANY of the hearings.... what a joke!!!


Better make it 59,999 votes.

I will never vote for anyone named Young ever again - including Brad Young. I thought Ron Young's Son would be every bit the politician his father was.

My disappointment doesn't only lie with Blaime Young - I also hold every spineless Young member every bit as accountable. Not one of them lifted a single finger to help their constituents.

Sad part is, it's already deep in an election year and their family is still dancing to President Blaime's tune.

Comment deleted.



This further illustrates the necessity for the proposed incinerator. Thank you Mr Young, keep up the good work.

Comment deleted.

I own in the city (since 1980) and I don't follow how this removes rental problems? In my experience, people who prefer Monrovia are there because they don't want our city style life. They are defending their lifestyle against change. I imagine it will be more like Urbana than like us. Urbana is greatly changed since I moved here from Gaithersburg, but I wouldn't say it's low end. And mosques can be beautiful. I live next to a church, great as a neighbor. This was in the planning 40 years. That's probably their biggest obstacle to success, and it is no joke. They don't want an urban lifestyle or anything resembling one, and they live where change was destined,unopposed for a long time.


If you don't want growth then don't utilize the public infrastructure, call first responders, utilize hospitals or send your grandkids kids to school. The county's finances is tied to growth, no growth higher taxes and fees. I personally would rather have 4k more vibrant, diverse mortgage invested productive families than 1K whining legacy elitists ignoring the fiscal, demographic and economic realities.


I'm not crazy about the adjectives used here, but basically, citizens outside Monrovia probably think along these lines...if they care at all. Monrovians had to come to Winchester Hall with signs to bring attention to their "outlier" issues, and it seemed that mostly they were here to get our support in preventing them....from turning into us? Bands of sign holders are part of our lifestyle they don't want. We were gracious. We wished them well. In a decade or so these new folks will come to town with signs over something and Winchester Hall will be waiting, looking just as it does now. Because whole parts of where we live are "finished." Probably every neighborhood here was opposed at one time. The view from other parts of the county are just... different. New homes and parks and affluent newcomers...I *want* to be polite, but I too am getting close to, "cry me a river."


Debtfree - you've got it backwards and I'm afraid you're the one ignoring the fiscal and economic realities. Higher residential growth doesn't lead toward lower taxes. It's actually just the opposite. Studies show that it costs more to service those new residents (all that infrastructures and services you mentioned) than the taxes brought in by those new residents. You're constantly chasing your tail with residential growth. Then add in major capital projects - for example, when you drop a couple major developments out in the middle of no where, without adequate schools or roads - then the economics go completely off the rails. So just keep thinking about higher taxes - you'll get them. The developers & new residents won't pay for all the school capacity - you will. The developers & new residents won't pay to fix MD 75 and MD 80 - you will. Think about those realities.


In order to service the existing obligations incurred by decades of previous politicians the county is forced to accept growth. The notion that these new residents will be more of a burden than the current lot of not in my backyard unproductive seniors avoiding full property taxes is asinine.


I was shocked to learn "FACT" allowed itself to be used as lipstick for a project which fails in multiple ways due to a complete lack of infrastructure. The worst example of course being the inadequacy of route 75 to handle the traffic burden needing $262,000,000 of improvements. There are no plans anywhere to fund these needed improvements.

Commissioner Paul Smith is the liaison to the group, so perhaps he was able to engineer the endorsement. Apparently FACT leader Carol Krimm agreed.


This is a win win for county residents and developers more tax revenue, economic growth, diversity, traffic and real estate options, I'm also praying for a 4th Walmart.

Comment deleted.

your house is in the county if you claim you live in Frederick not the city. nice try. and do you honestly think taxes ever go down? LMAO


Ahh, another example of how 'We the people' isn't really about the people at all, well except for the people who believe they can do as they please for a dollar. I'm sure all were prepared for this knowing the commissioners would sooner eliminate all land for a nice triple townhome to help line those pockets.


Very disappointed with this decision. The question is - who is the Frederick Area Committee for Transportation? I looked at their website and it is a VOLUNTEER organization so why do they have so much weight in this decision? Hard to believe they understand the traffic impact this development (along with all the others) will have on our community.


that was another slick literally last-minute move by b young to rationalize his corrupt vote to okay this project.

it was to NOT be admitted into evidence, as none of the letter writers were present at the hearing, and they could NOT


(sorry for the typo..)

that was another slick literally last-minute move by b young to rationalize his corrupt vote to okay this project.

it was to NOT be admitted into evidence, as none of the letter writers were present at the hearing, and the letter could NOT be admitted into evidence since none of the signers were present to be cross examined.


This morning Blaine's feeling quite good
he's punished his old neighborhood
ruined home, ruined life
dates another man's wife
sociopathically misunderstood.


Ah, this bitter brew we do sup
as we drink from our election's cup
Blaine one
whiners none
Get what we give? Yup.


How is that pro tea party BoCC working out for ya?


register R and show up on june 24 to vote for david gray. nothing else you do will make any difference whatsoever.


Their goes the neighbourhood


Glad to see this project is moving forward.


"You, Mr. Young, have created a monster.". Ha-ha-ha-ha. So many stupid citizens who think a public hearing with these four crummy commissioners has any merit or serves any purpose.

No, Blaine Young didn't create a monster. He IS the monster. And know what? I'll put money on the table that those four worthless bums get re-elected. This county is just stuffed so full of fools that think they are doing a great job.





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