Golden Mile Site

Golden Mile Site

The Frederick Planning Commission is discussing a piece of property known as Liza’s property on the south side of U.S. 40 slated for a commercial development. It is one of the last vacant spots along the Golden Mile.

Another drive-thru may be coming to one of the last vacant, developable properties along Frederick’s Golden Mile.

The roughly 2-acre plot, known as Liza’s Property, between For Eyes and Petersen’s Carpet and Flooring along U.S. 40, is undeveloped and laden with trees. Developers with B&R Design group plan to clear most of the land and construct a nearly 5,000-square-foot commercial building, complete with a drive-thru and two access points from the main road.

Members of the city’s Planning Commission signed off Monday on a final site plan detailing the development of the building and surrounding infrastructure, as well as a preliminary forest conservation plan mapping out the use of trees on the site.

Dave Severn, a land-use attorney representing the developers, said they have not chosen a tenant yet, but a business that serves food or drinks is a likely option because the plans include a drive-thru.

Severn said he is actively marketing the site to those types of businesses and expects it will take about a year to sign a deal with a tenant, finalize the site plan, prepare the site and construct the building.

Deb Reynolds, co-president of the Golden Mile Alliance, said via email Tuesday that the new business sounds like a good fit for the area.

“I know it’s a balancing act between open space and business development in Frederick, but it sounds like this new business does fit the [Golden Mile] small area plan,” she said. “We at the Golden Mile Alliance will be a cheerleader for that new business, as we want to be welcoming to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to open in Frederick’s West End. We look forward to watching this new business begin the building process, employing area residents, and giving the area more dining options.”

Gabrielle Collard, the city’s division manager of current planning, said the property is one of the last empty lots along the Golden Mile and that the planned new business is in line with similar infill development in the area.

According to the staff report, the project was also reduced in size since developers first presented plans in early 2017. The original plans were for a 9,100-square-foot, three-tenant shopping center with a drive-thru. But after planning staff members reviewed the plans and the site, they expressed concerns about the topography and access from the road, prompting the reduction in size.

The final plan approved by the Planning Commission on Monday also included three staff-recommended conditions that called for some changes to traffic details, construction of a crosswalk for employees to access the drive-thru waiting parking space, and an extension of the strip of the drive-thru line to differentiate it from the main front access drive.

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The last wooded place on the golden mile. I guess someone would have to think of cutting it down. Rt 40 will soon be like Rockville Pike and not a pleasant place to shop or drive. Sad.


just keep the underbrush trimmed and let it undeveloped


Wait until they get the old VFW site cleared and built on, it is mostly cleared now. And the Summers farm, on the other corner is going to be built on too. You might as well forget about driving down the Golden Mile. They will have to rename it shuffle alley.


in before "it's gonna be a starbucks"


Good to see new business coming out there.


Long John Silvers would be nice since the one closed in the Frederick Town Mall years ago


I wanted one to come in by the Wegmans or even at the new Wormans Mill development. But anyplace would better than driving 40 miles as I do now.


Seriously, for breaded salty seafood? Please no.


Battered, not breaded. I drove to Charles Town last Saturday for the sole reason of going to LJS. I was very disappointed. The prices have skyrocketed and the fish, usually golden on the outside and juicy on the inside, looked and tasted like it had been sitting and was re-dunked in the cooking oil. I don't think I will be returning to that location.


Garden, Were being whimsical? Battered and breaded are synonyms. If you were being serious, then I am sorry for the tarnishing of your LJS memories. Let us say together, "Arrgg", and pass the hush puppies.


Long Johns is nasty bad food


... "underdeveloped and laden with trees"... because, God forbid there should be ANY trees left along Rt. 40 or anywhere else in FredCo for that matter! And just what Frederick needs... another drive-thru! Does it EVER end??


Sounds like a good reason. Let’s forget about all the other vacant businesses around Carrabbas or Ruby Tuesday’s or even Barbara Fritchies. Just like they tore down the old state police barracks that was willed to the city with the stipulation that the property NOT be commercially built on.


"Tree City"....unless....


Totally agree. They can't even keep the mall filled and want to remove more green for ugly...


I drove by there today. That small area is dense with trees, and it would be awful to chop down those trees for a fast food place. I urge the Mayor and Aldermen to try to stop this.


Very interesting on everybody's opinion on how government should preempt private enterprise investment. The best zoning is owning. Who's offering the highest bid for the property so they can 'preserve' trees until they become a deadfall firetrap for the next generation, further contributing to the blight and degrading of the community? New investment in new business is the only hope for a brighter future. You want more trees? Get a shovel and plant some!!



When operating as it should, "the government" enforces the will of the majority of citizens (majority rule). Any pesky rules/laws/zoning/regulations are (or should be) in the best interests of the majority of the people that government represents.

As an owner of 15 acres of land here in FredCo, I don't want to see any excessive or overly restrictive regulations. However, I also realize that we have neighbors. What we do with/on our property can affect them and vice versa. Therefore, zoning along with some restrictions (no haz-mat storage, no CAFO farms, no paper mills) is reasonable.

If the citizens of Frederick City or County decide that preserving a certain percentage of trees is desirable, then that should be incorporated into the zoning.

Just because a person owns a piece of land does not mean they can do whatever they want with it, without regard for their neighbors and the community.


Well said, Whoknows. I thought the same thing yesterday as I was reading the article.

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